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Dragon Ghost Super Warrior 2.1.9
LIP Studio
Dragon Ghost of Super Warrior is a mobileadventure is brand new story about Super Saiyan Ghost. After SuperSaiyan die, they still have to do their mission to fight to theGhost Power to save the world!In this game we will give you a chance to TRANSFORM and control theSuper Ghost Saiyan Warrior with the strongest power. You will havechance to use the cool skills effect like Blast, Kamehameha,Continuous Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb coming soon!A very new skill what we are very excite to introduce to all of youis "Dragon Ghost Recall". From Super Saiyan Ghost level 2, you canrecall dragon ghost as a strongest weapon to fight.The boss enemies in your adventure are Freezer Ghost, Picolo Ghost,Super Buu Ghost ... and many more are waiting for you to finishyour mission.FEATURES- Nice and Friendly User Interface- Easy to Play and Share- Interesting and Cool Effect (especially, the transform to supersaiyan effect)- Power & Life intelligent what let you control and fight in agood way to improve your skills- Unique Graphic Style and UI- Cool Effect with super skills- Support upgrade and transform to Super Ghost Saiyan- 10 Super Ghost Saiyan level support- Many challengesWe love Saiyan Ghost and We love to hear from you to make the gamebetter day by day!Welcome any comment and feedback about the game. We are alwayslistening to make the game become coolLIP StudioHomepage:
Dragon Z Blast War 1.4.2
LIP Studio
Dragon Z Blast will give you a feeling thatyou are super saiyan - SSJ and you are fighting in big Battle tosave the saiyan planet.Now play with 10 fingers in the same time!You will have chance to meet almost famous character hero inGhost Design but it 's cool enough for you to play and get muchmore fun in gameThe game is crazy easy to play with a simple skill system. Youtouch everywhere to fire Ki Blast. Other than that, you will havechance to use skill like Kamehameha, Continuos Kamehameha andSpirit Bomb what 's amazing strong.Other than that, the special skill Dragon Recall will supportreally soon in some next version what bring you another cool skillto get over all boss.Another nice feature of the game what all of you will like isthe way to play with full MULTI TOUCH support. You can play manypeople in one screen, the game support as many as devicemulti-touch support. Let's say if you device support multi-touch 10points, then you can fire 10 ki blast in the SAME TIME.Wow, how cool is it? Let's play now!FEATURES- Cool skill and upgrade system- Easy to play design- Simple graphic user interface- Easy to share to friend and big community- Addictive story and Skill upgrade system- Play in the first time, no need helpWelcome any comment for our team:CraDiff StudioHomepage:
Robot Skybot X Warrior 1.7.0
LIP Studio
Robot Skybot X Warrior is an Iron hero withhigh tech weapon and cool skills will help to save the world! Therobot force and power will control the robot world. Not justadventure, robot skybot x also provide you a robot games fightingwith a very good weapon effect.With Skybot X Warrior - Iron Force you will have to fight stageby stage to kill strong boss. We invest the graphic and the weaponfor boss and stage to make the game more beautiful, more challengein adventure game. As a robot fighters you have to take the missionto cover all of your skills to complete your mission.Each Boss will be decorated a different weapon system and it 'sstronger on each stage. We support more than 30 bosses at a moment,but more will come soon and very soon you will see a strongestrobot boss.Robot fighting games is always a favourite game for any ofversus game fan. In this robot game we try to make you enjoy all offighting features with cool effect as possible. You need to be veryskill to get over all of boss and stage with many enemies.A robot games must be strong, many effects and many skills sothat we provide you a very strong weapon system for robotcharacter. If you love to have many power skills then Robot SkybotX Warrior is a best robot game choice for you.If you love Action game or Adventure game, we are pretty sureyou will love this game. Now it 's time to SAVE THE WORLD withRobot Skybot X Warrior.FEATURES:- Cool Graphic User Interface- Easy to play game- Great Game play, you can play without any instruction in thefirst play- Unlimited challenges- Unlimited Weapon and Character RobotCHARACTER CREDITSSkybot X: Our team design and IdeaBoss 1, 2: shutterstock.comBoss 3, 4, 5, 6: deviantart.comBoss 7 to 30: our team design and idea.Welcome comment to our homepage:
Super Battle for Goku Devil 1.4.2
LIP Studio
Super Battle of God vs Devil base on characterand saiyan forms what were love by more than a million players allover the world.The best game ever for dbz fan with more than 50 saiyanforms.With Super Saiyan Level from 1 to 20 and SSJG, SSGSS forstrongest power with cool skills will bring you to an ultimatesaiyan battle.The cool saiyan transform effect and many bosses what you willlove the way to fight if you love dragon ball z (dbz).Many skills like Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, Big BangAttack and Monkey King Recall ... and many more coming.In this game you will have chance to fight one-one with boss orone-many.We managed to prepare for you more than 40 battle level with alot of reward coin and skill improve time by time you fight.FEATURES- Easy and Simple to play- More than 50 super saiyan forms with cool graphic design- Cool transform effect- Cool skill design and effect- Flexible moving and game play- A lot of bosses and fighters- A lot of challenges and stages- More than 40 pre-design battle and power level- Multi-Character supportWe always love to hear from you to make the game better. Pleasetell us about our game via:- Facebook page: Facebook group: Twitter: Website: Email:
Mega Chicken 1.1.9
LIP Studio
Mega Chicken is one of the most addictiveplatformer adventure mobile game. If you like chicken games thenthis should be a perfect choice for you.A hundred of scenes and challenges for playingA lot of cute and cool chicken design characters. Other thanthat, there are enemy system what will make the challenge enoughfor any strong gaming skill. You will have chance to get over fromeasy to difficult and very difficult scene/stage. A lot of enemieswhat've already supported and a lot of more are coming likeTortoise, Bird, Fish Crap, Monkey... with gun.Mega Chicken is an epic platform game complete with anincredible cast of characters, fantastical landscapes to explore,and stacks of explosive power ups!In Mega Chicken, You can feel free to upgrade the power ofcharacter in store with a lot of features are supported. Other thanthat, the game will support more than 20 different characters.You can earn coin and MP for free with reward video and socialfeature in mega chicken. Now let's play a super chicken now.FEATURES- Eye catch design and easy to play- Epic platform action!- Simple tap control designed to work perfectly with your touchscreen!- Hundreds of stages over multiple worlds!- Hundreds of secrets and collectables!- New limited-time characters added every month!- Regular free updates!Check our web update: us on the Mega Chick Run Adventure Facebook Page: us on Twitter:
Robot Battle 1.1.6
LIP Studio
Robot battle is a special design version forrobot game fan who love robot transformer and robot fighting. Wedesign the weapon system what is invested to graphic and power verydetail. You know, you will love it in the first time you see it. Ifyou are thinking about a robot mobile game then this is exactlywhat you need.Robot battle is being supporting 5 character robot and 10 bulletgun with more than 30 bosses. Each boss support a private weaponsystem. Each boss will have a different power and weapon powerincrease base on level. Higher level boss will stronger than thelower level boss, so it will be more difficult to destroy. But youcan upgrade your weapon and power of character so that you candestroy all of bosses easily.Game is designed as a versus game with each stage versus is apre-design battle for a power of weapon and power of boss. Theplayer have to fight and win to get over the next battle. You youlose can try again forever until you win, don't worry!If you win you will be rewarded a number of coins what you can useto upgrade weapon power, gun and character power.Each robot was supported a super weapon system with differentstrong power and different attack ways, you will learn how to usethem effectly to show off all of your power.FEATURES- Easy to play- Nice graphic and eye catch effect- Support many characters and bosses- Multi-Weapon system and upgrade- Multi-gun bullet and upgrade system- The system for upgrade weapon and powerWeb:
Ninja Assassin 1.2.5
LIP Studio
Ninja Assassin and his hero mission are readyto fight. Ninja need to revenge enemies for all of things they didon his village. With shuriken, spirit sword to slash, Energy bomband many more skills, killing is everything he need to do. All ofblood for monster will come.The Ninja mission adventure will be started right away after youturn on this ninja game. Don't worry about how strong enemies/bosscome, you can upgrade the skills, upgrade power very quickly andeasy.We have the boss system strong enough for all of ninja power up, it's absolutely an exciting ninja games for you to play.So, the fighting is only way for you, Ninja!FEATURES- Ninja experience design- Cool skill and upgrade system- Real feeling sword and action- A lot of missions- Daily Reward System and Ranking
Monkey's World 1.0.3
LIP Studio
Monkey World is one of the bestplatformermobile game what you will shouldn't miss. A hundred oflevels arewaiting for you with a million players join with you ingame.We support many characters in game like monkey, hunter, ninja...And it 's quite easy to play, just need to touch right leps andfireto get over all of enemies.The game is designed with coloring style like bloo, green,yellow... what is cute graphic for all of people in any year oldsand ofcourse even kids.
Monkey's World is a classic platform game that combines oldschoolgame play with modern playability.It's a beautiful sunny day in a high jungle you will meet alittlemonkey who will do his duty to save his world. Little Monkeyandhis friends are enjoying a happy life in jungle but suddenlythedark cloud approach and lightning on the sky appear. Evilappearthen and take all of treasures in jungle. Now, you will be alittlemonkey to try to fight with evil the save the jungle andgettreasure back.Now it is little monkey mission alone to save his friendsandfamily. Help him defeat the nasty trolls in thisbeautifuladventure.Monkey's World stands out with:
• Wonderful high-resolution graphics
• Easy, intuitive controls
• more than 100 levels• 4 different characters
• Classic platform game styleWe hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!! :)
Ninja Fighter Z 1.1.6
LIP Studio
Ninja Fighter Z bring you to a totally newfeeling about ninja battle, fight and versus game. Everything youneed about ninja fighter will be ready in this game.Ninja Fighter Z is one of the most addictive ninja game on mobilewhat is designed to make you have to win by fighting skills. Wehave no upgrade system like "buy to win", if you can defeat amonster then you are skill enough to defeat it, not because youbuying anything. Other than that, the game support many hiddenweapon, skill and combo what you need to figure it out yourself.Full of ninja weapon such as shuriken, raisen shuriken, ninjasword, dragon recall, transformation, five tails ninja, nine tailsninja ...It 's time to be a strongest ninja in your village!THE STORYThe world is in under attack by monster from the hell. Ninja is oneof people 's hope to defeat all of monster. One by one the ultimateninja must defeat all of monsters to keep peace of the world.In this game you must defeat as many as you can by your fightingskills. No help! Just fighting!HOW TO PLAYThe game play is very simple, you will be asked for fighting withmonster and just try to win in versus fighting game. Other thanthat, the skills, how to move, how to jump, how to use sword,raisen shuriken, dragon recall ... will be shown in the first stageyou fight. Now you just to combine all of skills and your fightingto skills to fight.Now, ninja fighter z, all of people in the world are waiting foryou. Don't be afraid any monster!FEATURES- Addictive fighting versus game play- Nice ninja character design- Many skills and combo are supported- Many monsters and characters- Multi-character design and skills- Strong and Intelligent boss fighting designWeb:
Gold Miner Texas 1.0.6
LIP Studio
More than 100 challenges, Gold Miner Texaswill bring you a very addictive gold mine game since every levelyou play as a brand new challenge. As digger who want to get rich,this game will make you happy in the first time you play.Gold Miner Texas with very addictive, classic and nice gold minergame play what of course make you a cool playing time. If you needa game what can help you relax then this will be a best choice foryou. Let's dig gold now.In Gold Miner Texas, you can use skills what can destroy all ofrock, collect all of gold or collect all of diamond. Each skillswill take you a little ruby and you can collect ruby and buy it instore. More in challenge, more surprise digging will come to makesure you are playing a very addictive gold miner game.With the cool GUI design, we are sure you will love our game.
Immortal Wukong 1.1.4
LIP Studio
Journey to the West with Immortal Wukong inthe chaos world where strong monsters may be anywhere. The missionis to become the legends of Wukong with the entire story can beexplored in this game. As a king of monkey, wukong will show youhow strong he is and how he uses all super crazy skills to defeatall the monsters. Join the mortal battle and immerse yourself inthe legends of wukong.Wukong is a mythological figure who features in a body of legends.In this chapter, you will control the immortal wukong to overcomefour chaos maps: the Flower-Fruit Mountain, White Bone Cave,Accumulated Thunder Mountain and Nibbana. Guess who are waiting foryou. Not only many crazy demons but also 4 super strong monstersdefending in each map. They are Bull Demon King, Princess Iron Fan,White Bone Demonand Tathagata buddha hand. Use all your skills to defeatthem!For who has never known about Journey to the West, this is a novelabout the journey of a monk to the Western Region with his threeprotectors: Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. They had toobtain Buddhist sacred texts and returned after many trials andmuch suffering: defeat many crazy monsters in chaos world. Each ofthem has special skills, especially the immortal Wukong. He isstrong and powerful. In this game, he is the main character todiscover all maps.
Memory Pairs Game 1.0.3
LIP Studio
Memory Pairs Game with a thousand ofstages/images to train your memory is the best choice for sparetime. With many play mode such as survival, challenge ... MemoryPairs Game will help you refresh your mind to help you rememberanything faster, believable and fast thinking by matchup many pairof images to the right matching pairs. It 's a good game for kidsand adults.Let's boost your memory in easily way. As the beginner of thememory games, you will be trained to remember the easier levelfirst, then the level will be more difficult, so you will see yourmind better just in a few rounds.So if you are looking for a free memory games to be your braintrainer then this will work perfect for you.Our team is very happy to bring you a good brain puzzle games andmatching game collection and this is one of them, so if you haveany idea to make it better. Please leave us your reviews. Thank youvery much