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Speedy Car - Ultimate Driving 1.0.5
🚗Speedy car - Ultimate Driving is a simple yet exciting car racinggame that you will definitely be addicted to!😆 Your goal is to keepyour car safe and avoid crashing. Swipe left or right to changeyour lane and swipe up to accelerate. Beware of the sudden twistsand turns of other cars. Don’t forget to collect gold cubes as youdrive on the highway. 🚘How long can you survive in this heavytraffic? It’s time to show your own driving skills! ✨Features -Free to play! - Various cars for you to unlock - Colorful andadorable graphics - Easy and smooth car handling - Realistic soundand visual effects Are you ready for this crazy racing adventure?Download Speedy Car - Ultimate Driving and start having FUN! 🚗💨Privacy Policy:http://www.cmcmbc.com/casual-games/speedy-car/privacy-policy/ Termsof Service:http://www.cmcmbc.com/casual-games/speedy-car/terms-of-service/
Last Hero - Cross the Fire 1.0.3
If you enjoy the excitement of pulling the trigger andbulletswhizzing by, Last Hero will definitely be your first choicetobecome a real shooter!🤠 In this shooting game, as your gunswingingback and forth to aim the enemy, choose the perfectdirection andtap the screen to fire! The secret of victory is toaim well. Onceyou killed a bad guy, you will ascend the stairsand getcloser to success! 💡Remember to upgrade your arsenal~ Unlocknewguns by defeating blacklist bosses or collecting gold coins!✨LastHero features - Simple one-touch operation - Easy to playbutchallenging to master - Incredible pixel shooters and weapons-Numerous outfits and guns to unlock! Are you ready for the rainofbullets? Join us in Last Hero - Cross the Fire! The fiercegunbattle will be triggered at any moment!🔫 PrivacyPolicy:http://www.cmcmbc.com/casual-games/last-hero/privacy-policy/TermsofService:http://www.cmcmbc.com/casual-games/last-hero/terms-of-service/
Car League - Merge & Idle 1.2.2
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a car tycoon? Now in Car League -Merge & Idle, you got the opportunity to build and develop yourown car league from scratch!😎 Start by getting normal cars, andthen merge them into better and faster cars to earn tons of money.Take your massive earnings and upgrade your cars even further!Let’s see how great your league can be! 🏁Car League features🏁 -Addictive game suitable for everyone - Beautiful and stunninggraphics - Tens of different vehicles to discover - Gain coins evenwhile you are away or offline Do you want to build your own carleague and manage super fast cars? Download Car League - Merge& Idle and start merging!🚗🚙🏎️ Privacy Policy:https://www.cmcmbc.com/casual-games/car-league/privacy-policy/Terms of Service:https://www.cmcmbc.com/casual-games/car-league/terms-of-service/