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Casual Cricket 1.0
Casual cricket is an ultimate fun game. Its a different game, userbats and bowl use fingers. Some of you know how to play handcricket, its the same concept.Features include:★ Amazing graphics★Achievements★ Statistics★ Share score on Facebook★ Cool sounds★ 21different teams to choose from★ Four difficulty modes, easy normalinsane and legendary★ View resultsTry it NOW.
Space Scrollers 1.2
ALIEN SPACESHIPS TRY TO PASS THEIR WAY TO REACH PLANET EARTH, STOPTHEM.◈ Gameplay in four directions, up down left and right,spaceships can come from direction.◈ Swipe your finger accordinglyto runaway from spaceships.◈ Astronauts are friendly, don't swipethem away, -10 for swiping them.◈ Score as much as you can byrunning away from spaceships.◈ Speed of spaceships increasegradually, swipe quick.◈ Different concept and gameplay.Soundseasy? Give it a try, and see how much can you score to challengeyour friends.FEATURES:★ Leaderboard★ Achievements★ 4 way scrolling★Animated background★ Attractive buttons★ Smooth gameplay★ Coolsounds★ Help optionWe'd love to hear your suggestions and comments,email us [email protected]