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Mazes & More 2.6.3.RC-GP-Free(205)
Mazes & More is a classic puzzle game, perfect for taking aquick break to train your brain. It’s designed to be a surprisinglysimple solo game played by swiping or tapping through fun 2D retrolabyrinths. Customize your player avatar and guide your new friendalong the walls of our square mazes. Ditch your paper and marker& those confusing 3D games for this simple logic adventure gameplayed anywhere you wish to relax. Test your memory skills, escapeeach maze & share your score with friends. MAZES & MORE KEYFEATURES 🦄 NEWLY Added selections of user-selected avatars:customize your player by choosing from 11 new characters that canreplace the default Dot icon. 🎮 NEW in-game navigation allows youto customize with tap or swipe on-screen controls. 🌈 NEW CustomPath Colors optimized color options for a custom navigational path.⏭️ NEW Level Skip We have added an option to skip any level. 📲 Easyto play, forget about awkward tilt controls. Better than using amarker! 🏆 All mazes are handcrafted for maximum fun, all games arewinnable. 👾 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness,Traps, and Time Trial. 🎓 Puzzles range from easy mazes to muchharder and advanced labyrinths. 👍 Minimal and retro 2D graphics,forget about complicated 3D mazes. 📶 OFFLINE MODE: no wifi requiredto play. Guide the dot or player avatar through different routes inthis free maze adventure. Run, explore and find a way out of theintricate walls. Is there a Minotaur? 👹 Complete all 450 labyrinthsand become the king of the maze 👑 🐱 No cat and mouse games here,just fun creative maze designs & exciting adventures foranyone. Enjoy playing this casual puzzle, maze, labyrinth game whenyou feel mentally fatigued or need to sharpen your mind. Discoveraddictive challenges and hours of entertainment with over 450different levels and progressive game modes to choose from. Thepuzzles range from easy mazes to much harder and advancedlabyrinths to keep the challenges interesting 🔮 Mazes & More isavailable in over 57 languages, including English, Spanish,Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese,Hindi, Turkish & many others. Thank you for playing Mazes &More! Have any problems, questions or general feedback? Email:contact@maplemedia.io Visit us: http://www.maplemedia.io/
Puzzlerama - Lines, Dots, Blocks, Pipes & more! 2.9.0.RC-Android-Free(129)
Puzzlerama is a collection of the best classic puzzles. An all inone strategy game app that will keep your mind active andentertained for hours. With more than 3,500 levels, this classicpuzzle app is perfect to help you sharpen your logic skills. Betterthan any brain training, these classic puzzles have no time limits.More free puzzle games will be added in the future. Brought to youby the creators of Mazes & More, the hit labyrinth and mazegame. *** NEW game: One Line. Connect all the points using only asingle line! *** ** Now included in this classic puzzle game appare 3 BONUS GAMES: Dots + 2 mystery games. What are they? Play tofind out! :) Unlock these fun puzzles by conquering advanced levelsof our other games in the app. ** Puzzlerama - all in one funpuzzle game app features: ★ Flow Lines – Number Link ★ Flow is aclassic free Japanese game also known as Number Link or Arukone.Connect the pair of tiles of the same color to cover the entireboard, but lines can’t cross or overlap. ★ Tangram – Color Fill ★Tangram is the classic Chinese dissection puzzle game. Drag thegeometric shapes into the board to fill it. This is a fun puzzlegame that trains your spatial intelligence and your geometricskills. ★ Pipes – Plumber ★ Pipes, also known as Plumber, is arotation puzzle game. Connect pipes of the same color to let thewater flow through the pipeline. Tap a tile to rotate it. ★ BlockPuzzle ★ Block Puzzle is a simple yet extremely addicting puzzlegame about blocks. Similar to Color Fill, the goal is to completethe entire board by dragging the block pieces. ★ Unroll ★ Unroll isa unique thought-provoking brain teaser inspired by slide puzzles.Move the tiles to form a path that connects the green and redtiles. ★ Shikaku ★ Shikaku is another classic Japanese game fromthe same inventor of Sudoku. Divide the square or rectangular gridinto different areas, each containing one numbered cell and theexact number of squares indicated in that numbered cell. ★ Unblock★ Unblock is a simple yet challenging sliding block puzzle game.Move the blue block to the exit by sliding the horizontal blocksside to side and the vertical blocks up and down. ★ Bridges ★Bridges, also known as Hashi, is a fun puzzle game that consists ofa series of islands that must be connected with bridges. Connecttwo horizontally or vertically adjacent islands. Connect a pair ofislands with only 1 or 2 bridges. ★ Boxes ★ Swipe the boxes up,down, left, or right. Form rows or columns of 3 or more boxes ofthe same type to destroy them and complete levels. This all in oneclassic puzzle game app will give you unlimited access to not onlymany levels of the classic game versions, but also unique versions,such as Bridges, Rectangles, Hexa, and more. Play all of ourclassic puzzle games anytime, anywhere. No Wi-Fi is needed to usethis fun puzzle app. One app to satisfy all your puzzle gamedesires. Get your mind working with these free brain games. Conquerchallenging puzzles with guidance. Each game offers a quicktutorial that runs you through the easy level in the first game.These fun puzzle games are easy to learn, but hard to master. Learnto think strategically, conquer each level, and challenge yourfriends to play our collection of the best puzzle games! Easy,medium, advanced, hard, and expert levels come with each game inour fun puzzle app. Challenging, yet fun puzzles perfect for dailybrain training or simply to kill time when you are bored. DownloadPuzzlerama, the all in one classic puzzle game free today. As youplay and enjoy this puzzle mix, new games, modes, and features willbe added. Challenge yourself, have fun, and please don't hesitateto send any comments or suggestions to us at contact@maplemedia.io.Puzzlerama is available in over 20 languages, including English,Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.
Word Search - Connect Letters for free 1.12
Word Search is a puzzle game that will challenge your brainwithdifferent game modes, testing all your searching andvocabularyskills. More than 200 levels have been classified in 18differentcategories to connect letters building words, so you canchoose thethemes based on your interests. The difficulty level willbeincreased gradually on each category, and each game mode willoffera new challenge for the word search genre. We have 4 differentgamemodes to be played: Classic: Search from a word list on ourgamematrix, the classic and most simple game mode. Hidden Letters:Herewe give you a word list, but each word has hidden lettersmakingthe search a bit more challenging. Awesome for advancedplayers!Images: You will get a set of pictures that will guide youfor theword search. It’s the ultimate puzzle version for thewordsearchers! Time Trial: The infinite game mode, it will offeryou amix of the other 3 game modes against time. No theme isselected,just swipe through the words. On each level, we havehidden a word,additional to the list. We challenge you to find themall. At theend of each level, you will get curious facts from thethemeplayed… There’s some fun knowledge included on the game. Everydayyou will be able to play our reward game, opening the gift boxestoget free coins that can be exchanged for hints. We hope youhaveepic fun with our game! Word Search key features include: 4gamemodes that will challenge you to connect letters to buildallwords. 7 languages available: English, Spanish, German,Dutch,French, Italian and Portuguese. Each language has itsowndictionary that will let you detect all words created on thegame.It’s a lot of word knowledge available for you!
Mazes & More: Arcade 1.0
Mazes & More: Arcade is a NEW twist on a classicretromaze/labyrinth game. Just swipe your finger and guide thedotthrough the walls to find a way out and escape the labyrinth.Canyou solve all the mazes? GAME FEATURES: - Easy to use controls-Simply swipe UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to move the ball throughthemazes. - 200+ levels (increases in difficulty as you level up)-Easy to play, difficult to master! - Smooth and fluidgameplayexperience - Forget about awkward tilt controls or anunresponsiveaccelerometer! - Multiple themes - Choose between avariety ofcolors / backgrounds. - Unlimited FREE Hints to help youpass theextra tricky levels! - Exciting maze gameplay - Make awrong move?Use the Restart Maze option. - Bright and colorfulgraphics for theultimate arcade adventure. Guide the dot throughdifferent routesin this addicting maze adventure. Run, explore, andfind a waythrough the intricate maze walls. :) Complete all 200+labyrinthsand become the king of the maze! Are you up for thechallenge? Jumpright in and start solving all the mazes now! Thanksfor playingMazes & More: Arcade! For fast and friendly support,email usat contact@maplemedia.io.