HerdLogic 20.9.2
HerdLogic is a pedigree service providing insights intoanimalperformance.
Livestocked 221.33.0
Manage your herd, drive profit with Livestocked! Livestocked isabetter way to manage your livestock business online. Withabusiness first approach to livestock record keeping andfarmmanagement we understand you would prefer be in the paddock andnotin front of the computer. Our intuitive mobile interfaces allowyouto manage your herd, record pasture inputs and usage,createinvoices, record expenses, track input inventory such asfeed,chemicals, fertilizers, semen & embryo, all from your deskorout in the paddock! Enjoy multi-species and multi-breedherdmanagement through our mixed enterprise solution. Manage yourherd,flock, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas & Llamasthrough oneeasy to use app.