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Binary Typer 1.5
Level Games
In this Game you need to type the Binary Numbers in the correctorder and do not type the wrong number!
Balloon Maze 3.7
Level Games
A Game were you need to get to the Goal and try to not hit thespikes!
Dodge the Trunk 2.3.7
Level Games
A game where you have to jump over different kinds of Trunks. Youcan play as many funny characters on many cool backgrounds, like ina desert, at a beach and even in space! Compete against yourfriends and see, who is the best one in the game. The new highscore list makes it possible to see the best 100 scores. And if youdon't want to play the Arcade mode, you can also play the new storymode. Complete different missions to get to the next world. Somelevels are really challenging. Start every day the game to get coolrewards and try to complete the daily quest. The game never getsboring!! Buy and upgrade items to get an even bigger score. We hopethat you will enjoy our Game!