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LectureNotes is a platform for Peer-to-Peer Notes sharing, wherefaculties, toppers, and institutes share their class notes withother students. LectureNotes aims to remove dictation fromClassroom and bind the students and teachers(educators) communityworldwide into a single platform where they can Learn, Share andEducate each other. Students can find notes for all their subjectsrelevant to their syllabus prepared by faculties of their ownuniversity. They can connect with the faculty, get their doubtscleared and prepare well for both universities, placements,competitive exams and improve their knowledge and understanding ofthe concept. Seminar presentations, project reports and much moreare planned to be added soon. Features: 1. Personalised StudyTable: Quickly access your favorite notes and subjects directlyfrom the Study Table. 2. Resume your studies directly from whereyou left last time. 3. Take notes offline, download all the notesfor reading even if the internet is not available. Learn ShareEducate with us and enjoy the Open Learning Platform. This is apre-release and free version of the app. Faculties can also createtheir profile on the website and be visible to academic recruitersfrom across the nation. VISIT US: http://lecturenotes.in/ LIKE US:https://www.facebook.com/lecturenotes.in/