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🐼 Panda Bears - Animal game 2.11.2
Do you like animal games? Rescue our pandabears in China in an exciting survival race!Our panda bears were eating the bamboo of the garden of a Kung Fumaster! Help our bears to escape from him through the streets ofChina and run as fast as possible while completing amazingmissions!In this cartoon game you will have to escape with your bear runningacross some streets full of obstacles: Jump, bend down and run tododge them all! Obstacles can slow you down and make you get caughtby your enemy: The Kung Fu master! Your bear will have to bequicker and clever than this master to survive!Increase your score and level collecting power-ups! You'll have funwith the boost that propel the bear and will serve as ashield!Try to collect all the coins in order to achieve improvements inthis amazing animal race!Beware of crashing and make sure to collect the bamboo so yourpanda has more lives! Bring your bear to victory in these cartoongames appropriate for children of all ages!Some features of this Panda Bear Animal Game:★ Environment of China!★ Excellent cartoon graphics!★ Funny animals - Several Pandas!★ Amazing missions and abilities!★ Simple controls!★ Leaderboards!★ Catchy music!★ Free!If you like panda bears, cartoon style, oriental thematic andanimal games, what more could you ask for? Download this cartoongame now!Don't let the Kung Fu master beat you and give the bamboo back tothe pandas while you complete funny missions! Do you dare livingthis adventure with these animals?★ Lab Cave ★Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Equestrian Horse Racing Game 1.3.0
== BEAUTIFUL HORSES! ===== RACE AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD! ==Saddle your horse and be ready for a great horse racing event!Choose between four magnificent horses and race to win thederby!In this horse racing championship you can also race againstother people around the world!We also have leaderboards. You can compare your score to yourfriends!In this game:Beautiful horses!Multiplayer!Leaderboars!Simple controls!Addicting music!Fun for all ages!Fun for hours!How to play!1) Tilt your device to control the horse.2) Avoid other jockeys.3) Touch the screen to gallop!4) Have fun!My horse is ready! How about yours?!Lets race!
Sports Car Driving - Police 3D 1.0.0
Go go go! The police is chasing you!You were about to start an illegal street race with some friendsinyour top-notch amazing sports cars through the city at nightbutsomeone report it to the cops... You will deal with thesnitchlater, now you have the whole police of Moscow chasing youand yourfriends and there is no where to hide! Everyone of youshould takea different way to distract the cops, let´s go! It isyour time toleave. So do what you do best: Drive your sports car!There is notime to waste!-> Enjoy high speed police chases in this driving game-> Pixel traffic race in Moscow with pixel carsThe cops chase has just started. Ride the sports cars as faraspossible against the shooting police!SOME FEATURE OF THIS RACING PIXEL GAME:• Survival races against police shooters• Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favouritesportscar and enjoy this addictive race!• Amazing racing cars games full of action!• Get as many coins as you can to increase your ranking• Intuitive game controls and rules• Cool graphics and landscape during this sports car races• Appropriate for kids and adults who love extreme speedracinggamesAre you ready for the race?Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Extreme Stunt - Car Racing 1.0.0
You are a professional car driver andyourpassion are extreme stunts! You enjoy fast speed so much thatyouspend all your money on powerful sports cars: You like to drivedayand night and practice extreme car racing and stunts everywhere!Tonight you will be training for a competition of extremestuntsin a dirt bike circuit. Start driving and speed up in thisextremestunt game!- Prepare yourself for amazing cars that merge top design,highperformance, ultimate innovation and extreme speed- Start driving races to get money and implement upgrades inthesport car you like: There are four amazing different spots carstochoose!- Run over power ups to increase your speed in order toacceleratein an amazing race- In this physics-based racing stunt game you will drive uphillwithfour different cars- Easy mobile control for all skill levels during thesecarraces- Addictive race full of obstacles, hills and up anddownroads- Feel extreme racing in this funny games full of speed!Tell your friends about the highest scores of your gamesonFacebook, Twitter or Google+!Have fun!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
True Tanks of War 3D 1.3.0
The Russian President decided to declarethewar to China after years of confrontation.Russian troops are preparing an imminent invasion with truewartanks. The Russian army knows that they have to be carefulbecausethe Chinese wall will be hard to cross and on the other sideof thewall, the Chinese army will be waiting... Russia just sent anairpatrol over the Chinese wall to discover the weak pointsandcalculate the infantry and tanks the Chinese have. The war isaboutto start! Fight for the glory in this pixel game!You are the commander of a Russian tank, one of the firsttankssent to the border of China to secure the perimeter aftertheRussian air forces bombed the area. But the closer you get totheChinese wall, the more Chinese tanks of war you find:- Develop your own tactics to survive against the Chinesetanksof war and win the fight!- Choose a tank of war of our amazing collection of tanks- Speed up your game points counter: The more you practice,thebetter you will race- Very intuitive to play: Feel the driving sensation with yourowntank!- Appropriate for children and adults of all agesThis is a funny game that will meet your expectations:blockydesign, nitro speed driving and excellent gameplay are someof thefeatures.Your goal is to survive in an infinite race in theChinese-Russianborder. Keep yourself safe while driving at fullspeed to win theraces and improve your score in a worldwideranking!In this pixel games we combined two passions that manyplayershave: love for pixel games and adventure of war tanksfights. Enjoythese extreme races and become the best tankcommander! Earn theway to leadership!Do you like the game? You can rate us with five stars!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Unicorns Quest 3D 1.0.0
The battle for the Magical World hasbegun.Dragons want to destroy every mythological animal,includingunicorns.Your mission is to run as fast as you can and avoidgettingcaught by dragons. Be careful, they bite, fly and throwfire.Use all your skills to save your unicorn from the dragons!Every unicorn has a different kind of magic. Choose wiselywhichone can beat the army of dragons and set free themagicalworld.- Fantasy world- Unicorns and dragons realistic- Stunning 3D graphics- Play offline too- Beware of flares!Choose your unicorn and show the dragons who rules the WorldofMagic!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Superbikes Racing Challenge 1.0.0
** Amazing Superbike Racing Challenge Game **Are you looking for a great bike racing game ? Withextremespeeds and no end at all so you can play as long as yousurvive?Then don't look further!Discover our amazing Superbike Racing Challenge game!In this game we offer you the choice between severalawesomebikes. Choose the one you prefer to race on the road! Starttherace and drive at high speed through the city!This game is designed so the players can have fun for hours.Infact, you have to race the highway with your bike and dodgetheother vehicles on the road.You can play as long as you don't scratch your superbikeagainstother bikes. So try to survive as long as you can!We also offer leader boards and multiplayer functions. Thismeansthat you can compare your highest scores with your bestfriends tosee who survive the longest at this game.In addition, you can play against other players aroundtheworld!This game can be enjoyed by kids (boys & girls) as well asbyadults wanting to have some fun.Functions offered in this race game:* Great Superbikes!* Amazing Graphics!* Extreme Speeds!* Endless Race as long as you survive!* Great Music!* Easy Controls!* Leader boards!* Multiplayer!* Fun for hours guaranteed!Do you think you are amongst the best bike drivers aroundtheworld ? Discover it now by downloading our awesome racinggame!Feel free to let us know your feedback so we can keepimprovingour game.
Blocky Taxi Driver Simulator 1.0.0
★★ Blocky Taxi Driver Simulator ★★★★ Taxi Racing Game - Dodge, explore, run and drive allaroundthe city ★★Take your passengers safely through the city! Dodge rivalswhotry to prevent your cab arrives at its destination!Get ready for an unprecedented adventure in Crazy City.Yourreputation as a safe and quick taxi driver must not fall, butsomecars and traffic are not going to put anything easy.Choose from four models available your favorite taxi. Allarefeatured with a magnificent pixelated design.Hit the race with your taxi and driving at full speed on aroadfull of surprises!The controls are very simple and you only have to moveyourmobile device sideways like a steering wheel. You'll feeltotallyat the controls of the taxi!Prevents energy bar runs out while you show that you are anasmotor and you know every millimeter of the city!Are you ready to save the passengers and earn money?Features of this taxi racing game:★ Urban circuit★ 4 Taxi to choose★ Lovely graphics★ Amazing speed★ Score board★ Entertaining music★ FreeWe like get feedback from our users and know what theythinkabout the games that we present. We hope your opinion!Live a different experience in Crazy city!
Space Craft Galactic Wars 3D 1.0.0
Win the galactic war with your spacecraftagainst UFOs in this funny game!Download it now and you can play this game of war in the spacewithyour spaceship flying through the galaxy.Fight against enemy UFOs, flying as fast as you can and defeatthisexciting battle in space.If you like aviation games, astronauts and war, this gameisdefinitely for people like you.You can enjoy an exciting game of action and strategy withyourspaceship fighting to survive in this galactic race.In this game you will become a starship pilot as if you were arealastronaut.- Run as fast as you can- Dodge the UFO enemies in the galaxy- Drive your air craft through outer space in thisflightsimulator- Win the fight for survival!- Game for children and adults of all ages- Amazing graphicsDownload this game and win the battle with your space craftinthe galaxy!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
🏎 Cars Killing Zombies Race 1.0.0
Do you like car racing games? Do youlikezombie games? Then this is your game!Have fun as ever with the best game that combines racing carsandzombies in a funny race.This game has been created for children and adults to play, andisvery addictive.GAME HISTORYThe zombie attack is destroying the city and they want to killyou.So you must escape speeding away to save your life.Drive your racing car down the road in the city that isbeingdestroyed by zombies.But be careful! The zombies are after you and their attack canbedeadly. Dodge the zombies to avoid being killed in a uniqueracefor survival.GAME FEATURES🏎 Choose your racing car, there are several models and each onehasdifferent skills.🏎 Drive at full speed to avoid colliding with each zombieyoufind.🏎 Do not run out of fuel or you cannot continue the race.🏎 Control your vehicle by tapping the screen to the rightorleft.🏎 Get your highest score and share it on Facebook, TwitterandGoogle Plus!Download now this funny racing cars and zombies game and wintherace to survive!In Lab Cave we always try to create the best games, so weareconstantly evolving. Therefore we ask you please, if you likedourgame, rate us positively because it is the best recognition youcangive us. We always answer!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
🏁 Extreme City Buggy Racing 1.0.0
Drive your buggy through the cityofMonacoA funny buggies game in which you must drive doing loopingsandspins with different levels of difficulty.Accelerates, brakes, jump and pick up nitro to achievegreaterspeed in the roads of the Monaco circuit.Make multiple laps, loops and stunts with your buggy to addmorepoints to your score.You can reach your own record and win other players achievingthehighest score.Share on social media to challenge your friends to beat yourrecordwith other buggies.Remember to be taking gas cans so you don't run out of fuel tobeable to reach the next level. It's very exciting!The circuit is very funny, you will find differentobstaclesaround the city, and steep hills, curves, loops and jumpswhich canmake loopings and spins that will increase yourscoring.But beware, if you fall down with your car you will have tostartthe level from the beginning!This buggies racing game is completely suitable for childrenofall ages.🏎 Choose from different buggy models🏎 Achieve different levels of difficulty🏎 Get the best scoring record🏎 Do not let your car run out of fuel🏎 Take nitro to go faster and score more pointsDownload it now to beat all the levels.Share your record on social media to compete with your friends!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Blocky Odyssey | Space Ships 1.0.0
Travel through the stars in this warofspaceships!Choose your spaceship and fly at full speed through space inthisintergalactic war Beware of laser shots enemies can destroyyourspaceship!The trek will not be easy, but great rewards await you if yougetto win this galactic war. Fight for the stars!• Realistic spaceships• Film atmosphere• Great special sound effects• Fleet of spaceships to choose• Realistic star battleCome on pilots, you have a battle to win, the stars arewaitingfor you!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
City Train Driving Experience 1.3.0
Drive a realistic locomotive and have fun onatrain race in the city at night!We love all about trains: the motor, the tracks and thetrainsignals! This is the reason why we create thissimulatorgame!In this funny train games you will be driving through the cityatnight on a fast-paced race full of obstacles. If you areapassionate of this whole train driving experience, this istheplace for you!-> Experience trains races in the city driving themostamazing and newest train models-> Game with different levels and increasing difficulty asyouprogress further in the race-> When you start to drive, the time will be counted: You havetobe fast to reach the checkpoints on time-> Realistic races and landscape with incredible graphics!-> This funny racing games are appropriate for childrenandadults-> Game available for every mobile deviceJoin our train lovers club and start racing in thisaddictivegame!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Galaxy Combat Fighters 1.3.0
The galaxy combat has just started! We havetofight to defend the Moon against the Earth invaders!As a commander of the Moon troops you have to lead thedefenseagainst the Earth conquerors with your spaceship. Yourmission isto survive the Earth fighters attack!It will not be easy to defend your land: The enemy has muchmorefighters and planes... The only difference is that yoursoldiersand fighters do not fight for money and have no fear ofgoing tocombat for their land!Now is your turn! Fight for your survival and for the glory inanexciting galaxy combat! Let´s go!• Defend yourself of the combat fighters! Dodge them all inanendless race with increasing difficulty• In this funny game you will need to avoid each airplanecomingform the Earth• Selecting your favourite spaceship in this thrilling galaxyrace!Each one has different skills, so choose wisely!• Intuitive game controls and rules for these amazing races• Learn to avoid enemy airplanes by dodging them at fullspeed• Beautiful HD graphics during these galaxy airplanes games• Suitable for kids and adults of all ages - Compete for thehighestscores of your games with your friends on Facebook!Pay attention of every enemy airplane in this amazingracesacross the Moon!Are you ready?Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Halloween Zombie - Free Game 1.3.0
Today is Halloween! And like in everyHalloweencelebration you and your friends decided to dress up withan amazingcostume: This year you have chosen to be dressed up likea dreadfulzombie! For sure you will scare your neighbours withthat fancycostume!Let´s get out and see what the other children wear in thisHalloweennight!Oh look at that! It seems that the grown up are wearingskeletoncostumes! Probably they want to catch you and steal all thesweetsyou have, beware of them!-> Prepare yourself for a race against all the skeletonsofyour neighbourhood: Select your favorite zombie costume out offourmodels and join the adventure!-> Incredible 3D cartoon graphics that will immerse you inthishalloween game-> Intuitive mobile control for all skill levels: You justneedto tap on the screen to accelerate or slow down in thisfunnyrace-> You have the complicate mission to survive in the streets ofaneighbourhood full of skeletons-> Infinite zombie game with different difficulty levels-> Realistic races with zombies against skeletons in the cityatnight-> Appropriate for children and adults who love zombiesandskeleton gamesEscape with all the sweets you have avoiding every skeletonyoufind on your way in this addictive game!Share the scores of your games with your friends on Facebook!Happy Halloween!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Monkey Kong 💀 Gorilla Skull 1.6.0
The great monster monkey Kong from the isleofskulls is back!The king of beasts, a savage creature, is a legendary giant apewhoreigns over the isle of skulls! A powerful animal known becauseofhis ferocity!This monster monkey simulator takes place in this unchartedisland!A magical location where the legend tells us that those whoset outto explore the isle of skulls get killed by the monkey Kong,thegiant gorilla and legendary king of the jungle. None ofthesoldiers and scientists ever returned from their expeditions totheisland: Skulls and skeletons are the only proof that they wereoncethere...Despite this legends, the army is very interested in this islanddueto its strategical location and keep sending troops of soldierstoconquer the island. In this crazy gorilla game you will beplayingwith this legendary fearsome monkey fighting againstheavily armedsoldiers and military troops in the jungle!Protect monkey Kong from the soldier attacks in a survivalracearound the isle of skulls:- Choose your favourite gorilla Kong and start fighting foryoursurvival. Each gorilla has unique features, so choosewisely!- Soldiers are your enemy. Learn how to avoid them before yougetkilled!- This addictive animal simulator has amazing graphicsandlandscape: Enjoy the realism of this awesome game!- These endless races full of action are very intuitivetoplay!- Our monster monkey Kong game is appropriate for childrenandadults of all agesBecome the best worldwide player of this crazy monkeyKongsimulator!Have fun!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Dog Puppy Walk in the Park 1.6.0
Take your puppy dog on a daily walk tothepark!A dog puppy walk is a great opportunity for your four-leggedfriendto see and meet other puppies and dogs and it is also a greatwayto socialize your puppy and get him used to new sightsandsounds.Socializing your dog is crucial if you want to make sure thatyourdog is comfortable and well-behaved around other animalsandpeople. It is also important to take him on a walk to teach himhowto dodge obstacles and become more agile.Take your dog for a short walk around the park today. Teach himtododge obstacles and above all, have fun together!- Take control of your favourite puppy and start a walk acrossthepark trying to dodge every obstacle your dog finds!- The goal is to survive as long as you can in an endlessraceagainst every obstacle on your way- Choose an amazing puppy to start this exciting game. Each onehasunique features, so choose wisely!- Easy mobile controls and very intuitive to play! You just needtotap on your screen to speed up or brake!- Share the highest scores of this animal game with your friendsonFacebook!- Appropriate for children and adults who love puppiesKeep your puppy curious about learning new skills and enjoyspendingtime with him!Do not forget to share the highest scores of this animal gamewithyour friends on Facebook!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Zombie Dog Simulator 2017 1.6.0
In this zombie dog simulator, the cityisdestroyed and conquered by darkness and despair. Humanshavedisappeared and now dogs are infected with a terribleunknownvirus. Night has fallen and the city is full of zombie dogslookingfor food. That means they want to eat the survivors. Yourmissionis to see the next sunrise. Run away from them and look forshelterin this race for your life. Fight with the infected caninesin thisracing simulator game.Zombie dogs are all over the city, they are looking for theirnextmeal in this racing game and they want it to be you. Nobodyknowshow dogs were infected as animals were immune when thehumansstarted to die. The end of humanity was quick and now dogshave thechance to survive and live another day in this city waitingfor thehumans to come back, if there is still someone alive. Dogsneverloose hope.Take your dog to the finish line in this simulator racing gamewherethe zombie dogs are trying to eat you. Do not let them chaseyou,you still need your brain! Beat your own records and reachthecheckpoints to have the booster you need to leave thezombiesbehind. Avoid the effects of the apocalypse and help yourfriendsto stay alive too!- Realistic simulator in a dark city full of zombie dogs.- Race with the dead to have the chance of surviving.- Help your dog in the race through the night! It countsonyou!- Defeat the zombie dogs in this racing simulator game.- Do not loose time or you will result damaged.There is only one best friend of humans, the alive dog. Do notletit get infected! Zombie dogs can not win this race! Playnow!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Monsters Mania! Match 3 RPG 1.0.0
Join our little crazy monster and enjoythisnew free Match 3 Mania RPG full of matching puzzles. Go crazyandconnect the monsters in line to earn all the required points!Ourmonster needs to combine enough monsters in every level tocompletethem and play the following one. The little hero is in amissionagainst the monsters in the puzzles and you have a missiontoo, tohelp him achieving his goal and eliminate them playing morethan ahundred levels in this new frenzy free Match 3 Mania RPG. Amagicalworld without angry and ugly monsters is waiting for you atthe endof the path! Let the mania begin!HOW TO PLAY THIS MATCH 3 RPG:- Tap one monster, combine it with one of the same color andconnect3 or more in one row! Find the match betweenmonsters!- Give our hero enough monsters to complete the level and helphimto have a magical world for the crazy monsters!- Get a special tile by matching more than three monsters at atimein this new free Match 3 Mania RPG.- The more monsters you crush, the higher score you get!- Get as many points as you can to complete the level before yourunout of moves.- There is no time limit but the difficulty increases ineverylevel.What are you waiting for? Join our crazy monster and startplayingall the puzzles in this new free Match 3 Mania RPG. Help himtoarrive to the end of the magical path and make his dreamscometrue! You will have hours of fun in this matching game! Playnow,little monster!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Hell Motorcycles Race 1.6.0
Rev up your engine and hit the gas inanincredible motorbike race full of speed and action!Welcome to our hell motorcycles club! The only club made oftoughdirt bike drivers crazy for speed! Join us and live themotorbikeadventure: Be part of the wildest motorcycle band andcompete inillegal races across the city under extreme conditionsagainstother dirt bikes! Your reputation as a hell motorcyclerdepends onit: Take control of your two-wheeler and speed ahead tothefinishing line in this hell race!Break the rules and join our motorcycles race! Only a real ridercankeep the head cool!- Start practicing right now to become a pro motorcycles racerandrule them all. It will be fun and addicting, we guaranteeit!- Keep your balance, watch out for hazards, collect coinsandremeber: No pain, no gain!- Take bends at maximum speed, show that your motorcycle canweavein and out!- Speed up, break and also beat all the dirt bikes on your waywithan incredible motorcycle!- Incredible pixel graphics that will immerse you in thesehellraces- Compare yourself and compete against other players inourworldwide leaderboard!- Test your racing skills in a mad race against all type ofpixeldirt bikes- This extreme racing games are appropriate for children andadultswho love hell motorcycles racesIf you are looking for real competition and infernal illegalraces,you are in the right place!Hell is waiting for you! Are you up for it?Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Football Soccer Runner 1.6.0
How much are you able to spendpractisingfootball? How do you become a professional soccerplayer?These questions are pretty hard to answer. The fact is thatyouenjoy being with the ball all day long and you do not want tostopplaying your favourite sport: You want to become the bestfootballplayer ever!Improve your soccer technique! In this sport game, you will beafootball runner training your dodging skills: Dodging andstealingthe ball requires good anticipation, speed and fastreflexes! Thatis why you will be inside a football runner competingagainst othersoccer players who will try to steal you the ball inan endlessrace at top speed! The faster you run, the better youwill playafterwards in the team!If you have the feeling to learn and improve your soccerskills,this might be the game for you!- Improve ball control and defend the ball in thisaddictivesport- Enjoy dodging players: Do not let them get too close totheball!- Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favourite runnerinthis thrilling sports race! Each one has different skills, sochoosewisely!- Intuitive game controls and rules for these amazing races- Learn to avoid enemy players by dodging them at full speed- Incredible graphics and landscape during these sports races- Appropriate for kids and adults who love football andsportgamesDo not forget to share the highest scores of these challenginggameson Facebook!Have fun!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Motorbike Circuit Racing 2.11.2
Are you a passionate of motos? Speed upyourmotorbike and compete with other pilots inside aracingcircuit!A new challenge is waiting for you: The newest and hottest motosareready to start a wild competition! Go fast and furious inthisracing circuit!In this derby you will have the opportunity not only tochallengeyourself but also to test your driving skills againstother motospilots!You like to rev up your engine loudly and feel youradrenalinerushing through your veins, you are mad at speed and yourutmostjoy is to drive motorbikes faster than any one. That is thereasonwhy we created this motorcycle game for you!Train hard with your motocycle, test your improvements and donotstop racing!- Prepare yourself for amazing Motorbikes that merge topdesign,high performance, ultimate innovation and high speed! Eachmoto hasunique features, so choose the best motorbike that fitswith thisracing circuit!- Challenge your friends, watch the leaderboard and stay on topbyimproving your friends’ scores- Smooth controls and incredible 3D graphics will immerse youinthis thrilling derby- Keep accelerating your moto so that the score willbeboosted- Remember not to slow down in this extreme race!Now you are prepared for this two-wheels adventure! Try thisamazinggame in our racing circuit and feel your adrenalineblowing!Good luck!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Drift Heroes - Free Car Racing 1.0.00
Love fast-paced car tournaments? Buckle upandhit the gas in this racing cars competitions full ofaction!Imagine racing against the best drifting pilots of the worldwithouthaving to think about risk or danger... Enjoy the madnessof suddendrifts feeling the freedom of this extreme sport: Becomeone of thedrift heroes!Amazing graphics, visuals, exceptional tracks and of coursepowerfulracing cars are waiting for you: Overcome all the racersto becomethe master of the game, a real drift hero!• Take extreme bends as fast as you can and start drifting aroundanendless number of corners with the slide of your finger!• Become part of the drift heroes team in aworldwidetournamentThe concept of this game is simple: Your goal is to driveagainstother pilots by tapping on the screen to get the nitro speedyouneed. The faster, the better! Your enemies won´t let youwineasily. Control your fuel level, your car features andpossibleupgrades and start driving in 3 different tournamentslivingincredible races against other pilots: Win the championshipandbecome one of the drift heroes!Let's go on the road!This game has two modes: Regular races andtournaments.Choose regular race to train yourself, buy a fastercar or upgradeyour car´s features. Once you are ready, start thetournament modeand try to win all your competitors: On a race fullof dangerousracers, your drifting skills must be superb!Compete in this racing game, no matter how intense yourrivalsget!WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THIS EXTREME DRIFTS GAME- Start winning races to get money and buy a better car orimplementupgrades in the car you have- Tap over power ups to increase your speed- Take bends at maximum speed in an adrenaline race to winthechampionship- The road will be full of speed ups that will increase yournitropower in order to make better drifts- Compete with other cars to become a drift hero: You have tobefast to reach the checkpoints on time- Prepare yourself for amazing cars that merge top design,highperformance, ultimate innovation and extreme speed- Do not run out of fuel!- Easy mobile control for every mobile deviceFeel real drifts in this funny games full of speed! Do notforgetyou are one of the drift heroes!Win points, gain experience in the race and tell your friendsaboutyour highest scores of your games on Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+.Are you ready?Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Orcs Revenge ⚔️ Legend War 1.6.0
With a thick skull and a small brain orcsareseeking for human blood, they are seeking for revenge.Afterloosing the legend war against humans, orcs have been hidingin theunderworld waiting for the time to raise up again and battlehumansto defeat them forever. Brutish, repulsive and veryaggressive,orcs are at the service of the evil power. They have nofear andare blood thirsty: Training day and night in the underworlda neworcs army is preparing for the final fight, lookingforrevenge!Fight with them in this fantasy world! Help the orcs to winthelegend war against humans in this action game!- Choose your favourite orc and go to war for the survival ofyourspecie! You will be able to unlock more characters withotherfeatures by progressing in this war game- Test your fighting skills against all type of monsters!- Incredible graphics make this game more realistic!Before orcs can start their revenge against humans, they willhaveto face a wide variety of skeletons, the guardians of thehumanspirits who lost their souls battling the orcs... Thismissionrequires a lot of concentration to be able to win!- Fight in a survival battle with a fearsome orc looking forhumanflesh!- Improve your ranking in a worldwide competition and increaseyourgamer popularity!- These addictive games are appropriate for children and adultswholove a world of fantasy full of monsters and orcsRevenge the orcs and live the legend in our fantasy world!Be ready for the final battle!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Assassin's Crowd Killer 1.6.0
You have one mission as an assassincrowdkiller tonight. It is so important that the result must beperfectbefore the sun comes out. You can win a lot of money andmaybe thisorder could be the last one of your career and you canfinally liveas a regular citizen despite of the war.You know the risks of killing your victim, a person well knownintown because of his influence in the current war. The end ofhislife could mean the end of the war too. You need to get readyforthe night. The darkness is your ally. Are you ready to fightyourlast combat?But the assassin crowd killers are never alone. Someone knowsyourintentions and wants to stop you. You will face differentrivalassassins trying to stop you in your way to achieve your goal.Youneed to get ready to combat with them before the completion ofyourmission. You have been an assassin crowd killer for long time,youtrust your enemies are weaker than you, so you are no afraidoffighting while hiding in the shadows of the night. Everythingisset up. Time to face your mortal destiny.- Run as fast as you can to reach your final destiny andcompleteyour mission.- Do not let the rival assassins killers to stop you.- Defeat the rival killers attacking you.- Show them you are the cruelest assassin crowd killer ofthevillage.- Share your achievements with your friend and invite them toplaytoo!It is time to prove your abilities of assassin crowd killerandcomplete your final mission. The war needs to finish and thisisyour chance to make history! Play now!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Shooting Moto - Robot Shooter 1.0.0
The desert is infested by robot and theyneedto be eradicated. They are destroying anything they find so itisvery important to avoid them to reach a populated area. Therobotshooter strike must be eliminated before it turns into athreatenfor humanity.You are a soldier leading a squad in charge to stop therobotshooter riot before the could reach a populated area. You knewthelatest advances in technology could lead the humans tothissituation, but the scientists did not hear your warnings. Nowyouhave to revert the attack of the robot shooters and restorethepeace before it is too late. You have been chosen foryourexperience as sniper.You have to fight with your moto drivers squad and attack therobotshooter strike to its end. Start shooting to avoid a war. Keepthepopulation safe!A moto is the best vehicle in the dessert and it is even bettertodrive through the robots and shoot them. Your shooting squadmustdevelop the strategy to stop the shooter robot riot. Chooseyourbest weapons and start running. Do not miss a minute or therobotswill have the possibility to win.WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THIS GAME- Thrilling survival combat adventure leading a shootingsquadagainst shooter robots.- Make your way through the robots with your moto and eradicatetherobot shooter riot.- Keep your moto on the road while you are shooting robots.- If a robot comes too close to you, you can crush it againstanobstacle to destroy it.- Collect coins and unlock better motos to improve yoursnipershooting skills.- Do not forget to share your achievements with your friendstocheck who is the best moto sniper shooting robots!Show your shooting skills and fight the robots from your mototosurvive. Crash them all as you are shooting! You need topreventthe robots to attack humanity! Play now!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Amazon Warriors Dragon Fight 1.6.0
Fight with a fearsome woman warrior againstalltype of dragons and make the myth come true in thislegendgame!In Greek mythology, the amazon warriors were a race ofwomenfighters who participated in many battles and wars againsttheGreeks. During the fight an amazon warrior was as fearsomeandruthless as men warriors. These women fighters created ahugearmy... so big, that it made the whole planet tremble!It is also said that they were the only warriors capableofdefeating dragons in a face to face fight with theirspecialpowers. They were the ones who made the terrifyingdragonsdisappear in the Medieval ages: We can thank them that weare notliving anymore under the threat of a dragon fight!In this war game you will be facing dragons as a woman warriorwilldo: Start fighting against cruel dragons in a survival combatwithdifferent difficulty levels!- Test your fighting skills against all type of dragons: Chooseyourfavourite amazon warrior and go fight frighteningdragons!- If you progress in this war game, you will be able to unlockmorecharacters with other features! This mission requires a lotofconcentration to be able to win!- Intuitive mobile control for all skill levels!- Incredible graphics making this game more realistic!- Improve your ranking in a worldwide competition and increaseyourpopularity!- This addictive game is appropriate for children and adultswholove a world of legend full of dragons and fightersAn amazon warrior is always prepared for the fight. Are youwiththem?Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Skater Girls! Skateboard Clan 1.6.0
From the day a skater girl appeared inthecover of a magazine back in the sixties to our days, the worldofthe girls in a skateboard has changed drastically. This is notaworld for men anymore. We have already set up our own rules. Itistime to take the longboard and show off our strength.When the night falls, your skater girls go out to competeagainstthe rivals of Tokyo to be the number one in the city. Girlsperformtheir best tricks and show how they control the freestyle ofthissport that is actually a way of life. Living on top ofthelongboard means to ride free and feel the wind with the sunbeamsinyour face. Amazing! But in these days, not only the girls havetostruggle to make a name in the official competitions, butalsothere is a secret night race they need to take part in toprovethis skateboard clan still rules in the streets. Now feelthemoonbeams and defeat the adversary skateboard clan!In these races, the freestyle tricks are not enough, you willneedto run against the rival skateboard clan and fight for beingtheleader of the skateboarding in the streets of Tokyo. Chooseyourbest skater and leap on the road with your longboard. Jumpoverobstacles and avoid crashing. The difficulty will increase asyouprogress in the race. Prove you are the best skater girl inthisracing game. Do not let the rival skateboard clan to take yououtof the streets.Test your skills at skateboarding along with your speed andbestfreestyle tricks in the race to the top chart against theopponentskater girls.- Show the rival skateboard clan you are made to rulethestreets.- Defeat the rival clan skateboarding on the streets oftokyo.- Beat your own records and perform better freestyle trickswithyour longboard as the difficulty increases.- Collect coins and upgrade your characters.- Reach the checkpoints to boost your speed and leave yourrivalsbehind!- Amazing skateboarding game with stunning graphics.- Share your achievements with your friends!If you want to emulate your idols and make it to the coverofmagazines and musical videos, win these night races and placeyourname on the top of the charts over the rivals. What are youwaitingfor? Your longboard is ready. Are you? Play now!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Goats in the Farm 3D 1.6.0
Conquer the farm as the king of thecaprineempire in this goat simulator game in 3D! Play now!Don't let the chickens take over your farm! Run for yoursupremacyand crash them. Show them who rules in this funny, crazysimulatorgame full of goats and hens where only one animal can winand rulethe farm.Chicken are thinking more, better and bigger and now they wanttoestablish a new order in your territory. No way! The controlmustremain under the goat power. Be the king of the farm in thisfrenzyadventure of crazy goats and even crazier chickens. Conquerthesupport of your fellows and lead your goats to the victory. Runasfast as you can to dodge the chicken attempts to take you outoftheir way in the race for the control of this insane farm. Hereiswhere you must show them the real caprine power of thegoat.- Run like a headless chicken. Prevent them to reachtheirgoals.- Choose your winning goat and prove the chickens who isthemaster.- Destroy them as there is not tomorrow!- Drive the farm crazy in this goat simulator game- You are smarter than those chickens, do not let themcatchyou- A simulator game full of lunatic goats running a crazy farmLet your goats go crazy and against the chickens in this funnygoatsimulator game. Run towards victory! Play now!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook: