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Digital Clock Widget Xperia
Note: if the widget shows "Problem loading widget" after updating,please restart your device A simple, but highly customizabledigital clock widget with Sony Xperia™ look and feel. - Choosebetween small (2x2), big (4x3), wide (4x1) and tall (2x3) resizabledigital clock widgets with 18 possible fonts - Adjust the time anddate font size and color and select your preferred time and dateformat - Option to show brief weather information and weatherforecast on tap - Option to show semi-transparent backplate withadjustable color - Option to launch your alarm app, calendar app,your favourite weather app, or any app of your choosing by tappingparts of the widget - Option to add the widget to your lock screen(Android 4.2, 4.3 and 4,4 only*, supported on selected devices) -Backup & restore settings - Paid "Premium" upgrade that unlocksoptions for: - Custom (user-selectable) font + 25 additional fonts- Ability to show current time and weather in multiple locations -Ability to show battery level info - Weather notifications -Adjustable transparency level for the backplate - Removesadvertisements Note: Please keep in mind that adding the shortcutto the settings window to your home screen will not automaticallyadd the actual widget to your home screen! If you don't know how toadd the widget to your home screen, please use the "Help" option inthe settings window. If you have a question or a problem with theapp, please contact us via email ( Wewill gladly help you. Note: The required permissions are necessaryfor: - Downloading weather forecasts / current weather information- Detecting current location for the weather forecast - Letting theuser use custom fonts (Premium only) - The Premium in-app purchase- Backing up & restoring settings - Location data may be usedfor providing you more relevant ads * With the release of Android5.0 Google removed the support for custom lock screen widgets Helpus translate the app in your language or improve the currenttranslation by going to: Note: On some devicesyou may have to restart your device after installing for the widgetto show up in the widget list! Xperia™ is a trademark or registeredtrademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB
Xperia™ Unread 1.4.1
Lazar Dimitrov
Xperia™ Unread works only with the Xperia™Home launcher (including modified versions of the launcher).IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unfortunately Sony's Xperia™ Home 10launcher (released with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update) nolonger supports Xperia™ Unread. Please contact us via: support@sunspotstudio.netfor a possible solution.Xperia™ Unread shows unread counts for: SMS, Missed calls,Gmail, K-9 Mail, WhatsApp and Facebook in the Xperia™ Homelauncher.Xperia™ Unread can also show number of notifications forvirtually any app that displays notifications, including: Skype,Viber, etc if the Xperia Unread accessibility service is enabled.Note that the number of notifications shown not always coincideswith the number of unread messages.Note: As of version 1.4.0 of Xperia™ Unread, (partial)support for Facebook and Facebook Messenger unread counts is addedback.Unread counts will show as a numeric badge on the respective appicon.* All SMS and Phone apps are supported and you can select whichapps in these categories to show unread counts.* If you are using GO SMS Pro, goto Settings -> Advanced ->Receive Settings and untick "Disable other message notification".This is required for the unread SMS count to work correctly.Xperia™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony MobileCommunications AB