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Minna No Nihongo 2.2
1. Full 50 lessons of Minna No NihongoStandard human japanese voice.Kanji to basic radical.Smart functions to help you remember kanji easily.2. Grammar is easy to understand with structure, guiding andexample.3. Game Kanji: Combination of listening skill and kanjiknowledge.Very,very fun in 2 players mode.4. Kaiwa: The best way to help you confident to talk is: Talkmore and more everyday.You can listen every sentence, talk and record your own voice, thencompare to native Japanese voice of Minna No Nihongo.Again, it will be very, very fun if you do this with your partner,to make your own kaiwa.5. If you have any suggest, please make a comment. I am veryhappy to make this app more more useful for you.6. Learn japanese by Minna No Nihongo is now easy and fun.7. Hiragana and katakana is rather basic and easy, but if youstill want a function to learn them. Please make a comment.8. Except video online, all other functions are workingoffline.This will help you able to learn Minna No Nihongo anytime, anywherewith just 5 - 10 minutes.
Minna no Nihongo Kanji (VOICE) 1.2
1. You can choose one or more lessons of Minnano Nihongo.2. Practice: Displaying word by word, with standard japanesevoice.3. Playing game:Listening to voice then find that word on screen.You can play in 1 or 2 player mode4. For the teacher: Instead of wasting of time to write Kanji on abig paper to test your pupil.Just use this tool for all 50 lessons of Minna no Nihongo
Practice intonation will help you confidentandspeak Japanese fluently.You can practice alone or with another person inkaiwa(conversation) in Speak Japanese.Easy and handy to use Speak Japanese.Speak Japanese is so much fun now.No ads in Speak Japanese.