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Supermarket Manager - Store Cashier Simulator 2.5.1
Do you like the supermarket manager and cash register storemanagement games for girls for free? Enjoy being a supermarketcashier manager in an incredible challenge for boys and girls of 5,6 or even 10 years old! Kids and girls like to shop and work ingames about shopping management in supermarket or becoming a storemanager, probably not only because they like to spend money withtheir parents, but mainly because they see all the action that isgoing on! Give them the money to handle the supermarket and storecash register and you will be surprised! In these amazing kids andgirls games, they can discover how to be a supermarket manager inreal life! In this addictive cashier manager shopping simulatorgame you will have to fulfill and manage the tasks of a supermarketcashier for girls and kids: Dress up yourself with a dress editorfor supermarket shopping girls and kids. When you are ready foryour workday, solve the puzzle to get to the next level! The fun inthis kids supermarket is about to start! Begin your day in thegirls grocery store: Clean it up, throw the overripe vegetables tothe rubbish, and replace the bad food for fresh ones. Finish thelevel with a supermarket shopping cart minigame where you have tocollect fresh vegetables of the shop! Continue in the cleaningshopping store: Your job as a shopping supermarket cashier in thestore mall includes cleaner skills. Clean the trash of the storeusing a mop and a cloth and leave it as good as new! Replace thebroken cleaning materials for new ones and proceed to the next stepin this cashier simulator for girls: Refill with fresh fruits inthe fruits shop! Take care of supermarket clients. Sell food,desserts, and drinks in the cash register with a barcode scannerprice checker and allow your customers to pay in cash or with acredit card. This is an amazing time for numbers learning while youcharge the clients' payments. In these kids supermarket shoppinggames for girls, you will explore grocery shopping, numbers forkids, store cashier, the lost and found section, and supervisingthe shopping mall as a kids supermarket manager in this shoppingsimulation for girls! Discover the magic in buy and sellsupermarket trade, in this shopping time management foods simulatoradventure! Similar to other shopping manager job simulator gamesfor girls, here you will also have to explore different ways inmanaging your shopping clients, your items and workers all in orderto upgrade your shop and get it to be as great as the societyrequires and as best as you can in order to handle all the clientsand this girls supermarket mania challenges. FEATURES OF THESE KIDSSUPERMARKET AND CASHIER SIMULATOR FOR GIRLS: - Best store managergirls minigames. - Foods puzzle minigame for free: finding numbersgame and minigames. - Educational game for girls: supermarket mallmanager game! - Best cleaning game in town: recycling garbage inthese educational simulation boys games. - Simple and intuitive forgirls of 7 years to 8 or 9 years old: a fun kids supermarketmanagement game for girls! - Learn more about making a grocery listand serve shopping vegetables! Are you ready to be the bestsupermarket cashier in this fun idle adventure mall simulator game?Twitter: @LabCave Facebook:
Tooth Fairy Horse - Caring Pony Beauty Adventure 2.3.17
Meet our cute Tooth Fairy Princess in a new 2020 awesome rainbowhorse game! If you like caring games for girls with levels andequine farm games then this is the princess horse game for you!Tooth Fairy Princess trusts the magical caring of her unicorns,colts and the pony family to a complete horse farm with all you canthink of: From simple farming levels to all kinds of fun riding,pony breeding, dash, park, rainbow hair salon, pony beautyadventure or any other wild farm exciting challenges! While youplay on the rainbow beauty salon of the farm in these girl gamesfor free, you will discover a sort of pony beauty salon and hairsalon for horses in a stable in which you can explore more thanjust a cute horse braiding hair activity... You will have thechance to visit a land full of horseys with all kinds of fairyprincess unicorns for kids, ponies and all kinds of fairy taleanimals, which a girl like you will find very interesting. Visitthis horse haven and enjoy this farm game like never before! Jointhe ponies and the colts in the Tooth Fairy magical kingdom andtake a trip to the unicorn magical rainbow hair salon and spa,where you can try the new pony horse grooming and makeover, hairstyler, hairdos, horse dress up, pony dress up, dress up games forgirls, dressup fairy, dressup the rainbow magic unicorn and givethe pony a special braided hairstyle combined with its dressdesign. Enjoy taking care of their little pony tail too! Join theTooth Fairy colt braiding academy to learn all about unicorncaring, braiding hair and braiding hairstyles, how to ride them,and how to love and give them the best attention in the world.Start this fairy and pony adventure in the fairy farm cleaning thepony horse stable. In this stable, all kinds of unicorns as themare or the stallion, and even the wild equines get ready for theiradventures. Live the magic of the horse riding and dressage andbecome an equestrian in this pony adventure! Observe your pony'sevolution from the beginning! Prepare the mane of the horse as aprofessional hairdresser! Clean and comb the mane hair style. Manecaring is essential for a girl unicorn as it represents the perfectbreeding and grooming when the caring animals are taking a horsecarriage! Try with mane braiding or different haircuts! Become aninnovative hairstyle changer in these hairstyle games for girls!There are many hairstyles in this mane beauty salon! Use someperfume and decoration on your pony baby too! Continue now with thehooves. They need to be healthy and strong to run all over thekingdom. The horseshoes are vital for the unicorn evolution. Removethe old ones and brush the hoof. Replace the horseshoe with a newone. Now it is time to apply decorations in this pony creator ofdress-up ponies. Show your best pony look to take the Tooth fairycarriage! Change your dressing and saddle as you prefer and startliving unicorn and pony horse adventures! Features of this ToothFairy horse beauty adventure and spa games for girls: - Stablegames: works smooth on different devices. Enjoy this unicorn horsegame! - One of the best caring games for kids. - Complete ridinggames with all you can think of! - These horse's breeding games areeasy for kids of any age! - One of the best free colts caring gamesall around the world! - Complete the riding training and finish allthe quests in this pony beauty adventure! - Enjoy the painting anddrawing arts with us! Start drawing cartoons in the drawing booksfor free you will find in the beauty salon! The ultimate horserider will love this horse and rainbow Tooth fairy unicorn care appbecause of its gameplay and all the great rainbow features!
Skate City Adrenaline Race 1.0.0
The most addictive skateboarding game! Complete the missions ridingyour pixel skateboard through the city. Enjoy the ride in stages.Make some freestyle tricks and jumps like in real life: Crazyskateboarding features such as loopings and tricks are some of thefeatures of this funny game. Ride through entertaining ramps or onthe floor around the city. Let your adrenaline flow! Our goal isto help you master your balace on the skateboard along thestreets. AVOID THE OBSTACLES Skate in the city and do neat tricks!Maintain your balance, avoid all the obstacles and enjoy freestyleloopings. Be careful with all the hurdles while you are on the run.Ride fast and accurate. This race will switch on your adrenaline!MAKE FREESTYLE MOVEMENTS To be a skater requires mechanicalaccuracy of movements: any little slip can cause your rider to comecrashing off of his board! Be careful and keep the balance or youwill fall down. Practice your skate skills and funny movements inthis top notch skateboarding game full of surprises. RACE WITHOUTEND Master skateboarding skills dodging all the obstacles of therace. Remember not to slow down! It seems easy but the obstaclesare distributed randomly at the start of each level, making italways a fresh experience when the skater hops on his board. Pureadrenaline! Appropriate for children and adults who love skatemovements in this blocky game. You are the skater: grab your boardand join the crew! All you need is a skateboard, smartattitude and a good challenge! Grow as an experimented skater andshare your results via Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Twitter:@LabCave Facebook:
Blocky Superbikes Race Game - Motorcycle Challenge 2.11.37
This is the time to play Blocky Superbikes and accept this dirtbiketrial motorcycle racer challenge simulator! The motorbike racerwhere you can choose between super fast motorcycles and drivearound in block city! This superbike simulator game and motorcyclechallenge offers you the best at night or day city motorbike racingchallenge experience in a great sandbox style environment! Chooseyour motorcycle and race the streets of a blocky city! You can alsouse nitro power-ups to go super fast with your motorbike! Speed upyour superbikes and leave your enemies behind! Are you ready torace with your blocky motorcycle in this amazing challenge full ofsuperbikes? Features of Blocky Superbikes Race Game Simulator andmotorcycle challenge: - Beautiful motorcycle and pixel artsuperbikes! Choose from a variety of blocky motor bikes. Select thecolor and race through the city of blocks! - Simple and intuitivemotorcycle racer controls! Everyone can play the game. Swipe leftor right to avoid the traffic and swipe up to jump over theobstacles blocking the road! The superbike race is about to start!Are you going to accept the superbike racer challenge?
Real Motor Bike Racing - Highway Motorcycle Rider 2.11.11
Do you love to race fast paced motorbike racing games and hear theroar of a real motor? Enjoy the motocross and trial madness like areal rider! If you like digging your wheel down into the mud, thendirt bikes games are for you: Superb races and nitro speed whilebreathing the outdoor freedom of this motor bike sport! In thisreal motorcycle and bike racing game you are being chased by othertrial and motocross bike riders. Amazing graphics and exceptionaltracks and, of course, powerful motorbikes are waiting just foryou. Become the guru of this real racing track. Pass all themotorcycle rider group and trial bikes to win this game. Hist! Ifyou get stuck on the motorcycle highway racetrack, try switchingyour racing motor bike, because all bikes have their own racingfeatures. Compete in this exciting real racing game, no matter howgood your rivals are! Get a higher score than your friends! Be themost dangerous motorcycle rider with a motorbike on a track.Features of Real Motor Bike Racing: 🚵 Incredible 3D graphics ofreal motorbikes 🚵 Amazing racing game full of speedy movements andfunny rival motocross and trial real riders 🚵 An infinite race as agreat challenge to improve your skills 🚵 Choose your racing bike:There are different bikes you can pick up depending on theirfeatures Beat all the motorbikes as you run for your safety and beprepared for the next racing bike attack! Beware of the features ofthis funny real motor simulator game to help you improve yourracing and real rider skills! This racing bike game is appropriatefor children and adults who love dirt bikes and racing bike mobilegames! Win points, gain experience and tell your friends about yourhighest bike racing scores. Are you ready? Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Free Motor Bike Racing - Fast Offroad Driving Game 2.11.12
Come on, biker boy! Let's accelerate the motor of your bike in thismotorcycle racing game! Following the success of Free Motor BikeRacing Game - with more than 2 million downloads worldwide - wehave launched Free Motor Bike Racing 2! Download this bikes gamefor free: you've been looking forward to drive awesome motorcycles in aMotorcycle Racing Simulator Driving Game, you are in the rightplace! Start now this exciting bike ride: How many points you cando in a 5 minutes motorbikes competition? This is a MotorcycleRacing Game - just for the fun of riding your motocross at highspeeds against motor bike riders! Take control of your motorcyclesand go through many offroad laps of intense tournaments improvingthis way your bike racing experience and bike stunts! Download nowthis bike game so that you can enter in the free simulator world ofriding a motorcycle on a highway at high speed! Accelerate, steerand ride your motor bike now and leave your rivals back with ouramazing motocross bikes! The concept of this motorcycle drivinggame is simple: Tap on your device to drive your motorcycle and donot let it crash against other motorcycle driver in this excitingmoto racing game! Become an excellent superbikes racer! Enjoy highspeed, action, races, motor bike collision, motocross adventure andjumps and all the fun of the world in this bike race! Feel theadrenaline rush accelerating your amazing motorbike in thischallenging fast-paced biker free simulator and enjoy the thrill ofengine's sounds while hitting the gas pedal in an endless motorbikerace! Boost the speed of heavy motorbikes while driving andchallenge your friends to beat your highest score! Ride your way tovictory in this motorbike racing simulator and become the bestrider in speed racing roads! If you enjoy this bike game, try alsoour improved motorcycle simulator: Free Motor Bike Racing 2 us on our Social Media to discover more offroad bike trialsand motorbikes action games! This speedy motorbike simulator is acompletely new concept with maximum immersion and real motorbikes!Ride on two wheels across impossible vehicle tracks in thisexcellent and very realistic motorcycle game for kids! Twitter:@LabCave Facebook:
Dessert Chain: Café Waitress & Restaurant Chef 0.8.29
Cook and serve tasty desserts and drinks from all over the world inthese FREE and addictive time management cooking games as a dessertwaiter! I am sure you have always dreamed of having a chic, popularcafe and food business where everyone goes not only because of thedelicious breakfast and dessert but also to cheer up their mood! Acoffee shop where everyone can enjoy a great customer service in afriendly environment... Make this dream of yours become true andstart with Hazel the adventure of turning the old cafe into thegreatest cafe-bakery ever! Hazel has just bought an old cake-bakingbreakfast business. She wants to become a successful restaurantbakery waiter-chef and hired you as a dessert waitress. Help her tosettle down and start cooking, baking and serving food, breakfast,popular dessert with caramel and coffee in these time-managementcooking chef games and become the best cafe waitress! Enjoycreating and baking the customer favorite's cake following theowner's delicious dessert restaurant recipes and become the mostfamous waitress and coffee maker serving drinks, cupcakes and awide variety of tasty and yummy cakes! Try the black forest cakeand experience the most wonderful taste ever! Meet every deliciouscaramel cake you have ever imagined in these time-management bakingand cooking games and become a great waitress! As a coffee shopbreakfast restaurant waiter you will be working hand in hand withHazel as a kitchen chef trying to establish a profitablecake-baking and popular business in our cafe and dessert cookingand waitress games full of delicious food and yummy surprises!Become the best cake chef baking all types of desserts and recipesand have loads of fun with different types of kitchen appliancesthat these cooking chef games have! Enjoy dealing with differenttype of customers in a drinks & food maker cafe restaurantbusiness, bake, serve food, gain waitress experience points andremember: Happy customers means bigger tips to the cafe waitressand owner's cash register in these time management restaurantwaiter cooking games! Do not forget to claim your rewards aftereach level: Add new items to shorten your kitchen cooking time oradd new selling items to increase your revenue in our cafe bakerywaiter food-maker game! Upgrade your delicious coffee shop dessertsand breakfast recipes and restaurant decoration at the end of everylevel in these amazing time management cooking and waitress gamesthat you won't regret to play! Start serving drinks and baking yourfavorite yummy dessert with caramel and breakfast and help our cuteowner Hazel to bake, serve food, develop and upgrade hercake-coffee shop and make happier customers in this popular cafewaitress game as a cute cafe waitress! Turn the old coffee &cake-coffee shop into a successful and popular restaurant bakerybusiness with an amazing restaurant decoration! By installing thisapp you agree to the following privacy policy:
Royal Garden Tales - Match 3 Puzzle Decoration ' 0.9.7
Do you have a crush on decoration and like to play match 3games?Forget about shooter games! In Royal Garden Tales,challengeyourself with puzzle after puzzle of exciting 3 in linegames andgain fairy dust to decorate a classic luxury mansion anditssurrounding garden to uncover its histories of magic secrets.Everymatch is guaranteed fun for kids and adults, online andofflinetoo! In this entertaining match 3 game you will accompanyAmelia,princess and heir to the mansion, in her adventure to buildherfamily castle again with the help of her new magic fairyservant,Lulu. Make design choices about plants and flowers in thegarden,match materials and decorate the palace in marble, diamondsandjewels... Become the princess of gardening and the queen ofmanordecoration and help Amelia to discover the past of herancestors...Who was the king of the castle? Is Amelia part of thelast childrenof her dynasty? Escape from reality and start todecorate ourmanor! Royal Garden Tales is an amazing saga of match 3puzzleswhere the fun never stops! Just like a jigsaw, you need topiecetogether the parts of the story as you follow these twogirls,Amelia and Lulu the fairy, on their quest to decorate themansionand uncover the mysteries surrounding the gardening house.FEATURESOF THIS MATCH 3 PUZZLE WITH MANOR GARDEN BUILDER ELEMENTSClassicMatch 3 decoration puzzle with a tic-tac-toe twist: Make aline of3 of balloon shapes to blast it off, you can also build apower upby making shapes of the same colors and it will help youblast morethan one row or line. Building an arrow will act like ashooter andwill remove same balloon colors out of the jigsaw.Combine abooster and a special bubble breaker to make a blastcombo. Everyjigsaw will have challenges for you to overcome: acertain numberof balloon colors have to be removed from the puzzlefirsttherefore increasing the level of difficulty of the match 3gardendecoration puzzles. Solve this entertaining 3 in linemansiongardening puzzle, match every critter to obtain fairy dustrequiredto build the palace house and decorate the home garden andthen,between every match 3 puzzle, watch an episode of the magiclegendunfold. Build the palace manor garden and help with its match3gardening decoration: Become an expert mansion decorator andenjoychoosing smart new things to decorate and design their homejustlike kids in a candy store! With the help of your mysteriousandcute maid, Lulu, you´ll free the secrets of the house and theroyalgarden decoration by choosing colors, materials and flora.Whatmanor style will you choose? Classic or modern? When youfinishdecorating each home, a new one will appear. Help PrincessAmeliadecorate the whole manor garden inside and out. Do not trytoescape from this match 3 episode full of magic! Royal GardenTalessaga is a free match 3 mansion puzzle game with gardendecorationelements that can be played online and offline. Someitems can bepurchased in-game with real money. Notes regardingpermissions:External storage access is used for caching video &save gamepurpose. Find out more about our online and offline, we have puzzles, RPG, and shooter games too. Donottry ot escape from this funny gardening episode! Like UsonFacebook:
Idle Shopping Mall Empire: Time Management & Money 2.0.3
Welcome to Idle Shopping Mall Empire, the game that every loveroftime management, money, and business games will enjoy. Areyouready to be the idle tycoon of the best supermarket shoppingmall?Become a shopping magnate and create a supermarket empire,managingand administering your fashion and food stores,supermarket, andmoney to improve your idle business! Be smartspending money andcash, think two times before change somethinglike food or drink inyour supermarket mall. This idle shoppingsupermarket tycoonsimulator will help you to create an imaginarybusiness withbakery, restaurant, and café shop. Be a manager ofyour own timeand collect money to have a successful business inthis shoppingmall tycoon game. Ready to be rich? You have alwaysenjoyedsupermarket shopping malls, a market where you haveeverything:supermarkets, fashion boutiques, bakeries, cafes, orfoodrestaurants where chefs and cooks cook live. Now you can betheowner of the shopping center and be the manager of thewholebusiness. Build your idle business, earn more money, andimproveyour business by leveling your cashiers and updating yourfood andclothing inventory! Unlock new products and unlock thefullpotential of your customers - build your empire of gold! It'stimeto buy more! It's the moment for time management! 💰💰💰 Are youreadyto be rich, get lots of gold, cash, and money? Open the shops,helpthe customers, and start to make more money. The bestidlesupermarket tycoon simulator is ready for you. Make more moneytobuy an idle tycoon in this supermarket mall! Build a marketwherefamilies, boys, and girls can enjoy. The more customers youcanattract to your supermarket to buy, the more cash you canget.Become the best supermarket manager. Hire sellers and makethemincrease your sales and profits. Set the salary of theemployeesfrom different departments. In this idle tycoon, tap, andclickergame, you will have to improve your time and moneymanagement inorder to advance in the different levels of the game.Get moreshopping malls to increase your business. Manage thesupermarketsto become the richest tycoon. 💰💰💰 Features of IdleShopping MallEmpire 💰💰💰 - Configure your supermarket stores toincrease yourincome during inactivity - offline mode! - Make moremoney, andcash during inactivity, even when you're offline oronline. -Discover more than 20 amazing products in the supermarketshoppingmall. - Manage up to 20 great stores and supermarkets, anddecidethe management of your shopping center. - Increase purchasestoincrease cash, money in this supermarket managementtycoonsimulator game: tap and clicker to improve your shops. If youlikethe incremental games of idle and tycoon, you'll like thismarketmanagement game for its casual playability. Idle ShoppingMallEmpire is a simple game to play for boys and girls. Open yourfirstshop and begin you empire tycoon. Coin by coin and step bystep youwill create your new empire and you will be a idle tycoon,collectall the gold and... make money with you shopping mall. Donot loseyour time, and manage your resources! This you only way tobecomean idle tycoon. 💰💰💰 It's time to buy more! 💰💰💰 Create yourshoppingmall empire tycoon by optimizing your stores and profits!Becomethe richest tycoon of all supermarkets in this simulatorgame. Idletycoon games are perfect to understand time managementandresources. Do you have a problem or suggestion? The team atIdleShopping Mall Empire will be delighted to help you.
Love & Dating Story: Real Life Choices Simulator 1.1.20
Looking for Love in Paradise or searching for romance? Do youwantto start a fictional flirt and experience intense passionwithevery new story? Love is not taboo! Prepare for intensefeelingsand narrative stories that will make you feel butterfliesin yourstomach! Make real life choices in our love story simulatorandstart dating popular boys and girls! Experience true love andlivea real adventure. Will you put yourself at risk for a lovestory?Choose your fate now by making the best life choices! Youwill beable to try different episodes and love simulator stories.Who willget to your heart and keep your secrets? What are youwilling to dofor love and friendship? We invite you to ourinteractive lovestory and dating adventure in this real episodelife simulator!Choose your storyline and do not miss the chance totake decisionsand choices that will change your life forever!Experience aromantic love story led by your own choices in thisdatingsimulator full of twists! Would you end up as the couple of acuteboy? Dress up with fashion clothes and shine like a star withnewmakeup and make a good first impression! Become the mostpopulargirl and start dating a cool boy in this visual romancenovel!Choose wisely your own adventure in this dating simulatorgame!Your destiny is in your hands: Start playing in this datingstoryepisode and make new friends! Embark on an unforgettablejourneyand fulfill the dreams of your imagination! How would yourstoryend in these love games? Prepare yourself with makeup and afashionhairstyle in our beauty studio and dress up with styleclothes foryour first date with a popular and cute boy! Will hebecome yourcouple, or will you stay friends forever? It's up toyou! It’s yourchoice! Or try another outfit with a cool stylist,make a completemakeover and start dating another friend! There areplenty ofcharacters to choose from in this love simulator! Who willbe thefirst to kiss you and with whom you will stay friends? Love&Dating Story: Real Life Choices Simulator is an amazing gamethatallows you to make choices to live a real-life story andcombinefriendship and life memories with a beauty makeup studio andafashion clothes and accessories boutique to glow and becomeapopular girl at school! Design your own beauty style inthisaddictive girl's game and live this summer with passionandromance! You will really remember these dates and lovememorieswhen you become older! Find your couple in our girls’ gamesbecauseisn't it all about love and adventure?
Dentist Care Adventure - Tooth Doctor Simulator 3.0.1
If you always take care of your teeth as you were a realdentistdoctor, this could be your favorite game ever! Also, if youseeyourself like a doctor in the future, this amazing title willteachyou some of the things you need to know to develop a career asthebest dentist in town! Get ready to take care of every tooth inyourhospital or dental clinic. Learn all the secrets oforthodonticsand braces and use them in your patients. Performdental surgeryand care for your patients after the operation inthis doctor crazyadventure simulator. Live this dentist adventureand become themost admired tooth doctor! Teach the children thetooth care isessential to be healthy! Have fun learning how to be adentist inthis adventure simulator and show off your patients youcan be thebest doctor for them! Enjoy this tooth care simulator andhavehours of fun taking care of your patients! Play now! Features:-Many tooth care tools to perform surgeries and take care oftheteeth! - Dentist adventure simulator with many patients to careof!- Great graphics and dentist sounds! - Several dentistadventurelevels to explore! - Tell all your friends to visit youfor a toothcheck! Become a professional dentist in this doctorsimulator andlive the adventure of taking care of the patients'teeth! You canbe the next best doctor in town! Play now!