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China Elevated Coach Bus Drive 1.0.8
Lets get ready to simulate your driving skillswith a real straddling China transit bus simulator and provide fastand furious quick transport to all the passengers by dropping themdoor to door. China transit bus is a free game to simulate yourdriving among china traffic rush. So hurry up! Let’s start drivingyour China elevated bus and transport all the passengers with realsim of China straddling bus simulator. China bus gives you anexperience of new way driving. Where you can not only simulate yourchina bus simulation and transit driving skills but with Chinaelevated bus you can also gain experience of real racing in car. Ifyou’re a real lover of speed and love to drive around varioustraffic racer then Transit China bus is a best free driving gamefor you. Let’s start driving transit china bus today, get a realroad racing adventure, and transport experience on your Androiddevice. Transit China bus is consider as a new simulation ofdriving where you can drive freely in China without traffic hurdlesand carry passengers from door to door with straddling China bus ontime. Elevated China bus stop helps you to destination on time andprotects you from all the traffic danger. So start driving yourChina transit bus today and sim your driving with real racingadventure of transit China bus.Transit China Bus is a bus driving game that help you to improvebus driving skills. If you’re a real lover of China bus drivinggames, metro bus games and other transport or truck driving gamesthen Transit China Bus game is a best free game 2016 for you. Let’sget ready to ride your transit china bus on China road among hugetraffic cars and sim your driving with real China transitsimulation 2016. If you’re a crazy lover of parking mania and loveto simulate your driving with parking simulator 2016 then TransitChina Bus is a best free parking game which allow you to park yourtransit bus at every stop to pick and drop passengers. Enjoyextreme crazy road trip with a simulation of crazy drivingadventure. Challenge your skills with real crazy China bussimulator and feel the real addiction of driving with China transitelevated straddling bus simulator.China Elevated Coach Bus Drive FeaturesSimulate your driving skills with Transit bus of China.China Elevated bus allows you to stuck out from trafficquickly.Simulate your driving skills with China elevated bus.Enjoy real sim of China with China bus.Featuring graphics and dynamic control of China transit bus.Real racing adventure with traffic racer and racing in car.Simulate your driving skills with real parking maniasimulator.High quality graphics and stunning driving views.Thrilling sound effects.
Mountain New Taxi Simulator 1.0.2
A modern taxi game is here. Mountain games arefun. You have your taxi. Cabs games are fun. Drive your crazy taxi.Take your modern taxi out. This is a cab app. Play your good gamein your cab.Cruising in your car is one of the most favorite habitof a person. I am sure you have it too. Then why not cruise overhere. Be a good taxi driver. A free game app. This is a good game.This is a really fun game. It is the best simulation game of 2017.Best of the google games. This is a taxi app. A game free app.Where you can get to drive your personal favorite of the cars.Which you need to drive as a taxi and enjoy the cruise. A free game2017.This is the best game of 2017. This is a mountain taxi game.Where you get to hear your favorite songs, you can even change thesongs playing in your car. A good game 2017. A free game.You have your own cab. This is your cap app. You offer cheap cabs.It is a really good game. The game starts in a parking area. Thereis a LAGFLY gate in the parking area, you have to take your taxiout from there. Taxi games for free.You are a taxi driver andcruise out on the road, find passengers and pick them up, then dropthem to there wanted destination. This game provides you a fulltime entertainment. Taxi free game is here. A real sensation ofdriving. We, through google games provides you a free taxi game.This is a taxi driving 3D game. There is a map on the top right ofyour screen which helps you find where the passengers are waitingfor you. And also tells where your car is exactly at the moment.The green dot indicates your car and the red dots on the map tellswhere the passengers are standing. The brighter red dot shows theparking lot. The yellow dot shows where to drop thepassenger.You are an off road taxi driver.This game provides you lots ofdifferent options to play it. You can change the camera view ofyour car, just set it as you like it. You can change the climate.This is a free new taxi game. Many of us would keep the mountainhappen, because most of us have not seen it. You have the gearoption, which gear you want to move your car on, either forward orreverse. A new taxi game. Acceleration and brake buttons arepresent next to the gear. You can also change the left right movingoptions. You have got three options in it. You can tilt your deviceto turn your car left or right, if not comfortable with this changeit with the left and right button. If it still does not suits you,then you can change it with the steering wheel option. And that isthe most difficult one. This is one the most recommended games ofsimulation. Taxi simulator game give you two most important thingsyou have to take care of are not to damage your car, if damaged100% then your level is failed and you have to start it again. Andthe other is to take care of the time. Because a timer is on whenthe level is played, and if the time is over then the level isfailed and you have to start it again. There are total 15 excitinglevels you need to pass in this game. Every new level brings you anew challenge to complete. Now let’s see if you are daring enoughto clear all of them or not.
Prado 4x4 Parking Rush Driver 1.0.1
PARKING ADVENTUREThere are several types of games on play store, shooting, racing,sniper, zombies and several more. The theory of those games hasbecome boring and old ; recurrence of somewhat can try even v.goodinto mind-numbing.Before initiation quad bike offroad mania on google play store foryou, we got a new idea in the world of games in the form of ultracruiser driving Parking.Now you will be capable to catch entertaining of 60 minutes byplaying prado parking wala game on your android cell phone. In landcruiser parking wala game you will be delivered with multipleluxury Prado’s. Your mission in Prado Parking city driver is todrive your vehicles providing by Prado Parking city driver to theparking lot impeccably. Later playing Prado driving Parking youwill understand that driving a land cruiser is easy but principalin parking cars in actual challenge.cruiser driving Parking game is entertaining, entertainment as wellas a real dare and test of your core driving skills. Parking ismost difficult part of driving any vehicles, nowadays, driving anyvehicles are a youngster object, but space them perfectly is stilla challenging.MASTER IN PARKING AND REAL DRIVEбесплатная парковка game is going to offer you hours upon hoursentertainment and challenge. If you are driving lover or parkinglovers or you want to improve your driving talents especially carparks then Parking Real Master Drive is the perfect game foryou.парковка для машины Master Drive game holds different challengingenvironment which will test your driving as well as individualobserving skills. Stunning parking situations is the key ofentertainment in Parking cruiser parks challenge. prado offroadparking challenge Master Drive brings the 3d surroundingenvironment and prado’s which dignifies the gamefascinations.Prado Parking city Master Drive game is whole addictive game, whichgives the entertaining and adventure to the adventuring andparamours. You will experience a challenging game environment inPrado Parking rush drive, challenge in Prado Parking driver RealMaster Drive game is to park your luxury prado and cars to parkingproportion.PERKS OF PARALLEL PARKINGPerks of Extreme luxury 4x4 prado parking game is a parking anddriving game of luxury cars and luxury Prado. Even in your physicallife you might have noticed that no matter how capably you candrive but at the time of parking, you get worrying on yourforehead, same thing is added in Perks of Extreme prado Car Parkinggame.Perks of Extreme pardo Car Parking is the real trial of yourdriving skills as well as your critical thinking power. Perks ofclassic prado parking challenge is just not round parking yourvehicles anywhere you want, in Perks of multi parking prado driveryou have to parallel park your luxury prado and cars in certainparking lot.You might have played other land cruiser parking games on goolgeplaystore but there is no comparison of Perks of dr.prado parkingchallenge with all other such games, parallel parking in Perks ofland cruiser parks challenge make it lily bit challenging anddifferent from other parking games. Some other features which makesPerks of land cruiser parking wala game distinguish from othergames is easy to learn parking but difficult to be principal inparking.Game Features: Realistic yet not easy game play very Easy control system Stunning and fascinating game environment Multiple luxury prado vehicles Several challenging game levels Physical calculated prado Modify quality Offline play Genuine graphics and sound scheme