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New Launcher 2021 3.9
Launcher 2021
A beautiful new Launcher 2021 version inspired by nature,withfractal shapes and an unique style on the new app icons,livewallpapers and abstract HD wallpapers, folder and appdrawerinterface. Go download this new launcher now for free andhave acompletely new makeover of your device! ❤️ This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. This is required only for doubletap tosecure lock your device. The 2021 Launcher features: 🌠 3Dlivewallpapers 🌠 Fast and simple user interface:a beautifulhomescreen, intuitive personalization options 🌠 Custom icons andnewlauncher 2021 themes. More icon packs to be added 🌠 Edit apps:hideapps from your drawer, change icon shapes. No need to root, youcaneasily protect apps by hiding them in special folders 🌠 Supportforyour widgets 🌠 Drag-and-drop folder management 🌠 Dynamic iconsonsupported devices 🌠 Small app size, safe and efficient. Speedyourphone and customize your stylish device with the new 2021launcher!🌠 Fast access to thousands of custom themes 2D and 3D 🌠Otheractions and animations: double tap your screen to lockdevice,allow home screen rotation, lock your home screen topreventaccidental changes ,disable spring animation, togglenavigation bartransparency, swipe gestures and more The Launcher2021 can alsoapply themes from most other free custom launchers -try it and seefor yourself and customize your home screen! ❤ How touse the 2021Launcher ❤ Download -> Press Open and followinstructions 💎 Howto change the wallpaper 💎 Open the Launcher ->press Setwallpaper -> select one of the new custom launcher 2021freewallpapers, there are different styles to choose from, likeneonglow or even a pixel mode 🔥 How to set the live wallpaper🔥 OpentheLauncher -> press Apply Live Wallpaper or Go to the appdrawerand select the "Live Wallpapers" tab You can select frommatrixlive wallpaper, a 3D parallax live wallpaper and a 3d glitterlivewallpaper with sparkle effect! The new live wallpapers can beaddedto your home screen and lock screen. More live wallpapers withcool3D effects to be added for your phone to boost it with new2021launcher! Battery efficient to save power. 👍How to changetheme👍 Goto the Themes manager for latest and stylish themes andselect fromthousands of custom launchers and free themes! There isalso theicon pack center! More new launcher 2021 themes, iconpacks,wallpapers to be added More customization andpersonalizationoptions to be added like new lock screen with ziplocker and pinlock with HD themes 💎! Also ability to hide apps andbetterorganize apps. Be sure to update to the new launcher 2021latestversion for more features and better performance! ----Toselectwidget go to your app drawer and select the 'Widgets' tabthen goto Clock and choose the free analog clock. Frequentlyaskedquestions: --- Can I apply the new 2021 launcher on my tablet?Yes,since the theme is in a high definition format --- Istheapplication available in more languages? Yes, our applicationsareall translated in 50+ different languages The Launcher willnotaffect your battery life, Go Green! It is a very lightweightbutpowerful 2021 free launcher. We really appreciate your help,sofeel free to rate the apps 👍 and send us your ideas in thecommentsection. Customize and personalize your device and enjoy itand besure to check out our other new themes and apps! This is apremium💎 yet free app made possible by the use of ads. Updateyourlauncher to the new launcher 2021 latest version! Thank youforyour support!
Color Numbers 2021 🎨 1.0
Launcher 2021
Color Numbers 2021 (Relaxly) is the best way to relieve stressandanxiety in 2021 and just relax for a few minutes. DiscovermanyFREE 2D artworks or create your own pixel art. Paint bynumber,relax and have fun! Color by number many beautiful littlepicturesone color at a time and share your coloring skills withyourfriends. This 2021 antistress coloring game is simple and funforall ages, from kids to adults. You can even create your own2021color by number offline challenges by using images from yourphone!Relieve stress and anxiety with Relaxly 2021 today withtheoriginal color by number free game! Develop yourconcentration,color matching skills and precision with this awesomepaint bynumber free app. How to paint by numbers? Just pinch tozoom untilcells with numbers become visible. Tap on colors in thepalette andcolor color cells with matching numbers pixel by pixel.No WiFi orInternet required to play this coloring game! Features: 🎨Manyartworks to color by number including flowers andcartooncharacters 🎨 The original game! Very easy to color and justfeelthe stress go away 🎨 Create your own artwork from images onyourphone 🎨 Share with friends Just be happy and color by number!