Witch Weapon 1.6.0
The price of saving the world is to become a girl? Super-fantasy♂→♀RPG: Witch Weapon [Backstory] In the summer of 2037, the worldisdestroyed by the activation of Substance H. Ren, the only boywholived, made a wish on the Ross Goblet, wishing that all thiswerejust a dream. With a flash of white light, he found the cityback tonormal the next morning and himself a girl. Meanwhile, theRossGoblet disappeared from its site under the watchful eyes of adozensurveillance devices. After a confusing battle, the younggirl gainsthe magic of witches, and the conspiracy of Substance Hamongvarious political forces got underway... [Features] *Afantasy sagewith over 300,000 words: Become the savior of theworld in thechaotic time. *An aesthetic yuri story: Enjoy yourlove story withdifferent Witches. *Assemble the most powerfulsquad: Wipe allenemies out with strategy. *Extraordinary voiceacting: It'spainful... but you kind of like that, huh? Ren (Voice:Rie Kugimiya)Mariru (Voice: Shizuka Ito) Elluka (Voice: MiyukiSawashiro) Beth(Voice: Kana Ueda) Astariel (Voice: Mamiko Noto)Sonya (Voice:Satomi Arai) Alice (Voice: Yui Ishikawa) Liliana(Voice: SumireUesaka) Rei (Voice: Aya Hirano) [Details] SubstanceH Substance H,a.k.a. the Divine Touch, is a general term for itemsand tools thatactivate supernatural phenomena at certainconditions. They are notbound by any known barriers such asdimension, time, space, or mind.Substance H has long been lurkingaround. Most of them exist underthe cover of daily items and arehard to notice. But once touched byspecific activators, they willtrigger unknown anomalies. [SevenYears War] As more and moreSubstance H are discovered, manycountries gradually realized theirgreat strategic significance. Anarms race over Substance H hadbegun. In the summer of 2027, WorldWar III broke out as the mainzone of Tokyo was destroyed bySubstance H, which ended in 2034with the loss of half of thepopulation and the dissolution of morethan 200 countries andgovernments. This war is also known as SevenYears War. [AcademyCity] Six of the most advanced organizations inthe field ofSubstance H have formed a peace alliance. The reasonfor the truceis that each side has a weapon of Substance H, beingcapable ofdestroying the world. Under such circumstances, theresult is aglobal standoff. In response to strong anti-warsentiment, the sixorganizations branded themselves as AcademyCities through politicalpropaganda. [The Ross Goblet] On July 6th,2037, a group ofterrorists broke into a public exhibition ofSubstance H andunsealed the Ross Goblet. Its curse was unleashed,causing brimstoneand fire falling from the sky. The Fifth AcademyCity was destroyedin the blink of an eye... That was how it shouldbe. However, thecausality had been forcibly manipulated by anunknown force as ifthe catastrophe never happened. The Ross Gobletmysteriouslydisappeared, and a boy became a girl because of thechange of thecausality... Follow our Facebook or Discord to getmore information!Facebook:
Dungeon Survivor II: Dark Tide 1.2.10
Conquer, Rather Than Survive The Great Subterrane Awaits YouComingin the 2nd Anniversary [Updates] - New Map-The GreatSubterrane Thedecisive battle to defeat dark tide! - Friend or Foe?The New HeroPlague doctor: a marksman that entered the GreatSubterrane at anunknown time. - Brand new equipment and loots! Findthe hiddensecret with powerful weapons! [Game Features] ----Storyof theWorld---- - Be the Ruler of the Sanctuary, theeschatologicalManor, guide your people and warriors to fightagainst the fallenCountry. - Upon the journey, you’ll encounterdifferent people.Will you draw out the sword or reach out yourhand? That is for youto decide. - Little, helpless and pathetichumans gather togetherto battle against the Black Tide. Everydecision you make is ofvital importance. ----Class &Adventure---- - 6 main Classeswith more than 50 sub-classes, eachwith unique personality. - Easybut flexible team formation, Mixed?All Melee? All Mages, whateveryou like. Your Imagination is theonly limit. - Diverting strategysetting, play a sure card and winthe battle! - Vicious creatures,quirky traps, weird strangers-theworld is always full of accidentsand surprises. - Find the powerfulMonster and beat them up!----Battle & Speed---- - Real-time PVPwith hand control. let’sduke it out in the Arena! - Heading to theleaderboard for theCROWN! - Marching on the Lost Castle and unlockthe Arena!----Classic placing and gain mode---- - No pains butgains Placeand gain resources every time you enter the game. - Witand adroitlike you, even with limited resources, can definitelybuild up aprosperous Manor. ======Contact Us======FACEBOOK:
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z 1.064
GAME INTRO: Within just a few days, most of humanity hadbeeninfected. All that is left are countless bodies andwanderingzombies. But you, the hero raised in Doomsday, became afurysurvivor to accomplish your mission. SPECIAL MISSIONS: *FindFamilyin Apocalypse* Your beloved wife and daughter disappeared intheapocalypse. In order to find them, you must travelthroughdifferent areas and wipe out zombies along the way. The pathisextremely perplexed. Just be brave, Warrior! *ZombieSlaughterParty* Kill or be killed, you have no choice! Infectedzombies areeverywhere, and you must become a ruthless killer. Carryyour gearand weapons, enjoy a slaughter feast with your soaringadrenalin.The splashing blood and the burst of zombie brain will beyourtrophies. Kill all of them NOW! *Scavenge Supplies &Weapons*Arm yourself and be ready to fight anytime. Search forsuppliessuch as food, beverage, equipment and weapons across themap.Diverse weapons are waiting for you to choose. *BuildViableSystem* In the Doomsday survival is the most basic goal.Utilizeyour camp to collect food, water, wood, etc., learndifferentcrafts and create your own refuge. Remember, you are theFurySurvivor! [Community] FacebookPage: OfficialWebsite: It'snecessary to use the belowpermission: FILE_ACCESS In order to saveyour gaming data, we haveto get the permission of file access. Weonly have the access toyour game account and data. All the photosor other personal fileswill not be accessed.
Dungeon Survivor 2.8.92
*** ULTIMATE DUNGEONS, ENDLESS ADVENTURE! *** The experienceofDungeon Survivor is like a different journey in the dark world,youface the danger of weird creatures, learn how to collectmoreresource and being stronger, establish your territory and trytosurvive longer. IMMERSED STORYLINE ● Over 10 maps and totally500+areas/dungeons to be unlocked ● Tactical missions indungeons,survive and achieve greatness through the journey ● Randomevents,simple but elaborately text-based changing plots MORE THAN80CLASSES ● Endless customization, over 20 types of upgrade pathwith6 lethal tiers ● Improve your strategy, learn the unique skillsforperfect team combo ● Easy-to-control but eye-catchingbattlesTACTICAL AND STRATEGY ● Form up your expeditionary force andtryall the methods to survive longer ● Improve your strategy foraperfect team, explore the unknown world for epic loots ●Upgradeyour buildings to increase your kingdom’s productivity ●Train,level up your adventurers with superior strength, go out tothewild for adventure CHALLENGE MIGHTY POWER ● Explore and conquertheunknown world for epic loots ● Leaderboard to watch yourfriendsand competitors! ● How far can you go in the Dark Rift? Havefunplaying Dungeon Survivor!! ===CONTACT US=== If you like ourgame,please welcome to contact us give suggestion! ● OfficialFacebook: ●
EZPZ Saga——Chilled IDLE Fantasy
*This game is still on OPEN BETA. Your suggestions areveryimportant to us. Please feel free to contact Official Fanpageifyou have any idea to share ;) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ EZPZ Saga is an idle RPG with autofight andstorytelling.Your squad will combat in the frontline nonstop andearn endlesstreasure for you, in the background of an epicmulti-ethnicuniverse! Step into this fanciful world, glory andwealth awaithere! Features: ● Gain>>>Offline Autofight, Online GainfortuneStart or stop at will, set up your squad, that's all youneed todo! Your heroes will defeat enemies constantly whether youareonline or not. Abundant rewards and experiences will bebroughtback, giving you surprises every time you log in! Don'tworry aboutthe growing challenge, the difficulty will be reducedevery day youwake up! ● Immerse>>>Immersed in Grand Tales Travel intime to thisfantastic world with multi-ethnic stories! The gameproducer usedto be an internet writer. The epic world he created isa superiorfiction with 150k characters, which delivering a uniqueandimmersive gaming experience imperceptibly! ●Assemble>>>GatherHeroes & Organize Tactics 100% gain all theSSS heroes withouta penny! Pick any legendary heroes as you like inthis idle gamefull of RPG elements: upgrade characters, equipmentselection,forge artifact, party coordinate, tactics election...Come to buildyour own super squad and sweep away the millions ofenemy troops! ●Live>>>PVP Meets Live Streaming Join the latest PVPmodel! Be theone you want to be! Choose to be the protagonist toduel fiercelyor to be the audience to applaud thrillingly! Livechat systemmakes it easier for all the players to interact witheach other intime, you can chat amusedly or ask for walkthroughswhile playing!● Explore>>>Innovative Gameplays & EndlessNovelty Innovativegameplays make a fine figure! Roguelike and idleare combined forthe first time, bringing more tactical elements andnovelties!Simulation, teaming, homeland farming and more hiddenfunctionscould be found as long as you go deep into the game,providingtotally different gaming experiences every single day!【BackgroundStory】 In 6700 of the Luminous Era a great war eruptedon theRevelation Plane. Decades after Shepherd Pontifex Adamsummoned theSinners and Wrathful Patriarch Samuel laid waste to thethreearmies, the Shepherds finally bared their fangs. Fel Legionsleadby Sinners marched out of their base in Everness, proceedingwestwhere they destroyed the Elementals of Magic Valley, befoulingtheholy land once guarded by the god Arcana and transformingtheElementals into Lava Giants, Nightmares and otherdemoniccreatures. The Sinner Legions then turned south and headedstraightfor Dragon Valley... For more information:Facebook: It's necessary to use thebelowpermission: GET_ACCOUNTS To allow users to sign in the gamewithGoogle account, it's necessary to grant access to theGET_ACCOUNTSpermission when signing in with Google for the firsttime.READ_PHONE_STATE: We need to read your phone state and regardit asyour login identification to protect your accounts.
Idle Knight - 3D Cartoon Idle PRG
New 3D Cartoon Idle PRG IDLE KNIGHT OEPN BETA now! You are aknightentrusted with a special mission, fighting against enemies,slayingdragons on mysterious lands to claim bountiful rewards. Allyouneed to do is sparing one finger to help your heroes whenthey'rein trouble. You can either fight with your team when you'refree orlet your team fight for you when you're AFK, while earninglootsall the time. ——Idle play, Mind free! Stress-free auto battlemodeand auto upgrades, free your hand, free your mind. Adjustlineupand upgrade skills occasionally, win loots all the time. It'sjustthat easy! ——Turn the Tide with Spectacular Skills! Dozensofskills and abilities with spectacular effects are ready for youtobegin battles, release your powerful skill with just one taptotwist the tide and crush the enemies down! ——Summon Heroes,CreateYour Own Team! Recruit the best of the best among hundredsofheroes of various occupations from 5 camps and build up yourownformations to go in to battle, let them slay the enemiesandcollect countless treasures for you! ——ForgeGears&EquipHeroes, Prepare for the Fight! Collect and forgelegendary gears,equip your knight with upgradable armor and weaponsand fight tothe end! ——Command Your Heroes, Wipe the Enemies Out!Deploy heroesof different clans and skills properly, slay enemieseffortlesslyand challenge world-wide real live players in the PVPArena! IDLEKNIGHT is still under open beta. All suggestions arewelcomed! Feelfree to tell us through SNS if you have any idea.Facebook: In order to saveyour gaming data, we have to get thepermission of file access. Weonly have the access to your gameaccount and data. All the photosor other personal files will not beaccessed.
Stellar Hunter
Stellar Hunter is a space-themed RPG with upgradedroguelikeelements to make it full of possibilities. You can evenclearstages by simply rolling a dice, and the darkened-mapwithuncertainties inherited from Dungeon Survivor II will surelyspiceup your experience. It all begins with a spacecraft crash.You, theonly survivor, have to go on an adventure on differentstrangeplanets. You could gather your own squad by recruiting alienraces,make full use of weapons and skills, overcome all thechallenges,become famous and make your own fortune!--------GameFeatures-------- ● Random Events >>>ExperienceupgradedRoguelike! With upgraded roguelike elements, your luckcounts asmuch as your strategy. You are not only facing exoticaliencreatures, but also dilemmas of different choices. Is it atrap ora surprise? You can never tell, but there are always ways tosolvethem out. ● Assemble & Upgrade >>>Gather themightiestsquad ever! At the edge of the universe, there's a secretstellartavern where you could meet hunters of all kinds. Interactwiththem and recruit whomever you want; forge weapons andselectsuitable promotion paths from five classes for them. Buildyour ownperfect squad! ● Win Strategically >>>Put enemiesto routwith your brilliant tactics! You could only bring up to 4memberswith you for each adventure. Choose wisely and select therightweapons, gears, and skills. Make right tactics fordifferentdestinations to crush your enemies! ● Explore UndiscoveredGalaxies>>>8 alien galaxies await your exploration! Everyplanethas its own secrets and rules. By the time you land on theplanet,you’ll be placed in a fully mysterious environment. Wonderwhat’shappening here in space? Take a step onto these bizarreplanets andreveal the secrets. ● Epic & ChallengingBattles>>>Battle against the most dominant Boss in thegalaxies!Gather your squad and get ready for the epic Boss fights.Defeatthem and loot their treasures. Challenge the impossible andearngreat achievement. Make your own rules and be the onlycommander ofall galaxies! For more information:Facebook: It's necessary to use thebelowpermission: GET_ACCOUNTS To allow users to sign in the gamewithGoogle account, it's necessary to grant access to theGET_ACCOUNTSpermission when signing in with Google for the firsttime.READ_PHONE_STATE: We need to read your phone state and regardit asyour login identification to protect your accounts.
Immortal: Reborn 1.1.1
Immortal: Reborn is an idle mobile game with Diablo-esque elements.The world fell into darkness and gods lost their power after afight centuries ago. And you'll embark on an adventure as a mortalto bring the light back. There are over 40 classes teeming withhundreds of skill combinations. Mix and match from a huge varietyof equipment, random stats, unique effects, perks, and runes toseize your place as the herald of a new age! ***FEATURES*** #PlayIdly, Achieve Greatly# Collect equipment and resources easily whenAFK and offline. And there are abundant rewards in Treasury awaityou to discover! #Learn Classes as You Like# There are 4 tiers ofdifferent classes that you can learn as main class and masteryclass. You can be whatever you want—warrior, mage, summoner,support, you name it. Diversify your combat options to achievevictory! #Random Stats, Unique Effects# Develop your personal stylewith more than 30 kinds of weapons teeming with unique effects andrandom stats. #Defeat Bosses for Rewards# Dive into a series ofboss challenges in Treasury that holds potential for surprises anddiscoveries, including high-quality equipment! #Challenge Tower toBoost Power# Overcome the obstacles in your path, be it Arena,Trial, Tower, or boss challenges. Utilize strategies to become thestrongest! CONTACT US Discord:
最強蝸牛 0.11.200821.05-0.14.46