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Rec Loc Japan is about experiencing all the best Japan has tooffer.We provide you with recommendations about Japan indailyinformational video content & exclusive coupon discounts.FromOkinawa to Hokkaido, to Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto… Wherever inJapanyou’re headed, allow us to guide you to popular as well ashiddenhotspots. Need guidance for accessing Wifi in Japan? Lookingforwhich restaurants let you taste the best Japanese food? Ormaybeyou want to know when & where to view Japan’s famedsakurablooms? Trying to navigate your way through Tokyo’slabyrinthinestations? Whatever your seek, Rec Loc Japan will guideyou to theinformation you need! Perhaps you’re looking to get yourhands onpopular Pokemon & Mario souvenirs. Is it an anime expoor amanga cafe you’re seeking? Let Rec Loc Japan be your guide!Topicsinclude Japanese food, the anime & manga world,sightseeingspots, nightlife in Kyoto and Tokyo. Get useful guidesfortraveling, obtaining Wi-Fi, transportation, restaurants&tours. All recommendations of local Japanese information comefromJapan lovers that have already experienced travel & lifeinJapan! Leave it to Rec Loc to provide you with all theinformationyou need about Japan! Learn about Japanese culture andmanners inthe city and inside the train or restaurants for a safetravelexperience, learn how to eat different Japanese food orparticipatein traditional ceremonies. Discover Japanese foodrestaurants,izakaya, traditional hot springs in Tokyo, Kyoto,Osaka, Sapporo,Hokkaido & many other famous cities to travel inJapan.Customize the content you want to follow by selectingyourfavourite categories & tags such as working & studyinginJapan, cultural differences, sushi, ramen, green tea, saké,askingJapanese & tourists, shrines & temples, hot springs,parks& museums, shopping, anime & manga, cosplay &manyothers. Below each video you can find detailed businessinformationsuch as location, hours of operation, access routes withstationnames or subway lines, & prices. You can also get directaccessto the web page of Japanese traditional food restaurants,popularcapsule hotels or famous izakaya in the videodescriptions.Categories & Tags ■ With the category "Featured"you can seethe editor selection contents, which are highly requiredto survivein Japan, such as "How to live in Japan", "Festivals inJapan","Japan Toys", "How to get Wi-Fi", "Nightlife in Tokyo","Face ofthe City", "Poll & Ranking", "Memory of Japan", "Tokyo2020","Asking Tourists", "Animation", and "Business". ■ The"Area"category will provide you all the information you need aboutthedifferent cities you can travel to, what activities you candothere and what those places famous for. Featured placesincludeShinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, Odaiba, Mt. Fuji,Hokkaido,Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa, Nara, Hakone, and many more. ■ Byfollowingthe "Go & Experience" category you will get plentyofrecommendations about specific places like castles,shrines,temples, clubs, izakaya, hotels, cafes, hot springs, themeparks,aquariums, Kimono, and much more! ■ "Eat & Drink"category isall about Japanese food and drink. Here you’ll learnwhere to eatsushi, ramen, okonomiyaki, hot pot and Japanese sweets,walk andeat and places to drink Japanese sake, beer, green tea,matcha andother drinks. ■ In the "Art & Culture" category youcan findrecommendations and content about Japanese society thathave highinfluence overseas, such as "Anime", "Bonsai", "WhyJapanesePeople", "Idols", and "Music". ■ Along the "How-To"category youwill find all those essential tutorials for living inJapan such as"How to shop in Japan", "How to get a Visa", "How touse publictransport", "How to pay in Japan", "Japanese manners","Shoppingguides" and many others. ※You’ll even find Rec Locexclusivecoupons for saving on fun & interesting Japaneseactivitiesduring your time in Japan!