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AudioBars Visualizer LWP 0.79
Main features:✔ 2 types of renderers (+ 2 with premium upgrade)✔Various particle effects (can be disabled)✔ Displays current trackmetadata✔ Various color themes✔ Emulates visualization when musicisn't playing (disabled by default)Full version upgrade:✔ 2 morerenderers✔ Full color theme customization✔ More options forparticle effects✔ Set any custom image as background✔ Animatedwater background[IMPORTANT] This app doesn't work properly oncertain devices.
SpudiDraw 1.1.1
Features:✔ Use gestures to zoom, move and rotate characters oncomic panel. ✔ Switch between one- and two-column mode any time.✔Three editor layers - background, character layer and foregroundlayer.✔ Built-in characters from Dolan and Vonny web-comics.✔Create/edit characters using Character Editor.✔ Undo/Redofunctions✔ Save and edit previously created comics