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Pulaar Editor 1.0
Lamine THIAW
The software enables to use special Pulaar language characters towrite messages on smartphones and tablets.
Pulaar 1.0
Lamine THIAW
A courseware for learning reading, writing and speaking Pulaar (awidely spoken language in West Africa) is presented. The coursewarecovers various aspects such as pronunciation, dialogues, grammarand vocabulary of the Pulaar language.
Tchokky 1.0
Lamine THIAW
Tchokky is an African game, like chess or checkers, formerly muchpracticed in West Africa, especially in communities like Fulani(Pulaar), Wolof, Serere, etc.This game is part of the Africanintangible heritage that needs to be revisited and preserved.Thegoal is to develop strategies to eliminate the pawns of theopponent or prevent them from moving.
Yiitam 1.0
Lamine THIAW
Yiitam is an application that allows you to improve your vocabularyof the Pulaar language and better understand the spelling of words.You must find the hidden word using the clues provided. You areentitled to 10 attempts. If you fail them, you are hanged. You canthen retry or skip to the next word.There are 5 levels:Level 1: Animage is used as a clue to find the wordLevel 2: A word or phrasegives a description of the hidden wordLevel 3: The word to be foundis the plural of the given singular wordLevel 4: The word to befound is the missing word in the given sentenceLevel 5: There is noclue. Look for the word hidden.
SenLangEdit - Virtual Keyboard Senegal 1.0
Lamine THIAW
Mini virtual keyboard allowing the typing of special characters ofSenegalese national languages such as: Pulaar, Wolof, Serer, Joola,Mandinka, manjaku, Mankaan, etc.