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Total Ancient War Simulator 1.0
Create your army accurate from chosen unit and totally take downanyopponent that you face in the battle field simulator. Fighterswithswords, shields, spears, hammers, bows, cannons, guns, godarmies,orcs , fire dragon and deadly skeleton! Choose your ownarmy totallyand wage a war against other nations in this finalepic fantasygame. With the most accurate placement for your battlesimulator,you will get the best results! Explore the ancient worldin Greekmythology. There are many accurate types of soldiers instyle ofarchers, giants, goblins, soldiers, spearmen, cavalry,etc. .Sandbox gamers, we offer you a totally free of chargestrategyaccurate game that does not require the internet. You willtotallybe the commander who leads legions of tiny armies. Controlthebehavior of the army according to the commanding flag. SinglePlayermode: Choose your army totally and place it to fight againstenemyand unlock further battle simulator. Sand Box mode: Chooseboth thearmies accurate in left and right side to simulate. Onlyyour witscan bring you glory in this ultimate battle strategysimulator.
Pickup Beasts 1.0
Are you ready for Pickup Beasts, the most amazing party ganggameand the craziest battle of royale? ! Very well, because strangeandbizarre characters enter the ring! Can you beat all the otherguysand claim the crown? Time to find out the fall flat! InPickupBeasts, your human will play an interesting fall flat role,yourtask is to fight and stay in the ring until the end. Try nottostumble, choose and throw other gang out of the ring and fightforthe ultimate beasts victory! Features: - Exciting humanphysicssimulation .io game - Simple controls, easy to learn - Lotsof funlevels and challenges - Play with others - Management effectsandmore