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TheAnnoyingBird 2
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TheAnnoyingBird is a simple game that consists of a bird flyingrandomly on your screen, trying to make you confused. Your job isto catch him at the right spot on the right time to increase yourscore.The more you smash him, the faster he will go. The faster hegoes, the harder it is to catch him.The game is fun, competitive,and it can get really addictive. It also requires patience and alot of focus once your score becomes high enough.You can play thisat home, school, work, university. It is no arcade game, no storydriven, none of the *have to understand the story before you play*concepts. Just grab your phone and play a simple game as mobilegames should be fun and most importantly simple.Also to mentionthat the game is rather small, it does not slow your device norturn it's heat up. Simple and Fun.You can screenshot yourhigh-score and submit it via in-game button in order to not onlycompete with your family or friends, but also strangers from allaround the world.
Moopy 1
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In this game you will Help Moopy unlock achievements in order toadvance to more difficult challenges. The game provides 4 minigames and a total of 20 achievements to be unlocked. Each mini gamerequires a specific number of achievements needed in order tounlock it.You can also customize your Moopy by changing its colorand shape! Different colors and shapes will be unlocked after eachmini game unlocked.- Why should i download Moopy ? Great for peoplewho look for some time to kill. School, home, work, bathroom. Moopycontains several mini games that a person can have fun challenginghimself with.- What is so special about Moopy? Why not other minigames?As well as containing several mini games to play, Moopy alsocontains some graphical advantages where you can select the colorand shape for your own Moopy. The game also puts out some goals foryou to do instead of just playing the common mini games without anypurpose.All mini games that Moopy contains are very well explainedand straight forward, but require a lot of focus and speed.- Willthere be any future updates for the game?Of course. Moopy will havearound 10+ mini games that will be developed with time based on theusers suggestions and comments, as well as many colors and shapesto be added.If you would like to contact the developer, please sendan email to:charbelmerheb0@hotmail.comorcharbelmerheb0@gmail.com