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Slots Casino Game Free Machine
Lucky Win 777 Casino Slot 2015 also known asSlots Casino Game Free 2015the latest 2015 free slots is available for download.Get Lucky !! Get Rich and play slots free with bonusDownload Lucky Win slots today and enjoy prolonged hours freecasino slots in candy land, Spooky Halloween Style and the GirlsFashion Dressup Style. Enjoy Slots Casino Game Free 2015 on yoursmartphone with mega wins, big wins, free spins and much more.Get a chance to try your luck and get rich with goldcoins..Dare to bet high so that you win bigLadies are ready for you to play slots, the candy girl, the spookycute witch, the fashion and shopping crazy girl.Bet on all lines and increase your chances to win awesome prizesand shiny lucky gold coins.While having free spins bet on all lines with the highest bet andlook how amazingly your coins will increase.Slots Casino Game Free 2015 has Three Stunning themes to choosefrom1. Fashion Dressup Girl SlotsPlay Slots royal Vegas fashion style. Get the girl choose the bestfashion accessories out of her wardrobe. Match lipsticks, pursesand bags, high heels, makeup kits, goggles, hats, gold weddingrings and jewelery ,perfumes to win big.2. Spooky Halloween Witch SlotsPlay slots in scary and spooky graveyards of zombies and the deadpeopleMatch the voodoo dolls, Skulls, Evil Cats, Black Crows Birds,WitchHats,pumpkins,brooms to earn big and the spooky Halloween Christmasis what you will love the most.3. Candy Land Girl Casino SlotsEnter the sweet candy wonderland match from a variety of sweetlollipops, sweet cupcakes, tasty ice creams, delicious cup cakes,colorful jellybeans, sweet burgers and tasty biscuits last but notthe least the yummy vanilla chocolates..Sweet candy land musicGet the auto spins too to spin the reel automatically is thatnot cool ?Forget poker, blackjack and other casino games download this topslots game to experience real time casino game of 2015.Download Slots Casino Game Free 2015 today kill your free time.A recommended game for slots maniacs
Goat Simulator Crazy Rampage 1.0
The best animal simulator is now available onandroid. You are just a stupid clumsy Goat but you need to make thebiggest rampage in the old farm city and high mountains. Get yoursneakers on, your red cape feel like a superhero and fly throughthe village like free bird.Make the lives of the village people a miserywatchout from the electric wires, the anguish blue bird.Do whatever you feel like - You are a goat you have all thesuperpowers show off themShow off your magnet power up, the shield of bubbles power up,the super sonic power up like a nitro booster car...Features of this free goat simulator game:- Smooth and easy controls- Hidden secret features- Optimized performance- funny animal simulatorAchieve the highest scoreClear exciting missionsFly and dash your way through village and mountains with thecrazy, funniest and stupid GoatThis game comes with free in app purchase shop and store for easypurchasesThis the ride of your lifethere are sheeps, scarecrows too to support you through yourmissionShow off your craziness loose yourself become the ultimatedestruction master.. Go mad and break all the stuff flying in thesunny farms and mountains will be fun because you are super goatwith super awesome powers.. You dont feed on the green grass itsthe gold coins you feed on so rise shine you do not need a jet ortractor or a plane to fly you are just a goat open up your wings ofhope... Get your red cape and fly just touch the sky youfoolish.Download the best goat simulator game available on adnroidplaystore today
impossible game free download 1.0
Match Impossible Dot Rush Gamecomes with an impossible hard gameplay to match the shapescircles with boxes this aint much easy job to as it seems like .You need make sure the color matches of the shapes else the gamecomes to an end.. and you die.Whats next ?You need to dash the circles in an endless mode as fast as you canescape all the colors to match the shapes.An extreme addictive journey for your brain which comes with a verysimple gameplay you need to just match the colors soundsinteresting and easy though !!Match Impossible Dot Rush Game has four dots Red, Yellow Greenand Blue which you need to match and you have got to beat your ownscore and eat up your previous score like a hungry gamer.An easy to play with flat style look and graphics MatchImpossible Dot Rush Game has all what you got when you are free andwant to pass your time in fun and easy and challenging way too.Dash down and get the highest score on your board show it yourfriends and ask them to beat your score .. it aint that easy it isthe toughest hardest game ever madeCheck it out
Black Hawk Gunship Army War 5.1
Red Alert, Red Alert the enemies are making achaos in the cityThe world's most powerful deadly fighter helicopters are waitingfor your next moveBecome a pilot and play like a brave army man, soldier and fightthe enemy country..You in danger your Apache helicopter has broken down and survivingthe attack of enemies, torpedoes, mines, bombs, tanks and rockets.The helicopter is so badly damaged that it requires health packs toget through the world war and reach the destination safely.The moment you start the game, you will lose yourself in theexcitement of this army military war action game.Different powerups to destroy your enemy.New super weaponsbest fighter gameYou need to kill all the enemiesWorld's destiny depends on your braveryEscape the hot flames of battleRace against the time and become more excited in the realistic warlike environmentFly through the destroyed city escape the enemies and reach yourgoalAchieve the highest scoreCollect as many health packs as you canbuy Awesome power upsrealistic lighting and special effectsWatch out for the oncoming obstacles, hindrancesInfinite endless journey to the other part of the worldConquer the enemy and become the king fight everybodyAn amazing Copter Flight simulator set in battlefield facingcounter attack from the enemy fighters. You need to fly your superchopper, patrol in stealth mode to escape the shooting rockets andforceful enemy. Fly like a professional pilot and escape theoncoming attacks,Target the enemies, avoid crashing in the minesand bombs.Your copter has the swat army people with all their weapons likemachine guns, bombs, rifles ready too take out the enemy in thisworst case scenario. Your Black hawk is bringing the grim reaperback and is the Hell Copter of todays world as it is bringing thecrazy maniac soldier in you.Survive the deadly assault and combat strategically.Some Features:Save your NationPerform Missions to earn health packsEpic audio-visual effectsEnjoy gorgeous graphicsSimple and easy-to-use tap interfaceBeautiful GraphicsRealistic sound environmentRealistic physicsFree to playJust tap and playShow NO mercy Kill everybodyAre you ready for the thrill? Let us WAR together Commander
Basketball Free Sports Games 1.0
Play Basketball Shots Game 15A mini free basketball game available now to download.. Show offyour professional street basketball dunking skills ,Perform airballs and make the highest shot to dunkPlay basketball backstreet hood style in indoor basketballcourtPerform bank shots hitting the backboardsFeel like a tall bigman and get all shots and dunks as fast aspossible ..Get bonus basketsWide basketsSlow motion basketsbaskets with extra timeDribble ,throw and dunk the highest ball to achieve the highestscore. Goal as much as you can and feel like a pro player..Make free throws and avoid any fouls else the basketball gamewill be over soon. Jump shots with free throws that's what you gotto do make the big winWhile performing your best shots there will be rim shots too atoss in which the ball hits the rim of the basketRun sideways end to end to achieve the most number of basketsand also keep an eye on the clock as it will be ticking fastPerform combos and fill up your boom meterGet the lucky super basket shot to enter in a new game mode like street professional style ..dunk like a star .. dribblelike a pro player..Defend Play Dunk Dribble Win Big and ScorePlay Street Basketball Shots Game today
Vector Stickman Parkour Hero 1.0
Vector Stickman Parkour HeroVector stick parkour man is an amazing, exciting arcade stylegameused black and white overlays to complement the otherwisemonochrome vector images, while the interesting moving objectsweredrawn by vector beam.Vector Stickman Parkour Hero : A free runner moving through thebeams by climbing above the walls, sliding down the beams withtheirown freedom using incredible techniques like ninja, sport ofparkour.Vector Stickman Parkour Hero is affected by the principles ofparkour and vector controllable features.The stick man jumps, runs endlessly, slides through the walls,endless rush, collect diamond dash through the 8-bit pixelworld.This is a fun, addictive, inspiring, challenging andastoundingly parkour inspired moving vector game.Simple controls, easy to play, quick to learn, you can performamazing stunts.Vector Stickman Parkour Hero FeaturesCompete for the best scores, play and run through the vector wallsthat lets you break free! Try not to be caught by real speeding oncoming walls!
Baby Fairy Cute Girl Angel Kid 1.4
Baby Fairy Cute Girl AngelAn endless scary cute adventureOnce upon a time, in the fairyland-The Fantasy World, enchantedworld a little baby fairy flying and has a long way to go beforebecoming a wonderful and rich. The fairy is collecting coins on herway and with magical power-ups to become more powerful and fightthe evil. She is on her way to the enchanted fantasy island to findhis one and only lovingly smart and dashing soul mate her prince.The prince owns a peaceful kingdom in the far fantasy islandIf you want to lose yourself into a far away fantasy world, andget your nostalgia, this is a perfect place for you. Follow her,now you are going to enter a new magical world, join the littlefairy in finding out some more amazing magical secrets. Far out inthe ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower,and as clear as crystal, the little fairy is moving in that magicalworld by defending herself from the obstacles like Old mines,castle, chains, evil purple monster.The magical cute tooth fairy has all the beauty like cute babyand she also has long princess like blonde beautiful hair whichfalls down to here cute little feet.She wears a blue and pink shiny glamorous dressCute big blue eyesShimmering fairy feathersBlue fashionable hairclipsa pink lipstickall this makes here the most charming princess of her fantasytown..The little fairy has a magic wand which saves her from theseobstacles and defend against these hurdles. There dwell the SeaKing and his subjects. If you are the fan of Barbie dolls then playthis game with this Barbie-like girl and to the wonderful fantasyworld. Fly through the dense jungle with beautiful pink flowers andtreesShe dresses up with beautiful fairy dress and shiny sparklingcrowns. And wears outstanding makeup making her look pretty.Enjoy this Fairy Tales Adventure on your phone now enter themystical fantasy land !!!Features:Soothing Cute Kids MusicNice 2d GraphicsCartoonish EnvironmentsMagical Powerups-- Shield Powerup-- Boost powerup-- Bubble powerupFight like the brave pretty princess collect all the coins inthis fantasy land and make your way through the jungle..Enter the colorful charming kids land and fly with little wingsto become beautifully dressed up princess of the fantasy landFeel like a mermaid underwater and be the cute toothfairy andfly through the frozen beautiful hills spread over widely infantasy world.The little fairy is waiting for you download the game toexperience the mystical fantasy world.
kitty cat games for kids girls 1.0
kitty cat games for kids girls game is madespecially for little ones..The super kitty which is sweet enough for you , flies throughthe milky way galaxy .. her journey is endless she has some shinycoins to collect all her wayTickle this cute little kitty get her the awesome power upsranging from shield power up , magnet power up, nitro boostspeed power up..feed your cat with shiny gold coins make her score the highest alltime score ..make her pass through some missionsof 250 m endless runsave yourself from the green grumpy bat in the game Sweet KittyMilky Cute Angel she is trying to find the best strategy to fightthe poor cute kitty but you all got to do is dodge from theoncoming bats, clouds rainbows, chains, missiles from hell..get your self powered up and boost up to reach your goal ..Dressup the cat with the best clothes.. give her the cat foodwin like a shining star..kitty cat games for kids girls Features:Simple tap to fly controlsFun activities to performGet your adorable cat ready for the journey to the milky waygalaxy..Ohh one more thing you need to collect milky bottles notcoins..!!!!Download this cute little kitty game made for your kids andgirls today
Dragon Games Free For Kids 1.0
Chinese Dragon Fireball ManiaThe red dragon fire ball hunting up again to save the worldagainst very mean monsters with their super powers!Grab power ups and fighting with angry green dragons bylaunching their super energy attacks.Faces so many obstacles in their journey like bamboo trees ball,chains,flaming breath, bite, tail-whip.Battle some mysterious massive dragons,challenging reptilesJoin a gang of red dragon and move to the adventurous mysteriousdragon world. It is for the fighters with super powers saving theworld, he is flying in the adventurous world collecting hotfireballs and find their enemies by sensing their spirit.They come from the planet Vegeta. Natural-born fighters andTheir planet was destroyed by the monster Freeza, the green dragon.Cast deadly spells and avoid the flames spells by the dragons.Enjoy your favorite cute dragons and explore your skills tofight against monsters or dragons.Its a long way journey on the hunt to vanquish menacingDragons.Red dragon fire ball mania is a free game to play.Features:Cartoonish Asian EnvironmentFunny SoundsCute Little DragonMagical PowerupsBoost powerupShield PowerupEndless FunFight like a ninjaEnjoy the game with clumsy dragon ready to fight in the most dumbway. But all you got do is guide him, train him and keep the firealive in it to fight back the enemies in a war of evil vs the goodlike a brave warrior and guard yourself become a soldier and winthis war
Halloween Vampire Endless Dash 1.0
Welcome to the vampire underworld!In Halloween Vampire Night Run 3D, you play as little cuteVampire who collects nice shiny gold coins,in the dark black dense forest and busy streets , in themoonlight.Get your special HALLOWEEN edition today!But beware, Sunlight will be here soon. The little vampire does notlike sunrays..So run as fast as you can, and dont let the morning to catch you upand eat youCollect as much gold as you can to run more faster andswiftly.Avoid Crosses and zombie graveyards on your way, Little vampirecan't look at the sun for long keep him the dark night onlyDownload this game for free, and start running! Collect andRun!How far can you reach? unlock powerups, missions...Features:- Extremely simple controls - touch anywhere to jump. left rightswipes- Unforgettable awesome realistic dark city- Go as long as you can- Achieve the highest score!- Totally addictive- Very Challenging- Save Little Vampire- Hidden Powerups- Magnet Powerup- Super Fly- God Mode- Shield Powerup- Gorgeous graphics and exciting battle animations!• Free• Fun gaming• Fun for all agesPowerupsDouble Jump, Sprint, Coin Magnet and Coin Multiply!Avoid the busy traffic , the on road big graveyards.. Win thisraceBecome the count dracula and run endlesslyTime is ticking until the dawn
Fish Aquarium Game Free 1.0
Fish Aquarium Game FreeThe poor pet fish is bored now she is staying lonely inherlittle castle but now she wants to explore the world out thereshedecides to jump out of the water and reach the ocean to meetnewfriends. The cute small clown fish is now out of small lockedworldof aquarium and is out of small water and is now ready to hitbigwater and tides. She is on her journey to collect the hiddenburiedsecret treasure of pirate jack hawkinsShe starts her adventure for need of treasure and savingherprecious life from the hunt of the evil big deadly shark.the cute story starts when she found one lucky gold coin ofthepirate in her aquarium she then finds out more coins andthenstarts the endless game of coin collection..fanny the cute pet fish has got to find out all the coinsandcollect the biggest and the richest coinFish Aquarium Game Free is all about finding and huntingtreasurewith clues, this is a very interesting fun time pass game.Treasurehunt is famous game which is played from ages. Theinterface is verybeautifully designed with 2d graphics andanimations to make thegame interesting .Spend your time on getting real coins! Since all the surfaceofthe planet has been searched for several times for treasure ,agreedy fish goes underwater in search of treasure and gettingrichand living the vegas life.Help the courageous pet fish in her captivating adventure.awesome bonuses, hidden magical powerups to keep you addicted tothegame and play it all the time.As the fish lived in aquarium for ages so she is unaware ofeviloutside , so you got to protect her and make Avoid thehurdles,chains, broken ships, mines, missiles, evil sharks, eels,octopusto reach your destinationEnjoy this thrilling voyage to the underwater atlantiscityadventure.Keep your eyes wide open watchout for the crazyobstacles,underwater creatures..collect the legendary ancient treasure diamonds, coins, gold, oftherichesShield powerupBoost powerupAction thrilled musicCute Clown FishIn app Shop to purchase coins and powerups FOR FREEGet yourself immersed in endless action collecting countlessgoldlucky coins. Get all of the coins and swim like a free dbeautifulmermaid in the deep blue ocean. The sea is full ofenemies not onlyfriends it has.. You got to fight the evil andreach out your goal..Swim as fast as you can pump up your speedlike a jet.. And getgoing...Fight the big humpty shark with sharp teeths to kill you inonegoBe brave and start this journey to collect the treasures hiddenbypiratesDownload Fish Aquarium Game Free today and get the littlepetcollect all coins and get her new friends.
Cute Hungry Dolphin Sea Dive 1.0
Dolphin SeaDive kids paradise!Dolphin seadive game is ready to impress you, this is not afishaquarium but a simple, eco friendly, funny game where you canplaywith little animated, cute, realistic looking dolphins andorcasand can create a strong bond with these super dolphin in theseaworld.Dolphin paradise allows you to take control of cute dolphinandswim her through the sea world, browse the underwatertreasure.But Don't Mess up with the vicious blood thirsty Sharks.Theoceanic sea environment will be filled with hungry sharks thatyouwill have to avoid to survive.As you move on and challenge yourself to become an evenstrongerdolphin, your goal will be to collect as many coins aspossible andto go as far as possible.while collecting those gold coins, the cute littleanimateddolphin is moving in that diverse aquatic sea world filledwithsome hurdles, obstacles and full of danger like Old mines,castle,chains and a group of hungry sharks, clown fish come toattack andtrying to stop their beautiful journey. Remember to notmess withthe shark, avoid them, complete missions and find treasureto earncoins and gems, earn more powerups and some lifeThis is a free, endless, never ending funny game, easytocontrol, with awesome graphics and sound, collect gold coins,divethrough the sea water like scuba diving. This game is foreveryone,this is a family game suited for kids.Enjoy, fun and experience like as a dolphin in aquaticworld,take good care of your dolphins.
Space Aliens Shooting Game 1.0
Red Alert Red Alert !!! Rocky getyourspacesuit your bags are all packed .. get your O2 pumps andgetready for a thrilling exciting journey from the earth todeadgalaxy .. the space full of crazy aliensRocky's rocket is on fire he has all the energy of three livestosave himself from the attack of aliens..You have got become a space shooter fight the green slimes,orangegogs, yellow bobs.The 2d action begins when you get the option of choosingthreescifi gunsCosmic Gatling Shoot GunSingle-Load Hand CannonArmageddon Phase RifleTake Defense save your friends your fellow crew members whoarestuck in time traveling journey.It the battle against the aliens you are just one who hastofight and clear the levels to get the spaceship members savedfromthe alien attack.Raid the galaxy and fight with raiding powerful weapons ..Train,Play hard, Brush up your shooting skills.Win the Battle. enter from earth to deep space face thechallenge..
Zombie Sniper Shooting Dead 1.0
The Hilly Small Happy Town people wereenjoyingthere life and everything was going fine. The green farmswere wellcultivated and the farm animals like cows, sheeps, goatsweregrazing the grasses and plantsbut all went to silence when Dr Mad in his laboratory was doingsomeevil test on dead people using his T Virus .. Many many peoplerisefrom the dead and became brain eating flesh hunting zombies...When the mayor of town came to know this he asked everycitizenvillager to escape the village of the dead people. Now comestheantidote for the green zombies Mr. Swag . mr swag with hisfullloaded automatic sniper rifle attacks the zombie hood like acrazyman... He is here to save the lives of innocent and to getthevillage back from the zombie invasion. The sniper rifle isfullwith bullets and he is set in action to kill all zombies.The peaceful village of sunflowers and happy people soon becameanightmare..Defend the village act like a boss it is the call ofinfectedzombies..Kill them allSmash zombies hit them dodge them shoot them bury them alive...make them dead again..An endless sniper shooting game of 2015 is hereDownload and Play for free zombie sniper shooter on yourandroiddevice.
Cow Simulator : Crazy Rampage 1.0
Crazy Mad Cow 2D SimulatorIt was a calm and peaceful summer day. Birds werehappilychirping and flying with all the fun. Horses in stable readytorace and goats were grazing green farm grass. Sunflowers werealsopresent in the farm.. Cowboys were dancing and enjoyingthefestival.And out of no where the mad crazy maniac cow came and had alltheevil stuff going in mind.The cow had very evil stuff going in her mind she was theretocreate havoc and social disorder.Destruction, disorder, panic and chaos was all her weapons inthishavoc. The cows moo and has got the worst poo.Features:--Simple one touch controls made for kids--Endless sky to fly high--Extra power upsOut of all animal simulator games this the most explosiveone!Carry yourself with shield armors and sharp knife like sonicpowerupsthe cow is invincible and has all the powers to break down thewholecity and the animal farmsCreate your own rules fight the stormy red flamed red bulls whoareready to have a fight with the cows.
UFO Aliens Crazy Fighter Game 1.0
UFO Aliens Crazy Fighter GameThe most powerful, cheerful cute alien is back !!!His name is joju .. He drives his futuristic sci-fi superchargedaline invasion spaceship on the deadly surface of Mars.Joju defendshimself via some cool everlasting poweups,Joju cant talk and speak the only thing he can do is justsmasheverything ..making his way to the center of mars.This is a flying adventurous UFO Aliens Crazy Fighter Game.Yourmission help JoJu to fly to the mars far way from moon andthealone planet .Jojju collects super powers, bonus items like heart, energy,goldcoins .. the journey is not easy it has balloon shoots, enemyspaceshuttles, Giant UFO and the blackholes. Chained Mines,meteors ,asteroids will stop you flying up. Dodge the obstaclesand avoidgetting knocked down.You might feel low .. and low at energy keep on collectingthelife saving coins and powerups like shield, nitro boost, tokeepyou going through this endless space journey.Hurry help Joju reach his goal! fight the alien war.. survivethecounter killer attack of the Mars ..
Zombie Town Sniper Shoot Game 1.0
Zombie Town Sniper Shoot Kill !Zombie town sniper shoot is marvelous, classic, bestactionzombie shooter game.Those walking dead surfers T-virus infected zombies are backthatoverrun to the city and you are only the survivor, the truesniperhumanity's last hope to save their city through azombieapocalypse.The virus has spread like wildfire and whole city is takenoverby walking stupid brainless zombies who gulp down any livingthingthey come across and infecting whole city with their bites.Peopleof the city have dreadful feeling in their mind and theyhavebecome sick of these virus infected stupid zombies.Survivors are hoping to escape, but there is no way to runfromdead zone. The lucky people are hidden in their houses oranywhereelse where they found themselves safe.Zombie Town Sniper Shoot Kill : The one of the best sniperagentyou are the only hope for the city, now its your turn to pickupyour machine gun to prevent attack and shoot down the zombiestomake them brainless and prove that you are the true survivortoredemption human beings.As the virus spreads more, the zombies will become morepowerful,you are required to keep fighting and save thesurvivors.It is just you vs zombies, so focus on your aim, engage yourtargetsfrom concealed positions and shoot them before they get achance toaim at you.Zombie Town Sniper Shoot Kill Features:Just touch and move to target your aim.Zoom in to kill the enemy and then zoom out.Use fire button to shoot.Game features:Awesome game, easy to play, aim and shoot.Automatic reload machine gun.Equipped with real-life ultra realistic 3D graphicsandenvironments.Amazing animations and easy,smooth intuitive controls.Free to playOriginal and realistic physics.Laser dot aim.Scope to aim at zombies from a distance.Original smooth music and sound.Kill the brain hungry dead zombies and take save the smalltownfrom the T- virus infectionAre you ready for the thrill and to kill the zombies?thendownload this amazing game, have fun and enjoy!
Talking Teddy Bear Kids Game 1.1
Stuffed Teddy Bear Cute Fluffy Toy FlyA beautifully simple but easy educational game for kids&parents. This simple one touch, tap- tap game is madeespeciallyfor your loving kids and your girls too. The cute littlebrownTeddy's mission is to win the world has a dream to touch theskywith his bunch of colorful balloons. The cuddly fluffy toyfliesand his journey starts from his own fantasy home.. this guyiscovering his journey around the world...but in the mid he isgoingthrough the amusement park..This amusement park has green trees ..big mushrooms ..This amusement park has all the joyful rides for kids likerollercoasters, unicorn rides, Ferris wheels too that are way toofast andhigh..The teddy is making his way while the kids are enjoyingthecolorful unicorns rides and rollercoasters..Ohh !! so the balloons of teddy are very delicate they canbepopped out at anytime .. avoid the balloons pops and alsogettingsmashed when hit by the giant big hot are balloons..Also watch out for the balloons shoot which can happen whenyourcute teddy friend hits the chain-mines or metal chains laidallacross the sky..Your Christmas gifted teddy bear needs your help on this dayofEaster save your love buddy he needs your help.. make himfollowhis dreams and get him through his mission.Have unlimited fun
Baby Doll House Free Girl Game 1.1
She is elegant, stylish and morefashionableHannah doll with a beautiful Hairstyle slide into a cutedressliving in a big cute princess doll house.Hannah is flying with red balloon into big playground withhercute little Angel wings. Hannah hairs are moving in the wind,herblushing cheeks, popping eyes with big eyelashes with allthemakeup ready..Her mesmerizing eyes will make you to fall in love withthelovely queen like little girl. If you are a big fan oflovelyangels and dream of little princess doll then help her tofind herlove by collecting little hearts and be a part of herlovejourney.cute little princess Hannah finding her lost little loveeddywhom she loves most carried by the bad witch movinginparachute.Eddy cute little baby boy trying hard to remove himself fromthegrip of bad witch and calling for help.Help Brave Hannah in this journey and make her to findherlove.In this endless journey there will be lot of obstacles likeminechains, deadly chains trapped by bad witch on the wayofHannah.Play this marvelous game, you will definitely be draggedintolove with Hannah and attracted to her lovely charming look.You will never get bored by playing this fantastic awesomegame.This game is designed for all ages but specially for thoselittlegirls who loves dolls most.Game Features:Exciting Power upsMissionsRewardsBubble Power UpThis little doll girl is like a brave princess who fightstheevil the witches with all the power and strengthGet her to find here love..
bird flying games free 1.0
Blocky Bird is all set and ready to flyhighand set the pixel world on fireGet your pixel bird suited up for an adventurousthrillingjourney, inspired from classic retro games the blocky birdis whatyou should download ,become the adventurer feel the powercollectthe treasure spread on the open sky. . Rush and race in thebluespace sky, challenge yourself collect for the cutie birdthehighest coins, achieve the most distance and highest score.Join the epic hero of sky Birdie on the endlessaction-packedescape of the lifetime!Start off as soon as possible race and dash rush against thetimewhile dodging,electric shock poles, big rainy clouds,naughtymonsters on your quest for the gold rich treasure . Enjoythisjoyride in the blue rainbow skiesWhile flying through the sky, simply touch the screen to makethecute birdie fly for the quest of treasure. Unlock the hiddenpowers, force field, magnet and extra lives , shield power up.This is one epic legendary escape in challenging pixel world.Flyas far as you can. Explore the pixel world on this amazingjoyridebut beware of the evil threat...mega orange monsters. Stealaway allthe treasure the coinsWhile flying, if you hit an obstacle you can always usebackuppower up of extra life get ready for the challenge ofyourlifetime!Blocky Bird 2015 Flying Game
Prison Escape The Endless Dash 1
Prison Escape The Endless DashRocky has broke the prison and is escaping it.. he is innowhereislands the evil police has kept him the stranded place for10years..the time has come to escape it ..Prison Escape The Endless Dash revolves around rocky whowascalled up for a deal ..his boss don juggerslot gave him asecondlife and has made a master plan for him to escape theprison..while he has to find his way through the dense jungledonjuggerslot has given him a task to collect as many diamonds ashecan while he is on his way to his great escape.Prison Escape The Endless Dash provides free coins atfirststartup for purchasing amazing powerups provides Supernatural powerupsMagnet powerups to attract more shiny costly rich diamondsShield powerup to save yourself from the difficult hurdles,trees,branches..For the great Prison Escape ultimate speed and force isrequired.. you need to run, jump, dash, slide endlessly to runthrough thebig dangerous jungle.While he is running the journey is not too easy.. Mr.Hotgrowlthe sheriff is after rocky's life in Prison Escape TheEndlessDash... the sheriff has called backup from the city.. andischasing rocky in his police car..Prison Escape The Endless Dash is an endless racing game. Anendlessarcade game in which rocky the bandit got to hop and crossthejungle filled up with wild animals like tigers, monkeys,gorillas,snakes and broken wooden logs. All set to make rocky feelscared andhinder his mighty escape through the dark jungleFeatures:3d realistic sounds3d Cartoonish graphicsEasy to play one touch controlsan endless crazy police thief chase game..How to play:This endless running game is one of its kind of small sizegame.playing the game is very easyswipe to duck down to avoid oncoming fast tree branchesrun as fast as you can don't get caught by the policeswipe up to jumpswipe left to move leftswipe right to move rightcollect the shiny precious blue diamondsrun through the jungleDOWNLOAD NOW to get yourself the dive of your banditlife..Challenge your skillsGet Rich .. Run Run RUN
Duck Hunting Season Game Free 2.0
Ever wondered a duck which is dumb ..? and thebest part it flies like a bird in the open sky .. with beautifulclouds...the dumb duck birdie flies like a sky high plane with fullforce..while the duck gets her way to reach the sky she collects theshiny bright coinsyour cute pet duck is flying to protect herself from beinghunted by the hunters who are with snipers, shot guns.,and areangry sharp shooters who want to kill as many ducks they can..but you got to save the poor duck from being shot andkilled..the duck fly high to save herself from being killed...shecollects coins get energythe duck has got many power ups to choose from .. shield powerup, boost nitro power up, bubble power up..DUMB DUCK has got rainbow on her back.. the colorful rainbow tomakes her fly more beautifully ..prevent yourself from the duck hunt and killdownload Super Dumb Duck Hunting Dies today
Halloween Dracula Endless Run 1.0
Welcome to the new game vampire Runner 3D.Halloween Dark Night Dracula Endless Run is a new addictiveandfull of excitement game also an endless run fun gamethe little vampire runs through dark night city and villagestosave his life from the dracula and vampire killer. you need tosavehim from the attack and the fight..jump dodge run rolljump the graveyards of dead zombiesdodge the racing carsdodge the school busesand taxi too.The game Halloween Dark Night Dracula comes with multipleheroesand characters to play withFirst Hero - Vampire RunSecond Hero - Beast RunCollect the Gold coins to unlock the second hero.Escape from oncoming cars, and graveyardsCollect the powerups to reach long Distance and getmorecoins.Shield Power upsGod modeFly ModeYour mission is to find the magic coins use its power. battle andgoto war for the underworld’s throne.fight epic battles against vampires, werewolves anddemonhunters.Sink your teeth into a gripping vampire adventureGet it for HALLOWEEN today!Controls:Slide down - Swipe downLeft Move - Swipe leftRight Move - Swipe rightJump - Swipe upwardsHow far can you go?Download game for free, and run!Features:- Extremely simple controls- Unforgettable Dark forest and city,village- run as far as you can to achieve high score- Incredibly addictive- Challenging- Save Little VampireDownload the Halloween Dark Lands Game today and enjoy itforfree on your phone.
Navy Army SWAT Battle War Game 1.0
Navy Army SWAT Battle War Gamethe greatest sea battle is here its the us Navy army againsttheRussians.. it is the war in the underwater battleground.Navy Army SWAT Battle War Game submarine simulator in 2dsplendidblue water and marine..Get your weapons pumped as your are going throughunderwaterhellMarine Navy Battle Attack Dive is an arcade game where youneedto take control of the submarine and fire the enemy ships,missiles, mines.. Your boat is the last defender of thecoast.Perform assigned tasks and earn experience points.Navy Army SWAT Battle War Game Features1. War missions2. Earn Medals3. Achieve high scores4. escape your target in silent mode5. dodge the missiles6. dodge the mines7. easy touch controls8. the more the battleship missiles you dodge the more youwin9. Crush the enemies10. the next world war has begun11. Explore huge underwater terrains12. avoid the pirate shipwrecks13. surf like a crazy surfer14. the latest top free game for kids and girls15. Tap the screen to rise16. Avoid the obstacles17. Enjoy the underwater joyride.18. Your adventure is endless19. The fun is assured20. get crazy power ups21. Shield Power up22. Boost God Mode23. numerous upgrades and obstacles will keep you busyforhours24. Win the war attack the enemiesDownload this Navy Army SWAT Battle War Gameadventuretoday..
Newborn Mermaid Princess Game 1.1
Newborn Mermaid Princess GameHi I am Jasmine I am a mermaid and I am just a newborn girl andI live in underwater fantasy world ..I am cutely dressed up with mymermaid fins and my colorful fashionable clothing and dresses.. Ialso like to do makeup and be in the most beautiful ,and have aenchanted charming hairstyle. My long hair is like a brave princessfrom fairy tales...I have little cute starfish and a flower in my long brown hair,shining bright ear rings to keep myself decorated andfashionable.When I swim like a mermaid I make popping bubbles ..the seabedhas good and bad things too. I like to collect sea shells do you ?the sea shells are here with precious white pearls which are shinyand has treasure chests, seaweeds etc. but I am afraid of stingray's and eels which are in the sea bed these green creatures areafter me they want to hurt me...In Newborn Mermaid Princess Game I can also get powerups thelife powerup to revive myself and live again..I am just little mermaid princess who thinks everyone is goodbut now I don't think so can you please help me I need to collectthe sea shells so that I can fight all the evil in sea and becomebrave princess.This game is specially designed to educate children girls kidsabout newborn baby mermaids and life under sea..Newborn Mermaid Princess Game Features:Exciting Power upsMissionsRewardsBubble Power UpShield power UpSuper Fast Power Up to dash upGet free power upsGet free coinsGet Free heart power upDownload Newborn Mermaid Princess Game today , become brave andfight the monsters and enjoy the game on your android phone withoutinternet too.
Santa Claus Christmas Gifts 1.0
Santa Claus Christmas Gifts GameIt is Christmas time jingle bells jingle bells all the way..Little Santa needs your help.. all the gifts were stolenbyGrinch now it is your job to make sure that you get back thegiftsof the kidsSanta Claus is coming to your town riding his sleigh withclumsyRudolph Reindeer with Red nosesRace through the snow storm , the cold breeze and weatherCollect as many as gifts you can to make the wish come trueofthe kids out there !!!Santa Claus Christmas Gifts comes with endless hours ofholidayfun for the entire family from kids to to adultsSanta Claus has to collect sweet candies, deliciouscookies,creamy biscuits and vanilla strawberry ice creams packedout therefor the kids in the gifts..the more the gifts the happier the kids arebut save yourself from the evil giant snowballs on theway!!!Santa Claus Christmas Gifts game is all about surfing as Fastasyou can.Dodge the oncoming hurdles.Fly like a superhero and make your way to through thisendlessjourneyIt is a rescue operation for Santa , a war between the goodandthe evil..Santa is old and needs your help to fly, dodge, dash and surfthesnow and avoid obstacles . weather is harsh and you don't wantSantato end up at a doctor RIGHT?so get so go get on with this easy one touch controls tomakesanta run run and run to collect Christmas gifts..Download Santa Claus Christmas Gifts Game today !!