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Club Chat 1.1.1
Club Chat message, Voice and Video call friends. ClubChat send and receive messages, calls, photos, and VoiceMessages.for  FREE. • You can access your chats on your phone,tablet, or computer so you never miss an update • Chat works acrossall devices so you can communicate with anyone,  • Easilycreate group chats for your friends or office co-workers sharethe messages. • Share images and Videos and location with friends.• Share contacts – exchange contact information as a message inone-to-one and group conversations • Easier video calling – start avideo call directly from your contact’s profile Privacy Note: ClubChat does not collect personal information in any way. Your privacymeans a lot to us, and it is our responsibility to protect it.
Dogs and Cats Wallpapers 1.1
♥ ♥ ♥ Dogs and Cats Wallpapers ♥ ♥ ♥Dogs and Cats Wallpapers andBackgrounds for FREE in High Quality Resolutions.♥ Dogs and CatsWallpapers and HD Backgrounds stunning and beautiful Dogs and CatsWallpapers.♥ Dogs and Cats Wallpapers can use as a Screen saver onyour mobile or tablet screen.♥ Use this app and enjoy the stunningand the most beautiful awesome and Popular dogs and cats wallpapers& Backgrounds.♥ You also have Easily download Share withfriends on email, Facebook and More Dogs and Cats Wallpapers.♥ AGood And Awesome Collection of Dogs and Cats Backgrounds.
Ghost In Photo 2.1
******** "Ghost In Photo" ******** Ghost In Photo is only for youif you like to make your photos with Ghost and prank with friends.Make fun and prank with your friends by installing "Ghost InPhoto". You are add ghost in your image and making image veryscary. Best part of this application is provide a free ghost image,so you can add ghost image easily. ******* Steps to Use Ghost InPhoto ****** ==> Select photo from gallery or Camera. ==>Crop photo according to your android device. ==> Add ghost imagein your personal image. ==> Adjust the ghost image in yoursuitable position . ==> You can add multiple ghost in yoursingle image. ==> You can easy save your final Wallpaper &image and share Facebook,Whatsapp and other social apps.
Custom Monogram Maker 1.8
★ ★ ★ Custom Monogram Maker ★ ★ ★Custom Monogram & BackgroundMaker is easy to use features allow you to make background with useof multiple colors and you can also change color and transparencyof monogram objects and fonts and choose different types of Fontand monogram object also.★ ★ ★ How to use:- ★ ★ ★==> Select thePattern color for image.==> Change the background color ofimage.==> You can Increase or decrease transparency of imagePattern.==> Attach monogram background using top right Button.—> Change monogram objects,font,color and add Text.1) Add textto Monogram Object using bottom menu.2) Change font style and colorand transparency.3) Modify Monogram object style and color andtransparency.4) You want to use this image set as Home Screen orLock Screen to save and share with friends using top right Button.
Face Swap 1.6
Face swap help you to change faces in photo. You can Cut or Cropany face of one photo and Place it on another photo.Place any thinglike Human Face ,animal face anything over any living body andcreate the funny photo.Features :* Automatic face detection.*Select already existing image or take the new one from camera* CropMultiple image at time.* Flip faces.* Swap faces.* You can zoom inand zoom out crop image as wall as background image.* You canEraser your crop image and put on another image.* Share yourcreation with different social media network like Facebook,whastApp.* Save easily On your Device.
Smoothie Recipes 1.6
Smoothie RecipesWho doesn't love fruit smoothie recipes? The mostpopular smoothies recipes listed here will incorporate more fruitsand vegetables into your diet and help enhance yourhealth.-->Skin Clear and well nourished Smoothie-->KidneysCleans Smoothie-->Skin Glowing Smoothie-->Iron storeSmoothie-->Blood pressure Controller Smoothie+ Manage favoritesfor Smoothie Recipes + You can share the Smoothie Recipes too.
Cake Recipes 1.4
ON A PLATE- presents a delicious range of flexible cake recipes,including icings, fillings, and decoration, that encourage creativecooking, and equip the user with a set of clever tips andtechniques via a unique visual approach.

Easy Cake Recipes likethese are perfect for pleasing picky eaters and the cooks who likea good, easy meal.It's easy to prepare, budget-friendly andgreat-tasting, so we've put together a collection of our highestrated cake recipes. Cake recipes in this book are tested andapproved by generations of families and friends. Enjoy them withthose who gather at your table.Some of are Delicious Cake Recipesare listed below:* Chocolate Cappuccino Cheese Cake* Amaretto Cake*Strawberry Cake from Scratch* Brownie Caramel Cheese Cake* ItalianCream Cake* Carrot Pineapple Cake* Red Velvet Cup Cake* BlueberryCoffee Cake* Banana Peanut Butter Cheese Cake* Brownie CaramelCheese Cake many more……..
Healthy Juice Recipes 1.8
Who doesn't love fruit juice recipes? Making fresh juice at homecan help you feel better, look better, and have more energy. Therecipes listed here will incorporate more fruits and vegetablesinto your diet and help enhance your health. It's by far the mostpopular type of juice. It is recommended that fruit juice be keptto a minimum of 1 glass a day due to sugar content. Don't let thishold you back though, they are full of goodness just likevegetables, and tend to have a higher dose of those all importantkeep-me-young antioxidants.Most of these recipes have veggies mixedin...But it's mostly fruit. I believe in the simpler the fruitjuice recipe, the better. It seems like the trend lately is leaningtowards complicating the already natural beautiful tastes infood!Explore the hundreds of juices, smoothies, meatless entrees,healthy snacks, and smart sweet recipes that provide the vitamins,minerals and phytonutrients to help you stay well, strong andcontent. It’s time to start making the most of your kitchen to makethe most of your life!Nature has provided us with the finest fruitsand vegetables, each designed to prevent and heal disease, whilstat the same time feeding every single cell in the body. Althoughthese two original super foods come in a solid package, they areall over 80% organic nutrient rich liquid. Even a banana is almost90% water.
Natural Home Cure Remedy Herbs 1.6
◉ 100 + Medicinal Plants ◉ 200+ Diseases to be used with Herbs◉Medical Plants with its Description, Usage and Image. ◉ Share viaFacebook and E-mail. ◉ Manage Your Favorites.◉ Manage Your Notes.◉Simple and easy to use UI.◉ Detailed information for each Diseaseswith Herbs that can heal that illness/disease◉ Detailed informationfor each HerbsThere are many alternative treatments exists, butHerbs are widely accepted as a treatment method after Allopathic.Being natural Herbal remedies are free from side effects. Herbalremedies are obtained from a wide variety of natural resourcesincluding plant leaves, bark, berries, flowers, and roots. Herbsare used to heal illnesses and disease and to address psychologicalconcerns, herbal remedies have been around for centuries, and werethe precursor to modern medicine. Note:1. Please use these herbsunder physicians consent if you are not familiar with Herbalhealing. 2. Do NOT use any of these herbs if you are or you thinkyou may be pregnant. 3. Children should use herbal remedies onlywith the consent of your physician. Under no circumstances doherbal remedies replace a physicians care – Herbs are alternatenatural resources for healing.
Diabetic Recipes 1.4
***** Diabetic Recipes ***** This is a complete reference withdetailed information for each Diabetic and Recipe items that canheal the diseases. Features: + Detailed information for each Recipelike Nutritional Benefits, Health benefits, Consumption Tips,Caution tips etc.+ Search option to locate required disease/Recipeeasily. + Integrated Content search and note functionality. + Youcan email disease name with foods to your friends and family. +Manage favorites for disease / Recipes. + You can share the diseaseand Recipes associated with that disease on FB.
Good Morning And Good Night 1.5
★★★ Good Morning & Good Night ★★★==> Wish Your Friend HD Wallpapers Specially compiled for theshare, you can share them via Whatsapp,InstgramFacebook and other social apps.==> No internet connection required.==> Easy Save Wallpaper and set your lock screen.
Chicken Recipes 1.4
If you are a chicken Lover? Grab this Application and take a lookon our vast collection of chicken recipes. You will find somethingyou would like to try.Easy Chicken Recipes like these are perfectfor pleasing picky eaters and the cooks who like a good, easymeal.It's easy to prepare, budget-friendly and great-tasting, sowe've put together a collection of our highest rated chickenrecipe. Chicken is a very popular, healthy, nutritious and it isalso relatively cheap. It is possible to prepare chicken using somany different cooking methods such as baking, grilling, broiling,stir-frying, etc. There are countless chicken recipes.Chickenrecipes in this book are tested and approved by generations offamilies and friends. Enjoy them with those who gather at yourtable.Some of are Delicious Chicken Recipes are listed below:-CHICKEN POT PIE- SLOW COOKER CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS- SLOW COOKERCHICKEN TACO SOUP- CHICKEN CORDON BLEU- GARLIC CHICKEN- BAKEDTERIYAKI CHICKEN- ZESTY SLOW COOKER CHICKEN BARBECUE- CHICKENMARSALA- SLOW-COOKER CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP- BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP-CHICKEN ENCHILADAS- ROAST STICKY CHICKEN - ROTISSERIE STYLE- ANGELCHICKEN PASTA - SLOW COOKER CHICKEN STROGANOFF- SALSA CHICKEN-BRAISED BALSAMIC CHICKEN- RESTAURANT-STYLE BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS-ANNIVERSARY CHICKEN- ROSEMARY RANCH CHICKEN KABOBS- CHICKEN BREASTSWITH BALSAMIC VINEGAR AND GARLICand Many More!This app offersHundreds of Easy to Cook Chicken Recipes comes with a full step bystep description.Get this book now and create a delicious mealevery time!Also you will share any recipe with your friends on FB,mail...
Tattoo My Photo Booth 1.0.1
Tattoo Design Art Gallery - Virtual Pain Free Tattoo Design BoothWith Different Types of Eraser allows you to experiment withdifferent tattoo patterns such as dragon “tattoo designs”, skulltattoos, tattoos for women, angel tattoos and butterfly designs tohelp you turn your beauty selfies into amazing pic-mix creations.You can use our fantastic tattoo maker to make awesome photo wondercollages> The variety of "tattoo stickers" for photos> Hearttattoos, crazy and cute tattoos, skull and tribal tattoos - justpick your favorite tattoo .> Select the tattoo and place it onthe photo!> Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like:change its position, zoom in, zoom out, erase, remove thesticker...> Make your beautiful Tattoo photo with amazing TattooStickers & lot of filters effect & full functions photoeditor.> Share pictures with your friends
Egg Recipes 1.7
If you are a EGG Lover? Grab this application and take a look onour vast collection of EGG recipes. You will find something youwould like to try.Easy EGG Recipes like these are perfect forpleasing picky eaters and the cooks who like a good, easy meal.It'seasy to prepare, budget-friendly and great-tasting, so we've puttogether a collection of our highest rated EGG recipe. EGG is avery popular, healthy, nutritious and it is also relatively cheap.It is possible to prepare EGG using so many different cookingmethods such as breakfast, brunch, appetizers, barbeque, etc. Thereare countless EGG recipes.In this application are tested andapproved by generations of families and friends. Enjoy them withthose who gather at your table.Some of are Delicious EGG Recipesare listed below:- Egg Croquettes- Egg Stuffed Potato Skins- PinkPickled Eggs- Parmesan Gougeres- Egg Pizza Roll Ups- Egg Timbaleswith Tomato Salsa- Egg Crostini- Crustless Carrot Mini-Quiches-Fluffy Pancakes- Eggs-tra Special Omelettes- Eggs Benedictand ManyMore!This app offers Hundreds of Easy to Cook EGG Recipes comeswith a full step by step description.Get this app now and create adelicious meal every time!
Custom Background Creator 1.7
♥ ♥ ♥ Custom Background Creator ♥ ♥ ♥Custom Background Creator iseasy to use features allow you to make background with use ofmultiple colors in few minutes. Custom Background Creator havingawesome function to change background color as well as patterncolor.★ ★ ★ How to use:- ★ ★ ★==> Choose your most favourablebackground from various backgrounds(Abstract,Animal,Monogram,Love,Flower,Vintage,Kids,Floral,Winter).==>Select the color which you want to fill in pattern with the use ofPattern.==> You can also change the background color of image OnBackground.==> You can Increase or decrease opacity of patterninside image.==> Easy save your final wallpaper and shareEmail,Facebook,Whats app and other social apps.==> In case ofany query or problem you could send-mail as on given mail id.
Color Splash Effect 1.6
Color Splash Effect Photo amazing tool you will be able to createunique photos.Create stunning effects in seconds. Fast and fun withyour photo.--> Import photo from Gallery or capture from camera.--> Crop and rotate Selected Picture as your need. --> Graycolor erase the image using your finger tip.--> Double tap tozoom image.--> you can Add Text and easy increaseTextsize,change Font and color.--> Easy save your final imageand share Gmail,Facebook,Whatsapp and other social apps.--> Incase of any query or problem you could send-mail as on given mailid.
Juice Recipes 1.5
★★★ 100+ Taste Juice Recipes ★★★Who doesn't love fruit juicerecipes? Making fresh juice at home can help you feel better, lookbetter, and have more energy. The recipes listed here willincorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and helpenhance your health. It's by far the most popular type of juice. ★Skin Clear and well nourished Smoothies ★ Get all thevitamins,minerals and fibres your body.★ Inside App you can writeyour Note & Add to Favorite Recipes. ★ Easy display Favorites& Note recipes List.★ Easy Share via Facebook,Email,Whatsappand other social apps.
All Customize Monogram Maker 1.7
♥ ♥ ♥ All Customize Monogram Maker ♥ ♥ ♥All customize Monogram & Background Maker is easy tousefeatures allow you to make background with use of multiplecolorsand you can also change color and transparency of monogramobjectsand fonts and choose different types of Font and monogramobjectalso.★ ★ ★ How to use:- ★ ★ ★—> Choose background first which you want to add inmonogramfrom various background categories.(likeAbstract,Monogram,Animal,Creative,Vintage,Love,Flower,Kids,Floral,Winter,Kids)==> Select the Pattern color for image.==> Change the background color of image.==> You can Increase or decrease transparency ofimagePattern.==> Attach monogram background using top right Button.—> Change monogram objects,font,color and add Text.1) Add text to Monogram Object using bottom menu.2) Change font style and color and transparency.3) Modify Monogram object style and color and transparency.4) You want to use this image set as Home Screen or LockScreento save and share with friends using top right Button.
Ghost Photo Maker 1.0.3
★★★ Ghost Photo Maker ★★★==> Using This Application you cancreate ghost image in just few steps and prank with friends. 1)open ghost camera.2)Click the 1st picture you want using either ofthe front-side Camera and back-side Camera.3)Click 2nd picture andoverlay it and set Opacity of click 1st image.4) Set the order ofthe photos to get better Ghost Effect. Adjust the opacity of thepicture to make it more real ghost photo.5) save this image otherwise you can share this image on social media and prank with yourfriends. FEATURES:★ Easy to use.★ Zoom In or Zoom Out the camerausing two fingers.★ Share Scary images via Twitter, Facebook,etc.★Application is very lite weight.
Love Photo Frames 1.0.5
A huge collection of beautifully Romantic photo. Perfectly DesignedFrames For Lovers Grab it today. Make impressive looking Love photoframes by adjusting your images in Frame.Best Features:• You canselect photo from Image Gallery otherwise shoot new photo.• Photois adjustable, rotate, zoom-in & zoo-out.• You can share photowith WhatsApp ,Facebook,E-mail,Save to library and mail to yourloveable person.How to Use!• Select a frame you like.• Select aphoto or take a picture using camera or select from your ImageGallery.• Adjust position,size,angle of your photo to the best
•Save to your gallery or share with SNS.Why you choose this app ?•Featured frames, keep added in future.• Easy to Use UI.• Fast save,share via social networking websites.• Get regular updates and newUpdated Frames.
Christmas Cards Wallpaper 1.0.0
★★★ Celebrate with this app full of wonderfulChristmas Wallpapers★★★★★★ This app is a super collection of photos of Christmas★★★★★ This application is the best choice, if you likeChristmas★★★★★ ★★★ Features★★★★★★★ Each And Every photo wallpaper is awesome!★ Collection of Christmas Photo is easy to view and easy to setas wallpapers.★ Easy to save every wallpaper to your SD card.★ You can crop image and set as your wallpaper from Christmaswallpaper card.★ Easy to use, easy to download!★ Spend some lovely moments with people you love- it's Christmastime! Happy Holidays!★ Using This Application You Can Share This Wallpaper On socialmedia Like As, FaceBook , WhatsApp .
Green Recipes 1.4
Trying to eat more vegetables?We’ve put all of our favorite greenfood right here.Green recipes give best recipes to keep our healthand fitness.Most of these recipes have veggies mixed in...But it'smostly Green. I believe in the simpler the better. It seems likethe trend lately is leaning towards complicating the alreadynatural beautiful tastes in food!Green Recipes has more than 100+delicious, healthy recipes from the all world.- Breakfast- Dinner-Side Dish- Salads- Soup- PastaWith GreenRecipes application youcan:- Search recipe easily by keywords, title.- Detailedinformation for each food like Nutritional Benefits, Healthbenefits,tips.- Add your favorite recipes to your Favorite list.-Share recipes with your friends.
100+ Smoothies Recipes 1.5
A smoothie is a refreshing drink that is typically made with freshor frozen fruit or vegetables, plus juice and milk and yogurt orsome other thickener.Smoothies can be either room temperature oricy cold, like a milkshake. I prefer the taste of frosty,milkshake-like smoothies.You can achieve a similar texture bysimply adding ice to your smoothies, but I think it doesn't work aswell, because the more ice you add, the more watery the smoothiewill become, thus defeating the purpose of adding the ice in thefirst place!I believe homemade smoothies are healthier than thesmoothies you buy at smoothie shops or the powdered smoothie mixes.That's because when you make a smoothie at home, you know exactlywhat goes in it - there's no hidden sugars or artificialingredients, and the proportion of fruit to juice is often muchhigher than the smoothies you typically find in smoothieshops.-->Skin Clear and well nourished Smoothies -->KidneysCleans Smoothies -->Skin Glowing Smoothies -->Iron storeSmoothies. -->Blood pressure Controller Smoothies + Managefavorites for Smoothie Recipes + You can share the Smoothie Recipesvia E-mail and Facebook other social apps.
HD Nature Wallpapers 1.0
*****************************************************************************************HDNature Wallpapers and Backgrounds for FREE in High QualityResolutions*****************************************************************************************==>A Good And Awesome Collection of HD Nature Wallpapers.==> EveryHD Nature Wallpapers are awesome!==> Easily download the HDNature Wallpapers.==> Enjoy the Clear wallpapers for retinascreen.==> Retina Display High Resolution wallpapers for AllAndroid Devices==> Save and Share withFriends.*************************Features************************==>Universal App android.==> Full support for portrait andlandscape mode==> Share this neon app for Android™ on socialnetworks like WhatApp,Facebook, Instagram or Tweeter==>Collection of HD Nature Wallpapers is easy to view and easy to setas wallpapers.==>You can crop photo and choose most liked partof wallpaper. Cropping work very simple.
HD Bible Quotes Wallpapers 1.1
♥ ♥ ♥ HD Bible Quotes Wallpapers andBackgrounds ♥ ♥ ♥Enjoy Free HD Bible Quotes Wallpapers and Backgrounds best BibleWords wallpaper app.My heart is that these Bible backgrounds would help remind youof what the Word of God says and help you walk it out.• Unique and Popular Bible Words Wallpapers.• Get Regular updates• A Good Collection of HD Bible Words wallpapers.• Easily download the HD Bible Words wallpapers.• Retina Display High Resolution wallpapers for android.• Share with friends on email, Facebook and More.
Flower Photo Frame 1.0.3
✿Flower Photo Frame✿A Flowers Photo Frame, you can add amazingflowers frames to your favorite photos.Amazing collection ofbeautiful flower photo frames.Any picture will be perfect for sucha romantic moment!Features:★ Select your favorite picture fromgallery or directly captured from camera quickly.★ Wide variety ofstyles and different frames for any photo.★ You can add multipletext in your flower photo frame.★ You can change the color andopacity of text .★ Rotate, zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate your picturefor perfect set on the frames which gives better outlook, it issimple and excellent functionality for it.★ Easily save yourmemories into phone.★ You can share the flower photo frame withfriends, family or even on social networking like Facebook, Twitterand more.
Skin Disease Problems and Care 1.4
Skin Problems and diseases is collection of information about skindisease. It help You And give the Information about skin diseases .Fatures:==>What causes Skin Diseases ?==>What Does skinDiseases look like and what does it feel like?==>Skin Diseasecan be Cured or Not..?==> Skin Problems and diseases givesinformation,symptoms about Different types of skin Problems anddiseases. #NoteAlways consult with your physician or other healthcare professional before .you as self-help tools for your own use,and they are for educational purposes only. Not guarantee that youwill attain a particular result, and you accept the risk that ...We are not responsible for your personal actions your own health.
Horse Wallpapers & Backgrounds 1.1
♥ ♥ ♥ HD Horse Wallpapers & Backgrounds ♥ ♥ ♥ HD HorseWallpapers & Backgrounds for FREE in High Quality Resolutions.♥HD Horse Wallpapers & Backgrounds stunning and beautiful Dogsand Cats Wallpapers.♥ HD Horse Wallpapers & Backgrounds can useas a Screen saver on your mobile or tablet screen.♥ Use this appand enjoy the stunning and the most beautiful awesome and PopularHorse wallpapers.♥ You also have Easily download Share with friendson email, Facebook and More HD Horse Wallpapers.♥ A Good AndAwesome Collection of HD Horse Wallpapers Backgrounds.
The Holy Bible KJV Quotes 1.2
*********************************************************"God Bless You!! Today And Throughout Year!!"********************************************************==> Great Way To Follow King James.==> Be Spiritual By Putting Holy Bible on HomeScreen.==> Unique Collection of 100 most popular King James BibleQuotes.==> Get Inspired and Motivated Everyday.==> Feel the Love and Experience The Power of God in YourPalm.*************************Features************************==> Universal App android.==> No Internet Connection Required.==> Save It and set it as Home Screen to Bring PositiveChange in Your Life.==> Share messages of King James and Spread it all over theworld via Facebook,Twitter,Email
Birthday Stickers 1.0.4
✿ Birthday Stickers ✿Birthday Stickers, send a message to a friendwith Happy Birthday sticker to wear a cute cartoon stick cake,balloons, fireworks and much more to give.It will also makes it funto design photo.Features:★Select an image from the camera or fromthe gallery.★Select different birthday stickers to decorate yourphotos.★You are also select multiple sticker in your photo.★Rotate,zoom in or zoom out and move birthday sticker with your fingereasily.★You can also flip birthday sticker.★You can easily changethe opacity of birthday sticker.★Save your photo with cool birthdaysticker in your mobile storage.★Share your photo and link viaSocial Networking sites like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
Butterfly Wallpapers 1.0.2
✿ Butterfly HD Wallpaper✿The garden is not completed withoutButterflies!!Butterfly is the Symbol of happiness, beauty andlove.A butterfly is the most beautiful insect on the Earth.The mostbeautiful backgrounds of butterflies are here!!!They are wonderfuland amazing butterflies that you can share with your friends andfamily.This application will look great on the screen of yourAndroid phone or tablet.Features:❤ Interactive ButterflyWallpapers.❤ A huge collection of free Butterfly Image.❤ Setwallpaper as your home screen background.❤ Save Butterflywallpapers in your SD card.❤ Share Butterfly wallpapers instantlywith your friends and family via Social Networking sites like,Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter, etc.
Shri Hanuman Chalisa 1.3
★ ★ ★ Hanuman Chalisa With Audio ★ ★ ★==> Hanuman Chalisa one ofthe most powerful holy chants in the history of Hinduism.==> Nointernet Connection Required.==> Play/Pause options availablefor audio.==> Get Inspired and Motivated Everyday.==> Feelthe Love and Experience The Power of God.
Love Image With Quotes 1.4
♥ ♥ ♥ Love Quotes HD Wallpapers ♥ ♥ ♥==> Love Quotes HDWallpapers Perfectly Designed For Lovers!! Grab it Today Not WaitFor Valentine.==> Unique And Very Rare Wallpapers & Photosof Favorites Love Quotes.==> No internet ConnectionRequired.==> Professionally Designed Interface.==> Easy Save& Share via Facebook,Twiitter,Email and Amaze your Friends.
Love Bible HD Wallpapers 1.0.2
*********************************************************"God BlessYou!! Today And ThroughoutYear!!"********************************************************•Great Way To Follow King James.• Be Spiritual By Putting Love Bibleon Home Screen.• Unique Collection of 100 most popular Love BibleVerses.• Get Inspired and Motivated Everyday.• Feel the Love andExperience The Power of God in YourPalm.*************************Features************************• TooEasy Navigation.• Save It and set it as Home Screen to BringPositive Change in Your Life.• Share messages of King James andSpread it all over the world via Facebook,Twitter,Email
400 + Holy Bible HD Wallpapers 1.2
”Jesus Christ” and experience bliss. God BlessYou!The holy bible HD Wallpapers are Bible-based wallpapers &Backgrounds.*** Features ***==> The Application provide Easy and Fast loading and lessmemory usage.==> Hd Wallpapers in Original Quality.==> You can easily download high resolution wallpapers thathave been resized to fit your phone’s screen.==> Easy Save & set your wallpaper and share your friendson Email,Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Whatsappand other social apps
AppLock With Hide Files 1.0.5
Description:SmartAppLock is an advance privacy protection tool to lock allapplication such as Gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Call log and any app you select. Onceyou install this application you should feel free from all privacyand security worries.AppLock vault allows you to hide images, videos, audio and files.Hidden pictures, videos, audio and document files are vanished fromGallery and only visible in the vault. Secure your private memoriesand files easily.Features:• Lock apps with digital password lock and pattern lock.• Photo vault, hide pictures• Video vault, hide videos• Audio vault, hide recordings, songs or other audio• File vault, hide official documents• Hide AppLock icon• Allow a brief exit: no need password, pattern again within settime• Intruder Selfie: Take a photo who entered the 3 times wrongpassword.• Sound Alarm: After 3 wrong password attempt security alarm willbe activated.• Low memory usage.User FAQ:1) How to change password?Open AppLock, Protect, Unlock Settings2) I hide AppLock icon, how to open AppLock now?Enter #1234 in your dial pad, and tap call button.3) I forgot my password, How to find it?Tap AppLock icon, click the icon at the up right corner of lockpage, tap the 'forgot password'.1. by security answer: enter your security answer and click 'resetpassword'.Safe all private stuff smartly with App locker & VaultToday!
Background Changer 1.0.6
★Background Changer★Background Changer is the most advancedbackground changer tool to erase photo backgrounds and replace themwith new backgrounds.Background Changer allows you to change photobackground and you can erase any portion of the forground image foradjustment.Features :✰Select Background image from gallery or takephoto using camera.✰Select Forground image from gallery.✰Adjustforground image using your fingers.✰You can drag and drop, zoom inor zoom out, rotate your forground image using fingers.✰You caneasily flip forground image.✰Erase extra part of forground imageusing finger touch to set that image on background properly.✰Saveyour Background change image into your mobile gallery.✰Share yourBackground change image with your friends and family via SocialNetworking sites like, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Love Stickers And Quotes 1.0.5
♥ Love Stickers And Quotes♥Love stickers & Quotes is a hearttouching app with a beautiful collection of Love Stickers andQuotes for you to express your true love to others.This quotes,sayings with deep feelings of heartache that let you come out ofsorrow and feel better day by day.Love Stickers and Quotes, the appthat will help you deal with a broken heart. Features:♥ Selectphoto from gallery or take photo with camera.♥ You can easily cropthe selected photo.♥ Select different love stickers to decorateyour photos.♥ You are also select multiple love sticker in yourphoto.♥ Rotate, zoom in or zoom out and move love sticker with yourfinger easily.♥ You can easily change the opacity of love sticker.♥Save your photo with cool love sticker in your mobile storage.♥Share your photo and link via Social Networking sites like,Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
Love Poetry Background Maker 1.1.0
❤Love Poetry Background Maker ❤Love Poetry Background Makerapplication is unique app of making your photo backgrounds withbeautiful image backgrounds and poetries.Love Poetry BackgroundMaker application gives you backgrounds of poetries about love andsad.Frame your photos with beautiful background and love & sadpoetry.Features:✿Amazing collection of beautiful backgrounds andpoetries (Love and Sad).✿Choose the beautiful background from givencollection of backgrounds.✿Choose photo from gallery or capturefrom camera.✿Set your photo in background using finger.✿You canrotate, drag & drop, and zoom-in or zoom-out your image usingtwo fingers.✿Choose Love or Sad poetry from given collection ofpoetries.✿Set your selected poetry using finger.✿You can rotate,drag & drop, and zoom-in or zoom-out the poetry using twofingers and also change the color of the selected poetry and youcan also change the opacity of the poetry.✿Save your Love PoetryBackground Maker in your Mobile.✿Share your Love Poetry BackgroundMaker with your friends and family via Social Networking siteslike, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
Screen Recoder 1.0.1
✿✿✿✿✿Screen Recorder✿✿✿✿✿Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of yourmobile( for only lollipop version).You can now create your promo tutorial video / movie or anyother video with this amazing app.This screen recording app will help you to make your screen-castvideos with audio.Features:✰You can record video of your screen.✰It is a simple and easy to use.✰You can also record audio.✰You can rename the video file name and also delete thatfile.
Star Photo Bokeh Effects 1.8
* Star Bokeh Photo Effects FX- Post Your Star full Bokeh Light Picson Social App.* Import photo from Gallery or capture from cameraroll.* You can use fingers to Move and Rotate and Scale Photo inPosition.* After set image click done button show and Choosedifferent Star bokeh effects.* Easy Save your Image and share yourphoto with your friends onEmail,Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp and other social apps.*In case of any query or problem you could send-mail as on givenmail id.
Optical Illusions Maker 1.6
★ ★ ★ Optical Illusions Maker ★ ★ ★Optical Illusions Maker is easyto use features allow you to make background with use of multiplecolors in few minutes. Optical Illusions Maker having awesomefunction to change background color as well as pattern color.How touse:-==> Choose your most favourable background from variousbackgrounds.==> Select the color which you want to fill inpattern with the use of Pattern.==> You can also change thebackground color of image On Background.==> You can Increase ordecrease opacity of pattern inside image.==> Easy save yourfinal wallpaper and share Email,Facebook,Whats app and other socialapps.==> In case of any query or problem you could send-mail ason given mail id.
Sunrise & Sunset HD Wallpapers 1.0
Sunrise & Sunset HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds for FREE inHigh QualityResolutions.*****************************************************************************************************◉Sunrise & Sunset HD Wallpapers runs as an image slideshow onyour Tablet, Mobile Device.◉ A Good Collection of Sunrise &Sunset HD Wallpapers.◉ Easily download the Sunrise & Sunset HDWallpapers.****************** Features ******************◉ TheApplication provide Easy and Fast loading and less memory usage.◉Hd Wallpapers in Original Quality. ◉ You can easily download highresolution wallpapers that have been resized to fit your phone’sscreen.◉ Easy Save & set your wallpaper and share your friendson Email,Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp and other social apps
Insta Square Maker 1.0.4
✿Square Insta Photo Maker✿Square Insta Photo Maker is a powerfulphoto maker for you to create amazing backgrounds.Using this appyou can create beautiful images with nice color background andblurred background.Square Insta Photo Maker has a simple designwith amazing image effects.Square Insta Photo Maker is used tocreate your original full size image in square withoutcropping.Features:✰Square Insta Photo Maker lets you createbeautiful square image of non square image without cropping anypart of your original image.✰Select image from gallery orcamera.✰Give blurred background of your image.✰Change yourbackground color.✰You can change your image size.✰Give differentimage filter effects to your image.✰Save your square insta photointo SD card.✰Share square insta photo via Networking sites like,Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
Zombie Photo Editor 1.0.5
✿Zombie Photo Editor✿We present to you Zombie Photo Editor, apicture editing application with free zombie stickers which you canuse to make the spookiest photo pranks and scare your friends!Haveyou ever imagined how you would look as a zombie? Now you have achance to visualize yourself as a real undead with this app ZombiePhoto Editor!Features:✰Stunning special effects for zombie looksjust like Hollywood professionals.✰ A huge number of fantasticzombie stickers.✰ Take a photo or selfie or use a pic from thegallery and create your zombie face.✰ You can flip your zombiephoto and sticker too.✰ Change the opacity of your zombie sticker.✰Save your Created zombie photo into your SD card.✰ Share yourzombie photo with your relatives and friends via Social Networkinglike, Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter, etc.
Kids preschool maths with fun 1.3
Kids preschool maths with fun - Kids Preschool Math Fun -Addition & Subtraction for kids is a great app for children-Teach your kids about Arithmetic & Subtraction calculation. -There are endless game of learning for your child with this app-Increase his/her concentration with math calculation- The wonderfulanimation will add to your children’s delight and keep him engaged.- Go ahead and bring a smile on your kid’s face! Features: • Learnwith fun• Learn addition, subtraction•No Repetition of questions
Animal Face Changer 1.0.2
✻Animal Face Changing✻The most amazing app for faceChanging.Beautiful stickers of animal faces for your pics.A funnyface changer in your photo with cool animal stickers.It can createanimal face on your face ,It looks special and magical for yourphotos by using this apps.Your photos with many different effectsand animal faces to choose from; or upload your own pet or animalphoto.Features:✻ Select a photo from the gallery or take photosusing the phone camera.✻ Select a animal photo from our face.✻Zoomin zooms out, rotate and erase feature allow you to adjust yourphoto.✻You are also erase the your selected image.✻ Share yourphoto with your friends directly through social media .
Love Bokeh Effects 1.8
♥ Love Bokeh Effects add magical love effects to your photos.♥Import photo from Gallery or capture from camera.♥ You can usefingers to Move and Rotate and Scale Photo in Position.♥ After setimage click done button show and Choose different love bokeheffects.♥ You can ApplyNormal,Exclusion,SoftLight,Contrast,Hue,Black & White effectsfrom photo. ♥ Easy Save your Image and share your photo with yourfriends on Email,Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp and othersocial apps.♥ In case of any query or problem you could send-mailas on given mail id.
Face Eraser & Photo Changer 1.9
Give your Photos a personal touch. This amazing tool you will beable to create unique photos. Use this fantastic app to bring asmile into your friends’ face.With this fantastic Face Changer& Photo Eraser app will be able to create fake Photos facechanging of your original Photos.--> Share with your friends viaFacebook and Email.Make your friends laugh! Create delightfulimages of your friends with just one tap!Go ahead and enjoy theapp.
Christmas Photo Frame 1.0.0
The app offers loads of frame such asChristmastrees, Santa Claus, snowman, Gifts, and manyothers.Motives of Christmas trees and snow.★★★★★★Features★★★★★★★ Its a Free Android application!★ More than 50 frames to choose!★Allow taking photo directly with frames & easy to adjustonthe go!★Select a photo or selfie from the gallery of your phone andusethis Christmas photo frame to decorate it!★Capture a new image with your camera and apply anChristmasphoto frame to it!★Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out, flip or drag the photo tofitin the frame as you like!★Save Christmas fame picture in your gallery and share itwithfamily and friend instantly on social network sites!