Leonardo Millan Apps

Extreme Fishing 1.1.0
Insane fishing action game! Huntgentlefishes,spartan swordfishes, nazi sharks and everything elsethat crossesyour way! Unleash mighty combos with your powerfularsenal -missiles, bombs, thunderbolts, lasers and much more!Collect meat!Conquer the sea!!• Four different bosses!• 31 devastating combos!• Google Play integration: show your friends who's the ruler ofthesea!
Fate of Mankind 1.0.4
Fate of Mankind is aMetroidvaniaside-scrolling platformer game. Discover who you are.• Ludum Dare #19 Compo winner: Theme (2nd Place), Fun (5thPlace)and Overall (6th Place)• "A Metroidvania game crossed with Upgrade Complete." -- RockPaperShotgun• "I’m not gonna mince words here: Fate of Mankind isfuckingawesome." -- Bytejacker
Gridalis 1.2.1
A free procedurally-generated GPS-based RPG! The King disappeared,and darkness is consuming the world. Enter the world of Gridalisand become the hero of the monster world!Move in the real world toexplore the many different regions areas and delve into thedungeons to find powerful monsters and items in your quest to savethe world of Gridalis. Power up and learn new spells, or craft yourown items, weapons and armors to be ready for the challenges thatawaits you!- Completely FREE to play GPS-based augmented realityRPG with virtually unlimited procedural content!- No internetconnection required! Gridalis can be played offline using yourGPS-enabled Android device!- Team up with friends! Up to fourplayers can join together through Wi-Fi Direct and battle againstpowerful enemies!- Help Trimo unravel the mystery of the King'sdisappearance and save the world of Gridalis!- An augmented realityrole-playing game for casual and hardcore players alike!