Les papas du code Apps

Hynosis 1.2.4
Hypnose helps you explore your unconscious mind to change your lifeand guide you to healing. The app is based on the work of Patriciad'Angeli and Olivier Lockert who have been hypnotherapists for 30years and have written more than 20 books on the subject, sold in60 countries.
Massage Coach 1.0.2
Chaque massage est composé de plusieurs mouvements. Le coach vousindiquera les instructions et le temps necessaires pour effectuerle mouvement. Au son du gong, il est temps de changer demouvement.Posez le téléphone de manière à le voir pendant que vousmassez votre partenaire. Vous pouvez choisir parmi une gamme demassages incroyables :- Massage Classique- Massage Shiatsu- MassageSportif- Massage Sensuel- Massage Suédois- Massage aux PierresChaudesChaque type de massage vous offre la possibilité d'explorerdes programmes variés. De l'initiation jusqu'au sessions les pluscomplexes.Each massage is composed of several movements. The coachwill tell you the instructions and the necessary time to performthe movement. At the sound of the gong, it is time to changemovement.Place the phone to see while you massage your partner.Youcan choose from a range of incredible massages:- Classical Massage-Shiatsu Massage- Sports Massage- Sensual Massage- Swedish Massage-Hot Stone MassageEach type of massage offers you the opportunity toexplore a variety of programs. From beginners to the more complexsessions.
Sleep 0.0.1
Place your phone on your bedside table.Your phone will projectacalming light in your room.Inhale as the lightbecomesbrighter.Exhale as the light becomes darker.*You arenowsleeping.*Sleep App gradually takes you from 11 to 6 breathsperminute (bpm). A regular rhythm, where breathing out longerthanbreathing in leads to a feeling of fatigue.Breathing is theonlypart of the autonomic nervous system that can beconsciouslycontrolled. By keeping the regular rhythm of 6bpm longenough, youwill trigger the baroreflex, a physiological mechanism,which willrebalance the autonomic nervous system at the origin ofyourinsomnia.