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IELTS Vocabulary Practice Tips
IELTS Vocabulary Practice Tips is the best application to preparefor IELTS Exam as this is the first resource which will give youall recent IELTS speaking, reading, writing topics with IELTSvocabulary, ideas and model answers to all questions. IELTSVocabulary Preparation is the app that covers the most importantwords used for the real IELTS exam. The list of words was carefullyselected by language experts and if these are mastered, chances ofa successful IELTS test pass are very high.✌ Every day you willreceive a valuable tips on the IELTS Listening, Reading, Speakingor Writing test papers, as well as general advice on how to preparefor your IELTS test.Our IELTS Vocabulary Practice Tips will:★ IELTSVocabulary with 5000+ Words. This app has a vocabulary library withmore than 5000+ words used in the IELTS test. These are neatlydivided into 4 different categories to easily study and manage (such as New Word, New Learn Word, Remembered words, Not RememberWord).★ Provide you with useful tips for IELTS preparation• Supplyyou with all recent IELTS speaking topics• Enrich your IELTSvocabulary with colloquial expressions and topical phrases- Manywriting example and tips.- Help you craft diverse answers with itsready-to-use lists of ideas- Provide you with universallyapplicable model answers- Allow you to monitor your progressutilizing tools for self-testing - Allow you to prepare for IELTSspeaking.we provide this educational app, you can fine-tune yourIELTS vocabulary, listening and reading skills or advance fromstarter to English language expert. We are committed to helping youlearn & prepare for an IELTS exam thus any feedback isappreciated in the comments below!
Ielts writing Sample Essay, Speaking topics
Download IELTS Writing and Speaking examples to helps your englishskill in writing grow rapidly with target 8.5+The Best IELTSsamples Writing essay is a mobile-based application which allowsIELTS learners (tester) to study and offer the effective tips andtricks to cope with your master as:* How to brainstorm ideas withmulti kinds of writing task as essay, graph or letter.* How toextends your ideas and have a good plan to do it.* How to approachwriting and speaking an introduction and many mores…* Identity thetopic of essay, speaking topics.Even thoughts, this applicationprovides  knowledge, some general guidance on what is requiredto get a good result with IELTS: * Keep yourself updated withrecent real Speaking and Writing tests.* Help to IELTS learnersto determine what is good enough to score band 8.0~9.0 in theIELTS test.* Develop your vocabulary. The speaking and writingtests are included with the definitions of less common words andspecific examples.* Provide online dictionary with multi languages(more than 40 languages) as Malay, Vietnam, Dutch, Danish, Czech,Japanese, Indian, Korean, Polish, etc… * Provide extra appsfor IELTS vocabulary, IELTS tips, IELTS speaking andReading. * Show plenty of techniques for improving bandscore. You will have interactive preparation materials,relevant examples covering Writing Academic and General Trainingpart of the writing exam: ✔ Vocabulary for IELTSwriting task 1✔IELTS writing task 1✔ IELTS writing task 2✔ Lessons✔ Questions withanswers✔ Practice Test with answers✔ Letter samples✔ Graph samples✔Essay samples✔ New writing samples for practice EVERYDAY!ALL areFREE. DOWNLOAD it now to improve your IELTS band scores.Pleasecontact with us if you have any problems.Share Your Experience,Tell Us Your Score If You Can.Good luck for your IELTSexam!ThanksAsiaApp Team.
English Grammar Handbook mobile for learner 1.0.3
English Grammar Handbook!One of the best English Grammarapplication in Google Play. Download English grammar Pro now forfree and useful for English learners!Improve your English grammartoday with more than 100 English Grammar Lessons. "English GrammarIn Use" is for basic and advanced learners!"English Grammar In Use"IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZED for your phone ( android phone ortablet)."English Grammar In Use" is AWESOME for Studying EnglishGrammar.This useful app will help you to improve your Englishgrammar quickly.Start learning English Grammar with the followinglessons as :• Grammar In Use- Active Or Passive Voice, Adjectives,Adverbs;- Articles, Auxiliary Verbs, Conditionals, Conjunctions,Determiners;- Idioms, Interjections, Introduction, Nouns, Phrases,Prepositions;- Pronouns, Quantifiers, Question Tags, ReportedSpeech, Tenses, Verbs.• Grammar Tenses- Present Tense- Past Tense-Future Tense• Vocabulary- Many common word, list confused words•Speaking English- Some tips, preparation for speaking• ReadingComprehension- Many passages and question to practice• WritingEnglish skills • Modal Verbs - Modal Verbs of Ability- Modal Verbsof Obligation- Modal Verbs of Probability- Past modal verbs- Can -Could - Can or Could - Had Better - Have Got To - Have To - Must -Must or Have to - Ought to- May - Might - Shall - Should - ShouldHave - Will - Would - Will other use - Will or Would - Will Bedoing - Will have done - Will Have or Would Have• Gerunds- Gerundsand Infinitives- Verbs + Either Gerunds or Nouns + Infinitives-Verbs + Gerunds- Verbs + Infinitives- Verbs + Optional Noun +Infinitive- Verbs + Required Noun + Infinitive• Present simple-Present continuous- Present perfect- Present perfect continuous-Present perfect simple or continuous- Past simple - Pastcontinuous- Past Review - Past perfect & Past perfectcontinuous- Present Perfect or Past Simple- The Future - Going to /Will- The Future - Present forms- Types of Verbs- The -ing form-Irregular verbs- Would Always- The imperative- The Passive- The-ing form • Conditionals- The Zero, first, second, third, mixedConditional - Present, Past, Future Conditionals• Questions-Question Words,Examples, WHAT, HOW FAR, HOW LONG, HOW MANY,HOWOFTEN- Using How • Other lessons- Prepositions,The Passive, Wish,Used to, Suppose- About, For, Let, Like….Please download and studyEnglish grammar to have a good result with TOEFL CBT, TOEFL paper,TOEFL IBT, GSET, TOEIC, FCE, IELTS, Cambridge ESOL, CEFR or CAEtests!Have a great day ... and enjoy learning English grammaranytime, anywhere!Thank you all for using my our app. If you likeit, please rate for us 5 star to support us.AsianApp Team.
4000 English Grammar Tests - Offline 1.0.1
If you want to improve your English day by day with English Grammartests from Beginner to Advance. Doing our tests with the detailexplanations, we will help you to learn English Grammar for yourexaminations as FCE, TOEIC, IELTS, GSET,TOEFLFeatures of English Grammar Test App:Work completelyoffline.Simple and easy to use. Friendly interface.Thousands ofEnglish grammar questions.Track total score and analyze your scoreday by day.The structure of this app is the following:GeneralEnglish Grammar Test: 30 lesson tests with more than 1000questions with explaining the detail of each question.ElementaryEnglish Grammar Test:     More than 1000 grammarquestions with nearly 100 lesson test with elementary levels withthe following topic:Modal VerbsRelative PronounsPresent TenseDriveCarefullyStar vs BeginConditionalHolidays.Much, many, a lot,lotsPhrasal VerbsIntermediate and Advance Test:    Morethan 230 lesson tests with more than 2000 English grammar questionswith the following topics:Phrasal VerbsTime ExpressionsLetterWriting IssuesGMAT VocabularyGMAT WordsIncreasingVocabularyVerbal Skills TestVerbal TestSand IdiomsFutureTensesIdioms with the phrasal verb carryCulinary delightsWe hopeyou will be satisfied with our application. If you haveany comments for us, please do so below. Thank you!Asia App Team.
IELTS Speaking Samples, Vocabulary 1.0.3
Ielts Speaking Samples, Vocabulary is the best application toprepare IELTS speaking as the first resource which give you allmaterial about recent IELTS topics as IELTS Vocabulary, Modelanswers, Ideas.This app provides Samples IELTS Practice samples andquestions to help you improve the IELTS Speaking skills at yourIELTS examination. IELTS Speaking Vocabulary will help you befamiliar with the IELTS Speaking Interview by introducing with averity of common topics and tips which are often used in theIELTS’s examination. All vocabularies and samples are categorizedso that learners can practice and summarize easily. Based on this,learners will be able to develop their own skills as speaking,listening and writing in IELTS. IELTS Speaking allows you to :-Learn English and improve your vocabulary.- Prepare for your IELTStest.- Find the sample of recent IELTS’s examination.- Ideas forSpeaking Module- Know band conditions for speaking's allpart.Besides, it also give you some useful features as :- All arefree- Simple to easy and user-friendly interface- Samples IELTSSpeaking by Topics (include example and important vocabularies foreach topic).- Provide you with useful tips for IELTS preparation. -Supply you with all recent IELTS speaking topics.- Provide you withimportant vocabularies by topic for IELTS Speaking module.- Morethan 200 IELTS Speaking samples.- Ideas for Speaking Module- Helpyou craft diverse answers with its ready-to-use lists of ideasWeprovide this educational app, you can fine-tune your IELTSvocabulary, listening, speaking and reading skills or advance fromstarter to English language expert. We are committed helping you tolearn & prepare for an IELTS exam thus any feedback isappreciated in the comments below!AsiaApp Team
Common english idioms and Phrases 2018 1.0.6
Do you need to know more idioms, proverbs in English?Do you need auseful app to learn unusual phrases from the beginning of theircurriculum?Our application can satisfy all your requirements. Witha large number of idioms and phrases, you can search and findinformation in the most effective way.The application consists ofthe following key features:- Common English idioms.- Popularterms.- Favorite proverbs.- Integrated search engine.We hope youwill be satisfied with our application. If you have any commentsfor us, please do so below. Thank you!Asia Team.
Famous English Stories 1.0.1
English Stories is the collection of short stories, Novel Storiesfor everyone .Especially, it also includes stories of moral forKids It is an interesting way to teach your children about goodmorals and right conduct.With Bedtime stories, your children willbe taught good values to make them better in society andfamily.Reading The Best English Stories everyday will help yourkids have good values such as “improving their readingcomprehension skills.English Stories also contain the best andlarge collection of multiple categories of stories as well as :-Moral Short Stories- Moral Long Stories- Horror Stories- More than200 famous stories - Motivational Stories- Panchatantra Tales-Stories for Kids- English Novel Stories- Bedtime Stories- RomanceStories- Love Stories Collection- Self Motivation- Bible Stories-Fairy Tales Stories- General Stories- Humor Stories- BedtimeStoriesFeatures:- Display a list of all stories- Search stories-Easy to user-interfaceAll our stories are from open sources. If youhave rights for a story and you right wasn’t indicated or you areagainst its using in our application please contact us. We willcorrect data or drop it as soon as possibleWe hope that you willlove this app.Thanks.AsiaApp Team
English Paragraph Pro 1.0.6
Download English Paragraph Examples to help your english skills inwriting, speaking and listening grow rapidly. English is aninternational language. So you must have a good skill in writing,listening, reading and speaking.English Paragraph Collection iscompletely offline english paragraph book app to support you inIELTS, TOEFL’s examination.This app provides the multiple type ofparagraphs as “narrative, descriptive, Persuasive”. Based on this,you can have knowledge about Paragraph of Definition, An EffectiveParagraph, Structure How to organize a paragraph and Paragraph.ThisParagraph app also includes a lot of examples types of paragraphwhich will help you as Unity, Coherence, The Topics Sentences,Sufficient Development.Here is the list of paragraph topics :1Familiar Places,2 Myself, Persons and Things3 Festivals, Functions,Events,Day4 Trees, Plants, Crops,Garden5 Objects-scenes, Seasons6School, Education, Training etc7 Country, Environment, Natural8Travels, Journeys,Station9 Games, Sports and Hobbies10 Science,Inventions,Village11 Pollution, Calamities,Internet etc12 Animals,Birds etc.13 Live,Food, Health, Medical14 Newspaper, Magazine,Library ,Fair etc15 OthersALL are FREE. DOWNLOAD it now to improveyour IELTS band scores with the best paragraph examples.Pleasecontact with us if you have any problems.Share Your Experience,Tell Us Your Score If You Can.Good luck for yourexaminations.ThanksAsiaApp Team.
5000 English grammar Tests - Offline 1.0.1
Toefl tests, Ielts tests, Toeic tests for everybody.If you want toimprove your English day by day with English Grammar tests fromBeginner to Advance. Doing our tests with the detail explanations,we will help you to learn English Grammar for your examinations asFCE, TOEIC, IELTS, GSET, TOEFL. 
Features of English Grammar TestApp:• Work completely offline.• Simple and easy to use. Friendlyinterface.• Thousands of English grammar questions.• Track totalscore and analyze your score day by day.
The structure of this appis the following:• General English Grammar Test: 30 lesson testswith more than 1000 questions with explaining the detail of eachquestion.• Elementary English Grammar Test: More than 1000 grammarquestions with nearly 100 lesson test with elementary levels withthe following topic:o Modal Verbso Relative Pronounso PresentTenseo Drive Carefullyo Star vs Begino Conditionalo Holidays.oMuch, many, a lot, lotso Phrasal Verbs• Intermediate and AdvanceTest: More than 230 lesson tests with more than 2000 Englishgrammar questions with the following topics:o Phrasal Verbso TimeExpressionso Letter Writing o Issueso GMAT Vocabularyo GMAT WordsoIncreasing Vocabularyo Verbal Skills Testo Verbal Testo SandIdiomso Future Tenseso Idioms with the phrasal verb carryo CulinarydelightsWe hope you will be satisfied with our application. If youhave any comments for us, please do so below. Thank you!Asia AppTeam.
English Synonym Dictionary Offline 1.0.7
Offline English Synonyms Dictionary - Antonym word databaseFREESearch the English word and it will display its Synonyms andAntonym.* FREE – It is completely free. you don't have to payanything ever!!* "Search any english word” feature that help tosearch the word “starting" with searching word or “ending" withsearching word or “containing" the searching word.* Thousands ofSynonym Words and Terms.* Antonyms Dictionary with Alphabeticallisting.* Works completely offline! No internet connection needed!Perfect for your studies!* Synonyms thesaurus of over 6,000 terms.*Application Synonyms and Antonyms are very helpful for students andthis app contains complete list of words like a dictionary.*Advanced search system:* Improve your english vocabulary! The idealthesaurus to find English synonyms and definitions of nouns, verbs,adjectives, etc.* Compatible with most device with different layoutfor tablet.* User-friendly interface using material design.This appis supported by ads. If you like the dictionary, please comment andfeedback. Thanks :)AsiaApp Team.
1000 Common mistakes in English 1.0.3
Common English Mistakes, Errors or Common Mistakes English, CommonErrors in English is an application to help users can answer whichis correct english sentences ? People with English as the secondlanguage usually make some very common mistakes errors) whilewriting and speaking skills.With this app, user can understand andavoid common mistakes in English Usage.It will not only shows youcommon English mistakes but also improve your confidence whilespeaking, writing and pronunciation in English.This application isvery carefully categorized to help users to understand the kind ofmistakes (errors) easily. This application includes the followingcategories:- General sentences - Interview- Business & Meetingsentences- Vowels sentences- Articles sentences- Spellings-WritingBesides, the app also covers the following tenses :- SimplePresent Tense, Simple Past Tense, Simple Future Tense.- PresentContinuous Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Future Continuous Tense. -Present Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Tense, Future Perfect Tense-Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Continuous Tense,Future Perfect Continuous Tense etc. The following sentence types:-Affirmative, - Interrogative, - Negative, - Negative interrogativeFeatures: - English dictionary , of correct and incorrectsentences.- Free dictionary , to correct your english.- ImproveGeneral english English is very important in our life. So Let’savoid most common grammatical mistakes by using this app.Hope thatit will help you to improve you English communication.Pleasecontact us if you have any problem.We wish you all the best.AsiaAppTeam.