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Long hair tips 4.1.0
Long hair tipsLearn Hair care Tips in Urdu. This is a completeguide for Hair care, beauty tips and tutorials.Using these beauty tips you can easily get:-Hair care tips-Long hair- Stop Hair loss tips-Hair- Remove unwanted hair from face.- Skin care beauty tips and a lot more ....Hair care in hindiHair care appHair care Tips in Urdu is a health and fitness application .Hair care tips gives tips on how to grow your hairlong. Your hair look beautiful and attractive. It doesn't need alot of salon items, handful of expensive vitamins andminerals.Grow long hair using the tips we had published. It will definitelyhelp you grow long hair, and if you already have long hair, thenthere are tips of beauty, stop hair loss and every thing about haircare.Features:-Zoom in-Zoom out-Social sharing-Whats App-Jump to specific page
Urdu Qaida 4.0
Urdu Qaida. Basic Urdulearning, Alif to Yay. Urdu Qaida for kids initialeducation. Install Urdu Qaida and teach your kids basics of Urdulanguage, there are Urdu alphabets with objects to keep kidsattention and interest. Great app, you will definitely love it.FeaturesZoom inZoom outSocial SharingWhatsApp sharingTake ScreenshotSave to deviceJump to pagef42bb3885cYou can share it with your friends using social media and WhatsApp,rate, review and spread the word :).
Learn about Animals sounds 2.0
Learn about Animal sounds isa cool educational app for kids, it is entertaining and engaging,keeps kids busy and engaged. There are interactive images andaudios for wild animals and pet animals separately.In this animal sounds app, kids will entertain themselves withsmart navigation.Learn about Animal sounds app offers HighDefinition (HD) animal pictures and on a single touch on images youcan listen each animal's sound respectively.Learn about Animal Sounds Features:High Definition (HD) Animal sounds and pictures.Smart navigation.No Advertisements.Smooth transitions between animal sounds and animal images..Amazing colorful engaging graphics and realistic animalsounds.Educational kids game.Multiple languages support.Learn about animals.It is an amazing app with different animal sounds and pictures,this is an Advertisement free multilingual version of"Animal Sounds" app and will work very welloffline without internet connectivity. Just install andlearn about animals.
Islamic Baby Names 2.4.0
Find Islamic baby names with meaning.Islamic Names has the best collection of Islamicnames, there are meaningful, unique and short baby names, both forbaby boys and girls, cute baby Islamic names with meanings compiledin alphabetical order.Baby namesTraditional Islamic NamesModern unique Islamic baby namesIslamic baby NamesBaby Boy NamesBaby Girl NamesIslamic Name FinderBeautiful baby namesThese Islamic names have been put together in alphabetic order andthere are separate sections for baby boy's names and girl's names.App FeaturesZoom InZoom OutShare with friendsDownload to deviceTake screenshotWhatsApp sharing
Learn body parts (Free) 2.1.0
Learn human body partsThis is the free version of learn human body parts app. Install forfree and train your kids to learn human body parts. There will bean Ad free version of "Learn human body parts" coming soon as well.It will be very easy for your kids to learn about human body partsby the help of this app. There are almost all major human bodyparts elaborated in this app. Just download, install and share yourfeedback with us regarding our "Learn human bodyparts" App, so we could improve and make it perfect forkids learning.
Blood Pressure Prank 2.4.0
Blood pressure prankDo yo uhave high blood pressure or low blood pressure ?Not blood pressure checker, its just a prank, lol :D. Results thatit shows are not accurate and are just based on randomcalculations, it is just a prank meant for entertainment purposeonly.Put your thumb on thumb impression mark, keep it there till it getsscanned and then it'll display some random results. Human bloodpressure could not be calculated by Android devices yet to thisdate, so anyone believing the results to be true is a fool, justuse this app to make one out of your friends :).777021e506You can use social sharing features and share the prank with yourfriends through facebook, twitter, linkedin, e-mail, WhatsApp andall over the place on social media.
English to English dictionary 3.1
English toEnglishdictionary is a FREE. English toEnglishdictionary application for Android. OfflineEnglishdictionary. FREE Offline English to Englishdictionary.3453247469
Learn English Grammar 3.4.0
Learn English grammar :Best step by step English Grammar tutorial. Learn English grammarina few days. You will be able to teach grammar afterlearning.English grammar is the best application to learn Englishgrammar athome, school, tuition, on the move, anywhere! grab it andmasterit. English grammar is the application that help you toimproveyour English language. You can also practice from theEnglishgrammar application. To speak in a clearer and mosteffectivemanner we study grammar.Dictionary in English is also agreat toolto increase your vocabulary. Download the dictionary andimproveyour English language in a more efficient way.Learn GrammarDo you have a question about the correct usage of the semicolonorhow to place adverbs in a sentence? If so, you've come to therightplace.English grammar guide filled with the rules of Englishusage.Each grammatical rule is explained in plain English withseveralexamples, and when needed, counter-examples. The grammaticalrulescovered by this guide are categorized below. English grammaris notalways easy to understand, but by using this guide you shouldbeable to remind yourself of the rules of English usage and speakorwrite English with confidence.DictionaryLearnEnglishGrammarNouns:Nouns are people, places, or things, They tell us what wearetalking about. The words cat, Jack, rock, Africa, & itarenouns.Adjectives:Adjectives modify, or describe, nouns. The words tall,beautiful,irresponsible, & boringare adjectives.Adverbs:Adverbs modify adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs. They tellushow, when, and where things happen. They expressquantity,intensity, frequency, and opinions.Punctuation:Punctuation is not part of oral grammar, but it is essentialtomaster in written English.Verbs & verb tenses:Verbs are action words. They tell us what is happening andwhen(past, present, future). Verbs can also express possibilitiesandconditions.Speech:When we report what someone says, we can cite the person directlyorindirectly. Indirect speech rules are an important areaofgrammar.Learn EnglishThe basic keyword of English grammar:Active Or Passive VoiceAdjectivesAdverbsArticlesAuxiliary VerbsConditionalsConjunctionsDeterminersIdiomsInterjectionsIntroductionNounsPhrasesPrepositionsPronounsQuantifiersQuestion TagsReported SpeechTensesVerbsEnglish Grammar - Learn GrammarIn this fast moving world, time acts as a constraintforpeople.People don't have enough time to skim through vastmodulesof English Grammar lessons.Grammar in English.English Grammar provides a crash course on grammar covering onlythemost important aspects thus saving your valuable time. Get intouchwith us on facebook, Google plus and other social media.
Love Poetry 3.1.0
Love poetry FREE, poetry for lovers, dedicatethese heart touching love poetry verses with your loved ones. Onlysad hearts can understand the feelings in this piece of lovepoetry.Mohabbat bhari shayri, urdu poetry with love, Urdu love poetry is acompilation of poetry with love. Explore the beautiful poetry andunderstand the meanings of these words explained in a lovelyway.Urdu shayari collection.Urdu love shayari.Express your feelings with love poetry.App features:+ Zoom in+ Zoom out+ Download+ Set as wall paper+ Take screenshare+ Social sharing+ Navigate within pages
English to Urdu Dictionary 5.1
English to UrduDictionaryEnglish to Urdu dictionary is the best dictionaryapp around. English Urdu Dictionary Free todownload and use, yes believe it or not it is totally free anddictionary works very well without internet access.Dictionary (English to Urdu) Features:- Complete dictionary (English to Urdu).- Search individual words.- Text to speech dictionary.- Tap to listen.- Add to favorites.- Social sharing.Convert English to Urdu and text to speech.
Totkay / Tips 2.4.0
Tips in UrduUrdu tips (totkay), amazing tips in Urdu. Use these householdtipsand beauty tips, hair care tips, long hairtipsfor free. Get access to the best collection ofhousehold beautytips, having tips for skin care, hair care, handsand feetcare.Tips in UrduTipsbeauty tipslong hairhair care
General Knowledge 4.0
General KnowledgeInsight knowledge instantly, good source of general knowledge,read,learn and share these tips of general knowledge. IncreasedIQlevel.General knowledge slides could be shared on facebook,google+, whats app, instagram etc. for general knowledgeproficiency andincreasing IQ level. One of the few Playstore itemswith originalGeneral Knowledge content and intelligence quotient(IQ)proficiency.Dimag ko tez karny ky totkayIncrease IQ levelDimag ko taiz krny ke totkayDamaghGeneral knowledge trivia in Urdu language is a bit difficulttofind, but we had done our best effort using ourintelligence.General knowledgebrainHigh IQ Proficiency
Birthday Cake Designs 2.4.0
Happy birthdayBirthday cakes designs, brilliant ideas for Birthday cake designs,designs for birthday cakes, latest cake designs, get free cakedesigns for birthday, enjoy your birthday with one of these uniquecakes.da840019ccBirthday cakes should be unique and stylized, design your birthdaycake and treat your loved ones with beautifully designed birthdaycakes.
Lipstick guide 1
Lipstick Guide is theultimateguide for wearing lipstick, lipstick is the major part offacemakeup, lipstick counts the most when it comes tomakeuppreparation. You can find the perfect lipstick guide inthisAndroid application, using that you can become a lipstickmakeupexpert. Using this application you can easily make your lipslooksimpressive and you can easily impress everyone with youlipstickstyling, you can learn to make juicy lips. Lipstick guidemakes thedifference between plain lips, and lustrous lips. From lipgloss tolip stick, you are never out of options to play up yourlip. Forthinner lips, lighter glossier shades are better to helpplump upthe looks of your lips. For larger lips, wear darker shadesto kindof tone down the size of your lips.
Pedicure Tips 4.1
Pedicuretips. Hand and feet nail care, and tips forpedicure. Keep your nails safe with manicure and pedicure. No needto go to a beautician in a parlor and pay for it when you can dopedicure at home for FREE. Simply save your time and money.Beautiful hand and feet, and free Pedicure.Free pedicurePedicure tips is a free androidapplication , having great content. Install for free and exploremore.Tips in UrduPrdicure ManicureBeautyFashion beauty
Lose weight quickly 2.4.0
Quick weight lossWeight loss tips and tricks, try these weight loss tips toloseweight and get it in a few days using this ultimate weight loss-lose weight tips app. Find the secret weight loss tips aboutlosingyour weight with these weight loss tips based on expertsadvice andherbal beauty and fitness tips.
Eye Makeup 2.4
Eye MakeUpThis is an Android app having step by step eye makeup tutorials,learn about eye makeup. as we always want to look beautiful.Eye makeup matters a lot when it comes to makeupand latest fashion trends. Following these step bystep eye makeup tutorials and tips, we can do pretty muchanything we want for our eyes' makeup, keep learning and become aneye makeup expert .This is the best step by step guide for Eye makeup, there areall kinds of makeup and eyelashes tips and techniques that you canthink of, and you can do it yourself. With this application youwill learn both makeup techniques and make your own eye make-upproperly.Features:- Eye Makeup Application.- Step by step Makeup guide.- Eyes Makeup Step by Step guide.- Eyes Makeup Tutorial.- Eye makeup tips- Eyelashes styling guideYou can learn a lot about makeup using this app, specially eyemakeup, you will know how to do the famous smokey eyes makeup, thecat eye makeup, and how to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner, and matchshadow colors according to the color of your eyes, and more eyesmakeup tricks like setting up eye lashes.Following this step by step makeup guide, you can become a knownmakeup expert artist for youself and your friends and family at anyparty, wedding, or any type of event. It is very easy, simple,straight forward and practical, just grab your eye shadow palette,and makeup set , and start your Eye Makeuprightnow.
Increase Height 2.4.0
Increase height seriously, increase heightwithin a matter of a few days. Use these height increase tips andincrease height quickly. Don;t worry if you have a short height,just follow the tips and grow your height.Seriously increase heightusing these genuine increasing height methods.
Women Fashion 2.4
Women fashion trends for all women,speciallyselected compilation of latest women fashion trends, groomyourover all attire by following these latest trends in womenfashion.Every woman / girl should check it out and alter theirappearancein a pleasant and surprising way.513947dba4Features:Fashion trends for women of all agesLatest women shoes trendsBest in fashion trends
Grow long hair 2.4.0
Hair care tipsLong hair tips, hair care tips, treatment for hair loss, growyourhair long. Hair loss is a major problem both for men andwomen,find treatment for baldness and hair loss, dandruff is noproblem.Just use these herbal remedies and tips to grow your hairlong. Useit yourself and tell your friends too.Long hair admire every one, and attract the opposite sextowardsyou, and confidence in your personality is another levelofsatisfaction.Hair loss is not a problem with no solution, we had compiledaselection of expert advice to help you guys, yes you who wanttogrow your hair extra long, or the ones who just want to get ridoffast hair loss.Hair careLong hairHair growth formula
Dog 1.0
DOGDog Jump is a game full of adventure and fun. Play as a realdog,awesome background when you run into it. Play as a real puppy-jump, bark, and eat the foods. Dog Simulator has veryattractivegame play. Dog Simulator is a free challenging game. DogSimulatoris a free android app / game, which works well on alldeviceswithout any internet access. There are endless game playfeaturesand rewards to make the dog jump as long as you can. Youcan earnthe points for distance covered, hurdles crossed and thenumber ofperks collected. Get familiar with a game which becamecult onFacebook, this time with an unprecedented game playoptimized formobiles and tablets. Have fun in the brand new summerworld andcomplete all the challenges!51a2c9fd4aGame Features:<.strong>*Endless game play*Flat / Minimalist design*Eye catching graphics*Great idea*Smooth animation*Unique character & idea*Fast loading*Light weight*Free downloadHow to Play:-* Tap on screen to jump* Click to jump between wheels* Collect bones, leg piece and dog food* Score high to unlock achievementsEnjoy the game and do share your feedback if you haveanysuggestions for improvement.
Beauty tips 2.0
Beauty TipsSkin care tips for beautiful skin care. House holdtips of beauty and self skin care. Keep good care of your skin andget rid of pimples, become beautiful using these beautytips. Get glowing skin and increase your face value.Skincare. Beauty tips.jild ko narmo mulaim krny ky totkay, jild ko narmo muliyam krny kytotkay, jild ki hifazat ky totkay, jild ki khoobsoorti ky liy, topbeauty, gora gora rang, increase beauty.Beauty tipsBeautiful ladiesSkin careLong hair tipsBeautiful strong hairTipsblack hairlong hair tipslong hair styles
Learn Shapes For Kids 1.0.1
Learn shapes for kids“Learn Shapes” is an educational game for young children.ThisAndroid App helps to build the skills and knowledge of yourchildren in a playful manner. The younger ones will be taught todistinguish between different shapes and apply their knowledge inreal life.This is a unique way of teaching your children about shapes andcrafts, using the app young kids will be able to distinguish andidentify different shapes.
Learn clothing 2.1.0
Learn clothesLearn about clothes, and clothing, develop the clothing sense inyour kids, using this app. There are several clothes explained withaudio.Features:Cool audio lessonsSmooth transitionsEngaging graphicsFun activity for kidsLearn about clothes in English, get to know more about what youdon't know about clothes. There is another Ad Free version of thisapp, available at:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pk.learnclothespro
Learn fruits 2.1.0
Learn FruitsLearn fruits is a free educational app for kids. Learn fruits withsounds, easy to use and navigate, Teach your kids about fruits, andhelp them enhance their learning capabilities. Learn Fruits madeeasy!It is a well engineered app having a lot of features i.e.background sounds, interactive playful activities, engaginggraphics.Use this app for kds' general education, and learning practice,plus enhance their knowledge about fruits.
Learn Colors 2.1.0
Learn colorsThis is the free version of "Learn colors" application.It is easyto use and navigate through colors while learning..In this colorleaning app you can easily train your children about differentcolors and distinguish among different colors.Learncolors is a very easy approach to learn about colors and agreat opportunity for your kids to learn about different colorswith their names.There are almost all important and major colorsdemonstrated in this Learn color learning application with theirnames and background audios .Download .install the app and give usyours feedback regarding this Learn colors app,so that we canimprove this app for the children and make it a perfect colorslearning experience.
Learn Body Parts (Pro) 1.0
Learn human body partsThis is the Pro version of our app "Learn human body parts". Install and train your kids tolearnabout human body parts. There is a free version of "Learnhumanbody parts" as well, Here is the link:https://goo.gl/E7Bo2gIt will be very easy for your kids to learn about human bodypartsby the help of this app. There are almost all major humanbodyparts elaborated in this app. Just download, install and shareyourfeedback with us regarding our "Learn human body parts" App, sowecould improve and make it perfect for kids learning.
Learning English 2.4.0
Learning Englishmadeeasy.Learning English was never so simple, just use this app andtutoryourself and learn English language within a matter ofdays.Leraning english made easy. Proper way to teach yourself thebasicsof English language, English grammar, best for learningEnglishtenses.
Animal Sounds (Free) 2.1.0
Animal SoundsLearn about animals sounds, this is the free version of thisapp,advertisement free version of learn about animals sounds isalsoavailable.Sounds of animals.Learn about animals sounds featuresWith this app you can:Learn animalsLearn animal namesLearn reptilesLearn insectsLearn fishLearn birdsLearn animals soundsPet animals soundsWild animals soundsLearn sounds of animalsHow animals speak
English Urdu Dictionary 1.0
EnglishUrduDictionary is a FREE.UrduDictionary application for Android.OfflineEnglish Urdu Dictionary. FREE Offline English UrduDictionary. Urdulanguage learning made easy.English Urdu dictionary is a useful tool to learn Urdu quicklyandincrease your Urdu vocabulary by learning new words andtheirmeanings specially if Urdu is not your native language.English Urdu Dictionary best for Pakistan.
Fast Battery Charger and Saver 3.1.0
Battery saver and Fasterbattery charger for Android devices.Fast charger app helps charge the battery wayfaster than normal!This fast charger battery saver app optimizes your resources andorganizes the power management in such a way that your Androiddevice gets charged fast and drains slowly.battery saver.Best for battery saving and fast charging. This is also an activitymonitor for your mobile phone. Shows the battery info, includesturbo charger that charges Android devices efficiently andeffectively. You get battery notification if anything goeswrong.How Fast charger works:Connect your Android charger cable, Fast Charger will detect it andlimit the power consumption of your phone/tablet, after that yourbattery will not withdraw much power during the charging time andtherefore it will charge very quickly. According to our tests, thiswill reduce your charging time drastically.10x faster charger than regular charging, better than any other appfor fast battery charging.
English to Arabic Dictionary 1.0
EnglishDictionary is a FREE.English to Arabicdictionary application forAndroid. Offline English toArabic Dictionary. FREE Offline Englishto Arabic Dictionary.English language learning made easy.English to Arabic dictionary is a useful tool to learnArabicquickly and increase your Arabic vocabulary by learning newwordsand their meanings specially if Arabic is not yournativelanguage.