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Sniper Shooting 2016 2.1
Sniper Shooting 2016 - Kill the sniperShooting game addictive shooting game you will feel like in a realwar ! Kill the sniper in the midst of war .In the application you will see - the city , the ruined city , thewar , bombings , sniper scope , sniper rifle , highlight, theapocalypse , the ruins of the city .Tracked down by a sniper glare and kill ! While he did not get toyou or your comrades ! That would kill the sniper you just need tofind him and shot with a rifle will follow after the touch of afinger !Play with your children. Very simple operation ! Give your phone ortablet to your child and you will not be able to detach from theprocess !What would kill snayperva , you do not need the Internet. Play KillSniper War for free , you can now !Start the fight and you can not stop!Thank you for choosing us! Write to feedback and we will try toanswer all !
Expendable Runners -3D racing 2.0
Hummer off-road loves this game is for you!Ever wanted to try a rally car simulator? Now you can drive a 4x4SUV car and feel a sports rally car for free!Be a furious rally driver on a whole terrain for you. No need tobrake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the policechasing you4 SUV!Drifting fast and doing burnouts offroad had never been so fun! Tobring the Hummer vehicle to the end point you have to pass thelevel.Come hill climb racing offroad mountain is waiting for you! Snowymountains, high and slippery. You have to be careful. Challengingramps and crazy hills await you in this game.You should not have4x4 (Hummer) to overturn. Challenging ramps and crazy hills awaityou in this game.features:-Hummer (4x4) Model- Realistic mountain scenes- Steering Wheel, gas and brake controls- This Simulation is running stable.- Hummer(4x4), Snow, slush, trees, fire, winter and ofroad in thisgame.- Realistic engine sound.- Freeze, there is no shortage of muscle,- Low polygon object was used in the game- Full-screen tablets and phones compatible- Challenging hills and ramps- HD graphics quality- Easy 4x4 controls- ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can always turn them off.- There is no problem on the screen freezing muscles.- Low poly'l objects are used.- Compatible with all tablets and phones.Hummer's big tires, chassis and strong engine. Open new levelsand 4x4 (Hummer) and play a lot more.The Hummer Offroad loves you for you this game! Mountain climbingin the game is ready to challenge others.Waiting for you. If you love cars like SUV or Hummer you will lovethis game !. Be prepared to be the conqueror of mountains.Expendable Runners - 3D car racing is the best rally car simulatorof 2015, thanks to its advanced real physics off-road engine. Doyou love to drive off road 4x4 vehicle? Then get ready to have somemountain climbing fun in 4x4 Mountain Pumpkin Hunt.This game features one of the most awesome vehicles with realisticphysics in a mountain range where you are free to drive as you likeand complete the tasks given within the time.Let's start climbing!
Moto Super N2O Race 2.0
Moto Super N2O Race is a forcible motor racing game. Do you wanttobe the fastest rider? Unlike other racing gamesRealisticbackground and motor models! Choose your racer and motorto race onthe road! Drive your motor and exert your skills todefeat theunruly rogue on the highway! Pay attention to your HPwhen youdodge other motors. Or you’ll get hurt! In order to beatothers,you can do everything! Avoid other motors on your way anddon’t letyour HP down to 0! 1. Superb attractive 3D setting! 2.NitroBoost--- N2O 3. gorgeous and wonderful game scenes! 4. Fluentgameplay and smooth gravity control! 5. Vivid sound will impressyouwith splendid Motor racing! 6. Switching game views will bringyoufantastic experience!!! 7. Highly addictive game 8.Simulationgraphics-based racing 9. Physics crashing effect 10. manylevelswith increasing difficulty 11. Gravity effect control 12.Smoothgame control 13. More realistic and thorough gamingexperience! ! !Come on and show us your talents! The most popularracing game onAndroid platform is here. What are you hesitatingabout? Justdownload it! Moto Super N2O Race is an exciting motorracing game.