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Bookworm Classic (Expert)
Bookworm Classic (Expert) is a puzzle video game. Players can forma word by linking the letters. As words were formed and submitted,they are removed from the grid. Every word submitted will bereplaced by new tiles. The longer the words the higher the points.DOWNLOAD the latest 'Bookworm Classic (Expert)' game for FREE! ★MAKE FUN WITH PUZZLES ★ ✓ Hey bookworm, can you solve a puzzlegame? Formable words puzzles are waiting for you! ✓ Noregistration, no complex rules. Just remain a bookworm and havefun! ★ BOOKWORM FEATURES ★ ✓ 5 different tiles (wood, fire, leaf,gold, sapphire and diamond). ✓ Passive Shuffle - Automaticallyscramble all the letters when no words could possibly form. ✓Active Shuffle - Click on 'Scramble' to Scramble all the lettersbut it produces fire. ✓ The word list was based on MammothCensored. ★ HOW TO PLAY BOOKWORM ★ ✓ Click on letters to link theminto words. ✓ Click on Submit to bust the words. ✓ Click on'scramble' to scramble all the letters, but at a cost! ✓ The wordindicated at the top is a bonus word. If you can complete a bonusword, you'll get a hefty bonus to your score! ✓ Bonus increases foreach bonus completed. ✓ Beware of burning tiles! If they reach thebottom, game over!
Word Bust - Bookworm (Infinity)
Word Bust - Bookworm (Infinity) is an endless puzzle videogame.Players can form a word by connecting the letters. As wordswereformed and submitted, they are removed from the grid. Everywordsubmitted will be replaced by new tiles. The longer the wordsthehigher the points. DOWNLOAD the latest 'Word Bust -Bookworm(Infinity)' game for FREE!