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Assistant for No Man's Sky 1.92.0
Kurt Lourens
Get Crafting, Refining, Cooking Recipes and much more for the gameNo Man's Sky!! Latest features include the ability to view thestatus of Community missions and Weekend Missions right from yourphone! Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/zbnaIiVF/public Discord:https://assistantapps.com/discord - Save your data, everything isoffline - All the recipes (for Resources, TradeItems, and Products)- Plan out what you need to farm - Blazing fast User Interface -Support for multiple languages (Your help would be appreciated) -No paywalls - Partially Open Source Contributors listed onhttps://nmsassistant.com
Assistant for Scrap Mechanic 1.6.0
Kurt Lourens
Not a game!! This app will be your Assistant, with all therecipesyou need to survive in the game Scrap Mechanic. - Save yourdata,everything is offline - All the recipes - Plan out what youneed tofarm - Completely Open Source - Blazing fast User Interface-Support for multiple languages (Your help would be appreciated)-No paywalls This app contains copyrighted material the use ofwhichhas not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner,AxolotGames AB. I am making the content of the game available inorder toimprove the the player's experience when playing ScrapMechanic. Ibelieve this constitutes a 'fair use' of any suchcopyrightedmaterial as provided for in section 107 of the USCopyright Law.Any of the trademarks or similar rights that arementioned or usedin any page are the property of their respectiveowners. Unlessotherwise stated, Assistant For Scrap Mechanic isneither endorsednor affiliated with any of the holders of any suchrights, and assuch cannot grant any rights to use any otherwiseprotectedmaterials.