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The wizard of studying the alchemy athomeSummoned Skull Jean 've got reasons unknown !Through the house and hurt the wizardPlease defeat the skeletons !
돌고 돌고 1.0
빨간공을 회전시켜 장애물을 피해보자~*우측화면 터치시 빨간공 우회전*좌측화면 터치시 빨강공 좌회전장애물에 빨간공 접촉시 게임종료메인화면,HOWTO,게임화면,Pause,게임오버화면으로 구성Rotate the red ball toletavoiding obstacles - * When the right side of the screen, touch rightredball * Touch the left side of the screen when left red ballAt the end of the game the red ball in contact withtheobstacleConsists of the main screen, HOWTO, the game screen, Pause,gameover screen