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KimVote 1.3.09
- Check out the latest trends and hot issues! - Curious to knowwhat other people think about your favorites? - Your vote mattersin KimVote. It becomes the important information to others. - Postyour own votes and see what other people think about them.
CONG 1.6.68
When you chat with your friends, banner ads or/and interestingarticle contents will appear right next to your chat balloon timeto time. Whether you see the banner or tap on it, certain CONGpoints will be given to you. The banner ads will disappear in a fewseconds, so it will not distract/disturb your conversation. You canalso turn it off from setting, then banner ads will no longerappear in your chatting room.If your CONG points reach a certainamount, you can withdraw the points into real cash. CONG provideslots of funny and trendy emoticons to users for free as well asone-of-a-kind feature, MYCON. MYCON is a special feature that onlyavailable at CONG that I-my-me-myself make. Making MYCON onlyrequires a few simple steps:Choose a photo that you would like makeinto MYCON from your albumOr take a photo that you would like tomake into MYCON Adjust the size of the photo to make it look better(Only 1:1 size available)You can be the first MYCON maker amongyour friends! Make the most funniest MYCON, then share and spreadthe humor, laughter and all possible emotions through thephotos/images you pick. It could be popular images from web,snapshots of funny moment or photo of your pet. If your friendshave MYCON that you would like to use, you can also save yourfriend’s MYCON as yours. This feature will give users theopportunity to express their emotions better and make users toexperience the whole conversation much more fun.As of now, CONGservice will only be available in Korea however, we are lookingforward to launch our service globally very soon.