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Free Music: Songs 5.4.0
Le's Studio
Free Music: Songs is a total free and smart online YouTubemusicvideo player app powered by YouTube API. Songs gives youaccess toall of YouTube music videos and lets you play them inahandy floating popup for a multitasking musiclisteningexperience. With Free Music: Songs, you candiscoverand listen to millions of free songs on YouTubeinhigh-quality mode! You can keep music playing whileyouuse other apps. No need to download songs anymore: youcaninstantly play from an endless free music catalog any songsyoulike. Tap on any track and listen for hours using freemusicdiscovery based on smart recommendations. Songs is not amp3downloader. You can enjoy unlimited songs but will not be abletodownload them. An internet connection is required (wifi orcellulardata). 🎵 Floating Popup Player 🎵 - Free Music Songs: watchyourmusic videos in full screen or use the floating popupformultitasking - Customize the size of the floating popup playertoyour needs - Move the floating popup player wherever you wantonthe screen 🎵 Key Features of Free Music: Songs🎵 • Search andlistento millions of free songs on YouTube • Always on topfloatingplayer for multitasking. You can change its size andposition. •Popup player has navigation controls and quick menu tochange itssize and other options without necessity to open the app•Continuous play - playlists are automatically created on theflybased on music selected or search results returned •Songs,playlists, music videos, albums quick search with suggestions•Discover best free Hi-Fi music by mood, activity, genres,dailyupdated top charts, weekly top playlists • High-Quality videomode(wifi recommended) • Free music recommendations • Discoverfreemusic with tons of predefined genres: Popular Music, Hip Hop,Rock,Classical, R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country and more 🎵 PlaylistandPlay Queue🎵 • Create your own playlist • Add songs and manageyourcurrent queue easily • Import playlists from YouTubeincludingLiked Videos 🎵 Widget🎵 - The Top Tracks and various Genres- Therecently watched and your own playlist 🎵 Please NOTE: 🎵 - Thisappis not a music downloader, unable to download music, unable toplayoffline. - This app is Powered by YouTube API. All the contentisprovided by YouTube service. Free Music Songs does not havedirectcontrol over the content. - An internet connection isrequired(Wi-Fi or cellular data) - According to YouTube's Terms ofUse, weare not allowed to display videos when in lock screen, nortoenable you to download free songs. We are always excited tohearfrom you and will try our best to help you! If you haveanyfeedback or questions, please use the feedback option from theapp.No need to download your songs anymore, you finally have afreeYouTube music video player that lets you check your newsfeedoranswer your messages while watching your favorite music videoswithFree Music Songs !
File Manager 2.0.0
Le's Studio
Easily manage your file and folder with File Manager. SDcard,internal storage.... File Manager will help you handle it. -Yourlight and savvy file discover: Search, access, save, move,delete,or share files that are stored in your smart device'sinternalstorage to or from a microSD card. - Manage your installedappswith App Manager features - Share file with others via FTPServer -Protect your secret file/document : Encrypt and Decrypt -Easy filebrowsing: Browse files easily by category right from FileManager’shome screen: images, videos, music, applications,downloaded, andfavorites.