Jane Wilde: Wild West Undead Action Arcade Shooter 2.262
Best wild west shooter is back in town cowboy! Jane Wilde is backwith her smoking hot pistols ready to annihilate horde of theundead monsters! Her boots will step over any enemy that cross herway, receiving redemption with the bullet in the head. Either youare a vampire, zombie or some other kind of crazy monster, ourblonde girl will travel all around the globe to shoot you down andbring law and order to the world. Experience great action shootingin the Wild West, Latin America, Europe and Asia! Follow thepowerful story in comic book style narrative. Taste the amazingupgradable weapons, such as revolvers, shotgun, gatling gun, bonebow and arrow… New Power-ups which make you stronger, faster,indestructible and so much more! Fight epic bosses, includingresurrected presidents, conquerors and other historical figures!Take part in normal, hard or survival mode! To aid you in yourquest, you can also upgrade Jane’s outfit by unlocking cool andsexy costumes to enhance her health, speed and strength: Nurse JaneMistress Jane “Wonderful woman” Jane, inspired by a famous comicbook and movie hero Jane “Davidson” Wilde And so much more… So, letthe the bandits, skeletons and other foul creatures know that thewar is on! Guns are blazing, skulls are flying, blood is beingspilled - the beautiful sheriff is creepy skeletons worstnightmare. Dangerous, Jane will make an apocalypse in the west!Jane Wilde is the longest living and the most popular wild westernshooter on the store with more than 1 600 000 downloads from allover the globe, making the sexy blonde sheriff the first and themost popular female cowgirl hero!
Ms. Kong 1.42
Lush jungles are dangerous places to swing across. Unless you are a500 pound female gorilla that is chasing stolen bananas to feed herbaby - then trees will break and monkeys will fall! IntroducingMs.Kong for the first time in this fabulous and fast-pacedrunner!Features:• Play as Ms. Kong for the first time!• First 3Dswing mechanic!• Lush 3D jungle environment• Collect fruits incorrect order and receive bonus• Top player rankings!• UpgradablePower ups• Unlock Jungle Man outfit!• Tablet support• Google PlayGame Services support for Leaderboards and Achievements
Granny Tap 1.5.1
Help Granny use a keyboard and find out what she's typing!Features:• Simple one touch control of the hand• Long mysteriousemail to unveil• Progressive difficulty• Highscore based gameplay•Typos • Google Play Game Services integration• Tablet supportIf youfind and bugs in Granny Tap, please let us know:support@levelbit.comIf you like Granny Tap, follow us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/levelbitgames
Rise To Fame: Band Battle 1.1
Rise To Fame is blow your brains RPG where you can manage yourmusic band as a group of warriors and fight against drunk and angrymusic fans !Game brings you the amazing experience of a music gameto enjoy on the go. It's a place where you can behave like a realrock-star: smash your guitar, dodge projectiles from the angrydrunken fans, get the girl's attention, have your own groupies andplay for everyone from cowboys to zombies while you tour the world!This unique game with the combination of music,fast-paced casualgameplay will rock your world,whether you are a fan or a bandmanager,or you love guitar hero.Fight & become famous. Pickyour weapon of choice guitar,bass,drums,clash the microphone andlead your warriors on tour.Features: • 3D GRAPHICS - Amazing,stylized 3D graphics. • SONGS - 5 totally original rock songsespecially customized for this game ! • STAGES - Various stageswhere you can try to make audience happy before gig ends and becomea superstar • ALTER MUSIC - Do some "music production" and alterthe music tracks with different special abilities of the bandmembers • OUTFITS - Customize your band’s looks with awesomeoutfits, which serve as your armor and shield you from missiles •INSTRUMENTS - Try the best instruments as your weapons ! • SKILLS -Build your skills and world is yours!
Wormhole Incident 0.24
Wormhole Incident: a thrilling science fiction horror textadventure game, inspired by legendary 80's movies. Lead a squad ofspecial ops into the unknown!
Idle Elections 1.010
Who said you need to work hard to become a successful politician?You barely need to lift your finger… and tap your screen. Welcometo Idle Elections! Idle game about politics, wealth and influence.Start your career in politics competing for a local City Major andend it up as a Solar Emperor to rule this part of the Universe.Engage in CAMPAIGNS to win the local elections and get Influence.Use your INFLUENCE to upgrade election campaigns and earn even moreof it. Get campaign MANAGERS to drive your campaigns, so like areal politician you don’t have do nothing on your way to the top.Get INVESTMENTS and jump into the fight for bigger mandates. UseLOBBYISTS and start new term. The more lobbyists you have, thefaster your Influence grows. Just like in a real life, launch someFAKE NEWS and you’re almost there... Local City Hall or local SolarSystem, it doesn't matter. In Idle Elections, you know what youfight for - a power and Influence. It so sweet because it totallyfree to play, but you can watch some ads now and then to speed upyour progress a bit. Download Idle Elections for free and ruleeveryone, without fear of riots or investigative journalists. Nowit’s your turn!