Optimize Master-clean&security 1.2.48
Powerful Android phone system management software, help users todetect and clean common system junk deeply. Record phone real-timenetwork info, block apps that hold too much bandwidthautomatically. Cloud virus database for detect virus in phone,check WIFI security, make phone away from danger.*Feature: 1. DeepClean JunkWith powerful analysis algorithm, it's supported to cleanup garbage files and useless cache overall, remove the remainingfiles or folders of uninstalled software and release memory space.2. Real-time Network ProtectMonitor network usage status, detectand automatically stop bandwidth-consuming applications.3. ShortcutBoostBoost phone with "Boost" shortcut in desktop, speed phone byone tap4. Full Security ProtectProvide network security checking,virus program killing, and counterfeit application detectingfeatures. Detect potential device threats relying on theprofessional virus prevention technology which combined with thelatest cloud-virus databases, ensure the safety of device.*ContactsWe look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please leave us acomment or send us an email and let us know what you think, ourmailbox is
com.hiblock.caller 2.7.3
Caller ID is a caller screen app that makes your incoming callscreen stunning. The ad-free version is available now, turn off allads and enjoy the premium experience.  ● Continuously updatedcaller screen themes. ● Calling screen theme with dynamic callerscreen effect. ● A timely reminder for missed calls. ● Setup theblacklist and block unwanted calls. Caller screen is an HD callscreen for customizing incoming calls with stylish calling screenthemes. Caller screen changes phone screen to a rich anduser-friendly interface as well as offers full caller screen withamazing caller themes. Caller ID will timely remind you of missedmessages. Download Caller ID to decorate your phone with theamazing call screen display, block spam calls, identify real callsand have fun with fake calls. Caller ID is committed to fightingagainst misleading ads, if you see any deceptive ads in our App,please contact our customer service center byemailing
Screen Lock - HD Wallpaper & Funny Lock Screen App 1.3.1
Screen Lock is a cool and safe screen lock app. It providespassword and pattern locks and unlock methods. This useful andfunny lock screen app also provides security lock features likeintruder selfie. ------- Main Features of Screen Lock ------- ►Screen Lock & Unlock Methods It’s easy to use password lock andpattern lock/gesture lock of this useful screen lock master app toprotect your privacy. Quite easy to lock and unlock your phone. •Lock screen and unlock screen with safe password design. Simplyinput lock screen password to unlock your phone • Design customizedlock screen pattern to lock your phone. Set a gesture lock screenas you want! ► Cute Wallpapers & Screen Lock Screen Lock hasvarious kawaii wallpapers and cute little puppy wallpapers, alsohas emoji wallpapers and girl wallpapers, as well as full animewallpapers and backgrounds. Among all these wallpapers, cute style,puppy themes, and girly wallpapers are the most popular cutewallpaper themes. Guess you may love the dog and cat lock screenthemes. ► Broken Glass Prank Screen Lock Use broken screen lock forfun. It likes a time bomb broken screen prank. This funny lockscreen app can be used to prank your friends. The broken screenlock effect is so realistic and they will be scared. Why your phonescreen is broken? It's a broken screen prank! Amazing screen lockeffect! This screen lock effect is cool and funny than other screenlock effects and methods, like password lock and pattern lock! ►Phone Screen Big Joke Screen Lock is an amazing lock screen app forentertainment. It will display an animation of animals on the lockscreen of your phone. For example, a spider, mouse or lizard willwalk from one edge of your phone screen to another one. It is ascreen scary joke! Don’t like other lock screen methods, passwordlock and pattern lock, this scary screen lock effect is more funny.► Diamond & Zipper Lock Screen Diamond & zipper lock screenis one of girl's favorite lock screen wallpaper themes. Now you canuse this cool lock screen pattern to change the way you lock andunlock your phone screen for good. ► Girl Wallpapers & ScreenLock Besides diamond & zipper lock screen, Screen Lock providesstylish & girly wallpapers, backgrounds, and themes for girls.Choose a funny lock screen pattern design to match your taste andpreferences. ► Intruders Selfie Help to catch intruders by taking apicture when he/she tries to break in your phone. Screen Lock isdetermined to fight against deceptive ads Misleading downloads& deceptive ads are not tolerated in Screen Lock App. Privacypolicy Email
Lock Screen Clock - time screen lock & video alarm 1.1.24
Lock Screen Clock is a screen lock app has digital & analogwatch clock with anime live wallpaper & live video alarm. Nolonger get bored with the default lock screen. Here comes the LockScreen Clock, there are several live screen lock clock themes youcan choose. Delicate watch clock designed, gives you an exquisiteLock Screen Clock experience. This clock lock screen app providessome shortcut for you, like alarm, flashlight, and camera, alsodrink water reminder and so on. Lock Screen Clock is veryconvenient and easy to use, you can use those functions withoutunlocking your phone. ⌚Using this delicate Lock Screen Clock todecorate your phone. ------Lock Screen Clock – Features------►LockScreen Clock themesThis screen lock clock app provides several livescreen lock clock themes, you can choose what is the best one suitfor your style, like dynamic analog clock, anime live wallpaper,watch & sport & video clock lock screen. As you like, youcan choose whatever you want, just enjoy your own style of LockScreen Clock. Tap the watch clock live wallpaper theme you like,apply time lock, phone lock timer shows on your screen lock whenyou lock the phone screen.►Video Alarm of Lock Screen ClockScreenlock app has video alarm clock, fully functional alarm clock withawesome video alarm and game alarm designed for you, new better wayto wake you up. You can see all your alarms in one place. Also, youcan customize your own alarm with your favorite music song. Videoalarm is also a cool function to remind you of something, totallydifferent with other people.---- 【Instructions】 ----Not like othertime locker apps, you can change the Lock Screen Clock themes veryeasily, tap the upper right corner that little T-shirt on thescreen locked, you can make a choose of screen lock, then the timerlock will change to another screen locker theme.Lock Screen Clockmay not be the best clock screen lock app, but it definitely themost convenient and easy-used app. After choosing your favoritescreen clock lock theme, light up your screen lock after you lockyour screen, there’re more functions, which include all your alarmand calendar, you can set an alarm to remind you of your importantbusiness, you can check the calendar anytime you want. And there isa shortcut of flashlight, when you need some light in an urgentsituation, by using this clock lock screen app, you can use theflashlight immediately. By the way, there’s also a shortcut forcamera, you can use the camera through this clock lock screen appwithout unlocking your phone.Download this lock clock screen app,give it a try! Maybe you will be satisfied and rate us a fivestar![There’s still a compatibility issue with the Lock ScreenClock on Android Oreo. Our lock screen page will be turned off bythe home button, so sorry about it. We are working hard to solveit. please look forward to the follow-up versions of the update.]
Face ID Lock Screen - Screen Lock Plugin
Face ID Lock Screen is a plugin that only works inside Screen Lock- Fingerprint Lock Screen App, Fun & Safe. You can use itspowerful screen lock and screen unlock features to protect yourmobile phone with your face!Face ID Lock Screen is a highlyadvanced technology for phone screen locking. Face unlock is one ofthe perfect ways to secure your mobile phone. It is quite simple toprotect your phone using Face ID Lock Screen.
Calculator+ Scientific&Math&picture Calculator App 1.0.3
Calculator+ is the simplest multifunction andeffective calculating tool for Android. Excellent scientificcalculator with expressions, fractions, repeating decimals.Calculator+ is not only very suitable for daily simple and basiccalculations, but also contains scientific computing functions andphoto calculator. Your work will be much better and more efficientthan after you use this scientific & picture calculatorapp.Impressive Highly Functional All-in-one, Calculator+!★Key feature of Calculator+ :√ Standard calculator√ Scientific calculator√ Mathematic calculator√ Photo calculator★ Calculator+ Features details :- Perform basic calculations such as addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division.- Do scientific operations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, andexponential functions.- Swipe left on the keyboard to use trigonometric, square root, andother scientific computing functions to help you solve difficultproblems.- Using the unique formula-editing function, you can easily modifyany content of your formula.- With many options for copying, so you can easily copy formulas orcalculation results to other applications.- When you switch to other applications during the calculationprocess, it will still save the operation process for you.Calculator+ has a powerful function, use your camera to calculate.Click a photo of any math problem and the calculator app will solveit for you. You don't have to type any numbers. This photocalculator helps students to understand the solving process andothers who have problems on their homework. It is helpful for highschool and college students, teachers and parents.Key photo Calculator+ features:• Step by step description with detailed explanation for eachstep.• Easier to understand steps using highlights.• Graph analysis.• Generates math problems with several categories and difficultylevels.• Save or share solutions and graphs.Download scientific & mathematic calculator app now and youcan immediately have the small but powerful Calculator+.Calculator+ will be your competent computing assistant!Calculator+ is really a multi calculator. More functions ofCalculator+ are coming soon! Please look forward to the functionlike: loan calculator, currency converter, gpa calculator, discountcalculator, unit converter, ovulation calculator and so on, we’llsee soon.
Power Battery Pro - Effective Battery Saving App 2.1.5
Power Battery Pro is a light, fast and smart battery app that helpsyou to save battery life and improve battery health. VIP MembershipSubscription - Get a 3-day VIP membership trial for FREE! - Turnoff all ads and enjoy the premium experience. With the effectivebattery saver, smart battery monitor, fast battery charger and morebattery modules, you are easy to have full control over the batteryusage and take good advantage of the limited battery capacity.Battery Life Saver Power Battery Pro quickly scans your mobile,check the power consumption of apps and settings, and save batteryfor your device effectively. - Optimizing app to stop draining thebattery with 1 tap; - Presenting energy savings suggestions fordevice setting; - Advanced battery saver that effectively stopsbattery draining apps in the backstage; - Battery saver modes fordifferent power saving needs, easy to switch and customize; -Accurate estimating remaining battery time; - Showing batterypercentage on screen and status bar; - Low battery reminder 1:battery low alarm when 40% battery left; - Low battery reminder 2:battery saver mode switch alarm when 20% battery left; - Supporttablet battery: battery saver for android tablets as well. - Stopsbattery draining apps running when charging; - Shows batterypercentage on screen as well as charge time estimating; - Batterycharge monitor that detects battery charge level and switchesbetween below modes - Speed Mode: fast charging battery whenbattery below 80%; - Continuous Mode: start charging with batterycare when battery between 80% and 100%; - Trickle Mode: Reducecharging input when battery 100% for battery health. BatteryMonitor - Accurate Battery Usage Tracker - Battery Info Live:battery temperature, voltage, battery capacity(mAh) and more; -Battery Usage: the power consumption details on your Androiddevice; Battery Info - View Battery Status, Battery Log &Battery History Based on authoritative papers algorithm andaccurate battery test, Power Battery Pro discovers and displays thekey battery information for you to know the battery better,including live battery status, battery log of your battery historycharge time. More Than a Battery App – Memory Booster, System JunkCleaner - Memory Booster: speed up your Android device; - JunkCleaner: scan and remove system junk; Power Battery Pro Fightsagainst deceptive ads, please contact us via below email in caseyou see any deceptive ads in our APP. Official policy
Power Security Pro - Ads Free Antivirus App 1.0.7
Power Security Pro is an Ads free antivirus app that deeply scansyour device for any mobile security threats and protects yourAndroid phone from virus, malware, adware and spyware. PowerSecurity Pro is a mobile phone security pro & antivirus app,built with powerful mobile security service, phone cleaner &speed booster widgets, especially the security anti-virus scanner,mobile virus cleaner master, phone memory space cleaner, systemcache cleaner master, phone speed booster mobile, and spam callblocker. Besides mobile virus scan & free anti virus clean,this free mobile security antivirus protection app offers:• WiFi Scanner & Network Analyzer: for WiFi safety andWiFi speed test/check • CPU Cooler Master: cool down phone CPUtemperature (monitor) • Battery Saver Pro: effective batterypower consumption • Notification Manager: clear & fullprivacy screen message security notification bar • MessageSecurity Protector: hide message content preview on notificationbar with message security service • Gallery Vault Locker forPrivacy Risk: uses Gallery vault pro full privacy lock to locksecret photo album & video, then keep privacy safe • AppLocker for Privacy Lock: keep sensitive content safe in importantapps with password protection • Privacy Cleaner Master: forinternet security to keep privacy safe & web protection forsafe browsing • Spam Call Blocker: for real-time callsecurity, identify fraud call numbers and auto block spamcalls/unwanted calls • Phone Status Monitor: for Androidphone's real-time status monitor & mobile security antivirusPower Security Pro - Antivirus, Phone Cleaner Master & PhoneSpeed Booster Power Security is a top antivirus app with mobilesecurity service & antivirus engine that deeply scans virus formobile security risk and ensures Android phone security with antivirus protection, malware protection, anti-spyware detector,privacy risk & adware blocker. 1. Anti Virus Protection withMobile Virus Scanner, Virus Detector & Virus Remover This phonesecurity pro & free antivirus app will protect device safetywith antivirus engine, WiFi spyware detector, trojan, anti malwareprotection and antivirus scanner & anti virus cleaner, whichkeep device from phone security threat & privacy risk. Fullanti virus protection deep scanning: • Phone virus detector,virus remover & virus killer is for mobile virus clean, virusscan and anti malware removal • WiFi spy/safety scanning isfor DNS/SSL hijacking, app attack & WiFi password encryptioncheck • Online safety/threat scanning is for web protection& use privacy cleaner to remove full privacy risk 2. Real-timeMobile Phone Security Service & Protection App This mobilesecurity antivirus app will deeply scan installed apps in realtime, and do auto virus scan & virus clean, anti-spyware andanti malware removal. 3. WiFi Safety Check & Speed AnalyzerThis mobile phone security pro & free antivirus app will detectand identify phishing Wi-Fi network, monitor network traffic andprotect phone's online safety with security service & anti WiFispy. 4. Powerful Phone Speed Booster & RAM Booster PowerSecurity phone booster mobile will kill background app, clean appcache & boost mobile phone speed. 5. System Cache Cleaner Pro& Junk Cleaner Master Phone memory full? No phone storage spacefor photos? Need to clear/clean cache? You can do phone memory fulldeep file scan, clear cache & clean junk files with PowerSecurity phone cleaner master, to release phone memory space. 6.Smart App Locker for App Lock App Locker is a smart applock forprivacy lock with password protection. It locks important apps toprotect privacy lock information & keep privacy safe. * Callblocker needs permissions to access your phone Power Security Profights against deceptive ads. Please let us know by emailing
Change Voice – change your voice with effects 1.0.5
Change Voice is a funny and easy to use app, with its simpleinterface give you an amazing experience of changing your voice forfun. --Use step of Change Voice-- *Record an audio of yourself*Record voice and change voice by applying different effects *Editthe effect voice and saved audios *Share the funny voice with yourfriends *All the Recorded sounds are available to easily check onlater. Prank your friends with our Change Voice, you’ll enjoy it.