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Italian for AnySoftKeyboard 20101125-better-layout
Italian for AnySoftKeyboard. At about 50.000 italian words forsuggestions in your AnySoftKeyboard! This is an expansion layoutspack for AnySoftKeyboard. Install AnySoftKeyboard first, and thenselect the desired layout from AnySoftKeyboard'sSettings->Keyboards menu. -improved layout
Armenian for AnySoftKeyboard 20140220-wordlist
Армянская клавиатура для [b]Anysoftkeyboard[/b].Это означает что у вас сначала должна быть установленаAnysoft keyboard и потом уже для поддержки армянских буквустанавить эту клавиатуру.[b]После всех установок зайти в Anysoft keyboard и выбрать"Հայերեն"[/b]-Հայերեն ստեղնաշար Anysoft keyboard ծրագրի համար. Առաջնահերթ պետք էտեղադրել Anysoft keyboard-ը, այնուհետև տեղադրել այս ստեղնաշարըհայերենով գրելու համար.[b]Այդ ամենից հետո բացել Anysoft keybordy-ը և լեզուների մեջ ընտրել"Հայերեն"[/b]-The wordlist source is *Multiling O Keyboard*
Georgian for AnySoftKeyboard 18.0
ქართული AnySoftKeyboard თვისGeorgian for AnySoftKeyboard This is anexpansion layouts pack for AnySoftKeyboard.Install AnySoftKeyboardfirst, and then select the desired layout from AnySoftKeyboard'sSettings->Keyboards menu.-bigger dictionary with 90.000entries! 12.7 - პროექტის მიზანია რომ მომხმარებელმა შეამოწმოს დაგაიგოს ვალუტის საუკეთესო კურსი და ბენზინის საუკეთესოტარიფები - The project aims to provide the users withthe best currency exchange rates and the best fuel prices availablein Georgia.keywords: თბილისი, საქართველ, tbc ბანკი, bog, bank ofgeorgia, ლარი, ვალუტა
Bures Fast Tap Layout for ASK 5
YOU MUST FIRST INSTALL AnySoftKeyboard TO BE ABLE TO INSTALL THISLAYOUT.THIS LAYOUT IS OPTIMIZED FOR PORTRAIT MODE.QWERTY key boardswere originally designed to slow typists down, and are meant to beused withtwo hands.Designed by Rick Bures, this layout is optimizedfor SPEED. Once familiar with it, you should see anincrease in yourtapping speed. Here's how:1. By increasing the number of rows anddecreasing the number of columns over a QWERTY keyboard, the keyscan be made larger, allowing for greater finger movement withoutsacrificing accuracy.2. Speed increases when the next key you tapis near the one you just tapped. Written English has been analyzedto determine the most common letters, the most common digraphs(two-letter combinations), and the most common trigraphs(three-letter combinations). By grouping the most commonly usedletters near the center, and positioning them relative toone-another so that adjacent letters complete the most commondigraphs and trigraphs, the frequency that the next key you want totap is near the one you just tapped is greatly increased. Thislayout has the letters of each digraph adjacent to each other(horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) in 26 of the 32 mostcommon digraphs in written English, and in all but one of theremaining 6 there is only one key interposed between the theletters of the digraph. Though harder to achieve with trigraphs,this layout still manages to have all the letters adjacent in 10 ofthe 16 most common trigraphs, and in half of the remaining 6 one ofthe letters is only distant by one interposing key.3. The space baris double-sized, since it is tapped so often. Within theconstraints of the layout of the letters, it is placed wherefamiliarity with a QWERTY keyboard would lead you to find it. Theshift key is similarly placed. In addition to being faster thanQWERTY (once you're used to it), this layout retains many of thebestfeatures of ASK:• Accepts themes• Dictionary• Word suggestions•Keyboard settings, Override default dictionary, and Change inputmethod on long press of thereturn key.• Many, many, alternatecharacters and punctuation selectable via the pop-up when youlong-press many of the keys.• Voice input• Swipe to accessadditional keyboards• etc.Things to make note of:• Trylong-pressing the period key. You'll find the question mark andmany of the punctuationsymbols originally found with both theperiod and the question mark.• “Center” on this keyboard is theletter E-- it is found center column, but in a low row.Everythingelse spreads from that point. Consider E your home base. Thisarrangement with Ein a low row maintains contiguity for a greaternumber of digraphs and trigraphs.• You can quickly get numbers bylong pressing any of the keys on the top row, just like withtheQWERTY layout-- except that because there are now only sevencolumns, some of the numbershave been moved to the second row.Alternatively, you can enable a complete number row ontop, whichhas small keys to fit.• Having something great for portrait meantcompromising on landscape-- the key size changemakes this layoutnot as well suited for landscape mode.Is this layout for everyone?Nope. But for those of you who are looking to increase your speedandaccuracy when using a portrait mode keyboard, and don't mind alittle time to get used to it, you maylike it as much as I do. Ifyou don't, I don't mind.Keywords:Anysoft, anysoft keyboard, ASK,key, board, keyboard, keyboards, replacement, alternative, bigkeys,swipe, swype, tap, fast, fast tap, quick, quick tap, layout,keyboard layout, layouts, QWERTY, square,square keys, button,buttons, big buttons, software keyboard, keyboard replacement,keyboardreplacements, input, input method, Rick Bures.
Georgian fonts installer 4.1
This application installs georgian fonts onyour device.Also old georgian alphabet is included \o/.Samsung owners: Please note, that it patches only the defaultfonts, so if it should work but it does not, checkif you have switched to other fonts from the settings menu of youdefice.HTC owners: Please note, that you need S-OFF on a lot ofdevices, simple root does not help.*MIUI Users:* This app does not work on MIUI, You needThis theme for MIUI. installing, only choose fontsam programit darootol telefonebze vakenebt qartul fontebs!!!ROOT is needed / sachiroa ROOT!!!!!!Reboot phone after the installation is run!!!If it not works, use "Send logs" in the menu of the appto deliver the logs to me.tu ar mushaobs menudan "Send logs" gamoizaxe da me momivachanacerebi da shevzleb gavaanalizo.Icons created by mimic.Tu ar icit ra aris root an Install button ar aris aqtiuri, nuafasebt programas uarkofidat. jer gaerkviet, an email,momceret!
VDR Manager 12.80
*Please update the server part to 0.12 to use new features or havebug fixes* If youhave a VDR at home reachable over the internet and own a mobilephone running Android then you possibly find this program useful.Using it you can view the epg and stream live tv on you device. Ifyou do not have a vdr, ignore this app, it is useless for you.VDR-Manager has two parts: - The Android application for the userinterface - A VDR plugin to communicate with. Standard SVDRP is notused because this leads to much more traffic. Here the somefeatures -list the EPG filtered by time or channel -show EPGdetails -search EPG for some simple text -list, modify, delete or(de)activate timers -create timers from EPG events -remote wakeupVDR host using HTTP requests -live tv
Latvian for AnySoftKeyboard 20120124-market
Latvian for AnySoftKeyboard.This is an expansion layouts pack for AnySoftKeyboard.Install AnySoftKeyboard first, and then select the desiredlayoutfrom AnySoftKeyboard's Settings->Keyboards menu.We still need Latvian word list. If you can help us, pleasevisitout homepage.
ProjectForge Sync Adapter 3.1
Der ProjectForge Sync Adapter synchronisiert Ihre Kontakte ausihrem Projectforge-Account ( mit IhremAndroid-Adressbuch. ProjectForge stellt eine mächtigeProjektmanagementsuite dar. Dieser Project-Forge-Sync-Adapterermöglicht die Synchronisierung Ihres Adressbuches in Projectforgemit ihrem Android-Device. Einfach den Adapter installieren und denim ProjectForge-Profil generierten Token eintragen. Es werden keinesensiblen Zugangsdaten benötigt. Danach synchronisieren sich dieKontaktfavoriten aus Projectforge in festlegbaren Zeitabständenautomatisch mit Ihrem Android-Adressbuch. Keine mühselige manuelleÜbertragung mehr notwendig. Besonderer Dank geht an Ulrich Schmidt,für die Bereitstellung des Logos. The Forge Project Sync adaptersyncs your contacts from their ProjectForge account( with your Android address book. Project Forgeis a powerful project management suite. This Project Forge syncadapter allows you to synchronize your address book in ProjectForgewith their Android device. Simply plug the adapter to install andregister the generated in ProjectForge profile token. There are nosensitive credentials required. Then the contact from FavoritesProjectForge in definable intervals automatically synchronize withyour Android address book. No cumbersome manual transmission morenecessary. Special thanks to Ulrich Schmidt, for the provision ofthe logo.