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Panda Mix 1.0
Leripa AB
Join the pandas in their brain training games!In Panda Mix children will play and learn from these fouractivities:Which belong together - concepts and lettersMatch the objects - practice wordsPuzzles – classic brain exerciseMake the same picture - practice spatial awareness and detailsIn Panda Mix children have the opportunity to• develop their creative abilities, and the ability to conveytheir thoughts and experiences through play and art.• develop an interest in pictures, sounds and different media andtheir ability to use, interpret and discuss these things.Match the objects-------------------------Level 1: match a silhouette to the correct picture.Level 2: match objects by concept, e.g. spider and spiderweb.Level 3: match uppercase and lower case letters.Level 4: a mix of the aboveWhich belong together--------------------------------Pictures are divided into two halves. Drag one of the halves fromthe bottom row to the top. When the picture is complete the name ofthe object is spoken.Level 1: two imagesLevel 2: three imagesLevel 3: four imagesPuzzles------------Beautiful images are used as a basis for each puzzle. Move eachpiece into its correct position. Good brain training. This exercisedevelops the ability to see and identify features by investigatingand exploring, completing a pattern and identify relationships inthe images. It encourages logical thinking and problem solving.Level 1: four puzzle piecesLevel 2: eight puzzle piecesLevel 3: twelve puzzle piecesMake the same picture--------------------------------In this activity the child must use the available objects toduplicate a picture. This requires careful observation anddiscrimination to notice which parts of the picture are missing andwhere the objects must go.Two pictures are shown. Various details have been removed from oneof them. The child must look at the original picture to identifythe missing objects.This is an exercise that trains visual attention.
Math Board FLEX 1.1.7
Leripa AB
Math Board is an interactive tool for teachingbasic mathematics. It contains several different tools to enhancethe understanding of mathematical concepts. With Math Board FLEX,you as a teacher visualize new mathematical concepts with yourstudents using for example number bonds, fractions and numberlines. You can also create projects for your students that they canindependently work with.Math Board FLEX can also be used as a supplement for studentswho train with Number Quest Flex. With Math Board FLEX you as ateachers can facilitate understanding regarding the specificmathematical skills that are trained in the program. Please visitour website for more information.Math Board FLEX contains the following tools:• numbers• mathematical symbols• number lines• fractions - Rectangles• number bonds• number blocks• images
Letter Skills 1.0.0
Leripa AB
Practise spelling with phonics! To inspireandmotivate the child we use the following three activities:1. 

Initial lettersAn owl blows out bubbles with initial letters. Click on aletterand you will hear the letter and then a random word beginningwiththat letter. Options: see either the picture of the word ortheword in text.2. Spell the words
An image is presented on the screen along with thelettersbelonging to the word. 
Below is a series of letters thatthe childcan choose from in order to correctly spell the word.Clicking onthe picture the child can hear the word spoken. Options:use theentire alphabet or a range of letters.3. One letter is missingOne letter of a word is missing and the child has to selectthecorrect letter from a selection below. Pictures and words areshownwith the one letter missing. Choose the correct letter fromtheselection below to complete the words. There are three levelsofdifficulty, of which the easiest is four words and the hardestiseight words.There are four different settings:• Initial letter is missing• A letter in the word is missing• The last letter in a word is missing• Mixed – A letter is missing on different spots in thedifferentwords.Menu settings
Tap the button A-B-C to choose between uppercase orlowercaseletters.

Tap on the flag to change language.
Tap on the the stars to select a difficulty level:Easy: monosyllabic words, no double consonantMedium: disyllable but no double consonant 
Hard: words with a silent eMixed: a mix of easy, medium and hard words
Learning English 2 1.0.0
Leripa AB
Learning English 28 different exercises are used to train vocabulary, spellingandreading comprehension. Support will be given throughrecordedspeech to all words and sentences so that a correctpronunciationcan be achieved.A/anMatch the pictureSelect sentenceWhich word does not belong?OppositeBelong togetherRhymeBuild sentences
Spelling Mix 2
Leripa AB
The sequel to Spelling Mix is finally here!Spelling Mix 2 is an educational app designed for languageandliteracy development at pre-school, nursery, school, and athome.It includes over 300 common english nouns in 8differentlanguages!To inspire and motivate the child we use the followingthreeactivities:- ALPHABETICAL ORDER -This exercise is for the children who are more advancedinreading and letter recognition. You can choose only letters tobesorted in alphabetical order, words and even words which startsthesame. You can choose to show a section of the alphabetforassistance.- CAR RACING -The child then has to tap on the letters in the correct ordertospell the word. When they find the right letter the barrieropensand the car can pass through. If they choose the wrong letterorare too slow the barrier closes and the car crashes!When the word is spelled, it will be transported away byacar.- GUESS THE WORD -This is a "hangman” exercise in which the child clicks ontheletters to form a word.- OPTIONS -Tap the button A-B-C to choose between uppercase orlowercaseletters.Tap on the flag to change language. The following languagescanbe selected: English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian,Dutch and Italian.Tap the candy icon to get some help in Sort inalphabeticalorder.Tap the car button to the left to set the car speed.Tap the icon with a picture to show an image in the game.
Spelling Mix 1.1.0
Leripa AB
Spelling Mix is an educational app designedforlanguage and literacy development at pre-school, nursery,school,and at home. It includes over 250 common english nouns.To inspire and motivate the child we use the followingtwoactivities:Letter TrainAn image and a number of letters are presented on the screen.Thechild then have to tap on the letters in the correct order tospellthe word. 
Unused letters are transported away by the train.If youneed help you can always tap on the image and the correctword willbe heard. Hurry up or the train crashes! An owl givesinstructionsand rewards.Hidden LettersAn image is presented on the screen but the letters are hiddeninthe forest. It is up to you to find them all! If you need helpallyou have to do is to tap on the image. A rabbit givesinstructionsand rewards.OptionsTap the button A-B-C to choose between uppercase orlowercaseletters.Tap on the flag to change language. 10 languagesareincluded.Tap the train button to set the train speed.Tap on the the stars to select a difficulty level.Easy: monosyllabic words, no double consonantMedium: disyllable but no double consonantHard: words with a silent eMixed: a mix of the levels above
TeddyMix 3 1.0.0
Leripa AB
TeddyMix 3 is an educational app aimedatpre-school, nursery and the home learning environment, oranyonewho likes teddy bears! It is designed in accordance withelementarypre-school pedagogy, which stimulates the fantasy andallows thechildren to create their own pictures and postcards.FEATURES:* Create your own teddy or a whole family of teddies* Choose between boy-girl and 5 different sizes* Dress the teddies exactly as you like* Place the teddies in 5 different existing scenarios, or* Insert the teddies into your own pictures using the camera orthegallery* Add your own speech bubbles* Save the postcard to your gallery* Use your gallery to send the newly created postcard toyourfriends!* Click on the radio in the upper corner to get musicduringwork!* Talk about a suitable background for the choice of clothes orviceversa!* Create empty bubbles, print the image, and then use a pen towriteyour textClick on the camera in the corner of the screen to savethepicture to your gallery.Please rate and review the app to help us spread knowledgetomore kids and to learn how to become even better. Thank you!:)
Letters And More 1.3.0
Leripa AB
Letters and More is designed to helpstudentslearn and use the alphabet in a fun way. Students willpracticefinding the initial letters in words, spelling and tryingto writewords. The program consists of six different activities.Letters and More is an inspiring program designed to teachtheletters of the alphabet.It is also designed to help students read and write the names of450common objects.Word cloudsClick on the words on the clouds that start with the letter atthetop of the screen.Match words and picturesThe bee shows a word. Click on the cow showing the right image.The Word HouseHere you see a picture of a hatch in the roof of a house. Spelltheword.You can always click on the hatch if you need help.WritingHere you can write any words you want. If the word is intheprogram's word list, you will see a picture of it and heartheword. Type your name or any word not in the word list and youwillget a flower reward when you press “OK” or the "Enter" key. Youcanchoose to work with upper-case or lower-case letters.Spell the WordThe letters of a word are shown and spoken one at a time.Rememberthe word and type it in the boxes below. If you make amistake youhear an error sound. The bird sings when you spell awordcorrectly. Click on the washing to get some help.Remember WordsHere a bee flies across the screen carrying words. Try torememberthem. Select the correct molehill a flower grows. If youclick thewrong word a mole comes out of a molehill.
Who's there? 1.0.0
Leripa AB
"Who's there? A simply adorable kids app;o)"-KidsAppWorld.com"Who's there?" is an animated Picture Book that aims tobothentertain and surprise! It starts right up and is immediatelyreadyfor your child's interaction! Requested by teachers in Specialneedon Facebook!Clear cause and effect is learned when a child’s actionscauseconsistent responses, like a new image for each touch.Designed forchildren at an early learning level, aged 2 years andup.This "cause and effect" app uses images drawn ​​by aprofessionalchildren's book illustrator. Touch anywhere on thescreen andsomething will happen.No in-app purchases | No ads | No data collection | Nosocialmedia | No third parties | No linksABOUT LÄRAMERA & LERIPAInformation about our apps can be found on ourwebsitewww.leripa.seLike our page on Facebook (Leripa AB), and follow usonTwitter@Leripa_Software, in order to be up to date with thelatestinfo. Feel free to contact us if you have anyquestions:info@leripa.se
Reading World 2 1.6.0
Leripa AB
Reading World 2 is a language andliteracyprogram with many attractive images and full speechsupport. Thisapp is designed to improve reading and understandingof words incontext. It contains 4 different activitites and 1150sentences topractise on.1. Who am I? Guess riddles!I have both trunk and crown! I am a .... Solve the four puzzlesoneach screen. Drag the right image to the riddle.2. Which Word?Which word is missing?Fill in the missing word in the sentence. You can listen toeachword by touching it. The missing word can be a verb, a noun, orapreposition.3. Build a sentence!Build a sentence by starting with the word that has acapitalletter. When the sentence is completed, the sentence isreadaloud.4. Right or WrongThis activity presents four sentences where some fit the imageandsome not.Press the green button if the sentence is correct. Press theredbutton if the sentence is wrong. Press sentence if you wantitspoken.5. SettingsLanguage selection.Menu music on or off.Speech and music on or off in each activity where available.
Cross Fun 1.0.0
Leripa AB
Cross Fun is an app designed to practiceyourspelling and vocabulary while doing crosswords. The appincludesfour different exercises – each of those features 270crosswordsand has three different difficulty levels. A total of1080!While writing you will hear the letters be spelled out andwhenyou have completed the word it will be spelled out as well.*** Game Set ***• Crossword - Solve the crossword in the proposed order ordragletters into boxes as you like.• Hidden words - When you touch the letters that forms thewordthose will light up and when you are finished an illustrationofthe word will show.• Puzzles - Swap the letters until you spelled all thewordsright.• Fire! Solve crosswords on time! Drag the letters in therightplace before they catch fire.*** Settings ***The settings are saved until the next time you use the app.Thefollowing settings are possible:• The audio icon turns on and off the menu music• The flag icon changes the language• The "A" icon switches between upper and lower case• The line icon selects the width of the lines• The number icon chooses how many extra letters you want forhelpin the "Crossword" game set• The star icon switches to a different game set out of thefourdifferent onesABOUT LÄRAMERA & LERIPA------------------------Our products are child friendly and none of our apps containsin-apppurchases, external advertisement or data collection.Information about our apps can be found on ourwebsitewww.leripa.se*** Like our page on Facebook (Leripa AB), and follow usonTwitter (Leripa_Software), in order to receive discounts,freecodes and news!***Feel free to contact us if you have anyquestions:info@leripa.sePlease rate and review the app to help us spread knowledgetomore kids and to learn how to become even better. Thank you!:)