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Calorie quiz: Food and drink 2.0
Cake or pizza? Apple or banana? Can you guess which foodcontainsmore calories and which is better for your diet? Didyou knowthat some vegetables are more calorific than many fruits?Did youknow that coffee can have more calories than Cola-Cola? Canyouguess which snacks you can eat and not break your diet? Areyoutired of constantly using a calorie counter to checknutritionbefore you decide what to eat or drink? This quiz game isfull oftrivia about hundreds of things you put on your plate. KeepyourBMI healthy while having fun! Surprise your friendswithinteresting food calories trivia! This game is easy. Just pointatpictures and click. It's a free quiz for adults, kids - thewholefamily! * Guess among hundreds of products from a wide rangeofcategories * The game contains thousands of questions aboutthenutritional value of products * Test your knowledge ofpopularfruits, vegetables, fast food, snacks, drinks and many more*Compare food presented with beautiful high quality pictures *Greatfamily fun for you and your kids * Track your score onuniqueleaderboards * Collect achievements in Google Play Games *Competewith your friends and players from all over the worldonleaderboards * Learn calories-based nutrition trivia formostthings you put on your plate while having fun All similarproductsare presented in equal amounts to help you make a fairguess.Drinks are also presented in consistent amounts, torepresentcommonly used drink sizes. Food sizes are different todrink sizes.Calorific values presented in this quiz game are forinformationfor purposes only. This quiz game should not be used asany medicalreference which food is healthy nor as any diet guide.All givenvalues are to be considered merely as calories-basednutritiontrivia. For a healthy diet always consult a dietitian.