捕魚金手指-2020 Fishing Golden Finger,Arcade game
Fishing Golden Finger is a fun, exciting and easy to getstartedcasual online battle fishing game. The industry's topunderwaterscenes, exquisite super fort, more than 50 deep-seafishes, let youexperience the underwater fishing fun. Familiararcade classicgameplay, integrated into today's popular innovativefishingmodule, there are free massive gold coins every day,full-screenexplosion machine, waiting for you toplay!================================ [game independentfeatures]"Entertainment and Leisure" game is fresh andleisure-oriented. "NoRoutine" does not require a diamond to unlockthe gun, refused toroutine. "Full-screen shooting". "Simplify thecurrency" only goldcoins, simple to play. "Magic props" nuclearboat torpedo, superhigh explosion machine. "Audio Painting Upgrade"The industry's topinterface, refreshing and durable. "Fishdiversity" More than 50kinds of deep-sea fish, waiting for you tocapture. "SameAthletics" online competition, more exciting than inthe game hall."Wonderful Events" Golden eggs, red packets, freebenefits aredifferent every week. ================================【contact us】No worries about the game, please contact the onlinecustomerservice to solve the problem in real time. Customer ServicePhone:4000696960 Customer service time: Daily09:00-21:00================================
Fishing Goal-街機達人捕魚機(2020 Popular Arcade Fishing)
Fishing Goal is a green and healthy popular arcade fishinggame.While inheriting arcade gameplay, it has added game modulessuch asNautical treasure hunt, Golden Fishery, Labyrinth miners andotherleisure and development strategies. I believe that yourjoining canmake the Fishing Goal morepowerful!================================ [Game Features] 1.2020CasualArcade Fishing Game,play game and win big prizes. 2. Focusonarcade, there are big three yuan, big four hi, Fortuna, Wukongandother super arcade gameplay. 3. Adapt to localization,integrateChinese simplified language, traditional Chinese,Indonesian,Malaysian and other multi-language versions. 4. Thefirepower ofthe cannon is fully open, there is no level limit, andit is easyand simple to win gold coins. 5. Exquisite simplicity,gold coinsare the only game currency. 6. Nineteen original gamemodules,innovation is power. 7. Audio and video upgrades,beautifulpictures, live dubbing, cool cannons, exquisite props,shockingspecial effects. 8. Fishing competitions in mobile gamesare moreexciting than in the street game room. 9. A variety of gamehallgames, take you to the street game room. 10. Activity feedback,365days a year, luxury activities take turns, tens of thousandsofgold coins to give back to you.================================【Contact US】 🎁 Recharge exceptionhandling, Game information,please pay attention to the FBhomepage:https://www.facebook.com/FishingGoal 💖 We will review andansweryour questions in time. ================================ ※Thissoftware is classified into the tutoring level 12+ according tothegame software hierarchical management method, and the gameistargeted by adults. ※The game does not provide "cashtradinggambling" and there is no chance to win cash.