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Powerline - Logic Puzzles 1.29
"Powerline" is a logic puzzle that will exercise your brain asbrain teasers. The goal is to light the bulb in every house frompower station by adjusting the powerline with wires. At each levelis given a certain amount of energy, and with each rotation of awire it decreases. Try to complete the level in fewer turns, savingmore energy, which is summarized and displayed in the rating table.The game has two modes, and if the first for someone may seem easy,on the second mode even the most experienced puzzle lovers willhave difficulties . In the case, when you mess up, the game hastips to help you pass the level. Features ★ Different sizes of thegame field ★ Hard mode - field edges are connected ★ There is apackage for children (Kids pack) ★ Tips ★ No WiFi or Internet? Youcan play offline in anytime. ★ Achievements and leaderboard ★Beautiful graphics ★ Pleasant sounds and animations ★ Simple andaddictive gameplay You are a lover of logic puzzles? "Powerline" isfor you! Light the bulb everywhere! Have a good game!
Color cell connect 2.4
Do you love logic games, but you are looking for something new? Youcame to the right place. Logical puzzle "Color cell connect" is abreath of fresh air for puzzle fans. The game is based on colorconnect. On a small playing field the size of 4x4 cells, you needto combine the same colors to get the new one. Initially, the fieldhas a few red squares, and after the movement of the red square toanother color (only by one cell per turn), it absorbs around itselfall the same colors, and you get a new color. After the move, onthe field are generated two new red squares. The goal is to get theblack (11th color), before red or other squares fill the entirefield. But after reaching the black game is not over, and you cancontinue to play to take high places in the leaderboard. In thegame you can make combos of color transformations, for which youget extra points. There are two functions in case of difficultsituation: hammer - allows you to break any color, and teleport -you can move the color by any distance. Features ★ Simple onefinger gameplay ★ Endless mode (you can continue playing afterreaching black color) ★ Two helping functions (hammer and teleport)★ You can play offline in anytime without connection ★ Scoreprogress will be restored automatically on any device, if youlogged in with Google Play Services ★ Achievements and leaderboard(Google Play Games) ★ Clean interface ★ Challenge - to reach theblack will not be easy! Enjoy this logical puzzle and get highscores!
Number link. Connect the dots 1.11
"NumberLink. Connect the dots" - this is a simple logical puzzlefor adults and children, where you need to connect the numbers withdots. On a square field, divided into cells, there are numbers andendpoints ("x") in the same amount. Your goal is to link all thenumbers with endpoints. The number means the amount of cells in thelink, which should be exactly, between the cell with this numberand the endpoint. Only one link can be made to each endpoint. Thelinks can not intersect. In this game there is no need to fill allthe cells of the field with links, it is enough to connect all thepairs. And if the first levels may seem easy for you, then furtherthe complexity increases. If you have difficulties, you can use thehint. Features ★ Different sizes of the game field ★ Hints ★ NoWiFi or Internet? You can play offline in anytime. ★ Achievementsand leaderboard ★ Clean graphics ★ Awesome background soundtrack ★The game develops logical thinking "NumberLink. Connect the dots" -a perfect game to spend free time with benefit. Have a good game!
War - card game 1.5
The War - a card game from childhood, played by almost everyone.Rules of the game are very simple - cards are divided equallybetween the players, and every turn they play the top card of theirdeck, whose card is higher - he takes the card and puts it in thebottom of his deck. If both played the same card, there is a "war",and then they play two cards more, face down the first pair and thesecond pair face up, and then it is determined who wins the "war".To win, you need to collect all the cards. Card rank is from lowestto highest (6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A) except one rule - six beats aceFeatures: - Two game modes: against the android and against thehuman (hotseat) - Ability to shuffle your deck by pressing thenumber of your cards - Ability to select texture of the table, andcard back. - Simple one finger gameplay. Who will win the War? Havea good game and be lucky!