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Beauty Camera - Selfie Camera
This is a selfie camera.This is a selfie & makeover editor.This is the best selfie & makeover app."Beauty Camera" is designed to make your photo look more beautiful.Take a selfie and see the makeover magic effect.When you take photos in dark room, the face or object will not lookas beautiful as usual. Beauty Camera helps to solve theproblem.Beauty Camera will help you smooth the skin in one second after youtake a selfie or select a photo, which makes selfie more easy andmakeover fun.You can not only adjust the brightness but also tonal and detail ofthe photo. With this selfie app you can also smooth the skin,remove spot on the face.Best app for selfie ever!Come on and enjoy your facial beauty.With Beauty Camera, you are gonna love selfie.Features:- Take new photo or select photo in phone- Compare the effect with previous photo- Adjust brightness, tonal, smoothing and detail- Save new image- Share images with your friends via facebook, twitter, emailetcBeauty Camera uses Facebook as ads provider. Facebook wants to showads that are relevant to you. For more information, please checkhttps://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices.Beauty Camera is very safe software, please contact us if you haveany security question.
Water Drink Reminder
Best of 2016 App, Top TrendingApp and Best Self-Improvement App selected by GooglePlay.Water Drink Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Properhydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight.Featured by Google Play! No.1 heath app over 30 countries, top 5over 90 countries! The best water tracker app ever! Helps you stayhydrated.GOOGLE PLAY AWARD: TOP DEVELOPERThe Water Drink Reminder now supports Google FitDo you drink enough water?Do you always forget to drink water regularly?Are you in good shape?You need Water Drink Reminder - a water tracker app to help youdevelop good habits of water drinking!This water tracker app reminds you to drink water every day to keepyou hydrated.Just enter your current weight, and Water Drink Reminder will helpyou determine how much water your body needs every day. Remember toupdate the app each time you drink a cup of water. Then the appwill remind you when it's time for another drink. Hydration helpernot only tracks what you drink, but also reminds you when it's timefor another drink.The benefits of drinking water:* Stay in shape and keep fit; water is calorie free* Clears up your skin* Keeps your skin and nails healthy* Helps prevent kidney stones* Keeps you hydratedKey Features include:* Water tracker that will remind you when and how much water todrink throughout the day* Customized cup and standard (oz) or metric (ml) units* You can set your start and end time to drink water for eachday* Graph and logs of your schedule* Syncs weight data with Google Fit.* Syncs weight and drink water data with S Health.* You can login through your Google account.* You can backup and restore your drinking data through the watertracker.In our day-to day life, drinking water regularly can bechallenging, despite its numerous health benefits. This watertracker app makes it easier to stay hydrated. It may even help youlose weight and prevent certain illnesses.Water Drink Reminder is a secure app. Please contact us if you haveany security questions.Water Drink Reminder Pro version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.northpark.drinkwaterpro&referrer=utm_source%3DWater_Free
Water Drink Reminder Pro
Water DrinkReminder has teamed up with Google Play for their Summer Deals Promotion from 5th - 19th August 2016!Water Drink Reminder No Ads Version.Water tracker reminds you to drink enough water, hydrate your body,it‘s good for your skin health and loss weight.Featured by Google Play! No.1 heath app over 30 countries, top 5over 90 countries! Your best water tracker app ever! Consideratewater nanny to hydrate your body & skin.GOOGLE PLAY AWARD: TOP DEVELOPERThe Water Drink Reminder now supports Google FitDo you drink enough water?Do you always forget to drink water regularly?Do you have a fit body?You definitely need a water nanny for your health.This water tracker app reminds you to drink water every day anddevelop good water drinking habits.Just enter your current weight, and Drinking Water will help you todetermine how much water your fit body need everyday . Every timeyou drank a cup of water, don’t forget to add a cup in the app.Your next cup will be remained. It’s really your helpful personalwater nanny. With the water tracker, you could not only track whatyou drink, but also get reminders when to drink.Benefits of drinking water:* Stay in shape and keep fit, as it’s calorie free* Clear up your skin* Keep your skin and nails healthy* Help Prevent Kidney Stones* Hydro your body* Water your bodyKey Features include:* Water tracker that will remind you the water you need to drink inthe rest of the day* Customized cup and Imperial (oz) or Metric (ml) units* Customized starting and ending time to drink water within aday* Graph and logs of date record* Stay healthy, keep fit and drink enough water!* Sync weight data with Google Fit.* Sync weight and drink water data with S Health.* Support Google account login.In our day-to day life, drinking water regularly can be challengingeven though it has so many benefits. By using this water trackerapp, it will become easier. Water tracker maybe also help you loseweight and prevent some diseases.Water Drink Reminder is a very safe software, please contact us ifyou have any security question.Water Drink Reminder Free version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.northpark.drinkwater&referrer=utm_source%3DWater_Pro
Period Tracker 1.31
Period ovulation tracker can help you view past and predict nextperiod, fertile and ovulation day. Never be afraid of missing yourperiod and ovulation. Period ovulation tracker is designed verybeautiful and simple. You can easily record and clearly view yournote, intercourse, moods, symptoms, weight & temperature chart,pill, ect. Also you can use it as contraceptive pill reminder,V-ring reminder, patch and injection reminder, make your life mucheasy and safe. Features: ● Google Account backup and restoration; ●Cycle tracker, Period tracker for irregular periods ● Unique periodtracker diary design ● Intimacy tracker ● 58 symptoms to choose ●Pregnancy mode when get pregnant or finish pregnancy ● Notificationfor period, fertility and ovulation tracker ● Weight andtemperature charts ● Period ovulation tracker, cycle tracker,fertile tracker, period ovulation tracker Log management ● Fertilesymptoms tracker, like cervical firmness, cervical mucus, cervicalopening ● Period and ovulation tracker ● Menstruation period,cycles, ovulation predict ● Customer your personal period length,cycle length and ovulation, for irregular periods ● Choose 1, 3 orall month data average as period cycle length ● Multi accounts forperiod ovulation tracker ● Multi language to choose
Selfie Camera
Love Selfie is an excellent beauty camera app,it is professional but easy-to-use. With a lot of filters andcamera effects, it helps your selfie to be fun!Not satisfied with your current selfie camera?Looking for a better selfie stick app or selfie editor app?You won’t miss Love Selfie to be your next and only selfie camerapartner. Taking selfies with Love Selfie is definitely a wisechoice.Just download it and share with your friend!❤️Key Features❤️※Real time selfie filters, to preview your photo before using theselfie stick.※Just one-tap to capture your moments with camera effects,lookbetter with the beauty camera※Camera HD, save the high quality pictures※Customized mirror mode selfie camera※No crop for instagram photo editor, easy to share※Selfie editor with different photo sizes※Blur background photo editor for instagramTIPS:1.Tap the round button to take a selfie or press volume button toshot2.Slide up and down to adjust the brightness3.Tap to choose Vignette and Dermabrasion at the bottom rightcornerSimple selfie camera app, support selfie stick, meets all yourneeds, that is what Love Selfie promises to do. User-friendlydesign makes it stand out of all the camera editor and selfie stickapp. You will surely love selfie with it.Any features you want? Any suggestions for us? Please feel free toemail us.
30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home 2.0.11
★Editors' Choice App★ ★Best of 2016 App★ ★Top trending App★ ★Bestself- improvement App★ Workout at home, suited for anybody at anytime. The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout, designed by a professionalfitness coach, is scientifically proven to help improve fitness andhealth. Also, this app can synchronize with burned calorie data onGoogle Fit. Stick with the program, and you will see amazingresults. By fully considering workouts rules, 30 Day Fit ChallengeWorkout increases exercise intensity step by step, so you caneasily stick daily workouts. Don't need to go to gym, just use yourbodyweight and take a few minutes a day, 30 Day Fit ChallengeWorkout will greatly help you keep fitness and lose weighteffectively. Features - Records training progress automatically -Reminds you to workout every day - Detailed video guides -Increases exercise intensity step by step - 30 day abs challenge -30 day full body challenge - 30 day butt challenge - Share withyour friends on social media Each challenge has 3 difficultylevels, from beginner to pro. Find the workout that's best for you.Try the best workout app, Begin your 30 day challenge now, andafter 30 days, you may find that your emotional and intellectualfitness improve along with your physical fitness. Weight Loss AppsLooking for weight tracker app? No satisfied lose weight app? Thisweight loss apps can help you weight loss, it is weight loss appsfor women and men. With our efficient lose weight app, you willlose weight fast. This lose weight app is definitely your bestchoice! Fitness App Multiple abs workouts are available to help youget six pack abs. Follow your personal trainer and expert workouts,six pack abs is within your reach! Short Workouts We have shortworkouts for people who don’t have much time to exercise, you willget the sweats and fast heartbeat in a few minutes. These HIIT(high-intensity interval training) can maximize the results.Workout at Home Take a few minutes a day to lose weight and keepfit effectively with our workout at home. No equipment needed, justuse your bodyweight to workout at home. Fat Burning Workouts &Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts & hiit workouts forbetter body shape. Burn calories with fat burning workouts, andcombine with hiit workouts to get the best results. Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitness coach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having a personal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
Blue Light Filter - Night Mode
Eyes feel tired during night reading on thephone?Have trouble in sleeping after long time watching phonescreen?That is due to blue light. Blue light from your phone and tabletscreen is the visible light spectrum (380-550nm) for circadianregulation. According to the scientific studies, exposure toblue light imposes serious threats to retinal neurons and inhibitsthe secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadianrhythms. It is proven that reducing blue light can greatlyimprove sleep.Blue light filter is used to reduce blue light by adjusting thescreen to natural color. Shifting your screen to night mode canrelieve your eyes strain, and your eyes will feel at ease duringnight reading. Also blue light filter will protect youreyes and help you sleep easily.Features:● Reduce blue light● Adjustable filter intensity● Save power● Very easy to use● Built-in screen dimmer● Eye protector from screen lightReduce Blue LightThe screen filter can change your screen into natural color, so itcan reduce the blue light which will affect your sleep.Screen Filter IntensityBy sliding the button, you can easily adjust the filter intensityto soften the screen light .Save PowerPractice shows it can greatly save power because of reducing screenblue light.Easy to UseHandy buttons and auto timer will help you turn on and turn off theapp in one second. Very useful app for eye care.Screen DimmerYou can adjust your screen brightness accordingly. Get betterreading experience.Eye Protector From Screen LightScreen shift to night mode to protect your eyes and relieve youreyes in no time.Tips:● Before installing other app, please turn off or pause this app toenable installation.● When taking screenshots, please turn off or pause this app incase screenshots use the app effect.Relevant Scientific StudiesEffects of blue lights technologyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_blue_lights_technologyHigh Sensitivity of the Human Circadian Melatonin Rhythm toResetting by Short Wavelength LightSteven W. Lockley, George C. Brainard, Charles A.Czeisler, 2003How exposure to blue light affects your brain and bodyNature Neuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep MedRev, American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European Society ofCataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA NeurologyAMBER LENSES TO BLOCK BLUE LIGHT AND IMPROVE SLEEP: A RANDOMIZEDTRIALChronobiology International, 26(8): 1602–1612, (2009)
Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter 1.1.8
This pedometer uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPStracking, so it can greatly save battery. It also tracks yourburned calories, walking distance and time, etc. All thisinformation will be clearly displayed in graphs. Just tap the startbutton, and it starts counting your steps. Whether your phone is inyour hand, bag, pocket or armband, it can auto-record your stepseven your screen is locked. Save Power This step counter uses thebuilt-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it barelyconsumes battery power. No locked Features All features are 100%FREE. You can use all features without having to pay for them. 100%Private No sign-in required. We never collect your personal data orshare your information with third parties. Start, Pause and ResetYou can pause and start step counting at any time to save power.The app will stop background-refreshing statistics once you pauseit. And you can reset today’s step count and count step from 0 ifyou want to. Fashion Design This step tracker is designed by ourGoogle Play Best of 2016 winning team. The clean design makes iteasy to use. Report Graphs The report graphs are the mostinnovative ever, they are specially designed for mobile devices tohelp you track your walking data. You can check your last 24hours’, weekly and monthly statistics in graphs. Backup &Restore Data You can back up and restore data from your Googledrive. Keep your data safe and never lose your data. ColorfulThemes Multi colorful themes are under development. You can chooseyour favorite one to enjoy your step counting experience with thisstep tracker. IMPORTANT NOTE ● To ensure the accuracy of stepcounting, please input your correct information in settings,because it will be used to calculate your walking distance andcalories. ● You are welcome to adjust sensitivity to make pedometercount steps more accurately. ● Because of the device power savingprocessing, some devices stop counting steps when the screen islocked. ● Step counting is not available for devices with olderversions when their screen is locked. It's not a bug. We are sorryto say that we are not able to solve this problem. Best PedometerLooking for an accurate step counter & steps tracker? Does yourpedometer use too much power? Our step counter & steps trackeris the most accurate one you can find and is also a battery savingpedometer. Get our step counter & steps tracker now! WeightLoss Apps Looking for lose weight app and step tracker? Nosatisfied weight loss apps? Here is the best lose weight app - steptracker you can find to help you lose weight. This lose weight app- step tracker not only can count steps but also a good weight lossapps. Walking App & Walking Tracker The best walking app, stepcounter & walking tracker ever! It's not only a walking app,pedometer & walking tracker, but also a walk planner. Try thiswalk planner, pedometer, get in better shape and keep fit with walkplanner, step counter. Samsung health & Google fit Can't yoursteps tracking app sync data to Samsung health & Google fit?You can try this pedometer. It makes syncing data to Samsung Health& Google fit easy. Health and fitness Looking for a health andfitness app? Why not try pedometer? This pedometer is designed toimprove your health and fitness. Free health apps There are so manyfree health apps on Google Play. Among all these free health apps,you'll find that pedometer is the most popular one.
Home Workout - No Equipment 1.1.2
Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all your mainmuscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build musclesand keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. Noequipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed with justyour body weight. The app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs,arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All the workouts aredesigned by experts. None of them need equipment, so there's noneed to go to the gym. Even though it just takes a few minutes aday, it can effectively tone your muscles and help you get six packabs at home. The warm-up and stretching routines are designed tomake sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animations andvideo guidance for each exercise, you can make sure you use theright form during each exercise. Stick with our home workouts, andyou will notice a change in your body in just a few short weeks.Features *Warm-up and stretching routines *Records trainingprogress automatically *The chart tracks your weight trends*Customize your workout reminders *Detailed video and animationguides *Lose weight with a personal trainer *Share with yourfriends on social media Bodybuilding App Looking for a bodybuildingapp? No satisfied bodybuilding app? Try our build muscle app! Thisbuild muscle app has effective muscle building workout, and allmuscle building workout is designed by expert. Strength TrainingApp It's not only just a build muscle app, but also a strengthtraining app. If you are still looking for muscle building workout,muscle building apps or strength training app, this muscle buildingapps is the best one you can find among the muscle building apps.Home Workouts for Men Want effective home workouts for men? Weprovide different home workouts for men to workout at home. Thehome workout for men is proven to help you get six pack abs in ashort time. You'll find the home workout for men that most suitablefor you. Try our home workout for men now! Fat Burning Workouts& Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts & hiitworkouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fat burningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the best results.Multiple Exercises Push ups, squats, sit ups, plank, crunch, wallsit, jumping jacks, punch, triceps dips, lunges... Fitness CoachThe best fitness apps and workout apps. All sport and gym workoutin this workout apps and fitness apps are designed by professionalfitness coach. Sport and gym workout guide through the exercise,gym workout and sport, just like having a personal fitness coach inyour pocket!
Step Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker 1.2.1
The most accurate & simple step tracker auto tracks your dailysteps, burned calories , walking distance, duration, pace, healthdata, etc., and display them in intuitive graphs for easy checking.Power Saving Pedometer Step counter counts your daily steps withthe built-in sensor, which greatly saves battery. It records stepsaccurately even when the screen is locked, whether your phone is inyour hand, your pocket, your bag, or your armband. Real-time MapTracker In GPS tracking mode, step counter tracks your fitnessactivity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories), and recordsyour routes on the map with GPS in real-time. But if you don’tchoose GPS tracking, it will count steps with built-in sensor tosave battery. 100% Free & 100% Private No locked features. Nologin required. You can freely use all features without login. Easyto Use Step Counter It auto records your steps. Pause, resume stepscounting, reset steps to count from 0 if you want. Once you pauseit, background data refreshing will stop. You will get your dailysteps report on time, you can also check your real-time steps inthe notification bar. Report Graph You walking data will bedisplayed in clear graphs. You can easily check your daily, weeklyand monthly walking statistics. Support for syncing data withGoogle Fit. Targets and Achievements Set daily steps goal.Continuously achieve your goal will keep you motivated. You canalso set targets for your fitness activity (distance, calories,duration, etc.). Fashion & Simple Design Designed and developedby our Google Play Best of 2018 winning team, its clean, simple,and fashion design brings excellent user experience. ColorfulThemes More themes coming soon. Select your favorite theme for thestep tracker and enjoy the step counting. Health Tracker App Healthtracker app records your health data (weight trends, sleepconditions, water intake details, diet, etc.) and helps youmaintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay active, lose weight and keep fitwith activity & health tracker. More features coming soon, suchas sync data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal... ImportantNotes * To ensure accurate step counting, make sure the informationyou entered on the settings page is correct. * You can adjust thesensitivity level of the step tracker for more accurate stepcounting. * Some devices may stop counting when the screen islocked due to their power saving processing. * Devices with olderversion can’t count steps with locked screen. Steps app free Stepsapp free can accurately count your steps and burned calories. Trysteps app free now! Steps tracker Want a steps tracker to trackyour daily steps? This accurate steps tracker can help you. Stepscounter Steps counter helps track your daily steps, burnedcalories, and weight loss progress. Lose weight with steps counter.Step counter app This step counter app is very easy to use. Open itand start to walk, step counter app automatically records yoursteps. Pedometer step counter A simple pedometer step counter autotracks your steps. Walk with pedometer step counter, keep fit andget in better shape. Pedometer free app for android Count steps,tracker weight loss progress with pedometer free app for android.You'll find it is the best pedometer free app for android.Pedometer for walking Need a pedometer for walking to track yoursteps? This pedometer for walking is your best choice. Pedometerwith calorie burner This pedometer with calorie burner tracks yoursteps and calculates burned calories. It's a full-featuredpedometer with calorie burner.
Fasting App - Fasting Tracker & Intermittent Fast 1.3.5
Fasting Tracker will guide you to a new lifestyle with healthyhabits. You’ll lose weight effectively and feel more active! Nodiet and no yo-yo effect. IS IT EFFECTIVE? It’s proven thatintermittent fasting leads to fast weight loss. During fasting, asyour glycogen depletes, your body switches to ketosis, which isreferred to as the body's "fat-burning" mode. This is an effectiveway to burn fat. IS IT SAFE? Yes. It’s the most natural and safeway to lose weight. Studies show that eating all the time makesyour body unable to take a break from digesting, which can resultin health problems, such as diabetes. When you fast, you just takea break from eating, it takes some of the load off your liver. CANI USE FASTING TRACKER? With various fasting plans, fasting trackeris suitable for beginner and experienced, men and women. It guidesyou through your plan. No need to change your diet, you can easilystick to it. If you are under 18 years old, pregnant orbreastfeeding, have health issues or are underweight, please askyour doctor for advice before fasting. WHY INTERMITTENT FASTING? √Burn your body fat reserves √ Start the process of regeneration anddetox during fasting √ Slow down the aging process √ Benefit forcontrolling blood sugar √ Reduce inflammation √ Prevent numerousdiseases, such as heart diseases and diabetes √ Boost your growthhormone and increase metabolism √ Make you feel healthier and moreactive √ Improve your body and brain function √ The most naturalway to lose weight and keep fit √ Lose weight without diet andexercise FEATURES OF FASTING TRACKER √ Various intermittent fastingplans √ For both beginner and experienced √ One tap to start/end √Customize fasting plan √ Adjust fasting/eating period √ Setnotifications for fasting √ Smart fasting tracker √ Fasting timer √Track your weight √ Check fasting status √ Science-based tips andarticles about fasting √ No need to count calories intake √ Losingweight has become so easy √ Sync data with Google FitSCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN INTERMITTENT FASTING Effectively Lose WeightYour body switches into fat burning mode. You’ll burn body fatreserves and prevent food you eat from being stored as fat. Naturaland Healthy When fasting, your body will actively burn fat, getinto detox mode and start the process of regeneration. Detox Yourbody reduces inflammation. Cells break down viruses, bacteria anddamaged components. Prevent Diseases Studies show that fasting canprevent numerous diseases, such as heart diseases, diabetes andcancer. Cell Repair and Regenerate Cells remove unnecessary ordysfunctional components. Damaged cells will be replaced withstronger ones. Against Aging Your body initiates autophagy, aprocess of detoxification, repair and regeneration. This hasbenefits against aging. Control Blood Sugar Fasting helps youbecome more sensitive to insulin. It’s beneficial for controllingblood sugar. Increase Metabolism During fasting, your growthhormone goes up, and your metabolism will be increased.
Lose Belly Fat at Home - Lose Weight Flat Stomach 1.3.2
Sweat just 10 minutes a day! Lose belly fat and flatten your tummywith our short and effective fat burning workouts at home! You willget a flat stomach in just a few weeks! Belly fat covers your absand harms your health. It can raise the risk of high bloodpressure, cancer, and other diseases. Experts have pointed out thataerobic exercises help in burning calories and boosting themetabolism. Try the aerobic exercises in this app to get rid of theannoying belly fat and improve your health. We have preparedsystematic and scientifically-proven workout plans to help you losebelly fat and get a flatter stomach in a simple and fun way. Noequipment or coach needed, you can easily do the belly workout athome or anywhere, anytime. Why choose this workout app Lose BellyFat? - 100% free! No hidden charges! - Quick and effective workoutsmaximize fat burning. - Requires no equipment. Burn belly fat, loseweight and stay fit with just your body weight. - Abs workoutexercise with 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) designed byexperts. - Suitable for both beginner and pro. - Beginner friendly.- Animation and video guidance just like your personal workouttrainer. - Track your weight loss progress. - Daily workout trackerto track burned calories. - Customized workout reminders remind youto tone your stomach. - Health tips help you develop a balanceddiet for weight loss and good health. - Stomach workouts, belly fatexercises, ab workouts, and core workout aimed to bring you a flattummy and a good figure. - Do these abs workout exercises 10minutes a day to burn belly fat and achieve your goal of having aflat tummy. - Sync data with Google Fit. Stop wasting your timewith those useless methods. Download Lose Belly Fat for free andstart working out at home to burn fat, tone your belly, lose weightand build muscle faster. You'll have beach-ready abs in no time!Belly fat burning exercises Looking for belly fat exercise? Want tolose stomach fat quickly? This weight loss app helps you lose sparetire belly. It has the best workouts to lose weight at home. Losebelly fat at home Take a few minutes a day to reduce belly fat withour stomach fat burning exercise. All Ab workouts are designed bythe professional fitness coach. Core workout Keep fit and losebelly fat with fat burning exercises. This app not only has coreworkout for men, but also has core workout for women. All thesebody fat burning exercise can be done anywhere at any time. Femalefitness exercise With fat burning workouts for women, you canquickly belly fat loss and get 11 line abs. Just exercise at hometo burn belly fat! Weight loss exercises Want to exercise to get aflat tummy? Please remember that the diet is important. You need tocombine fat burning workouts with low calorie diet to maximize theworkout results. HIIT workouts Burn calories with abs workout athome, and combine with HIIT workouts for women to get the resultsfaster. Fat burning workouts for men Exercise at home witheffective HIIT workouts for men to see great changes in a fewweeks! Fitness coach All workouts are designed by professionalfitness coach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like havinga personal fitness coach in your pocket! More features coming soon,such as sync data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal...
Running App - Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running 1.1.9
Leap running app provides a variety of plans for weight loss. Allplans are beginner friendly, and can help you stay motivated, loseweight and achieve different fitness goals, such as increasing yourpace. You can get audio feedback from the voice coach. Running isproven to increase metabolism, and you can burn more calories withspecific plan. Our app provides plans that designed by professionalfitness coach to make weight loss effective, easy and fun. Theserunning, jogging and walking plans are suitable for all levels. Ittracks running stats, records routes with GPS in real time, andhelps improve your running performance with detailed analysis andinsight graphs. This powerful mile tracker tracks all key stats,distance, time, speed, calories burned, elevation, etc. VariousTraining Plans • Walking for weight loss - Suitable for everyone.Lose weight with interval walking. • Running for weight loss - Evenyou’re a newbie, you can complete your running plan as easily asjogging plan. • Pace academy - Increase pace and endurance for yournext goal. • My first 5K - Complete your first 5k with coach guide.Sync Data You can sync all your running and training data to youraccount, routes, distance, time, speed, calories, etc. So your datawon’t be lost when you change devices. Running Tracker • Set goals- Set your weekly and yearly goals to make running a habit. Boostyour weight loss progress. • Analyze every run - It monitors allyour running stats in real time and analyzes them in graphs. •Match the same path - It records your same-route runs and shows thetrends of your running performance over time. • Map your route -With GPS running tracker, you can record your routes with GPS, saveyour paths and share your route maps with friends. • Get audiofeedback - Get audio feedback (duration, distance, calories, pace,etc) from the voice coach to take control of your training andimprove your performance. Powerful Analysis • Compare yourperformance with stats at different distances and time periods. •Scientifically analyze your training patterns to improve yourperformance. • Clear and stylish graphic design. For DifferentFitness Goals • Whether you want to lose weight or keep fit. •Whether you simply run or marathon training. • Whether you are manor woman, old or young. • It's not only a weight loss app, but alsoa distance tracker for running, running tracker, jogging app,walking app, mile tracker, calorie counter, mile counter, GPSrunning tracker. GPS Running Tracker Want a GPS running tracker totrack run? Want a map running app to track running? Want your runmap? Try this GPS running tracker to track run and get your runmap. This map running app and run tracker accurately track run onthe map with GPS in real time, and provides you run map. DistanceTracker for Running This run tracker and map running app track yourdistance tracker for walking and your distance tracker for running.It's not only a run tracker, but also a run GPS tracker to trackrunning. Use the best run GPS tracker and jog tracker to track yourdistance tracker for walking and your distance tracker for running.Jog Tracker Jog tracker track running and distance tracker forwalking in real time. Lose weight and keep fit with this run GPStracker.
Lose Weight App for Women - Workout at Home 1.0.22
The best lose weight app for women to burn fat and lose weight athome! With simple and effective fat burning workouts for women, youcan lose belly fat, lose thigh and arm fat. Follow the 30-day planand take just a few minutes a day to lose weight and get in bettershape! 2-7 min fast workouts and HIIT workouts allow you to loseweight and keep fit anytime, anywhere. No excuse anymore! You cantrack burned calories and weight loss progress in graphs. No gym,no equipment needed, just use your bodyweight to tone your fullbody and get lean muscles. 4 Difficulty Levels Designed byprofessional fitness coach, it has 4 levels for everyone, bothbeginner and pro. Different fat burning workouts every day, you caneasily stick to it. Fast Workouts for Women Fast workouts, with theduration from 2-7 min, are specially designed for people with abusy schedule. You can do them anywhere, office, bed, home, etc.Body Focus Fat loss workouts cover all body parts that women careabout, belly, thigh, arm, butt. Focus on your trouble zone,training smart and maximize your fat burning result. HIIT Workoutsfor Women HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the supereffective fat burning workouts with the after-burn effect, has beencompressed into 2-7 min to help you lose weight anytime, anywhere.Workout at Home Workout routines for all your main muscle groups toshape your body. No gym and expensive fitness coach needed. Justperform the simple home workout and enjoy your fat burning resultat home! Feature - 4 difficulty levels, suitable for everyone, men,women, beginner and pro - Fast workouts - Low impact workouts -Customize your own workout routines - No equipment, no gym,bodyweight workout - Fat loss workout, abs workout, thigh workout,leg workout, arm workout, tummy fat burning exercise for female -Workout reminder help you be more disciplined - Sync workout andcalorie data on Google Fit - Track weight loss progress and burnedcalories - Animations and video guidance - Increases exerciseintensity gradually Women Workout at Home Take a few minutes a dayto blast fat with our sport and women workout at home. Workout athome for women just use your bodyweight to workout at home. WomenFitness App This women fitness app has lose belly fat workout andwomen workout. All lose belly fat workout and women workout arebodyweight workout. Workout for Women Women fitness app has bellyfat burning workouts, butt workout for women, arm workout forwomen, leg workout for women and core workout for women. The bellyfat burning workouts, butt workout, arm workout, leg workout andcore workout are easy and effective. Fat Burning Workouts &HIIT Workouts The best belly fat burning workouts for women &HIIT workouts for women. Combine fat burning workouts for women andHIIT workouts for women to get the best results. Fitness Coach Allsport, exercise, workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Just like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket!Best Weight Loss Apps Looking for fitness apps? Wanna lose weightfast? No satisfied weight loss apps? This app helps you lose weightfast. It's the best weight loss apps. Workout at Home Looking for ahome exercise app to workout at home? No satisfied home exerciseapp? We provide you short & effective exercises in this homeexercise app. Workout at home to lose weight! Exercise at Home withHome Workout Home workout allows you to exercise at home with yourown body weight. Exercise at home with effective home workout andsee changes in weeks!
Lose Weight App for Men - Weight Loss in 30 Days 1.0.26
The best weight loss app for men to burn fat and lose weightathome! With super effective fat burning workouts, you can losebellyfat, eliminate man boobs, lose love handles. Follow the 30-dayplanand take just 5-10 min a day to lose weight and keepfit!Low-impact option provided, friendly to people who areoverweightor have joint problems. No gym, no equipment needed, justuse yourbodyweight to lose fat and build muscles. You can trackburnedcalories and weight loss progress in graphs. 3 DifficultyLevels Ithas 3 levels for everyone, both beginner and pro. Designedbyprofessional fitness coach, it focuses on men’s troublespots,abdomen, chest, helping you achieve fast weight loss andbuild abs.Different workouts every day, you can easily stick toit.Low-impact Option With gentle and effective weight lossworkouts,low-impact mode allows you to minimize the force placed onjointsand reduce the risk of injury. Get Rid of Men Boobs PullingT-shirtagain and again because of man boobs? Targeted chestworkouts helpyou lose chest fat and eliminate embarrassing manboobs. Lose BellyFat Because of testosterone, men are more likelyto store fat inmidsection. Combine the best abs workout, you'lllose stubbornbelly fat even faster. Customize Training Create yourown workoutroutines from 30+ workouts. If your knee or back isinjured, don'tworry, replace unwanted exercises. You can alsoadjust the exerciseorder and rest time. To achieve optimal results,we recommend youto maintain a low-calorie diet. Feature - 3difficulty levels,suitable for everyone, men, women, beginner andpro - Low impactworkouts - Customize your own workout routines - Noequipment, nogym, bodyweight workout - Fat loss workout, absworkout, chestworkout, leg workout, arm workout - Workout reminderhelp you bemore disciplined - Sync workout and calorie data onGoogle Fit -Track weight loss progress and burned calories -Animations andvideo guidance - Increases exercise intensitygradually - Sync datawith Google Fit More features coming soon,such as sync data withFitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal... BestWeight Loss AppsLooking for fitness apps and workout apps? Want tolose weightfast? No satisfied weight loss apps and workout apps?Workout appshelp you lose weight fast. It's the best weight lossapps. Workoutat Home Take a few minutes a day to keep fit and loseweight withour sport and workout at home. No equipment needed, justuse yourbodyweight to workout at home. Fitness Apps Keep fit andlose bellyfat with weight loss apps. This fitness apps hasprofessional losebelly fat workout. All these lose belly fatworkout can be doneanywhere at anytime. Belly Fat Burning Workoutsfor Men Thisfitness apps has belly fat burning workouts for men,fat lossworkout, core workout. These belly fat burning workouts formen,fat loss workout, core workout proved to help tone your body.FatBurning Workouts & HIIT Workouts The best weight loss apps,fatburning workouts & HIIT workouts for better body shape.Burncalories with fat burning workouts, and combine with HIITworkoutsto get the best results. Fitness Coach All sport &workouts aredesigned by professional fitness coach. Workout guidethrough thesport & exercise, just like having a personalfitness coach inyour pocket! Home Workout for Men Home workout formen for all yourmain muscle groups. Just perform the simple homeworkout for menand fat loss workout to enjoy your fat burningresult at home!Exercise at Home with Home Workout No need to go tothe gym, homeworkout allows you to exercise at home with your ownbody weight.Exercise at home with effective home workout now andsee greatchanges in a few weeks! Home Exercise Looking for aneffective homeexercise app? We provide you short & effectiveexercises inthis home exercise app. Workout at home to lose weightnow!
Dumbbell Workout at Home - 30 Day Bodybuilding 1.1.0
With just a pair of dumbbells🔩, fast build muscle & strengthandget your desired body shape at home! We provide 30-day workoutplansfor both men and women, with 3 difficulty levels, ideal forbothbeginner and pro. Hundreds of exercises in this app coveringallmajor muscle groups, your shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs,legs,etc. We prepared 2 exercise databases- Dumbbell andBodyweight. Yourcoach will select training based on your goal,fitness level, etc.,and create personalized plans for you. You canalso customize yourbodybuilding plans on your own needs. DUMBBELLWORKOUT FOR MEN 💪 ☆Build solid muscles and get shredded ☆ Get bigarms, strong biceps& triceps, wider shoulders, pumped chest,ripped six-pack abs,and steel-hard back, strong legs DUMBBELLWORKOUT FOR WOMEN 👙 ☆Build muscle & strength, get the perfectbody shape ☆ Getbeautiful lean arms, slender legs, perky breasts,90° shoulders,nice-looking abs Weight training has been proven tostimulate theproduction of anabolic (muscle-building) hormones,which means workout with dumbbells can effectively boost yourmuscle-buildingprocess. Move now! Sweat a few minutes a day withdumbbell homeworkouts, you’ll achieve great results in a shorttime! With 3DANIMATIONS and videos, you can make sure you use theright form.During each workout, we'll give you TIPS IN REAL TIMEto help youmaximize your workouts and gains. Use this workouttracker to trackyour daily workout, burned calories and weightloss progress. Syncdata with Google Fit. Every day we increase theexercise intensity,so please take a break every three days so yourbody can adjust. ☆Personal Fitness Coach☆ √ 3D animation and videoguidance just likeyour personal workout trainer √ Coach tips inevery exercise helpyou use the right form to get the best results√ Create yourpersonal workout plan √ Design personalized plan foryou based onyour goal, gender, fitness level, focus area, etc ☆EffectiveDumbbell Workouts☆ √ Effectively lose weight, buildmuscle and gainstrength √ Dumbbell workout suits everyone, men,women, beginner,pro √ Exercise efficiently at home or in the gym √Target your focusareas, maximize your workout results √Continually add new workoutsto exercise database √ Build musclemass with dumbbell workout forarms, dumbbell workout for chest,dumbbell back workout, dumbbellleg workout, dumbbell shoulderworkout, dumbbell squats, dumbbelldeadlift ☆ Useful Features☆ √Workout reminder helps you makeworkout a daily habit √ Sync datawith Google Fit √ Track yourweight loss progress √ Track yourcalories burned, calculate yourBMI √ Change the speed, rounds, 3Dcoach character of exercises √Calendar auto marks your workoutdays √ Reports clearly record yourworkout progress, duration,burned calories Dumbbell workout at homeUltimate dumbbell workoutat home help you fast build muscle &strength, why not startyour dumbbell workout at home now? Dumbbellworkout for womenSelected dumbbell workout for women to buildstrength, If you aretired of bodyweight workouts, try this dumbbellworkout for women.Dumbbell workout for men Want shredded abs?Dumbbell workout formen will help you a lot. With dumbbell workoutfor men, you canbuild solid muscles and get shredded in no time!
Abs Workout 1.0.7
Only the plan that suits you the best can give you firm and sexyabs. We also prepared scientifically proven buttocks workout forwomen to shape buttocks. You can tone your butt and legs at homewith our buttocks workout for women. We have prepared workoutssuitable for anyone - women, men, beginners, pros, etc. These planseffectively burn your belly fat and help you get 6-pack abs. Noneed for equipment or going to the gym. You can easily work out athome or anywhere, spending just 7 minutes everyday. In a shorttime, you are going to get beach abs! Different Levels 🚶Beginner -for those who just started abs workout 🏃Advanced - for those whowant to challenge themselves All exercises are designed by experts,100% free! No Equipment Needed The exercises are based on your ownbodyweight, with no equipment needed. No matter where you are andwhen it is, you can start your workout easily. Coach Tips and DemoVideos Your personal coach will give you advice and tips while youare doing the exercises. Follow coach tips and the detailed demovideos to do each exercise correctly and achieve optimal results.Calorie Tracker You can check your burned calories after finishingyour workout. Keep track of your calorie consumption to get betterabs workout results. Workout Tips We provide many tips aboutNutrition, Posture Correction, Exercise Clothes and so on. Viewdifferent tips every day to avoid injuries & get sexy absquickly. Start this convenient and effective abs workout plan toget beach abs! Workout at Home Take a few minutes a day to get aflatten belly with our workout at home. No equipment needed, justuse your bodyweight to workout at home. Belly Fat Burning This apphas belly fat burning workouts, core workout. These belly fatburning workouts, core workout proved to help build abdominalmuscles. Sweat with our core workout! Home Workout No Equipment Youcan use this home workout app anywhere, because all of these homeworkout no equipment needed. Fat Burning Workouts & HiitWorkouts The best fat burning workouts & hiit workouts forbetter body shape. Burn calories with fat burning workouts, andcombine with hiit workouts to get the best results. Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitness coach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having a personal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout 1.0.29
Want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs for the summer? Startsculpting your abs with this super effective abs workout app.Workouts are suitable for all levels, and you can easily do them athome or anywhere, anytime. Just a few minutes a day to get the absyou have been dreaming of! Workout Plan with Different Levels LoseBelly Fat, Rock Hard Abs and Six Pack Abs - these 3 levels ofworkout plans help you lose belly fat and build abdominal musclesstep by step. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can findworkouts that are suitable for you. Different exercises areprepared every day to keep it fresh and exciting. 30 Days ofWorkout Routines Amazing results will be achieved earlier once youset a clear goal. 6 Pack Abs - Abs Workout helps you set exercisegoals by providing systematic and scientific 30-day workoutroutines. All exercises are free and they can help you burn bellyfat as well as tone your abs. Exercise intensity increasesgradually, so you can easily make exercising a daily habit. YourPersonal Trainer at Home Is hiring a personal trainer tooexpensive? Have no time to go to the gym? 6 Pack Abs - Abs Workoutis your personal trainer at home. Based on the high-intensitycircuit training principle, these workouts are as effective as gymworkouts. Animations and Video Guides 6 Pack Abs - Abs Workout hasbeen scientifically proven to help strengthen all your abdominalmuscles. With animations and video guides, you can make sure youperform each exercise safely and effectively. Features *30-dayworkout routines for six pack abs and a stronger body *Amazingtraining for weight management and muscle building *Exerciseintensity increases step by step*Customize your workout reminders*Records training progress automatically *Suitablefor everyone, beginners, pro, men, women, teens and seniors Workoutat Home Take a few minutes a day to get six pack abs with ourworkout at home. No equipment needed, just use your bodyweight toworkout at home. Belly Fat Burning This app has belly fat burningworkouts, core workout, lose belly fat workout. These belly fatburning workouts, core workout, lose belly fat workout proved tohelp build abdominal muscles. Sweat with our core workout and losebelly fat workout! Home Workout No Equipment You can use this homeworkout app anywhere, because all of these home workout noequipment needed. Home Workouts for Men Want effective homeworkouts for men? We provide different home workouts for men. Thehome workout for men is proven to help you get six pack abs in ashort time. You'll find the home workout for men that most suitablefor you. Try our home workout for men now! Fat Burning Workouts& Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts & hiitworkouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fat burningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the best results.Fitness Coach All workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like having apersonal fitness coach in your pocket!
Women Workout at Home - Female Fitness 1.2.1
Move now! A better me is approaching! Get fit with the BESTwomenworkout - female fitness app! Sweat 7 mins a day to get aperfectbikini body! Women Workout - Female Fitness helps you burnbellyfat, tone butt, slim legs, trim waistline and get in shape.Followthe home workout to feel the burn. Keep fit and be a betterme!Train your body, burn calories, lose weight, you will get asexybody before you know it! WHY CHOOSE THIS FITNESS FOR WEIGHTLOSSAPP? √ Quick and effective workouts maximize fat burning√Scientifically proven to lose weight and improve health√Bodyweight workouts, no equipment needed √ Weight lossfitnessworkout for all your body parts √ Animation and videoguidance justlike your personal workout trainer √ 100% FREE! Nolocked features√ Beginner friendly √ Full body workout at home,buttocks workout,abs workout for women, leg workouts for women, fatloss workout,burn fat workout √ Especially designed fitness forweight loss appfree for women √ Coach tips in every exercise helpyou use theright form to get the best results √ Warm-up andstretchingroutines √ Track your weight loss progress √ Track yourcaloriesburned √ Suitable for both beginner and pro √ Lose weightwith yourpersonal trainer √ Sync data with Google Fit Short andeffectivemay be one of the reasons that make this fitness forweight lossapp stands out from hundreds of workout apps for womenand weightloss apps free for women. Try this workout app for women,a betterme is on the way! More features coming soon, such as syncdata withFitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal... Female Fitness AppKeep fitand lose belly fat with workout for women. This femalefitness apphas professional lose belly fat workout and workout forwomen. Allthese lose belly fat workout and workout for women can bedoneanywhere at anytime. Workout at Home Take a few minutes a daytokeep fit and lose weight with our workout at home. Noequipmentneeded, just use your bodyweight to workout at home. FatBurningWorkouts & Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts&hiit workouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fatburningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the bestresults.Fitness Coach All workouts are designed by professionalfitnesscoach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like havingapersonal fitness coach in your pocket!
Splits in 30 Days - Splits Training, Do the Splits 1.0.14
Splits Training is designed for all levels to get full splits stepby step, even if you are a beginner. The mixing of static anddynamic splits helps you improve flexibility effectively andachieve results faster than you think. With about 10 min a day,you’ll get closer and closer to the floor! Productive stretches forsplits in 30 days are suitable for men and women, adults and kids.You can customize your splits training based on your ownpreferences, no equipment needed. Whether you want to do a fullsplit for dance, ballet, gymnastics or martial arts, this trainingwill help you get there. Why splits? Splits have been proven toprevent injuries, increase muscle strength, relieve musclestiffness and give you better circulation. Improve your flexibility& balance Flexibility and balance are key to reducing the riskof injury during exercise. Splits stretch all your lower bodymuscles to increase your range of motion. Loosen your hip flexorsDue to sitting at a desk all day, most people have extremely tighthip flexors, which can cause pain, especially in your lower back.Splits open up these areas to relieve your muscle tension. Deeplystretch your legs When doing splits, your legs will be stretchingthe whole time. Doctors will recommend splits as part of yourexercise routine, especially if you’re doing activities such asrunning or biking. Boost your circulation Splits lengthen yourmuscles and improve your circulation by increasing blood flow toyour muscles. Please get your muscles warmed up before doing thesplits. Splits need time; your muscles need time to stretch,recover and adapt to the new demands. Be patient, and stick to it;you’ll soon see progress. Features - Splits for all levels, splitsfor beginners, splits for men, splits for women, splits for kids -Step-by-step directions on how to do the splits for all levels -Effective formula to help achieve results fast - Splits in 30 days,splits training - Customize your own training plan - Easy-to-followinstruction, animation and video guide - Record your progressautomatically - Stretches for splits target all muscles you need tobecome super flexible Try this app if you want stretches forsplits, splits training for beginners, splits in 30 days, splits ina week, splits for beginners, splits for kids, splits for men,splits training for kids, flexibility training, flexibilitystretches, how to do the splits, dynamic stretching, stretchingexercises for flexibility, flexibility training, warm up exercises,stretching routines, stretch for runners, do the splits, do thesplits in 30 days... Exercise at home with home workout splitstraining No need to go to the gym, home workout splits trainingallows you to exercise at home and get full splits step by step.Exercise at home with effective home workout splits training nowand see great changes in a few weeks! Splits at home Do the splitsat home with our splits training, we'll guide you step to step toget a full split, even if you are a beginner. Do the splits at homenow!
Height Increase - Increase Height Workout, Taller 1.0.15
Dreaming of becoming taller? Wanna increase height after 18? Wannaknow how to improve height naturally? Do you want to look moreattractive and boost your self-confidence? 👉You can find allanswers in this app! 60% of height is determined by genes inheritedfrom parents, however, 40% of that is affected by external factors,including nutrition, exercise and sleep. Affected by genes, ifparents are high, their children are likely to be high. So manypeople may concern, if parents are not high, can children have achance to be taller? Yes. Height is also affected by other externalfactors besides genes. This science-based app provides effectiveheight increase exercises, diet plans and height-increasing tips.You can maximize your height naturally at home and get a betterbody shape in 8 weeks! Increase Height for Everyone - Male &Female - Adults & Kids - Before 18 years old & After 18years old Increase Height Workout - All height increase workoutsare designed by professionals - Easy-to-understand animation andvideo guidance - Effective stretching exercise, yoga, aerobicexercise, etc - 8-14 minutes a day at home to improve your heightDiet Plan - Daily diet plan aims to up your chances to maximizeyour height - Recommend different nutrient rich foods (calcium,protein, vitamins) for height growth Height Increase Tip - Heightincrease tips to improve your height - Tips on food, exercise,posture, dressing, etc Sleep Tracker for Height Growth - Set targetsleep duration to get enough sleep - Record your daily sleep time -Track your sleep in graph Features - Height increase exercisedesigned by professionals - Grow taller during and after puberty -Effective and scientific height growth workouts - Height increaseapp without age limit - Nutrition suggestions for increasing yourheight - Height increase tips about growing taller in the best way- 8-week workout plan to witness your height increase - Customizeyour own workout plan - Track your sleep in graphs - Easily startheight increase workouts at home or anywhere, anytime - Set a dailyreminder to motivate you to exercise - Gain your height with heightincrease workouts, taller exercise, cardio workout, stretchingexercise, yoga workouts, height increase app Workout Apps Want togrow taller with height increase workout app? Try our heightincrease workout app to improve your height fast! Height increaseworkout app really works! Fitness App Looking for a fitness app toincrease height? This fitness app is developed for you! Just likehaving a personal fitness coach in your pocket, the fitness apphelps you improve height growth in 8 weeks. Home Workout With thishome workout app, becoming taller is possible! The home workout forheight increase requires no gym or equipment! Start the homeworkout to grow taller. Workout at Home Wanna gain height withworkout at home? We prepared various height increase workouts foryou! 8-14 min a day, you can easily workout at home or anywhere,anytime! Height Increase App Try this height increase app if youwant height increasing exercise, increase height, grow taller,height increase exercise, taller exercise. This height increase apphelps you increase height and grow taller naturally with heightincreasing exercise, height increase exercise, taller exercise.Increase height and grow taller with height increasing exercise,height increase exercise, taller exercise. Exercise at home Lookingfor a home exercise app to exercise at home? No satisfied homeexercise app? We provide you short & effective exercises inthis home exercise app to help you exercise at home and growtaller.
Walking App - Walking for Weight Loss 1.1.3
Walking for Weight Loss is a professional interval walking fitnessplan specially designed for weight loss. Combining walkingexercises with speed-up method, it can help you effectively burnfat and lose weight in a short time. This walking app suitsdifferent exercise goals and workout levels. It provides 3difficulty levels of walking exercises. Whether you are a beginneror a pro, you can find workouts that are suitable for you. Thiswalking app supports both outdoor walking exercises and indoortreadmill workouts. Just put on your headphones, and the audio willguide you through each exercise. Now, let’s get started!Professional Workout Plan - 3-month training plan, 3-7 workout daysper week - 3 different workout levels (easy, medium, hard), itssuitable for both beginners and pros - The exercise intensityincreases step by step - Audio guides help you through everyworkout - Suitable for both outdoor walking and indoor treadmillworkouts Detailed Workout Tracking - GPS map tracks your walkingroute - Records training progress automatically - The chart tracksyour weight trend - Customize your workout reminders - Manuallyedit your treadmill workouts data - Tracks calorie, distance, timeand pace - Map my walk Powerful Music Playing Function - Supportsall kinds of music apps - Play your favorite songs from your ownplaylists - Allows you to switch songs during exercises -Encouraging voice and favorite music keeps you motivated StayMotivated - Provides plenty of TIPS about fat burning, weight loss,and balanced diet - Share your achievements and walking routes withfriends through social network Please note: ●Continuous GPStracking in the background can dramatically consume your battery.●Please consult your physician or doctor before starting anyfitness program. Walking and speed-up techniques in the Walking forWeight Loss App help you lose fat and get in shape in a shortperiod of time. Keep walking and stay healthy with this activitytracker app! The best calorie counter, distance tracker, intervaltraining timer, and activity tracker apps help you burn calories,lose fat and improve health. Weight Loss Apps Looking for weightloss apps and map tracker? No satisfied walk tracker app and maptracker? Here is the best fitness walk tracker - map tracker youcan find to help you lose weight, keep fitness. This walk trackernot only can count steps, keep fitness, but also a good weight lossapps. Walking App & Walking Tracker The best walking app &walking tracker ever! It's not only a walking app & walkingtracker, but also a walk planner. Try this walk planner, walkingfor weight loss, map my walk and keep fit with walk planner.Walking Distance Tracker This walking distance tracker canaccurately track your walking distance, calories and steps. Walkingfor weight loss with this walking distance tracker! GPS RunningTracker Want a GPS running tracker to track run? Want a map runningapp to track running? Want your run map and map my walk? Try thisGPS running tracker to track run and get your run map. This maprunning app and run tracker accurately track run on the map withGPS in real time, and provides you run map. Distance Tracker forRunning This run tracker and map running app track your distancetracker for walking and your distance tracker for running. It's notonly a run tracker, but also a run GPS tracker to track running.Use the best run GPS tracker and jog tracker to track your distancetracker for walking and your distance tracker for running. JogTracker Jog tracker track running and distance tracker for walkingin real time. Lose weight and keep fit with this run GPS tracker.Walking App Want a walking app to keep fitness and walkfit? Walkfitis a good way to help you lose weight. Download this app to walkfitand improve health.
Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app 1.50.61
Glad to hear from BBC & Privacy International have verified:“Weinitially looked at the most popular apps: Period Tracker byLeapFitness Group...We did a dynamic analysis of the apps usingour datainterception environment to look at the data that thoseapps sharewith Facebook. We were pleased to see none of those appsdid.” Weappreciate their great effort on protecting users'privacy. Areliable period and ovulation calculator app, even whenyou haveirregular periods. Can’t remember the date of your lastperiod? Wantto know when your next period is coming? PeriodTracker - Ovulation& Pregnancy Calendar is a simple &elegant way to view pastand predict future periods, fertile daysand ovulation days.Accurate & Reliable ★ Accurate predictionsbased on your ownmenstrual history. ★ Becomes even more accuratewith usage, by wayof machine learning (AI). Beautiful Design ★Beautiful design withlovely decorations. ★ Awesome Calendar andReport, clearly view yournotes, intercourse history, moods,symptoms, weight &temperature chart, etc. Never Lose Data ★All data can beautomatically backed up, by simply signing in withyour Googleaccount. Privacy Secured ★ 100% Privacy. No datacollecting orselling of any kind. ★ All your data is saved on yourphone or yourown Google Drive. Period & Fertility Reminders ★Schedulereminders and get notifications of your next period,ovulation, etc.Key Features: ● Cycle tracker, Period tracker ●Menstruation period,cycles, ovulation predict ● Unique periodtracker diary design ●Customize your personal period length, cyclelength and ovulationfor irregular periods ● Calculate your chanceof pregnancy every day● Pregnancy mode for when you get pregnantor finish pregnancy ●Symptoms to record ● Notification for period,fertility andovulation tracker ● Weight and temperature charts ●Google Accountbackup and restoration ● Supports multiple accountsfor periodovulation tracker ● Multiple languages to choose fromPregnancy appsLooking for pregnancy apps? No satisfied pregnancyapps? Try thebest pregnancy app! It helps you easily get pregnantor birthcontrol. Period tracker for women The best period trackerfor womento track period and ovulation. It's the most reliableperiod trackerfor women!
Plank Workout at Home - 30 Days Plank Challenge 1.1.4
This app provides different plank variations to help you loseweight, gain strength and get a stronger core. The mixing of staticand dynamic planks really helps you burn fat fast. Take only 7minutes a day to burn calories and get in better shape! With 3difficulty levels, the 30-day weight loss plan perfectly fits allfitness levels, and it suits both men and women. You can customizeyour training plan according to your own preferences. There's noequipment or gym needed; you can do plank workouts anywhere atanytime. Why plank workout? Planks are the most popular andeffective fat burning exercise. They can be easily performed andactivate all your muscles, including your core, shoulders, glutes,etc. Planks are the best choice for people with weak knees becausethey put no pressure on knees. Maximize the belly fat burning:Planks are more effective than crunches at burning belly fat.Planks activate 100% of your abs, while crunches only involve 64%of them. Strengthen your core: Plank workout fires up all your coremuscle groups, enhances your core strength, and helps you get astrong core. Reduce back pain: Plank workout can strengthen yourback muscles, reduce back pain and lower the risk of back andspinal column injuries. Improve your posture & balance: Plankworkout requires your head, back and feet to be in a straight line.Regularly doing this will improve your balance and posture whensitting and standing. Accelerate your metabolism: Doing plankskeeps your metabolism high for the whole day; this dramaticallyboosts the fat burning process. Improve your flexibility: Plankworkout stretches all your posterior muscle groups, such as yourshoulder blades, glutes and hamstrings, thus improving yourflexibility and lowering the risk of injury. Features: - Differentforms of planks provided - Customized workout reminders help youmake planking a daily workout routine - Detailed instruction,animation, and video guide you through every workout - Workoutduration and difficulty increase step by step - Track your weightloss progress automatically - Track your burned caloriesautomatically
Arm Workout - Biceps Exercise 1.0.11
Arm Workout, designed by professional fitness coaches, is createdtohelp people around the world obtain stronger arms. It offersshortand effective arm workouts for developing arm muscles. Withonly 10minutes a day, your biceps and triceps will be pumped up.Noequipment needed, all workouts can be performed with yourbodyweight at home. Workout Plan with Different Levels 3 levelsofworkout plans help you build arm muscles step by step. Whetheryouare a beginner or a pro, you can find workouts that aresuitablefor you. Different exercises are prepared every day to keepitfresh and exciting. 30 Days of Workout Routines Amazingresultswill be achieved earlier once you set a clear goal. ArmWorkouthelps you set exercise goals by providing systematic andscientific30-day workout routines. Exercise intensity increasesgradually, soyou can easily make exercising a daily habit. Westrongly recommendyou to follow our workout schedule for the bestresults. YourPersonal Trainer at Home Is hiring a personal trainertooexpensive? Have no time to go to the gym? Arm Workout isyourpersonal trainer at home. Based on the high-intensitycircuittraining principle, these workouts are as effective asgymworkouts. Animations and Video Guides Each exercise comeswithanimation and video demonstrations, and also coach tips (TTS)thattell you how to breathe, how to avoid injuries and how toperformthe workout right. It's just like your personal trainer inyourpocket! No equipment needed, so you can easily do your workoutsathome or anywhere at any time. Daily Tips Diet tips that teachyouhow to eat healthily and effectively, and health tips that helpyouform good habits and keep fit. You get different tips everyday.Features √ Short and effective arm workouts for men maximizeeffect√ Special tips in every exercise help you use the right formto getbetter results √ All exercise performed with body weight √Workoutsfor biceps, triceps, forearm, etc √ Warm-up and stretchingroutines√ Detailed animation and video guidance for each exercise√Gradually increases exercise intensity √ Suitable for bothbeginnerand pro, men and women √ Customize your workout reminder√Records training progress automatically ArmWorkoutwithout Weights Looking for effective arm workout withoutweights,arm workout for women or arm workout for men no equipment?This armworkout without weights is suitable for both men and women.Try thebest arm workout for women and arm workout for men noequipment.You'll recommend this arm workout for women and armworkout for menno equipment to your friends. Fat Burning Workouts& HiitWorkouts The best fat burning workouts & hiitworkouts forbetter body shape. Burn calories with fat burningworkouts, andcombine with hiit workouts to get the best results.Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having apersonal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
Downloader - Free Video Downloader App 1.1.2
All video downloader helps you download all formats videos andsocial media clips at lightning speed. Fast download HD videos withjust one click from all social webs. Easy to Use Fast VideoDownloader Use the built-in browser to browse webs and play thevideo, this smart downloader auto detects the video, and completethe download at a super fast speed. You can also paste the videolink into this app to start the download. HD Video Downloader WithHD video downloader for all social media, you can fast download allHD videos directly to your device. Powerful Download ManagerPowerful download manager can download multiple files at a time;download large files; download in the background; resume faileddownloads. And it allows you to freely pause, delete and share yourdownloads. Main Features * Ultrafast download speed * Auto detectvideos and fast download with one click * Support all formats, MP3,M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, etc * Downloadvideos and social media clips in HD quality from all socialwebs * Play videos offline with the built-in player * Browsewithout leaving any trace with the built-in browser  *Pause, resume, delete, and share downloads * Download videoswith no limitation * Check progress in the download bar  *Support to download files to your SD card * Bookmark your favoritewebsites All video downloader All video downloader supports todownload all videos. All video downloader is you must-havedownloading app. HD video downloader Want an HD video downloader todownload HD videos? This HD video downloader helps download videosin HD quality. Download manager Powerful download manager allowsyou to pause, resume and remove downloads. Manage your downloadswith the smart download manager. File manager Looking for a filemanager to download and manage files? This robust files managermeets all your needs. Video downloader browser Video downloaderbrowser ensures your fast browsing and downloading. Videodownloader browser is worth a try! Download videos from internetWanna download videos from internet? Use free video downloader todownload videos from internet. Private browser Want to browseprivately? You need a private browser. This private browser allowsyou to browse without leaving any traces. Image downloader Fastdownloader is not only an image downloader, but also a photodownloader. Photo downloader helps download photos from differentapps. Try this fast photo downloader.
HD Video Downloader App - 2019 1.0.5
Quickly and Easily download all HD videos in all formats!Fast,Safe, and 100% free! HD video downloader app auto detectsvideos,you only need to click the download button. Pause, resume,orremove downloads as you like. It also supports multipledownloadsand background download. How to use this HD videodownloader *Freely browse social networks and video sites with thebuilt-inbrowser  * Play the video you want to download * Clickthedownload button * Done! ALL FORMATS SUPPORTED * Supportalltypes of videos, music, files, images, MP3, M4A, MP4,M4V,MOV, AVI, WMV, DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, etc. POWERFULDOWNLOADMANAGER * Background download supported * Multipledownloadssupported * Large files supported * High-speed download*Pause, resume and remove downloads * Support SDcardEASY-TO-USE DOWNLOADER * HD video downloader auto detectsvideos *Browse websites and find videos with the built-in browser *Watchvideos offline with the built-in player  * DownloadHDvideos, music, pictures, and files with just one click *Downloadvideos via Wi-Fi and cellular network(2G, 3G, 4G) * Viewdownloadprogress in the download bar  * Bookmark yourfavoritewebsites Video Download Looking for a fast video downloadapp? Trythis one! Experience lightning download speed with the fastvideodownload app! Download Video HD video downloader app is agreatvideo downloading app to free download video and music.Thisdownload video app supports all video formats! Video DownloaderforSocial Media Want a simple and fast all video downloader forsocialmedia? The excellent all video downloader for social mediameetsall your needs. Download All Videos Download all videosfrominternet onto your devices with this free video downloader app.Itallows you to download all videos from websites! VideoDownloaderManager Want a video downloader manager? Why not try thisbestvideo downloader manager? Browser Private Downloader Browseallwebsites and download videos with this powerful browserprivatedownloader and browser downloader. It’s the best browserprivatedownloader and browser downloader.This safe browserdownloaderkeeps your downloaded video safe. Download ManagerFull-featureddownload manager meets all your needs! Download andmanage yourvideos with this simple download manager. Fast VideoDownloaderFast video downloader with stunning fast download speed.Downloadall videos in the twinkling of an eye! Enjoy yourdownloading withthis fast video downloader! Video Downloader MasterVideodownloader master with amazing features. Fast download allvideosand watch offline videos with this best video downloadermaster!Important Notes: •HD Video Downloader App does not belong toanysocial media sites and is not authorized by them •Any violationsofintellectual property rights and unauthorized actions(re-uploadingor downloading of contents) are the soleresponsibility of the user•This app is designed for users over 13years old PermissionRequired: - Network permission is required todownload videos fromthe internet - Storage permission is requiredto save downloadedvideos to SD card
FREE QR Scanner, Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader 1.1.6.GP
Free QR code reader easily SCAN & CREATE all types of QRcodes/barcodes, including Wi-Fi, contacts, URL, products, text,books, E-mail, location, calendar, etc. Free, fast, simple, andeasy to use!👍 It is both a barcode scanner to scan QRcodes/barcodes (decode information), and a QR code generator tocreate QR codes (encode & encrypt information). Just open theapp, point camera to the QR code, Free QR Code Reader will autorecognize , scan, decode it, and instantly display the result withoptions for the next operation. If the result is a phone number,you can add it to your contacts or dial this number; if the resultis a Wi-Fi network, you can connect✅ without entering thepassword... Powerful barcode scanner allows you to scan productbarcode in stores, view product details and compare prices online.You can also scan promo/coupon codes to get discounts💰. As a QRcode generator, it allows you to create, save and share your own QRcodes. Create QR codes for Wi-Fi, URL(Include YouTube,Facebook...), phone number, text, contacts, etc., and share withfriends. Why Choose Free QR Code Reader? ★ Easily scan and createQR & barcodes ★ Support all QR & barcode formats ★ Autozoom ★ Privacy safe, only camera permission required ★ Super fastQR code/barcode decoding speed ★ Scan QR & barcodes fromgallery ★ Scan history saved, easily search scan history at anytime★ Flashlight supported ★ No internet connection required How to Use1. Point the camera to the QR code/barcode 2. Auto recognize, scanand decode 3. Get results and relevant options *Support All QR& Barcode Formats* Instantly scan QR code, Data Matrix, Maxicode, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, UPC-A, EAN-8... *Price Scanner*Scan product barcodes in stores and compare prices online. *AutoZoom* No need to zoom in/zoom out, scan far away or small QR codes& barcodes easily. *Flashlight Supported* Easily scan QR codes& barcodes in dark environment. QR code scanner Want QR scannerand QR code reader? Looking for QR code scanner? No satisfied QRcode scanner? Try the best QR scanner and QR code reader! This QRscanner and QR code reader support all QR & barcode formats.Barcode scanner The best barcode scanner for Android devices isyour must-have barcode scanner. Barcode reader and scanner Thisbarcode reader and scanner can scan and create all types of QRcodes. It's the best barcode reader and scanner you deserve. ScanQR code Need a scanner app to scan QR code? Use this scanner app tofast scan QR codes! QR code scanner app Looking for a QR codescanner app? This free QR code scanner app supports all formats! QRcode reader and scanner The best QR code reader and scanner thatyou can find. Try to use this QR code reader and scanner to scanall kinds of QR/barcodes. QR code scanner for Android Want a QRcode scanner for Android? Powerful QR code scanner for Androideasily scans all QR & barcodes. Barcode Scan The barcode scanonly needs 1 step. QR & Barcode Scanner brings an excellentbarcode scan experience to you. Barcode scanner app This barcodescanner app supports all barcode formats. You can also create yourown QR codes with this barcode scanner app. Barcode scanner forAndroid Barcode scanner for Android can scan barcodes and QR codesfast and safely. Download this barcode scanner for Android for freenow. Barcode reader Want a free barcode reader to scan all types ofbarcodes or QR codes? This barcode reader is worth a try! Barcodescanner app free Super fast barcode scanner app free for allAndroid devices! Scan barcodes and create QR codes with barcodescanner app free. QR code scanner for school books QR code scanneris also a QR code scanner for school books. Fast scan school bookswith this QR code scanner for school books. QR reader for AndroidThe free QR reader for Android. Scan QR code and barcode. Downloadthe QR reader for Android app now.
Night Shift - Bluelight Filter for Good Sleep 1.0.6
Blue light from the phone is a cause of eye fatigue. Itdisturbsyour sleep and harms your eye health. The night shiftfunction hasbeen scientifically proven to reduce blue light. Byadjusting thescreen to soft light, it relieves eye fatigue, helpsyou sleep welland improves your vision health. 100% FREE andeffective for eyecare! Features √ Night filter shifts your screento natural warmlight √ Help you gain one more hour of sleep √Protect your eyesfor 24 hours with the auto-timer √ Helpmaintain healthy eyehabits √ Save your battery by 15% √ Getbetter sleep by reducingblue light √ Ease eye fatigue with just onetap √ Many colors tochoose from WHAT IS BLUE LIGHT? Blue light isthe visible lightspectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation. Itcontains moreenergy than other visible light types, so it maydamage yourretinal cells. WHY SHOULD I USE BLUE LIGHT FILTER?Research showsthat exposure to blue light imposes serious threatsto retinalneurons, causes eye strain, dry eyes, and inhibits thesecretion ofmelatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms.With ournight shift function, your vision health will be greatlyimproved.CAN BLUE LIGHT FILTER IMPROVE MY SLEEP? Yes. Naturalexposure toblue light during the daylight hours boosts people'senergy,alertness and mood; however, it will disturb your sleepatnight.(from wiki) Blue light filter can effectively reducebluelight from the screen and help you get better sleep.RELEVANTSCIENTIFIC STUDIES  1. Steven W. Lockley, GeorgeC.Brainard, Charles A. Czeisler. “High Sensitivity of theHumanCircadian Melatonin Rhythm to Resetting by Short WavelengthLight”.J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Sep;88(9):4502-5. 2. BurkhartK,Phelps JR. “AMBER LENSES TO BLOCK BLUE LIGHT AND IMPROVE SLEEP:ARANDOMIZED TRIAL”. Chronobiol Int. 2009 Dec;26(8):1602-12.3.----“Effects of blue lightstechnology”.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_blue_lights_technology4.“How exposure to blue light affects your brain and body”.NatureNeuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep MedRev,American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European SocietyofCataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA Neurology
Home Workout for Women - Female Fitness 1.0.18
Lose weight and get fit AT HOME with Female Fitness App! NOEQUIPMENT needed and suitable for BOTH BEGINNER AND PRO. Sweat afew minutes a day to get your dream body in weeks! Just like yourpersonal fitness coach, Workout for Women - Female Fitness, LoseWeight provides SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE targeted fitness workout forwomen to lose belly fat, tone butt, slim legs, trim waistline, loseweight and get in shape. Follow the home workout for women to feelthe burn anytime, anywhere. Get fit and be a better me! We providea variety of fitness workout plans to help train your body, burncalories, lose weight and get fit. Your PERSONAL TRAINER will helpyou get a sexier body before you know it! With 3D ANIMATIONS andvideos, you can make sure you use the right form. During eachworkout, we'll give you TIPS IN REAL TIME to help you maximize yourworkouts and gains. We encourage you to CREATE PERSONAL WORKOUTPLAN. If your knee or back is injured, don't worry, replaceunwanted exercises. You can also adjust the exercise order. Usethis workout tracker to track your daily workout, burned caloriesand weight loss progress. Sync data with Google Fit. No gym, noequipment needed, we’ll guide you to use your bodyweight to toneyour full body and get lean muscles. WHY WORKOUT FOR WOMEN - FEMALEFITNESS, LOSE WEIGHT? ☆ Effective Workouts √ Quick and effectiveworkouts maximize fat burning √ Scientifically proven to loseweight and improve health √ Bodyweight workouts, no equipmentneeded ☆ Personal Fitness Coach √ 3D animation and video guidancejust like your personal workout trainer √ Coach tips in everyexercise help you use the right form to get the best results √Create your personal workout plan ☆ Useful Features √ Workoutreminder helps you make workout a daily habit √ Sync data withGoogle Fit √ Track your weight loss progress √ Track your caloriesburned, calculate your BMI ☆ Professional Design √ Especiallydesigned fitness for weight loss app free for women √ Full bodyworkout at home, buttocks workout, abs workout for women, legworkouts for women, fat loss workout, burn fat workout, weight lossfitness workout, muscle booster workout plan, home & gymworkout planner
Stretching Exercises at Home -Flexibility Training 1.1.4
Wanna reduce muscle tension and relieve pain? Wanna enhanceflexibility and range of motion? Stretching is essential to yourdaily life, even if you're not planning to exercise. ACSM suggestpeople stretch at least 2-3 times each week for a healthy life.Scientifically proven that regular stretching helps reduce musclestiffness, release pain, improve flexibility and relieve stress.Why stretch? Avoid injury Increasing flexibility and range ofmotion in your joints is important for workout and running.Stretching before exercise is highly recommended because it canreduce muscle and joint tension, prevent cramps and avoid the riskof any injuries. It also helps fast recovery and reduces musclesoreness after exercise. Relieve pain Stretching is widely used inback pain treatment. Research shows stretching improves the bloodcirculation of muscles and joints, which can help healing andreleasing pain. It's a natural but essential way to treat pain anddecrease fatigue and stress. Increase flexibility Stretchingmaintains body flexibility. It develops and maintains mobility andmuscle strength. As muscles and joints weaken as we age, stretchingis also important for the elderly. Stretching Exercises Provides:Daily routines - Morning warm up exercises - Sleepy time stretchingFor runners - Pre-run warm up - Post-run cool down For flexibility& pain relief - Upper body stretching - Lower body stretching -Full body stretching - Lower back stretching - Neck & shoulderstretching - Back stretching - Splits Training ...... Features -Stretching exercises cover all muscle groups and are suitable forall people, men, women, young and old - Create your own stretchingexercises routines by replacing exercise, adjusting exercise order,etc - Voice coach with detailed animation and video demonstrations- No equipment needed, training at home or anywhere anytime -Workout reminder helps you make stretching a daily habit - Trackyour calories burned - Records training progress automatically -The chart tracks your weight trends - Dynamic stretching,stretching exercises for flexibility, flexibility training, warm upexercises, stretching routines, flexibility training, Stretch forrunners Fitness Coach All workouts are designed by professionalfitness coach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like havinga personal fitness coach in your pocket!
Sleep Sounds - Relax Music, White Noise
Suffer from insomnia? Want to relieve stress and anxiety? Relax andsleep with 30+ sleep sounds scientifically proven to help takecontrol of your sleep and relieve stress, insomnia, tinnitus. Usenature sounds, white noise, relax melodies and soothing soundsto create your own mixes. Gain a high-quality sleep you never had!Why Sounds Help Sleep Studies have shown that even when you’reasleep, you still perceive sounds in your brain. Therefore,disturbing sounds such as car horns may wake you up. Sleep SoundsFree quiets your brain and drowns out unwanted noises. It doesn'tjust help you fall asleep, it also helps you stay asleep. SleepSounds Free Can Help You - Relieve insomnia and fall asleep easily- Relax and relieve stress and anxiety - Block disruptive sounds,get an uninterrupted sleep - Drown out snoring - Take a quick nap -Pacify your crying baby - Add sounds to your meditation - Relievetinnitus - Concentrate Free Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping 30+relaxing sounds, meditation music and ambient sleep sounds for youto customize your own soundscapes: - Nature sounds (Bird, Cave,Fire, Wind, Snow, River, etc) - Water sounds (Rain sounds, Storm,Waves, etc) - White noise for baby sleep Amazing Features -Customize bedtime reminder to remind you to go to bed - Schedulesleep timer to automatically stop the sound - Play the sound in thebackground - Adjust the volume for each sound when creating yourown mix - High quality and clear relaxing sound for sleeping -Create your own mixes to relax and sleep - It’s perfect formeditation - No network required - Relax and sleep - Sleep SoundsFree Sleep Music Free Looking for sleep music free? No satisfiedsleep music free? Try the best sleep music app to regain control ofyour sleep! Nature Sounds to Sleep Looking for nature sounds tosleep to sleep better? Nature sounds to sleep to not only help yousleep, but also help you relax and meditate.
Ovulation Calendar & Fertility 1.025.26
Want to know when you are most fertile? Get pregnant fast withthemost reliable ovulation calculator & period calendar. Ithasbeen proven to increase your chance of pregnancy by 3 times,evenif you have irregular menstrual cycles. How does it work? GetBabypredicts your ovulation by using STM (the sympto-thermalmethod),which predicts your peak fertility days by using your BBTrecord(basal body temperature), CM(cervical mucus) and period onthecalendar. That's why it can help you to conceive 3 timesfaster!Health tracker - Monthly calendar tells you your dailychance ofgetting pregnant and your peak fertility days. - Trackyourcervical mucus, temperature, weight, intercourse, mood,symptom,PMS, etc - Record your ovulation and pregnancy tests -Innovativecharts help you manage reproductive health and getpregnant -Hundreds of articles and tips about pregnancy,fertility,ovulation, menstruation reproductive health, etc - Trackyourovulation and fertility Features - Predicts your chanceofpregnancy - Records your health data - Helps birth control inanatural way - Pregnancy mode - Backup and restore data -Passwordprotection - Export your data to your doctor - View allyour dataon the calendar - 100% FREE! No locked features -Ovulationcalendar and menstrual cycle calendar - Ovulationtracker,fertility tracker, menstrual cycle tracker and periodtracker -BBT: Basal Body Temperature, your temperature when youfirst wakefrom sleep. - CM: Cervical Mucus. - STM: TheSympto-thermal Method.It's a fertility awareness based method thatmakes use of a woman’sobservations of her CM, BBT and more in orderto identify thefertile and infertile times of her cycle. - PMS:PremenstrualSyndrome.
Drink Water Reminder 1.081.14
Water Drink Reminder reminds you to drink enough water.Properhydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight.Do youdrink enough water? Do you always forget to drink waterregularly?Are you in good shape? You need Water Drink Reminder - awatertracker app to help you develop good habits of water drinking!Thiswater tracker app reminds you to drink water every day to keepyouhydrated. Just enter your current weight, and Water DrinkReminderwill help you determine how much water your body needsevery day.Remember to update the app each time you drink a cup ofwater. Thenthe app will remind you when it's time for anotherdrink. Hydrationhelper not only tracks what you drink, but alsoreminds you whenit's time for another drink. The benefits ofdrinking water: * Stayin shape and keep fit; water is calorie free* Clears up your skin* Keeps your skin and nails healthy * Helpsprevent kidney stones *Keeps you hydrated Key Features include: *Water tracker that willremind you when and how much water to drinkthroughout the day *Customized cup and standard (oz) or metric (ml)units * You can setyour start and end time to drink water for eachday * Graph andlogs of your schedule * Syncs weight data withGoogle Fit. * Syncsweight and drink water data with S Health. * Youcan login throughyour Google account. * You can backup and restoreyour drinkingdata through the water tracker. In our day-to daylife, drinkingwater regularly can be challenging, despite itsnumerous healthbenefits. This water tracker app makes it easier tostay hydrated.It may even help you lose weight and prevent certainillnesses.Water Drink Reminder is a secure app. Please contact usif you haveany security questions.
Running to Lose Weight 1.0.8
Running for weight loss is a powerful activity tracker that tracksthe distance, speed, duration, and calories burned during yourfitness activities. And also a running distance tracker clearlytracks your running routes on a GPS map. Your activity details canbe viewed in real time. This running training app focuses on weightloss. By mixing running, jogging, walking, and sprinting, it helpsyou effectively burn fat and slim down. It is beginner-friendly andsuits different workout levels and fitness goals. Training Plansfor Different Goals & Levels: * Interval walking plan A weightloss plan designed for those who rarely exercise and can bearlow-intensity workouts, helps improve health and fitness. * Runningbeginner A running training plan designed for new runners with lessexperience and helps develop a healthy & scientific runninghabit. * 5k run A beginner-friendly running plan guides your runfrom 0k to 5k, boosts your running training and burns more caloriesand fat. * 10k run A more challenging running plan designed forexperienced runners. By following this plan, you can reach your10k+ running goals and become stronger! Enjoy Your Running Novicerunner with less experience? Find running boring? Hard to get inthe habit of running? Don't worry! Try these interval running plansin this run app, you will find running is fun, and lose weightwithout feeling bored. Detailed Workout Tracking - Map tracks yourrunning routes - Workout progress tracked automatically - Calorie,distance, time and pace tracked in real time - Calculate totalrunning distance and average pace - Track your weight trend inchart - Workout reminders customized - Treadmill workouts datamanually edited - Map my walk Powerful Music Playing Function -Supports all kinds of music apps - Play favorite songs from yourown playlists - Allows you to switch songs during exercise at anytime - Training with music increases your motivation by 35% StayMotivated - Voice coach boosts your training and guides you throughevery workout - Get voice feedback (distance, speed, calorie, etc)on every GPS tracked workout - Share your achievements and runningroutes on social media accounts - Provide plenty TIPS about fatburning, weight loss, balanced diet, etc Please Note: ●ContinuousGPS tracking in the background can dramatically consume battery.●Please consult your physician or doctor before starting anyfitness program. Want a running tracker, fitness tracker, runningroute planner, activity tracker app, calorie counter and walkingdistance tracker? This weight loss planner map my walk and helpslose fat and get in shape. Running Tracker It is also runningtracker to track your running routes, workout progress. Keeprunning and map my walk with this running tracker and be healthier!Weight Loss Apps Looking for lose weight app? No satisfied weightloss apps? Here is the best lose weight app to help you loseweight. This lose weight app not only count steps but also a weightloss apps. Jogging Apps The best jogging apps! Try this joggingapps, keep fit with jogging apps. GPS Running Tracker Want a GPSrunning tracker to track run? Want a map running app to trackrunning? Want your run map? Try this GPS running tracker to trackrun and get your run map. This map running app and run trackeraccurately track run on the map with GPS in real time, and providesyou run map. Distance Tracker for Running This run tracker and maprunning app track your distance tracker for walking and yourdistance tracker for running. It's not only a run tracker, but alsoa run GPS tracker to track running. Use the best run GPS trackerand jog tracker to track your distance tracker for walking and yourdistance tracker for running. Jog Tracker Jog tracker track runningand distance tracker for walking in real time. Lose weight withthis run GPS tracker.
Bluelight Filter Pro - Night Mode 1.4.3
Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone? Have troubleinsleeping after long time watching phone screen? That is due tobluelight. Blue light from your phone and tablet screen is thevisiblelight spectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation.According tothe scientific studies, exposure to blue light imposesseriousthreats to retinal neurons and inhibits the secretion ofmelatonin,a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. It is proventhatreducing blue light can greatly improve sleep. Blue lightfilter isused to reduce blue light by adjusting the screen tonatural color.Shifting your screen to night mode can relieve youreyes strain,and your eyes will feel at ease during night reading.Also bluelight filter will protect your eyes and help you sleepeasily.Features: ● Reduce blue light ● Adjustable filter intensity● Savepower ● Very easy to use ● Built-in screen dimmer ● Eyeprotectorfrom screen light Reduce Blue Light The screen filter canchangeyour screen into natural color, so it can reduce the bluelightwhich will affect your sleep. Screen Filter Intensity Byslidingthe button, you can easily adjust the filter intensity tosoftenthe screen light . Save Power Practice shows it can greatlysavepower because of reducing screen blue light. Easy to UseHandybuttons and auto timer will help you turn on and turn off theappin one second. Very useful app for eye care. Screen Dimmer Youcanadjust your screen brightness accordingly. Get betterreadingexperience. Eye Protector From Screen Light Screen shift tonightmode to protect your eyes and relieve your eyes in no time.Tips: ●Before installing other app, please turn off or pause thisapp toenable installation. ● When taking screenshots, please turnoff orpause this app in case screenshots use the app effect.RelevantScientific Studies Effects of blue lightstechnologyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_blue_lights_technologyHighSensitivity of the Human Circadian Melatonin Rhythm toResetting byShort Wavelength Light Steven W. Lockley, GeorgeC.Brainard, Charles A. Czeisler,2003How exposure to blue light affects your brain and bodyNatureNeuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep MedRev,American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European SocietyofCataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA Neurology AMBER LENSESTOBLOCK BLUE LIGHT AND IMPROVE SLEEP: A RANDOMIZEDTRIALChronobiology International, 26(8): 1602–1612, (2009)
Buttocks Workout - Hips, Butt Workout 1.0.8
Want to burn butt fat? Want to grow your butt? Super effectivebuttworkouts help you get a perfect butt faster than otherworkouts!Just a few minutes a day, in just 4 weeks, you will makeyour butteven more beautiful! Training Plans for Different GoalsButt fatburning - for those who want to reduce butt fat, get atoned andfirm butt. Butt growth - for those who want to grow theirbutt. Itfocuses on building a round and lifted butt fast withoutgrowingthe thighs. Each training plan has two difficulty levels,and allplans are designed by professional fitness coach.Beginnerfriendly, easy to get started and suitable for bothbeginner andpro. No Equipment Needed Varied, short and effectiveworkouts everyday to make you sweat, and keep daily training simpleand fun. Noequipment needed, no gym, just use your body weight towork out athome or anywhere anytime. Workout with Music Workoutwith music toincrease your motivation by up to 35%! You can workout withfeatured music or music from your phone. Customize TrainingPlanCreate your own daily workout routines from hundreds ofworkouts.You can replace exercises, adjust the exercise order, setresttime, etc. With workout reminder, you'll be more disciplinedandwon't forget your daily exercise. Coach Tips and DemoVideosAnimation, video and detailed instruction guide you throughtheexercise. Perform in the right way and achieve optimalresults.Just like having a personal workout trainer in your pocket!OtherAmazing Features - Quick and effective workouts for a goodlookingbutt - Burn fat, tone butt and get a tight and round butt -Warm-upand stretching routines - Increases exercise intensity stepby step- Track your weight loss progress and calories burned - Loseweightwith your personal trainer - Buttocks workout, butt workouts,fatloss workout, burn fat workout, weight loss fitnessworkout,fitness for weight loss app free for women Fitness CoachAllworkouts are designed by professional fitness coach. Workoutguidethrough the exercise, just like having a personal fitnesscoach inyour pocket!
Leg Workouts for Women - Slim Leg & Burn Thigh Fat 1.0.7
Hard to slim legs? Want to get a thigh gap? This app provides avariety of training plans to help you slim down your legs, burninner thigh fat and get a better body shape. Spend no more than 15minutes a day to efficiently lose leg fat and get rid of cellulite.The whole plan was designed by a professional fitness coach andincludes pulse workouts to help slim legs and tone your innerthighs. The workout intensity increases step by step, and theworkouts divided into 2 difficulty levels to fit people of allfitness levels: Beginner - for those who just started working theirlegs Advanced - for those who want to challenge themselves Besides,it also provides no jumping workouts to avoid knee pain andabsolutely no noise. No equipment or gym needed, after 30 days,your thighs will look sexier and firmer like never before. How doesthis slim down my legs? Leg muscles are the largest muscle groupsin the human body, especially the thigh muscles. Challenging theselarger muscles requires more energy, it also helps to accelerateyour metabolism, which will definitely boost the calories you burn,helping to burn fat, create firmer legs and sculpt your buttocks.Will it make me too bulky or muscular? Unlike men, low levels oftestosterone make it very difficult for women to become overlymuscular. It’s true that there are many exercises that result inbigger muscle mass and bulk up your legs, but our exercises aredesigned for women. These exercises only help you get lean andtoned. Why are some of us still getting bulky after exercise? It'snot from working your legs, but from doing the wrong exercises orforgetting to stretch afterwards. Our exercises come with detailedcoaching tips and stretching exercises for your legs. This helpsyou start training without getting bulky. Can I customize my owntraining plan? Of course! We offer more than 100 exercises, so youare free to use them to modify your training plan to fit your ownneeds. Repeat or delete some exercises, change the order, or evenbuild a whole new plan. With daily workout reminders, you'll bemore disciplined and finally get those thin, toned legs you've beendreaming of. Can I have a thigh gap? Not everyone can have a thighgap, It's impacted by bone structure, genes, obesity levels, etc.Our plan will help those with different levels of obesity to get athigh gap as much as possible. Features: - Detailed instructions,animations, and videos guide you through every workout - Theworkout intensity increases step by step - Track your weight lossand burned calories - Daily workout reminder - Customize trainingplan - Sync data with Google Fit More features coming soon, such assync data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal...
Kegel Exercises for Women - Kegel Trainer PFM 1.006
Daily Kegel exercise for women to strengthen pelvic floormuscles.Just 3-9 min a day, simple and effective! Pelvic floormusclessupport the uterus, bladder, and bowels, strengthening themcanprevent related problems. Strong pelvic floor muscles inwomen♀,help reduce labor pain, shorten the time of labor, and speeduppostpartum recovery. Don't know how to perform Kegelexercise?Don't worry, in this app, we will guide you step by step.KegelExercises for Women - Personal Kegel exercise trainer -Improvewomen's health - Benefits a lot both during pregnancy andafterchildbirth Privacy Protection √ Silent mode and vibration cue,soyou can do Kegel exercise anytime, anywhere, without anyoneknowing√ Discreet app icon. Anyone who looks at your phone won'tknow whatthe app is for Quick & Easy Kegel Exercises √ Easy tofollowdaily Kegel exercise routines √ 10 different levels, suitsbothbeginners and pros √ All workout sessions take only 3-9 min,idealfor busy ones Personal Kegel Trainer √ Workout intensityincreasegradually √ Helps you perform properly √ Optionalvibration,visual, and voice guides assist your Kegel exercise √Guide youstep by step to locate the pelvic floor muscles √ Checkyourprogress in the graph at a glance Customized Reminders √Customizeyour workout reminders √ With daily reminders, you won’tforgetyour Kegel exercise Other Features √ Different themes foryourchoice, and it's 100% FREE! ## What is Kegel exercise? Kegel isasimple exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles,therebyimproves bladder control, prevents pelvic organ prolapse,andimproves the sex life for women, etc. When performing it, allyouneed to do is locate the right muscles, tense, relax, rest,andrepeat. ## What are the benefits of Kegel exercise? *Improvebladder control and prevent urinary incontinence * Improvetheoverall quality of sex life * Increases orgasms intensityandoverall pleasure during intercourse * Speed up thepostpartumrecovery * Reduce labor pain and shorten the time oflabor *Prevent and treat pelvic organ prolapse Download thisKegelexercise app for 100% FREE now!
Habit Tracker, To do List: Tick It 1.0.2
TICK IT is a simple and user-friendly habit tracker, to-do list andself-improvement app that helps plan your daily habits, trackgoals, manage to-do lists and develop your intellect &productivity. Join our science-based habit-building journeys toembrace a fabulous life changing routine. TICK IT is your personal1vs1 coach for creating a healthy & productive lifestyle. Ourultimate goal is to help you keep your motivation high, get thingsdone and finally reinvent a brand new lifestyle in JUST 30 DAYS! ▌5Best things you can do with TICK IT ★ CUSTOMIZE DAILY HABITS Habitsand daily goals can be fully customized using the clear and neatinterface! A preset library of the most essential and popularhabits will help you find the best start point of your journey. ★30-DAY CHALLENGE Based on the scientifically proven 3-stagehabit-building method, 10+ rigorously designed journeys will makeit happen and conquer all impossibilities in 30 days. ★ STAYFOCUSED & TIME MANAGEMENT Stay focused and boost yourproductivity with the built-in timer and white noises. Also, smartreminders will help properly schedule your habits for the entireday. ★ STATISTICS Detailed, intuitive and useful statistics helpyou track and analyze your progress. Get yourself motivated bykeeping your streak going and collecting all achievement medals. ★MULTITYPE TO-DO LIST Besides regular habits, you can also plan amonthly or annual long-term habit or manage your one-time to-dolist. ▌7 Top Reasons that you should download TICK IT ★ Want to saygoodbye to the office disease caused by sedentary state andactivate your body? ★ Fighting with sleep disorders and want torebuild a regular internal clock and improve sleep quality? ★ Feellistless in the morning and need a quick and efficient routine toboost your energy and self-confidence for the rest of the day? ★Have an irregular diet and want to start a healthy lifestylethrough a healthier diet, fasting or easy-to-follow exercises? ★Feel difficult in disciplining your attention and want to be morefocused and organized? ★ Lack of self-confidence and need morecourage to overcome social fear? ★ Need to keep yourself relaxedand relieve inner and outer stresses in tough moments? TICK IT willbe your best personal coach and companion on your journey of allself-improvements including but not limited to: habit formation,fitness lifestyle, productivity and concentration development. Wewill be happy to witness the great change in your life.
Coach by Leap Fitness - At Home Workouts
Wonderfully produced by Google Play #1 Fitness Developer -LeapFitness Group! Coach is your private fitness coach at home.Yourcoach will design a professional and tailored training plan tohelpyou lose weight, tone muscles, or keep fitness without a gym.Coachcovers the most universal fitness topics as well as every goalandfocus area you can think of, based on almost 10 yearsexperienceaccumulation of Leap Fitness Group and over 50 Millionsactiveusers’ feedback. WHY COACH? Coach is not just a fitness APP.Itaims to be your best personal 1v1 trainer and companion onyourjourney to fitness and self-improvements. - Personal digitalcoachonly for you See fast results through AI-powered andtargetedadjustments made based on your real exercise feedback. Youwillnever experience the same as any other user. - Anytimeandanywhere, equipment is optional No space limits. Whether you areinyour office, home or outdoor garden, just bring your digitalcoachto exercise delightfully. No equipment? No problem! With yourbodyweight, you can also get in shape easily and visibly! - Foralllevels, for everyone A rookie getting out of breath whilewalkingupstairs? A master thinking fitness as a piece of cake? Noworries.Coach can design and provide the most suitable plan justfor you. -Multi-angle video tutorial by professional coach You canchoose afemale or male coach to do follow-up training that suitsyour bodyshape. Workouts are illustrated from multiple angles andcameraswith accurate voice tips. They are simple to follow andclear toavoid you doing it wrong or getting hurt. - Track everydrop ofyour sweat All your data are tracked thoroughly inreal-time,expanding steps, water drinking, weight, workout hours,calories,etc. You can also connect your Coach data to your GoogleFit. Tolet you grasp what Coach can bring you, the free versionincludes 5classic workouts and 400 professional exercises thatcover everypart of your body for you to explore; If you want yourcoach toapproach your progress and feelings to shape your plan andunlockover 100 well-chosen popular courses, you can subscribe totheCoach Premium! 3 Fantastic Things You Can Get From CoachPremium: -Scientifically designed 3-stage plan We offer nearly 15delicateplans and get you covered with reasonable challenges from28 daysto 60 days, varying from fitness focus and goals. Plans aredividedinto the adaptation stage, target focused stage, andfinalchallenge stage. Scientific staged design enables you to adapttotraining tempo and to strengthen and keep your exercise results.-Smart adjustments by your coach Your feelings andtrainingsituation will be analyzed strictly by AI. Easy ordifficult? Justtell your coach, who will find a wholesome solutionfrom massiveBig Data of the Leap Fitness Group to tailor the mostperfectalternative option for you. - Over 100 most needed workoutsExceptfor long-term plans, the Leap Fitness dig what users ondemand inworkouts from valuable experience, including the hottestHIITexercises. Coach selects more than 100 courses to best fittheirneeds, focusing on different fitness goals, parts, duration,andequipment to make sure everyone can find their favorite match.