Molkky Scorer 4.5.2
Mölkky Scorer is an application, free andad-free, which allows to keep score of Mölkky , the famous Finnishpin game.With Mölkky Scorer you can play every man for himself or in teams(10 teams of 4 players max). All you have to do is to choose thenumber of points scored by a player and that's it! The applicationshows you the number of points of all players (or teams), theirrankings,their numbers of failures and shows you the player who must play.Other features:- Explanation of the games rules.- You can change the number of points to be reached and the numberof relapsed points for exceeding the score to reach.- Registration of players created (no need to enter the name of theplayers from one party to the other).- You can choose the color of each team.- You can do random teams (or game round in every man for himselfmode).- You can undo your three last move in case of mistake.- The shots historic of the current game is displayed for eachplayer.- Ringtone and vibrator when a player or a team is close to beeliminated, with possibility to desactivate.- At the end of a game you can play again with the same players bychanging the order of playways (same order, random order, order corresponding to the rankingof the lat party, etc...).- 2 variants includes.Feel free to contact me for additional options or translationerrors.