LED Controller Apps

HaoDeng WiFi 2.0.0
This is a application software designed forthe LED Control Box. Connect to our WiFi Control Box,you can chooseany color as your request , such as red, green, blue, purple,orange and so on, It also can dim the brightness.On the other hand, you can adjust a variety of beautiful lightingeffects, such as different colors chase each other and jumping, andso on, you can also adjust the Color temperature ( cold white andwarm white ).But these functions depend on our controller ,First of all is topower on our LED WiFi Controller , then open the mobile phone WiFiconnection page to connect our WiFi equipment, our WiFi device nameis "LEDnetxxxxxxxxxxxx" format, if connect success, quit page andStart the Software, now you can control the light by your Phone.Wonderful!Thank you!
Unique Light 1.0.0
Integrated with wireless,smartfunctions,thislighting system can adjust brightness,colors,bywireless. It letlife more colorful.This system works easily. Connect WiFi master controllertonetwork. Then your mobile device,based on connecting to networkbyWiFi, will be auto-connected to smart bulbs which were connectedtoa same network.