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Anaconda Snake Simulator 2.9
Play deadly anaconda! Clan of the Anaconda. Get ready to slay yourvictim, look for your preys, slithers around and kill them in themost pitiless way possible. Beware all, here comes the scariestgiant predator in the jungles of aamazon and it’s looking for food.Wild And Critter Mode Hunt ferocious African animals and beastsTiger, Gorilla, Crocodile, Hyena, Cheetah, Buffalo, Zebra,Stag-Gazelle and Giraffe. Fight with Rat, Frog, Turtle, Squirrel,Spider, Chicken and Rabbit. An ultimate snake simulators you wouldlove to play for free! Jump into a thrilling new adventure as aferocious Tiger and hunt ruthlessly in enemy clans and take overthe safari landscape. Become Brutal and hunt ruthlessly to Survive.Play as angry giant anaconda snake in Aamazon lush green forest,slithers through grassy Healing, plains and rocky terrain or swampto hunt your preys with your ultimate attacking skills. WildAnacondas Attacks Sim takes you on pitiless giant anaconda life’sjourney, slay your victim with super strength and powerful huntingskills. You aren’t ordinary cobra who use venom and poisonous fangto kill animals. The Great Wild Snake is always hungry.The spot isfilled with all kinds of wild animals to target attack. Prove withyour might that you’re the ultimate villain of this jungle! Useyour razor sharp poisonous fangs, coil and force for brutal attack.Enjoy this huge Angry Attacks against other cobra , mamba ,rattler,king snake and python. Devour your prey before the time runs out.The Survival snake was only running in forests and jungles foryears, but now it is ready to run on your smartphone! Utilize yourstealth and cleverness to carefully calculate the right time toHunt.From the jungles of the Aamazon comes one of the most fearedanimals on the planet - the Anaconda. This guy is looking for hisnext meal. But you can be sure, it wont be you. This game puts youin control of this deadly beast. Rise from the water and look foryour next snack. This snake is ready to attack anything in his way.Rabbits, Rats, squirrels, Chickens, Frogs, Spiders, Bats, Turtles,African animals - cheetah, tiger and anything else he wants.Suddenly, you’re a lethal Anaconda looking to slay your victims inthe most merciless way. Attack from behind; coil around and crushsyour foes with force! Wild Attack Sim takes you on pitiless giantanaconda life’s journey, slay your victim with super strength andpowerful angry huntings skills. Features Include: ✔ Beautiful HDgraphics ✔ Realistic attacking animations and effects to enhanceyour gaming experience ✔ Bite & kill other animals ✔ Play as anangry Anaconda, CRITTER MODE & WILD MODE ✔ Explore the Jungleenvironment ✔ Realistic swamp & Various lifelike breeds.
Cargo Transport Truck Off-Road 1.4
Be the ultimate cargo truckers in this newest transport simulatorsWelcome to the world of cargo! 4x4 off-Roads Cargo Trucks is acrazy game having the dirts road tracks, you are a cargoTransporters! Drive all kind of big cargo in truck through the offroad hills mountains and be the best hill climber truck driver theworld has ever seen. Grab the wheel, race like the wind and see ifyou can move the world. You need to carry goods from one point toanother point. Your goods will be: containers, boxes, drums,Sandboxes, Wooden Logs, Barrels and more. Loads can be very, so youhave to try, to deliver them safely. Drive ride through the mud andinto the hills climbs leg of the course! Feel the power of theracing engines and roar. It lets you take control of a truck anddeliver cargo on difficult dirts roads. Drive transporter truckerson uphill treacherous tracks. Avoid accident with other cars, 4x4jeeps, offroad SUVs and other vehicles. You can customize your 4x4Mountain racers just like you want it, so you can join any off roadrally you like. This ultimate hill climbing racing test is for allmobile game lovers. Playing this hill climbing racing game givesyou many hours of nonstop gaming fun! Each game level has its owngame mission. Do you have nerves of steel? Hopefully you do becauseyou'll need them during this simulations race game.
Offroad Bus - Coach Driving 3D 2.2
Drive a bus along the offroad terrian and carry passengers! Amazingoffroad game! Try this downhill new coachs bus simulator. Drivingin the beautiful nature will bring thrill to your driver duty. Playas the extreme driver to fulfill the duty of passengertransportation. The gameplay revolves inside the mountains, water,rocks and beautiful nature scenes. Most realistic extreme off roadbus game with tourist transport. This time it’s not only thesimple, but a tourist bus at offroad. It’s not just the city coachdriving because it’s time to go over mountains and huge rocks.Experience the mega transporter vehicle driving challenge totransport tourist between destinations. Tourist always need safeand fast transports to mountain sides, so be the furious bus driverin your transportation duty. Be the coach driver to drive off-roadtourist bus in this extreme adventure. Load your passengers orcargo and transport them uphill safely to the desired destination.This is how you become the champ of simulation. The game brings youthe most amazing mountain roads and environment you have ever seenin a mobile device game. Gameplay includes 6 beautiful coach Busesin this mountain game. Enjoy the real feelings of nature by drivingon these hill roads. Get to drive different passenger buses whiledriving around in the beautiful mountains. Each level has its ownoff road simulator challenging objectives. Drive bus and pick anddrop passenger and tourists from one area stop to next. Touristfrom around all over the world is waiting to visit the beautifulhill. Maximize your fares with transport duty on stations. Touristlike to travel and explore beautiful locations so give them theride they need. Realistic maps, various vehicles, eye-catchinginteriors will make you feel like real driving. Experience the bussimulation, Get your tires and bus dirty with driving. Finishingthe awesome in game levels require a unique combination ofprecision driving. Are you ready for the ultimate offroad simulator4x4 challenge of climb? Face hill off road and be ready for somespeed driving as a daredevil driver. Start your coach bus simulatorfun right now! Features : ✓ 6 Buses with multiple Textures-Skins. ✓HD Graphics, Off-Road environments with SUMMER, WINTER, AUTUMNseason. ✓ Real Bus Physics with Different Camera views ✓ Animatedpeople entering/exiting the bus. ✓ Difficult parking levels.
Ambulance Rescue Drive: Zombie 1.3
The city is been taken over by Zombies. Ambulance rescues sees younot only driving your way , but allows you to save all the humansand take them at hospital. There is a zombiee is virus which isspreading quickly. Play this simulator at Army land to rescuehumans from attack before they assault passengers on highwayroad.In just a matter of weeks the little big city has been takenover by these zombies. The number of city citizens that are stillreal humans is getting smaller and smaller every single second.These dead walking are running after human to satisfy. As ambulancedriver your mission is to rescue peoples from zombies who attackpassengers. Drive ambulance to rescue citizens and escape from cityhighway. Transport passengers to safe location as hospital forsurvivals and drive over zombie. Awesome city, in this drivingsimulators that feels with zombies while it is nice. As the drivingambulance you are the hope for all humans alives in the little bigcity. The city is in. The city has been given up on. Rescue fromoutside will not happen. In this simulators racer the drivingambulance really is the hope for the human.
Furiousing Car Drivers City Races 1.3
Ever wanted to try a sports cars simulators? Now you can drive,drift and feel a racing sports car for free! Be a racers on a wholecity for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing otherrival vehicles, so you can perform stunt actions and run full speedwithout the police for chasing you! City speeds racings offers youto experience the feel of street on a super cars on wide open roadswith swift, fast and skilled opponents. Streets in racing is notjust about fast cars. It about controlling your vehicle and keepingyour head clear to the target and then moving swiftly through everysituation while racing through the traffic.
com.level9.tourist.taxidrive 1.2
We assume that you're about taxi games as well. Drive, takepassengers to their destination!" Drive on the hill stations roadsand experience a station like never before. Drive at high speedsand don’t let paths and turns slow you down. The goal of this offroads taxi in game is to pick up passengers and taking them totheir destination to complete their mission of visiting the hillstations. It's not a drifting games but 4x4 in simulators. Maximizeyour fares with tourist transports in duty on hill stations.Tourist like to travel and explore beautiful locations so give themthe ride they need. ]You are tasked to bring tourist passengersfrom city to realistic hills , Enjoy the realistic physics thatmake this taxi with simulator stand out from other driving touristgames. Start your driver duty and transport tourists to differentlocations and hill stations. Get ready for a cab tourist rides.Start your taxi engine and race against the time to become the besttaxi drivers on the hill stations!
Off-Road Moto Race Motorcross 1.5
Drive motorbikes along the offroad terrian. Motorbikes is thelatest exciting open world bikes game! Control super fastsmotocross bikes, air time and be the coolest bike drivers in theworld! Be a Bike driver on a hill! Try this Hills Climbers. Go tospeeds, the forest trees and flyings off the top of big mountainsto get insane air. With a huge open offroad environment bikessimulators, drive from a selection of, upgraded and riders themfreely in a beautifully detailed forest and mountain open world.Drive your Bikes at speeds through traffic. Experience thesimulation, Get your tires and bike dirty with Uphill Climbs Drive.Face the off road hills and be ready for some speed driving.Beautiful animals like stag and zebra are also running in area.
Angry Wild Fox Attack Sim 3D 1.5
Angry wild fox attacks 3D simulators game of an fox left woundedshot in the forest area by animal hunters. Now this beast seeks toavenge for its fox pack. Beware it can attack you from darkness andcity areas. No one is safe in the farm, cars, forest or hillsidethe fox rampage everywhere with sharp teeth and super strengthattack. Walk through huge 3D map area do the huntings for deer,stags, lion, bear and other animals. Cold frozen wind blowing inwinter season, a lonely wild fox in the woods. Its eyes are blazinglike fire and you can hear angry growl from miles away. Get amazinganimal simulator game for winter vacation season. Live life as awolf battle against people in town and wildlife wilderness animalsand make them your food. Enjoy chasing animals for hunting, attackcars, hunters in this huntings game.
4x4 Offroad Hill Driving 2017 1.8
4x4 at the hilly climbing offroad is the newest open world drivingssimulation, drive offroads the 4x4 vehicles on a secluded forestwhere you can perform awesome stunts, into environment objects andexplore the amazing offroad. Be the best fast suv mountains huntclimb driver the world had ever seen. Experience the thrill ofbeing a real offroads driver. You can be a fast car hilly driverwhile being behind the wheel of a 4x4 suv, do some precisiondriving with a suvor, do some car drivings in mountains!! Becomepart of the offroad and drive the most jeep you have ever seen. Areyou able to steer these big vehicles through the off road climbs?Show us your fast suv mountains skills while in this offroadsimulators challenge. The hill driving can be exciting as you haveto maneuver and drive the heavy suv along dangerous paths. Watchout for bumps and sharp turns. With small villages spreadthroughout the forest, you can cause by driving through, and muchmore. Experience realistics car through mountains. Finishing theawesome in game levels require a unique combination of mountains.Are you ready for the simulator challenge? Face the off road and beready for some mountain driving as a jeeps driver. If you enjoy 4x4drivings then we are sure you would love to drive this suv onhillside track.
Army Cargo Transports Truck 1.3
As a Transporters in the Army you are assigned to operate some ofthe most advanced transport machinery and vehicles in the world.Play with this military trucks in simulator and forget other armytrucks in games. You are a soldier who operates and managesvehicles in combat, and combat service support roles, by day and bynight, on all forms of roads as required, carrying a variety ofloads including cargo, personnel and dangerous goods, Battle Tanksand the Fighting Vehicle, 4WDs, and fuel tanks.
Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic Sim 1.6
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be Tyrannosauruses? Nowyou finally got a chance to know that feeling! Play asTyrannosauruses and survive in the wildness as long as you can.Evolve your dinosaurs to dominate the world. Take control of thishuge dinosaurs as he hunts down his enemies. It is one of the mostfeared giants. He's back and now in this high action game for yourmobile device. Battle against stags, Fox, Bear, Zebra, Sheep, Cow,and Rhinoceros. Super Features: Control a Dinosaur Realisticsurvivals Game Actual thrill of chases Dino Hitting the rampsAwesome game play with attacking animations. 10 base hunting levelsto attack jungle animals
Angry Cheetah Wild Attack Sim 1.7
Enter the wild jungles and live life as a the world's fastest landmammal that is cheetahs! Explore a massive world filled withdangerous animals and critters. Stalk prey through grassy plains,and battles for your life against predators like jaguars, rhinos,and elephants! Today the predators of wilderness and other animalslike fox , bear , deer , zebra, elephant , sheep , cow, stag , lionwill face the anger of this wild cheetah rampages. The map forvarious elephant wild animals desiring to hunt you down. Hiteveryone like zebras, water buffalo the tiny critters. You can gotowards the city to create more damage. Now control the cheetahdestroys city and objects and run back in wilderness. Game FeaturesREALISTIC SIMULATOR HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT HD GRAPHICS.
Farm Tractor Logs Transport 1.2
This Farmers Sim is the latest farmings simulator that will allowyou to become a real farmers! Start your agricultural career bycultivating crops in your lands! Hayy will make you feel like areal village farmer. Be a real farm tractor drivers and prepare forthe day. You as a Log Trucks Driver are responsible to transportthe logs safely to another location. In this Log edition oftractors truck driver 3D you'll learn how to drive correctly withyour truck and log trailer. In this game you'll face differentsituations where you have to control your tractors truck as preciseas possible, you have to drive reverse inside a shed for example.Drive tractors. Collect the goods i.e. oil barrel, crops, animals,woods etc. and deliver them to destination. You have to load thecrops cargo like logs, wooden boxes, barrels, sand boxes, crop seedboxes, crop cultivating tool boxes and then drive your transportertruck for a village farmers at hill climbing villages farm.Transport timber wood logs from your barn to market usingtransporter truck. Fulfill your duty in agriculture with dedicationand earn benefits. Avoid hitting animals like cow and stag at hillmountain area. Experience real life of a farmers to harvest cropsand transport cargo to farmlands.
Black Wolf Revenge Simulator 1.6
You have transformed into a Wolf. You are now in control of a superpowerful beast looking for prey. Explore the huge interactive 3Dworld before you. Go on the hunt looking for your next innocentgoat, sheep or horse. Race around the map. Today the predators ofwilderness and other animals like fox , bear , deer , zebra,elephant , sheep , cow, stag , lion will face the anger of thisWild Wolf rampages. Discover the map for various wild animalsdesiring to hunts you down. Hit everyone like zebras, water buffalothe tiny critters. You can go towards the city to create moredamage. Now control the cheetah destroys city and objects, hitpeople and run back in wilderness. Explore the huge map to uncoverall the secrets. Attack everything you see to earn points.Realistic 3Ds wolf with loads of special effects. Super fun 3Dgraphics. Happy hunting!
Snow Truck Offroad 1.5
Are you ready to drive truckers? In this new and big cargo atoffroad simulators you have to drive all kind of different cargovehicles like trucks, SUV’s. Pick up some fresh fruits andvegetables and sell these to the mountain village citizens. You’dbetter watch out because these snowy hill mountains roads can bedangerous to drive on. This is the most trucks simulators game.Playing this SUV trucks simulators you can collect all kind ofamazing trucks, SUV’s and tractors that can guide you towards thesnowy paths. If you want to became a driver and this is imposibblefor some reason for you you have to try this winters snow games.The more fruits and vegetables you sell to the mountain villagecitizens the more money you will collect for new SUV trucksvehicles. Drive your truck on dangerous roads and don't lose thecargo. Your main mission in this SUV simulators is to deliver yourcargo towards the mountain village people. Follow the directions onyour road map that is in the top of your gameplay screen. Are youready for the 4x4 and off roads with multi trucks in simulatorchallenges? Face these snowy mountain hills and make the mountainvillage people happy. Deep snow has made it very difficult &dangerous to drive on the narrow offroad. Drive the extreme snowyvehicles away! Features: - Advanced physics engine designed fortrucks vehicles - Multiple camera views, multiple physics for SUVand big vehicles, Multiple weathers, Snowfall. - Realistic damages- Excellent HD graphics.
Snow Bus Offroad Hill 1.0.2
Winter is at its peak. Snow is everywhere. Are you ready for aWinters in Road at Hill Stations Drive? You’d better watch outbecause these snowy hill mountains station roads can be dangerousto drive on. Please remember to always drive save. Bus drivingsgets more exciting when you navigate on the hill roads. Experiencea gorgeous hill stations like never before. Play this snowy bus topick up passengers from different hill stations stops on offroadand drive them into the next hill station. Drive big bus onbeautiful hill roads and take tourist from bus stop to theirdestination. The passengers are waiting, SO HURRY UP! Feel thethrill of steering a giant but beautiful piece of machinery throughdangeorus obstacles, and reach your destination in time. Be adriver and drive the bus in extremely dangerous situation. Thesnowy mountains are extremely slippery and covered with a thick ofsnow. This snowy winter bus game is packed with thrilling andexciting pick and drop missions where you have to pick passengersfrom distant places and take them to their destination ontime.Transport passengers without the hassle and risk into variouscontrols and driving settings. People are depending upon you toreach their homes. Deep snow has made it very difficult &dangerous to drive on the narrow offroad. Drive the extremes snowyvehicles away! A scenic environment, and different weatherconditions and vehicles (with detailed interiors) transition intosmooth gameplay and make you feel like the master of your trade.Since you are one of the only few bus drivers providing thetransport services in these tough hilly stations on off-road.
Wild Angry Lion Revenge Sim 3D 1.5
With the wildest huntings and an appetite for killing, we presentto you the ruler of all animals simulators in the form of Lionssimulators in your smartphone and tablets. Lions simulators isaction packed 3D game for you. Best safari hunts simulator game youcan come across. You control this beautiful beast as he hunts hisway to victory . Hunt as a lion for food and look out for theinnocent animals as your prey. The jungle is full of them and yourattacking are guiding you towards the hunt . Feel like wild Lionand animals like fox , bear , deer , zebra, elephant , sheep , cow,stag , lion will face the anger of this lions revenge and everyoneyou came across. He's looking anything and everything in his way.If you ever wondered what it would be like to play a free Lion,this is your chance.
Anaconda Snake 2016 1.5
Play anaconda simulators! Clan of anacondas. Get ready to yourvictim, look for your preys and kill them in the most pitiless waypossible. Beware all, here comes the scariest giant predators intown from the jungles of aamazon and it’s looking for food. Anultimate snakes simulators you would love to play for free! Jumpinto a thrilling new adventure as a angry Tigers and huntruthlessly in enemy clans and take over the safarii landscape. huntruthlessly to survive. All jungle animals! Life of snakes, chase.The scariest predator is the hungriests predator snake 2016! ...And the great snake is always. Utilize your cleverness to carefullycalculate the right time : attack silently, coil around foes withforce! The spot is filled with all kinds of wild animals tosurvival target: hunt the Powerful Crocodile, the Delicious Deer,and the Mighty Wolf, Bear, Zebra, Fox, Compsognathus-dino, Sheep,Goat, Hippopotamus and Cow. Prove with your might and anger thatyou’re the ultimate of this jungle! Dinosaurs are back. This gameputs you in control of this deadly beast. Plains and rocky terrainor swamp to hunt your preys with your ultimate attacking skills.Wild anaconda attacks sims takes you on pitiless giant anacondalife’s journey, your victim with super strength and powerfulhunting skills. You aren’t ordinary cobra who use poisonous to killanimals. Use your razor sharp poisonous fangs, coil and force forattack. From the dark forests comes one of the most feared reptile,The anaconda. Born as killer your task is to attack crazy carnivoreanimals like fox, polar bear, wolf etc. Suddenly, you’re a anacondalooking to your victims in the most merciless way. Attack frombehind. Wild anaconda attack Sim takes you on pitiless giantanaconda life’s journey. The snake was only running in forests andjungles for years, but now it is ready to run on your smartphone.
Snow 4x4 Off-Road Rally 1.0.2
If you like 4x4 and different offroad games, become an pickupdriver in the winters 4x4 simulations! Drive your all-terrainvehicle through the snow, pass the checkpoints as fast as you can.Proof yourself a worthy hill driver that can drive these big rigvehicles to the destination. Get ready for some challenging offroad hills. You’d better watch out because these snowy hillsmountain roads can be dangerous to drive on. Multiple weathers,realistic 4x4 physics, multiple camera views. Start your Jeep'sengine and race the time to become the 4x4 champions! Show us yourhill drivers skills while precision driving vehicles in this snowchallenges. Offroad cars driving down from hill top is not easy butdefinitely worth trying. Enjoy off roads drivings in winter treatof snow tour. Time to take your mountain tourists jeep and enjoythe thrilling drive on snow hills. Drive 4x4 with multiple jeep andmultiple power cars on hillside off-roads tracks. Carzy drive jeepon slippery roads; perform risky stunts on the obstacles on hillyterrain.
Police Cars vs Crimes Drive 1.2
Race and drive fast cops cars through our most insane environment,stuffed full with the most extreme racetracks and stunts throughoutthe city. This is the game which allows you to be a cop and reachthe most crime scenes in the game play. This racings police driveris a new exciting driving game. Become a police driver, drive withtraffic and get the vehicle backup to help you chase your enemies.Experience the thrilling cars driving simulations. Let us fastenthe seat belts and get ready for action! All modern cops vehiclesare at chase.
Demolition Derby Police Chase 1.0.3
Get ready for the racers! Hard, destroy, and blast everything incar ! Drive your awesome vehicle. This game is very unique andtotally different from other simulation games. Its a real 4x4 carsin the war between police and muscle cars. Escape your muscle carand avoid to be considered as prison. Police cars are chasing you.Hard opponent police cars. Its time to drive your awesome vehicleand Your driving skills in the most dangerous races of death withderby game ever to be released! Challenge your drive skill in themost dangerous derby areas. Car in the different war is anabsolutely thrilling and action packed moto play, where you have todrive muscle cars at high speed. Police cars will destroy you,avoid while minimal damage to your own vehicle, over and over againuntil you’re the last in one standing! Features: Explore manyevents, including "offered mud drivings" and demolition races (atsnowy ground).
Driving Schools Mania 1.0.2
Select your favorite 4x4 Jeep, sports car at city highway. Drivelike a skilled driver on highway road and avoid damaging yourvehicle by racing, jumping & drifting. Steer the car and catchthe in time to lift your car onto the next. Stunning 3D Graphicswith realistic vehicles interiors and real animated driving with aperson. This Schools of Drive game at roads has sports cars andjeep with animated person driving! Pay attention to what thedriving instructors is telling you at first and gain a special rankafter each mission, are you an A+ student, A or maybe you don’tcare about your rank. Learn to drive these awesome vehicles andfind out what suits you the most! Avoid crashing into and othercars! Follow the checkpoints to find your way! What’s better thanhaving a kit full of riding options? Find the right car for you.Like a real schools for drive you will start with the basic, learnto drive the different cars and take it a step higher from thereon. Enjoy it! A realistic drives in simulator with smooth controlsand 4x4 physics packs quite a ride.
Dump & Loader Truck Free 1.0.7
Manhandling the heavy excavator trucks in no child’s play. Get ahands on experience of maneuvering hydraulic excavator crane usingsteering and other controls! Experience manual handling of thishydraulic excavator crane. You’ve worked mediocre driver jobs nowget ready to drive real truck and face realistic driving challengesin construction site at offroad. As a construction crane andexcavator driver you are on a duty to excavate constructionmaterial for the buildings. You are a construction worker whodrives the epic vehicles around the site! Play dumper simulation toenjoy adrenaline filled advanced driving levels as excavatordumpster, crane operator and a real truck transporter. You havedone some driving, excavation, construction and parking with manyof our heavy excavator machinery and simulation is specially madeto give you the best experience of construction. Drive to the rightspot with your loader vehicle and pick up the mess on the road.Then dump the mess in your vehicle and drive to the dumping spot!Transport construction cargo to construction site via offroadroute. Drive forklift also! Pick up and move the crates to alocation using fork lift. Drive your fork lift and carefully liftthe crates to become the ultimate transporter tycoon. Drive yourtruck in front of rocks and hop in your loader to clean up the mudpile! Then drive as fast as you can to the dropzone and pile up themud on the dumping ground! Operate excavator crane, use scoop toload materials like stones, mud, rubble or trash in long haultruck. Drive real vehicle & transport material to site and helpin developing american city buildings. It’s time to feel like atransports & tycoons in this simulator, better yet to be aconstruction worker of your own city. Showcase your PRO skills andprecise parking skills to recycle material from dumpster, as youtake charge of the site vehicles like loader, excavator or dumper,cemented, Fork lifter and put them all to the right use in thissimulation game. Heavy Excavator Simulation is sure to keep youbusy with the construction work for several hours. Features:Multiple vehicles- Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Dumper, Forklifter, Transporter vehicle. Construction challanges in thecountryside shelter area near site. Hd open world and realconstruction driving simulation sounds Amazing excavator controls& real crane driving experience. Adrenaline-filled loader andconstruction vehicles driving simulation excitement.
Jungle Bear Sniper Hunt 2015 1.4
You can achieve here what you can not in your real life, hunts injungle. You have the best sniper with shootings gun, Enter thejungle for hunts. In this dangerous forest, select the target, takethe aims and shoots right at the head. Wild bear with sniper andshootings is your chance to take a feel and hunting in a jungleenvironment. The bears are attacking at you so you have to saveyourself from the attack. Once you complete hunting at one level,you will face more challenging levels and more bears. You have 10levels to play with never ending is here. Yes! Your real task is tobear attacks. You are a sniper actings as and big game huntings. Beskillful against bears in a first person and shooters in battle.While firing, you have to survive their attack to enable moreshooting at the army of bears.
Offroad Bus Mountain Climber 1.0.2
Let’s begin the adventurous bus driving with realistic controls andawesome simulation with the young offroad aspiring asphalt racer.Embark your racing journey where no limits exist to stop racing.Play Offroad Bus Drivers and Face the supercharged racingenvironments with SUV Pickup, Sports car and Bus for realisticoff-road driving challenges on steep curvy roads. Show your hillpowers and uphill mountains for crazy tourism craving and racingstunts to get a free race license. Enjoy the sights of rocky, greenand snow dumped hills ad amazing enjoyable ingredients through yourjourney. Get ready for some tourist up and down mountain roads.Load your passengers into your bus and suv or car and transportthem uphill safely to the desired destination. Go to suburban twisttown and try hilly 4*4 S.U.V to work as pro driver. For hilltopdriver 4*4 jeep, perform duty of driving public transport. Get offroad driving adventure to pick up spanish tourists and school kidsfrom suburban to desired destination. This mountain driving hasgreat physics based on motion principles. A big daring ride forracers to drive at track covered by mountains, slopes, rocks, sharpangles and turns. So if you wanna play one of the most realistictourist transporters extreme bus games, then encounter dangerouspaths on rugged terrains on way. Experience the feeling of handlinga big bus on small mountain roads and load passengers on touristbus and get ready for supercharged adventure through up and downmountain. Paths are difficult to drive and to lookout for sharpturns on reckless slippery roads as big stone slides down hill, butyou can handle this job with your perfect driving skills . Landsliding could block your path anytime. Extreme weather conditionswith rainfalls and lighting could make your drive even moredifficult at offroad, dangerous turns and thunderstorm environment.Drive carefully like a real driver. Perform offroad truck tycoondriving job to transport passengers safely to offroad destinations.Encounter exciting adventures as caramba! You have to maneuver theheavy jeep along the dangerous paths and rush life on the way upthe mountain. Push on the throttle, steer well, view throughdifferent camera angles to drive the passengers safely. Don’t letcurvy paths and treacherous turns slow you down. The passengers arewaiting, SO HURRY UP! ★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★ ✔ Off Road DrivingPhysics with real time Damage, Repairing of Vehicles and Driving. ✔Multiple Vehicles Suv, Jeep 4x4 to Enhance User Driving Experience✔ Real-time Driving Skills ✔ Animated Passengers ✔ Mountains, SteepPaths and Awesome 3D Environment ✔ Enjoyable Sounds Effects ✔Multiple Gameplay Levels to Accomplish ✔ Multiple WeatherConditions.
Anaconda Snake Hunting 1.0.4
Move through african dark forest and Great killing ahead likefierce anaconda snake who is slaying his prey. Enjoy incredibleshooting game to hunt wild Snake with its Deadly Slitheringings,newest 3D game. Hunt down snakes to save rabbits or birds from itshunger. Shoot angry snakes in this sniper Hunters game Those wholove hunting will love this first persons sniper shooting gamewhere you don't have a squad & you need to do it all alone.Grab your gun, test your skills and don't let the snake escape. Doyou trust your sniper shootings skills? Immerse yourself in a vastgrass and jungle environment to kill the huge anaconda to slay yourvictim who is looking for preys, slitheringings around and killingthe most pitiless way possible. Beware all, here comes the scariestgiant predator in town from the jungles of Amazon and it’s lookingfor food, Rise from the water and looking for your next snack. Huntdeadly and anaconda to avoid from its poison bite and hunger! TheGreat Snake is always hungry. The spot is filled with all kinds ofwild animals to target: Become an incredible and most wantedshunter by killing dangerous predators from all over the world.Prove with your might that you’re the ultimate shooters of thisjungle! Survive against ferocious python, cobra and ruthlessanaconda. Play this swamp of jungle huntings adventure. Grab yoursniper rifle, do camouflage and take position in trees where snakeis crawling in a lush tropical forest and kill it as a victim withits poisonous venom spit. With access to powerful guns you willrely on your marksmanss skills to kill and trap the weaved snakethrough air to avoid its prey on critters or slitheringings wormwith sharp fangs. Utilize your stealth and cleverness on a lifetimehunting and action adventure in a deadly beast. Put your huntingskills to the test in pursuit of real wild animals. Take yourrifle. Set your scope and hunts! If you have animal huntings andbird shooting passion then this sniper & shooters game is foryou. Become an ultimate hunters and prove your sharp shootersskills.
Training Horse Stunts Sim 3D 1.2
Go UP! It’s time for horses races! Compete against the besttraining riders in the world. Get on horseback and race againstworld’s best horse riding masters. Break into a gallop and asleader ride the best price arabian horses. Face all kinds ofobstacles to win. Can you ride to dodge and jump over fence andother obstacles during fierce climb competitions like armytraining? Remember to balance the stamina and speed for derbyadventures on offroad course. Play for pride, but don’t let it awayfrom you & set up and ride on off-road farm. Race for survivalon hilly stunts paths. Cross the finishing line first and run likea flying horses tossing its mane in air, grab your hats and take upthe challenge to become the Champion! choose favorite stallions andfight to victory against champion. Get crazy handling like a true.Experience the thrill of riding to saddles up for the best derbyquest with stunts. These are just like out of an old western moviesto explore the hill on bumpy tracks. show best skills to becomepoliceman. Before joining the race, train yourself to be a toprider, including preparation, stamina handling skills, stunt,training, surfers. You are champion winner of many horses, showhill skill with completing jumping challenges over.
US Army Training Heroes Game 1.0.2
The best of army and military training school game is here to enjoyarmy training duty in one game. Army Basic Combat Training or BCT(also known as Initial Entry Training). It is informally known asBoot Camp and is the program to clear assault course army basicphysical and mental training. It is required in order for you tobecome a soldier in the US Army. Basic course is designed to behighly intense by following drill sergeant's instructions &chain of command and is challenging which many can’t absorb. Noassault course is tougher than your will power in army traininggames. Coach your superior life in the Exhibit fitness withphysical and mental training. As a trainee officer, you mustacquire the skills of running fast, jumping through hurdles andtake instructors drill sergeants first call. Clear military camp bypassing the commando battalion test in this action filled missiongame. Escape the US army high school training life and plunge intocraziest obstacle course on us base. Become a soldier from simplecitizen by passing initial entry in Army Game for combat. You haveto complete all obstacle courses of this boot camp to qualify as aworld armed forces soldier in national guards for stealth missionsor spy assassins. Starting from schedule you live your life by itin master basic and combat training exercises. You have to be atthe ground at early morning for physical to step into shoes of acommando and to make your mind up to be one of the tough guy toprotect the state in the future as hero. It is not only intenserigorous assault course, get ready to be taken into the coldestnights, across the hot deserts, dense forest, craziest parkoursobstacle course, hiking on muddy rough inclined mountains where youhave to survive. Just become one man and face world armed forceschain to prove which country forces are topmost. It is all aboutbeing from ordinary to extraordinary by passing special operationforces course and to not let your country dishonored and humiliate.Stay in a stealth mode to test your mental disciplinary andphysical fitness. Trainee will do running,action, swimming,jumping, rolling and climbing to enhance your Marine soldier secretagent skills. Show Elite agent skills to be a hero once to graduateas a soldier, prove your skills while competing with the forces ofUSA, Russia and India to make the State proud. So get ready to jumpover fire walls, swim through oceans, climb sky high mountains.Sounds exciting? Download this exciting new game now! GameFeatures: * Real school obstacle course simulation missions. *Realistic military challanges like swimming, jumping, rolling andclimbing * Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls * AmazingAcademy Environment with HD Graphics * Play as Real trainee cadetto test your skills. - Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments arevaluable for us.
Survival Island - Spy Escape 1.0
Get ready in this epic secret spy prison break missions at SurvivalIsland. You will have to use all your skills to survive in thisisland among stranded deep forest! Escape from an Island jail likeultimate survival adventure along with the other lockdowncriminals. You successfully break alcatraz jail. Use all yoursecret spy agent skills to survive in this uphill jail like atrained prisoner. Get ready to execute dangerous operations from amaximum prison security along with other war prisoner cell inmates.This Game has many features as, prison escape missions, survivalfight with Tiger in the jungle, Deer hunting for food, offroad suvdriving with animated hand at cockpit view, shoot & kill citypolice duty agent officers & Defend yourself from wildanimals.Keep cover in shadow for stealth operations behind walls inalcatraz jail for a crime. Hard time is not over yet show yourbrutal attacking skills to plan a strategy to escape and survive byhunting wild beast in the jungle and save yourself from theircounter attacks in this survival island. It’s going to be a hardtime to escape as an enslaved war prisoner. The Island prison isprotected by layers of security lockers with difficult passcode,patrolling armed soldiers, trained intelligence secret agents, spyand expert security team. The enemy caught you in an attack andimprisoned you in this hidden island. Now its time to start yourstealth operations to get free from this enemy forces hell. Livelife of Trained army shooter to Infiltrate enemy territory. Move asinvisible as a ghost, fight like a ninja. Utilize your armytraining skills to search for weapons to escape the prisons andjails. Find out lonely the tools hidden that might help you infighting and seek help from your cell inmates prison breaks expert& kill gangster and criminals for a prison breakout mission.Use all the possible tools like kick, punch, shoot and kill! Defendyourself from thugs and kill the cops. American Counterintelligence trained you as one man army use stealth highly securedareas. Use your weapons like archer, sniper guns to kill the policeofficers by shooting & aiming at them. Make use of your archeryskills to fight for your survival. Meet your notorious criminalsgang leader, Run & Shoot police officers like real commando,fight the brutal targeted missions, first person shooting skills.As a criminal mastermind, recruit villains to help you attack yourrivals. SWAT team will come to assist jail warden. Take down enemyrogue sniper and shoot soldier armed with assault rifles. Escape,Run & Shoot. Hunt the deers. Drive jeep, SUV at hill climb withanimated hands. Avoid wild animals and use your driving skills.Explore challenging off-road hurdles with Offroad Jeep. Use youroffroad driving skills to steer off-road routes and experience theadventure of driving a hummer.Dodge the cop guards, seek help for aprison breakout mission. Moving from Shadow to Shadow to strikeenemies with deadly force in spy stealth games to survive. Fightthe brutal guards and wild dogs with hints and tools. Defendyourself from wild animals and other dangers of the uphill island.Master your spy survivor stealth mission. Running fast can make youfarther from being caught and getting back to jail. Save fellowspies from getting dishonored. Bang the rivals and thrash intowardens. Use your sniper gun to kill the cops in this Miami escapemission. Drive Car, smash and hit in jungle. 1st person assaultshooting to evolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrillingadventures game for a life.- Your Feedback, Ratings & Commentsare valuable for us.
Snow 4x4 Monster Truck Stunt 1.0.4
Winter holiday is on! This wickedly fun and addictive arena formonsters trucks stunts rally will give you an adrenalines rush! Bedaring when driving trucks on a racing course. Monsters Stunts gameplay will thrill you with its extreme performance and amazing. Hereis the best Adventurous Stunt game for truck driving lovers. MoreTracks are awaiting here in Monsters Stunts, to make you moreexcited with wild jumps and insane experience with this downhilltruck driving game. Drive the jumbo monsters on curvy paths andtreacherous turns in gorgeous hill station environment. Return fromsnow mountains campsite back on tracks while bumping intointeractive hurdles like cargo containers, and jumping over treelogs. Enjoy off road drive adventures in heavy snowfall. Fun ofwinter Holidays in Euro with Snow and the racing games. Get hold onthis with grand monsters trucks in winter rallys. Skills learnedfrom driving schools are not enough to drive 4x4 offroad vehicleson rugged terrain rally. Drive 4x4 rally on hillside off-roadtracks. Climb your snow vehicle on steep roads in heavy snowfallthrough the treacherous turns. Drift your full throttle offroadtruck on stunts ramps to perform outrageous stunts rallys. Moveyour truckers in snowy weather through the treacherous hilly pathsand ice slippery roads of mountain tracks. Dives 4x4 on slipperyroads; perform stunts on ramps on the obstacles. Start thisoutrageous uphill adventure to explore the arctic hills town. PlayDown as 4x4 with rallys driver on rugged terrain along steep hillsand enjoy bumping into interactive objects. Features: • Variety OfAmazing Sport And Stunt Monsters vehicles • Realistic snowfall,Multiple weathers, Realistic snowy weather for amazing 3D winterenvironment • Multiple Camera views, Multiple colors of vehicles. •Real 3D environment with awesome graphics. • • • • • • • • • • • •• •
Monkey Simulator 3D 1.3
A thrilling ride through jungle, Rocks and treetops in 3D Monkey isnow in 3D. Play as kingss and the game of banana. Welcome to Monkeyin treetops and jungle runers. Monkey is a brave, agile and lovelymonkey, on a beautiful day he went into the temples of jungle topick up fruits and find a way out of the temples. But the jungle isfull of danger, he needs your help ! Grab your bananas or coins andget your moustache ready for this new adventure throughout manydifficult levels. The goat, sheep, fox, zebra stag-deer, dinosaur,elephant, wolf, all are running in the jungle. Monkey in jungle isa classic runners adventure game in 3D. Run, jump, bounce and swingas you help monkey to outrun a huge banana and other fruits likePineapple, Mango, Apple, Carrot and Coin also! Take control of thetempless with the running! Ride the boar or fly with to overcomedangerous obstacles like massive boulders, Wolf, Elephants andDinosaurs. Nature can be a cruel enemy…Collect as many bananas andall other fruits-Pineapple, Apple, Mango, Carrot, as possible tofill your energy bar. Goat is eating, sheep, Stag-deer, fox, zebraelephant are all crazy on their ways. Avoid dinosaur and wolf onthe running path. Take alternative routes like the deep area ortreetops. This is an amazing runing and jumping adventure game in3D. Feature: Use Joystick to move monkey and Jump button to jumpwhile running. Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.Multiple camera views, Multiple missions. Collect bananas and otherfruits as many as you can, do not fall off the ground. Run to theend of the jungle to pass the level.
Flying Train Future Race 1.0.3
It’s time to drive a flying train. Travel to the future withfuturistic flying train simulator. Tired of playing classic traindriving games. Want to fly a train? You can test your airplane andpilot skills and ability at the same time. Earn all railwayachievements! Complete interesting driving tasks. Fly around theworld new landscapes, Drive your muscle engine, do stunts anddrifts ! Be the best driver! Rail tracks and crowded traffic in thecity streets. Welcome the futuristic theme of flying autos andvehicles. Drive your muscle car engine at rails or sky. Fly trainsimulator is the top futuristic simulator that will allow you tobecome the best driver! Forget all the classic flying games. Pilotyour steam locomotive in the futuristic city terrain or drive yourengine in the air off the road similar to an airplane. Transformwheels into quadcopter push the nitro and fly freely. You can testyour airplane and pilot skills. You are free in a world that youcan do what you want! It contain a fly engine like no other, justlike a muscle engine, you will forget the flight of airplanes whenyou will go from car mode to fly mode, from city drive to highflight, its an simulation and racing adventure which will take youto the world of speed & heights.
Train Drive Hill Simulator 1.0.2
Trains in simulators – One of the favorite train game on curve railtrack. With this simulators it’s time to fulfill your dreams as youbecome the pro trains operators and engine drivers. Pick uptourists from the city in passengers trains and take them tomountain top. This is a very simple game; which let you choose yourfavorite trains, accelerate to speed up. Explore the vastcollection from the old steam locomotives simulators to today’shigh speed rails with tons of exciting engine driver adventures foryou to enjoy. Travel through tracks of offroad hill range to becomea real driver. Stop the train before you dismiss the zone on therail track! Change the camera view as per your comfort; pick up allthe passengers to drop at their respective destinations. As amodern locomotive driver your task is to drive and drop Passengerand cargo engines to different stations on rail track in the giventime. Pick and drop hill climbers at the mountain top. Zoom acrossscenic landscapes and experience the thrill of a trains rides. Showpro hills drivers skills. Enjoy the real locomotive and cargoengines drive!!!
Sniper Hunt: Safari Survival 1.1
Get ready in this epic escape mission you will have to use all yourskills for survive in this jungle! Shoot at dangerous crazyanimals. Unleash skills for shooting as sniper shooters. Don't letthe deer escape. It is time to load out your weapons and get your 5star shooting fix! Angry Gorilla is in the crazy jungle andattacking on animals by its big punch to survive. In this game youcan hunt different wild animals like Deer/stage, Gorilla, zebra,Elephant, Crocodile, and Bear. Use your sniper guns to shoot them.Kill or be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between you andwilld angry gorilla or other animals. In deer hunting games youjust have to shoot deer with your gun or riffles but in lion andwild animal, hunting these animal can attack on you and can killyou. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beast inthe jungle and save yourself from their counter attacks in thissurvival islands. Rival business tycoon conspired to keep youlocked up, now it's time to take your respect back. Even from oldera soldiers are trained as archer shooters and they also learnarchery huntings. All warriors and knights were expert in huntingthe running animals. Fight with bear & Gorilla in the jungle.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with unique combos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Arm yourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latest militarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunters that kills the bigfive of bear, elephant, and crocodile? Go for hunting adventure andsedate angry bear before it attacks and kills you. Test your sniperskills by choosing targets carefully; or go into assault mode asyou clear the forest of the wild beasts! Survive the jungle, testyour temperament and behold the trophy in Jungle Sniper. GameFeatures: - 6+ real animals, 3 deadly weapons and multiplemissions. - Realistic Shootings with Guns effects, animations andsounds. - Efficient gun control and Camera zoom to get accurateshots.
Shark Hunting Deep Dive 1.0.6
Enjoy the latest huntings game simulator with deep seas animals tohunt from all over the world. Welcome to the most exciting seasports. This is a game designed for the fishings enthusiasts.Explore the underwaters sea life at islands. Play scuba with deepdives, the amusing water hunters game for spearfishinging lovers.Endless underwaters world in HD quality, Dives into Ocean and playas underwater hunters. Oceans life is full of amusing inhabitantsat your disposal like shark, clownfish and starfish.! If youhaven’t experienced yet, this is your opportunity! Become a scubaand shoot harpoons with gun to catch wild shark in game. The Scubadivers, mask, air tank, fins, fish hunters are already inside atsea adventure. Be careful of wild sharks attacks while in Islands!There are predators in the water and if you accidentally shootthem, they will attack you!! Grab your sniper rifle and go aroundfor catching whale & goldfish. In this swims simulator, wearscuba divings suite and take your fishinging gear. Fishermans chaselionfish and starfish while in boat. Fire harpoons from your spearsgun, so enjoy the travel of sea in underwater while hunting thefishes with guns and not by fishs hooks. Killer shark will kill youwith its razor sharp jaws, so get ready to Catch the fish andBecome shooters enjoying angling with your rifle in this seasonwith your scuba mask in lake with seamless cozy water and proveyour diving skills. Catch fish underwaters with gun without anglingrod. There is nothing more thrilling than huntings fish with arifle. Use your gun to hunt dolphins peeking above water. Feelinghungryy fishy get rid of angling rod and tension gauge jump infreshwaters swim towards fish reduce distance. Take aim pin andavoid damage fish and catches hooked fishs. Enjoy this Simulatorand Remember shark is the sea animal and rule as you like. Best ofluck!!! Features: ✓ Beautiful 3D graphics Ocean! ✓ Scuba Swimmings,Forward and reverse. ✓ Shooting with sharks, sea life with big fisharound like crystal fish, trout, starfish ✓ Swimming and shootingboth in a single Game. ✓ Animated animals including Orca, Whale,Dolphin and more.
Secret Agent Spy Survivor 3D 1.0.2
Welcome to the secret spy. You have been recruited for a secretmission that involves sniper shooting and assassination of traitorsand terrorists from a select few to ensure the security in order toassassinate the traitors. Your helicopter is attacked by terroristsand you are the survivor. First, you have to survive and hunt downwild Lion in the jungle then move towards the actual story ofsecret agent in city. Hunt rather than getting hunted at survivalislands. Run for your life in city. Eliminate crime mafia from thesociety through strategy, Survive! You are going to be a top-levelhighly trained secret agent assassin. Operate secret agent games tokill or be killed in this spy stealth games under cover. Shoot withaccurate precision, before the enemy fire a bullet at you. There isno time for a training session, so keep cover in shadow for stealthoperations behind walls. Just get started using your elite sneakyskills in this shooter game to win the war against criminal squad.Sneak behind enemy guards from maximum security Prison and snaptheir neck with one smooth movement like ninja. Enjoy one of thebest sniper games! Aim at evil & shoot to kill in an absolutelyamazing secret games. In this Elite & swat survivor assassinmission you are well trained special force swat agent equipped andwith all modern weapons and guns. Agency ask you to join to takepart in counter terrorist attack of the enemy, and train you tobecome an Elite Spy with phantom killer skills. You sometimes needto be hidden by the radar operator, and stealth your way throughhighly secured areas. You have to complete every mission of mostdangerous terrorists in this Secret game. Live life of Trainedshooters to Infiltrate enemy territory. You need to rescue fellowagent prison in the environment & shoot spotlight to walkshadows to shadows before making a right choice, one wrong decisioncan end your mission immediately. Being a spy means you will be inthe heart of crime gangsters city, so you have to operate on yourown to escape. Figure out how to bring these missions to plant anetwork hack with a successful solid ending and sneak skills tosteal information because secret service agency wants their topagents back. You have no more knowledge about sin city other thenthe intelligence given to you at start of every counter terroristoperation. These cool missions include eliminating differentenemies, use stealth, sabotaging the operations of theseterrorists. The gangster squad is ruling the country. Be preparedas one man army trained by Intelligence agency to fight &attack your rival gangsters in sin city. Try to stay out of sightfrom evil forces in this rogue sniper escape mission. Take revengeby using melee attacks from the criminal empire. After a hard timeassassinating the criminals in miami, execute dangerous operationsand strike criminal squad with deadly force to save the country asa brave secret leader. Find other grand criminals as impossiblemission, fight the brutal targeted missions, escape from theinescapable bullets and use your first person shooting skills.Features - Become a highly skilled spy agent in the world. - Jointhe fight against terrorism, sniper shooting, take out theiroperations. - Fully Equipped with Rifles and Shooter Guns. -Survival at jungle, animal hunting. - Amazing HD graphics &shooting sound effects.
Alligator Survival Hunting 1.0.3
Enjoy this hunting game simulator with deep sea crocodiles to huntfrom all over the world. You are on a rescue mission to savecivilians from violent alligators! Welcome to the most exciting seasport adventure. Get ready in this epic escape mission you willhave to use all your skills for survive at this beach! Angry crocois crazy and attacking on human by its big punch to survive. Thisis a game for the fishing enthusiasts. Epic croco challenge andexplore the underwater sea life at paradise island. Play Alligatorshooting with Deep Dive, the amusing water hunter game. Sneakbehind Endless water world in HD quality, Dive into Blue Ocean andplay as hunter. Ocean life is full of amusing inhabitants at yourdisposal like white shark, clownfish and starfish.! Unleash skillsfor shooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the crocodile escape. Itis time to load out your weapons and get your 5 star shooting fix!Show marksman aim with silencer weapon, assault suppressor riflesand sniper gun. As a skilled sniper, having served military, youtake out your weapon to save civilians playing at beach. Show yourbrutal attacking skills to hunt down beast at sea and save yourselffrom their counter attacks in this survival island. Rival businesstycoon conspired to keep you locked up, now it's time to take yourrespect back. Shoot spotlight, pick lock and move from shadow nearbeach to strike with deadly crocos. Kill all deadly gators and saveprevious human lives! It’s time to demonstrate your superior skillsand kill maniac alligators. Use weapons like the ShotGun, and theM19. Kill or be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between youand willd angry crocos. Arm yourself with shotguns, pistols,assault rifles and the latest military gear. Will you become afamous big-game hunter that kills the big five of croco? Go forhunting adventure and sedate angry croco before it attacks andkills you. Test your sniper skills by choosing targets carefully;or go into assault mode as you clear the forest of the wild beasts!Survive at sea. Be careful of attacks while fishing in ParadiseIsland! There are predators in the water and if you accidentallyshoot them, they will attack you!! Grab your rifle and go aroundfor catching alligators. Fisherman chase crocodiles. Killer crocoswill kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so get ready to Catch themost wanted animal and Become ace shooter enjoying angling withyour rifle in this fishing season with your mask in lake withseamless cozy water. There is nothing more thrilling than huntingcroco with a rifle. Use your gun to hunt them peeking above water.Remember blue whale is sea king. Install! Play! And Get yourselfindulge in awesome shooting game you ever played. AlligatorsSurvival Features: ★ HD 3D Graphics depicting Ocean/BeachEnvironment. ★ Intuitive FPS - Real life hunt experience. ★Realistic sound effects ★ Best Shooting levels ★ Free Gameplay. Letthe shoot begin!
Secret Mafia Criminal Escape 1.0.1
Welcome to the secret mafia spy game. You have been recruited for asecret rescue mission that involves sniper shooting andassassination of traitors and terrorists by a gang of US underworldmafia godfather, a hitman, a underworld boss. Kill in secret agentrescue mission game to ensure the security in order to assassinatethe traitors. Mafia gods ask you to join their gang for attack,shooting, spy assassin and criminal escape skills and training.This grand killer legend has been a gang boss for years in thestreets of Downtown Chicago and New York. Become a mafia spy agentwith ghost steeling & killing skills to grab crimes evidencesagainst mafia gods. Mafia group has planned a gang member prisonescape from American army jail who is being arrested, but anextreme high security operation against crime in the city has madethe survival impossible for him. Jump into the mafia gang war anddrive to Russia for Mafia Godfather like a hero. This crimesimulator is all about extreme killing, Russian underworld crimenetwork, theft, drug deals and fighting for elite master hitman ina criminal world to become a mafia lord. These Russian streets arehard for a clash in between cops vs thugs. Downtown streets areruled by different criminals & gangsters. Operate secret agentgames to kill or be killed in this spy stealth games undercover.Get ready to play this epic jail break prisoner and Grandgang Godfather game. Drive around the island towards for hard timeprison escape missions. Shoot security squad, carry out theftmissions to prove your gang boss, that you are good new blood forhis mafia gang. Drive crazy car, Assassinate spy agent &gangwar. Grab your gun to survive criminal escape police chasemissions. There is no time for a training session, so keep cover inshadow for stealth operations behind walls. Use your elite sneakyskills for russian spy cops and police officers squad to win thewar. Mobsters are running a crime cartel. Plan escape from maximumsecurity. Kill the guards on watch tower with city sniper. Go tomain door, escape, run, fight & shoot to get involve inrobbery, clash, assassin, agent killing, theft, war and much morein stealth mode. Evil mind is behind some blood criminal thrillingadventure in Vegas and killing peace. Sneak, shot and kill tobecome a killer legend gang boss. After passing hard time inAlcatraz jail, you have successfully managed prison escape fromhigh security police squad cell in a stealth mode like a hero. Goback to New York and Chicago to bring back the terror. Spare nomercy on crooked gangster who ruined your partner in action packedgangwar. Fight the brutal targeted missions, be prepared as one manarmy trained by Intelligence agency to fight & attack yourrival gangsters in sin city. Hunt down wild Wolf and deer at thesurvival island. Enjoy this fun addictive game with a war againstpolice chase and squad cars. Features - 1st & 3rd PersonShooting like real don lord.- Car Driving with real Physics.-Survival at island jungle, Wolf and deer hunting.- Become a highlyskilled agent in the world.- Join the fight against terrorism,sniper shooting, take out their operations.- Fully Equipped withRifles and Shooter Guns.- Amazing HD graphics & shooting soundeffects.
Alligator Survival Hunting 2 1.0.1
Enjoy this hunting game simulator with deep sea crocodiles to huntfrom all over the world. You are on a rescue mission to savecivilians from violent alligators! Welcome to the most exciting seasport adventure. Get ready in this epic escape mission you willhave to use all your skills for survive at this beach! PlayAlligator shootings with Deep sea Dive, the amusing water huntergame. Sneak behind Endless waters world in HD quality, Dive intosea and play as hunter. Angry croco is crazy and attacking on humanby its big punch to survive. Ocean life is full of amusinginhabitants at your disposal like white shark, clownfish andstarfish.! Unleash skills for shooting as sniper shooters. Don'tlet the crocodile escape. It is time to load out your weapons andget your 5 star shooting fix! Show marksman aim with silencerweapon, assault suppressor rifles and sniper gun. This is a gamefor the fishing enthusiasts. Epic croco challenge and explore theunderwater sea life at paradise sea island. Kill all deadly gatorsand save previous human lives! It’s time to demonstrate yoursuperior skills and kill maniac alligators. Use weapons like theShotGun, and the M19. Kill or be killed, be a part of ultimatebattle between you and willd angry crocos. As a skilled sniper,having served military, you take out your weapon to save civiliansplaying at beach. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt downbeast at sea and save yourself from their counter attacks in thissurvival deep island. Rival businesse sea tycoon conspired to keepyou locked up, now it's time to take your respect back. Shootspotlights, pick lock and move from shadow near beach to strikewith deadly crocos. Arm yourself with shotguns, pistols, assaultrifles and the latest military gear. Will you become a famousbig-game hunter that kills the big five of croco? Go for huntingadventure and sedate angry croco before it attacks and kills you.Test your sniper skills by choosing targets carefully; or go intoassault mode as you clear the forest of the wild beasts! Survivesat sea. Be careful of attacks while fishing in Paradise sea Island!There are predators in the water and if you accidentally shootthem, they will attack you!! Grab your rifle and go around forcatching alligators. Fishermans chase crocodiles. Killer crocoswill kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so get ready to Catch themost wanted animal and Become ace shooters enjoying angling withyour rifle in this fishing season with your mask in lake withseamless cozy water. There is nothing more thrilling than huntingcroco with a rifle. Use your gun to hunt them peeking above water.Install! Play! And Get yourself indulge in awesome shooting gameyou ever played. Alligators Survivals Features: • HD 3D Graphicsdepicting Ocean/Beach Environment. • Intuitive FPS - MultipleWeapons - HandGun, Sniper, ShotGun, M1911, M4, MP5, AK 47. • Reallife hunt experience & realistic sound effects. • Best Shootinglevels • Free Gameplay. Let the shoot begin! Your Feedbacks andratings are valuable for us.
Snow Hill Excavator & Dumper 1.0
Welcome to the world of Excavators, diggers, heavy cranes and dumptrucks in this game. Winter season is here and you have been hiredas the uphill cargo truck driver to complete transportation tasksin extreme weather conditions. Drive 4x4 giant vehicles in up hillTruck driving game with extreme steep and treacherous off roadbumpy tracks. Drive to the right spot with your loader vehicle andpick up the mess on the road. Then dump the mess in your vehicleand drive to the dumping spot! Take control of a monstrous snowblower to showoff precision driving skills and clear the city ofthis treacherous plague of snow. Operate excavator crane, snow plowand dumper to transport large snow blocks and clear highway roads.It’s not easy to drive heavy duty cargo vehicle over uphillmountains. Due to heavy snow fall and land sliding, off-roadmountainous tracks are filled with ice blocks. In this loader truckgame your goal is to drive your own off-road cargo vehicles. Bringexcavator crane to pick small pieces. Drive dumper truck andtransport ice pieces to it with the help of hydraulic excavatorcrane. Play as excavator dumpster, crane operator and a realtransporter at snowy tracks.You’ve worked mediocre driver jobs nowget ready to face challenges in construction site at offroad. Playan off road cargo extreme trucks to carry the oil and waterbarrels, drums, gasoline, relief fund boxes and other goods throughthe steep paths of mountains. Take responsibility of logging truckdriver & pick up wood logs from forest to transport them. Inthis free game, drive among steep mountainous tracks. Go tolumberjack, Transport tree logs in timber lorry vehicle. Transportcargo to construction site via offroad route. Up hill loader trucksimulator is best for those who like driving games with heavyvehicles. Steep Paths are difficult to drive but you have to handlewith care & show perfect driving skill. Drive dumper truck toconstruction site & quarry mines & country roads. Have youever tried cargo loader trucker from downhill town to tallestoffroad hill. ? Forget flying games and army trucker simulation,get ready for huge driving. Features • Wide Variety Of ChallengingMissions.• Snow Plow & Construction challanges.• MultipleVehicles With Real Physics.• Realistic Winter 3D OffroadEnvironment.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us.
Mafia Agent Criminal Escape 1.0.1
Welcome to the secrets mafia spy games. You have been recruited fora secret rescues mission that involves sniper shooting andassassination of traitors and terrorists by a gang of USunderworlds mafia godfathers, a underworld boss. Kill in us mafiacounters squad trainings game using commando pistol, marksmansniper gun, ak47 assault rifle, police shotguns and military handgrenades. Mafia criminal gangs converting city into crime hideoutsand trained military persons of army spy agents with steeling arekilling to stop crimes. Follow the instruction of command overrough terrain. The army guns shoot training used in this classicgame will definitely make it the most stunning adventure of thesecret agent careers. Become a mafia spy agents with steeling &killing skills to grab crimes evidences. An extreme high securityoperation against crime in the city has made the survivalimpossible. Jump into the gang war and drive to for Mafia like ahero. This crime simulator is all about extreme killing, underworldcrime network, theft, drug deals and fighting. Get ready to playthis epic clown chase and attacks game. Live life of spy agentsunder the command, trained as professional sharpshooter killer asstealth spy agents against sin city mafia gangs, exhibit quicklymove and sneak skills to escape from gangster squads. This robberymasters game is all about extreme theft in deadly world of russia.Drive crazy car, do bank robbery, Assassinate spy agents. Grab yourgun to survive criminal police chase missions. Clear strong hardassault course, so keep cover in shadow for stealths operationsbehind walls. Use your elite sneaky skills for russian cops andpolice officers squad to win the war. Kill the guards on watchtower with city sniper. Go to main door, run, fight & shoot toget involve in robbery, clash, assassin killing, theft, war andmuch more in stealth mode. After passing hard time in Alcatrazjail, you have successfully managed prison escape from highsecurity police squad cell in a stealth mode like a hero. Sneakinto different rooms steal the cash & escape the bank &shopping mall. Spare no mercy on crooked gangster who ruined yourpartner in action packed gangwar. Fight the brutal targetedmissions, be prepared as one man army trained by Intelligenceagency to fight & attack your rival gangsters. Features -Shooting like bank robbery. - Car Driving with real Physics. - Jointhe fight against terrorism, sniper shooting, take out theiroperations. - Fully Equipped with Rifles and Shooter Guns. -Amazing HD graphics & shooting sound effects.
US Army Hero Survival Training 1.0.3
Survival army trainings is a survival game where soldiers meettheir sergeants and begin with military courses in an obstacledriven training held at a training camps to enhance mental andphysical strength of the soldier plus the survival skills andtechniques that a soldier may use in order to sustain life in anytype of natural environment. The best of army and military trainingschools games is here to enjoy army training duty with islands inone game. Join the military camps for basic combat training to theadvanced army trainings under special forces in one of the bestmilitary games army survival trainings. The recruits will becomepart of an elite and US Army forces. The initial step at survivalsea lands involves obstacle clearing, survival missions, assaultcourses and safety drills on sergeant’s command. Enhance yourskills as national guard soldier in this army simulators game.Winters are upon us and same is the case with the militarytrainings camp at the island. Become a trained army force officerfrom simple citizen by passing initial entry in the US militaryyAcademy training camps. To keep yourself warm, you will have totrain how to cut trees to get wood to stay warm. You can use thewood to make weapons to use in your fight against your enemies.Fights like a ninjaa, search for weapons to kill the enemy. Kick,punch, shoot and kill! Once you have made yourself warm with thecut woods, you can go out of the camp after successfully clearingthe missions. Coach your superior life with physical as well asmental drills. These game is meant to survives for armed forcessoldiers and commandos which include water, food, and shelter indeep forest. Your uniform is your dignity wear it with pride. Don’tlet mud marks and stains dishonored you in front of your superiors.As a trainee officer heros, you must acquire the skills to train toescape animal attacks, running fast, swimming, crouching, ropeclimbing, crawling and jumping through hurdles and take instructorsdrill sergeants first call in ultimate adventures! As part of yourexcercise in the islands, you will be left out in the open junglewith wild animals like lion, and bear. Use basic weapons like axefor deer hunting. Complete intense obstacles course and followchain of command from platoon instructors. Show Elite and agentskills to be a hero once to graduate as a soldier in special forcesschool. Enter the tough sessions with combat skills, realisticammunition, special gears and camouflages to become a trainedcommando officers. It is not only intense rigorous assaultscourses, get ready to craziest obstacle course, hiking on muddyrough inclined mountains. You have to complete all obstacle coursesof this training to qualify as a world armed forces soldiers innational guards for stealths missions. Train to cross layers ofsecurity with difficult passcode, strong lockers and patrollingenemy security officials. So get ready to jump over fire walls,swim through oceans, climb sky high mountains. Sounds exciting?Download this exciting new game now! Sounds exciting? Download thisexciting new game now! - Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments arevaluable for us.
Raft Survival Island 1.0
You are all alone on your raft in a deadly ocean. Can you survivein this most strategic and epic island survival game? Lonelysurvival on a wild island with realistic graphics and deep oceanenvironment. You are the only survivor of ship crash in the middleof an deep sea. You survived on a lonely island where you are goingto to fight for your survival by crafting a raft and by fightingwith sharks. You lost everything at deep sea. Hungry and angrysharks are there and one mistake can kill you. Get ready to createan escape story on this island. Avoid shark attack or even killerwhale. The hungry and crazy shark would be lurking around yourraft, making your survival mission tough. Use hunting and shootingskills to survive and fight against wild animals and escape fromthe hunted Island. Utilize your action, fighting skills to escapewhich you learned in army training school. Survival on the raft isnot an easy task. You have to learn crafting and buildingequipments like axe, hammer, rope and other stuff to create newwalls pillars, shelters etc at deep mystery island. Will you planthe mission to fight, escape, survive and to go home from seacompletely? Build a raft for survival and mark the best raft seaescape story. Hunt the wild beasts at the lost island!Escape like areal survival hero. It’s a deadly mission on shores. Survival onthis wild jungle is a tough challenge where you need to gatherdifferent resources likes woods, stones and ropes to build a raft.In this raft craft game find tools and resources that would helpyou to escape the underwater sea. Build your own home & huntunderwater whale in sea and other dangerous wild animals that arein hunt of prey. Get food and drinking water or have a drink ofcoconut water after crafting a strong big raft in this adventure.Make a super hit survival island sea escape story with yourcrafting & fighter skills. Use hero techniques like swimming,finding cave, ropes for your shelter out of woods and ropes.Features:• Explore Island and get amazing hunting experiences.•Craft Raft adventure, Fight with wild animals, find tools and muchmore.• Multiple animals like lion, bear, wolf, deer, sheep, shark.•Realistic environment with cool graphics.• Beautiful underwaterswimming and deep dive animation.• Interesting challengesavailable.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us. We hopeyou will enjoy this game.
Zombie Killer Shoot - Survival 1.0.2
Welcome to the zombie survivals shooting and wars game. Become azombie sniper hunter. Zombies out of the dark, more and more peoplebe zombie virus infection. You are survivor. Take your sniper andput them back! Survival or death, you are the last in commandorescue missions! Be careful around the space, the walking deadswaiting for a hero. Help your soldiers and raft survivor escapesfrom the evil attacks. As a special army commando teams fight tothe frontlines and kill the zombie before they kill all the people.Rescue the civilians. Escape, Runs & Shoot the aliens. Fightthe men and wild dogs with tools. Save humanity from zombie and thewalking deads to becomes a hunter. In this game you have a limitedtime to shoot the dead man in zone. Being an army commando you needto survive in enemy war zone and leave the city. Aim at the zombiesand take head shots to survive. You as the elite zombie killersurvive the escape missions. Fight for their life. Plan a strategyto escape the strikes and survive the mission. Trigger your stealthoperations to get free from this enemy hell. Sniper, go to the warfrontier, and pick your weapon, the walking dead, make a killershot and stop this world war! As a brave military officer hero youhave been trained to survive the toughest of conditions and fightlike a hero. You're going to love it! Features • Multiple zombieswith many kinds of behaviors • Massive number of guns which canbring you real experiences -MP series, sniper refiles, short gun& more • Realistic shooting as a zombie slayers hunter. •Action packed challenging missions with aliens shooting.
Raft Survival Hunter Escape 1.0.1
You are all alone on your raft in a deadly ocean. Can you survivein this most strategic and epic island survival hero escape game?Lonely survival on a wild island and solve the secret of the deepocean. You survived on a lonely island where you are going to tofight for your survival by crafting a raft and by fighting withsharks. You lost everything at deep sea. Island survival hero findcave for your stay swim through the streams, hungry and angrysharks are there and one mistake can kill you. Discover thismysterious world. Get ready to create an hero escape story on thisisland. In this safari jungle escape use all skills to find toolsand resources that would help you in crafting big raft to escapethe sea. Hunt for real animals in hunting safari now. Don't let thedeer escape. Like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills, findropes build fences, stalk your prey, and put your hunter skills tothe test in the hunt of real wild animals. Utilize Army lone raftsurvival skills to escape the island and fight against animals atthe hunted Island. The hungry and crazy shark would be lurkingaround your raft, making your survival mission tough. Use huntingand shooting skills. Hunt different wild animals like lion, bear,wolf. In deer hunting games you just have to shoot deer with yourgun or riffles but in lion, hunting these animal can attack on youand can kill you. Use resources, craft equipment likes woods stonesaxe and ropes to build a propel to go through underwater sea aftercrafting a strong raft. Show your brutal attacking skills to huntdown wild beast in the jungle and save yourself from their counterattacks at extreme jungle adventure. Utilize your action, fightingskill. It’s a mission on deadly shores to survive. Plan the escapemission to explore dangerous Island and return back home. Braceyourself for the ultimate deer and hunting experience. Hunt safarianimals & escape life safeguard missions. Deal with the counterattacks of these beasts with unique combos. Make yourself survivein jungle and escape from sea successfully. Will you become afamous big-game hunter that kills the big five of lion? Swim inunderwater like a real survival hero to struggle for your freedom.Ready for deadly attacks, extreme wilderness, missions and you needto be a survivor and hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills,Army commando training test, power, assault shooting and wildernessto evolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrilling adventuresgame or go into assault mode as you clear the forest of the wildbeasts! Become the best commando on this survival island. Trapcarnivore and predator animal. It’s time to begin the ultimatejungle survival simulator adventure. Game Features : • Exploresafari and get amazing hunter experiences. • Craft adventure, Fightwith wild animals like lion, bear, wolf, deer, shark, find tools. •Swimming in sea & raft driving and much more. • Beautifulunderwater swimming and deep dive animation. • Gather stones, wood,rope, food, tree cutting with axe. • Stunning & High Quality 3DGraphics. Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us. We hopeyou will enjoy this game.
Sniper Hunters Survival Safari 1.0.3
Play jungle survival huntings to experience the best survival gamewith realistic graphics and epic jungle environment. Hunt for realanimals in hunting safarii now! In this escape mission you willhave to use all your skills for survive in this jungle! Shoot atdangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills for shooting as snipershooters. Don't let the deer escape. Come of age, like a realhunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey, and put yourhunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wild animals. As aheroes survival Apes find cave & hunt down animals. Your riseof all the apes jungle adventure is about to begin in this game.Hunt different wild animals like cougar, jaguar, heyna, cheetah,lion, elephant, giraffe, deer-stage, gorilla, zebra, black puma,crocodile, dinosaur - compsognathus and buffalo. Angry Gorilla isin the crazy jungle and attacking on animals by its big punch tosurvive. Lonely survival on a wild island. Utilize Army lone skillsfor shooting to survive and fight against animals and find escapefrom the hunted Islands. Hunt the deadly sharks swimming underocean depth looking for some prey. In this modern sniper shootinggame of shark hunting, do not let blood thirsty sharks closer toyou. Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skill to escape.It’s a mission on deadly shores to survive. Plan the Mission toescape from the dangerous Island to survive and return back home.Brace yourself for the ultimate deer huntings experience. Use yoursniper gun to shoot them. Kill or be killed, be a part of ultimatebattle between you and willd angry gorilla. In deer huntings gamesyou just have to shoot deer with your gun or riffles but in lionand wild animal, killing these animal can attack on you and cankill you. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beastin the jungle and save yourself from their counter attacks in thissurvival islands. Rival business tycoon conspired to keep youlocked up, now it's time to take your respect back. Hunt safariianimals & escape life safeguard missions in archery huntings.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with unique combos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Arm yourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, bow arrow and the latestmilitary gear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe big five of zebra, elephant, and bufallo? Escape from an Islandlike a real hero to struggle for your freedom. Survival landadventures begins with a hard time from lost Island along withwilder tiger. Go for adventure and sedate angry gorilla ape beforeit attacks and kills you. An ultimate survival mission on amysterious jungle island with wild hungry animals and cannibals.You are equipped with a modern deadly snipers rifle to hunt thewild beasts. Even from old era soldiers are trained as archershooters and they also learn archery huntings. All warriors andknights were expert in hunting the running animals at jungleisland. Game includes deadly attacks, extreme wilderness, survivalescape missions and you need to be a survivor heros!! Hey Commandohave you got all skills, Army Commandos training test, power,assault shooting and wilderness to evolve as brave warrior in thisthrilling adventures game for a life escape mission. Dinosaurshuntings along with survival make this game special. Experience thethrill of dino shooters. Aim and shoot with archery. Test yoursniper skills also by choosing targets carefully; or go intoassault modes as you clear the forest of the wild beasts! Becomethe best Commando on this Survival in Islands. Trap carnivore andpredator in amazon jungle sniper among stranded deep forest. Useall the possible tools and weapons to defend yourself fromwilderness creature. Enter the world of ultimate survival Islandsgames.
Real Bus Drive Parking Game 1.0.1
Test of your driving skills! Get ready to enjoy parkings game thisyear. Show your deadly skills and park your sports car, bus andtruck on designated parking lots. An adventures game to passquality time. You will learn how to parking your vehicles parallelthrough challenging scenarios which will give you tough time. Haveplaying this difficult cars parkings games & test your drivingsskills. Select from a variety of bus, car and truck. Driving truckson impossible tracks is dangerous task for this you need realtrucks drivings skills. Driving on impossible tracks simulatordelivers an exciting experience. Do you really think that you canpark luxury vehicles parallel, if you do then buckle yourself upand start drive with lot of luxury vehicles. Enjoy real luxurypradoo experience with stunts. Experience the best of parkings gamebecause there is no traffic. Let go old car adventures and completeimpossible various missions of steering wheel drivings in thissimulator. Ride through tricky and deadly stunts. If you werelooking for a multi story cars in parking with unlimited city carsthen this is for you. Complete level as a real and get three starsin every mission to unlock next levels and enjoy lots of stages.Avoid body paint scratchess. Your job is to drive the differentbuses and firetruck and accurately park them on the rooftops of amultistori cars plaza. Use your drivings skills and avoid withroadblocks and hurdles otherwise, you may fail level. Enjoy carzyprado and 4x4 journey. Feel free & just drive because there isno traffic jam on the way at sea port. Be a carzy driver and passthe hurdles and park the cars. Features: • Most realistic parkingssimulation game. • A wide collection of Bus, Car & Truck. •Easy and smooth gameplay & high quality sounds. Give us yourfeedback, so we can make more new games recommended for you.
Spider Hero Rider - Racers Of Highway 1.0.3
Do you love playing supersheros with racings games? if yes thanthis adventure and racings game is for you. Have you experience ofdodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit withspiders? Are you ready for games with the world and new spiders?Transform into a flying supershero having spiders abilities andfast sports vehicle in this paced game. This endless racers willgive thrilling and insane experience. Traffic with riders takes theendless genre to a new simulator. Get an adventure of racings withcar. Play as a monsters bikes with skills. Ride monsters bike inthe race. Enjoy this excellent sports & rides on the highways.At highways there are many other racers with their vehicles. Rideat the carzy tracks in the mid of highway. Join the spiders in theform of racings. Features : • Multiple bikes with realistic 3Dcockpit view. • Detailed internal & external camera views. •Rich types of traffics including trucks, buses and SUVs. • Smoothand realistic controller handling.
Highway Endless Car Rider Sim 1.0.3
Are you ready for racing games with third person perspective? Haveyou experience of dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to thelimit. Overwhelmed your fear of extreme and driving and become alegend drivers hero in this limitless traffics highway car racers.Traffic endless rider takes the racing genre to a modern nextgeneration. Drift your super fast sports car in this paced infiniteracing game. This ultimate endless highway racers will givethrilling and insane experience. Get an adventure of racing in thecar. Overtake closely, burn up the streets & drive your luxurycar in the unlimited of streets and the asphalt city track. Drivingin car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and rush.Ultimate racing simulators on the highway with heavy truck traffic,realistic controller, engine and detailed interiors. Heavy SUV andhuge trucks to ride on the highway, its fun to drive in the cockpitview. Climb up on new tracks to get bonus coins and control yourtruck with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Enjoythis fantastic sports rally racing in one of the modern generationmania. Head out and race as fast as you can to become the best newrider in the world. It need extreme driving skills to drive safely.Race in the traffic and complete the challenges. Let’s drive yourracing car on highway more and more to earn maximum coins. Enjoythe heavy truck driving in adventure. At highways there are manyother traffic racers. Ride at the crazy racing tracks in the mid ofcity highway traffics and rush. Ride in the busy roads. It's yourtime to play impossible driving games with car on impossibletracks. This off-road path is made with ramps to do stunts and highjumps for endless driving adventure. Perform furious fantasy stuntson the crazy, thrilling hard challenging and dangerous tracks byplaying impossible driving games. Show your luxurious car drivingand extreme skills in one of the best physics based arcade game.Let’s drive your rally vehicle and dodge to gain bonuses. Get moregold coins to unlock new high-performance vehicles andenvironments. Features of this game : - 19 different vehicles -cars, trucks with realistic 3D cockpit view. - Third person cameraviews, first person, realistic internal & external cameraviews. - Rich types of NPC traffic including bus and SUVs. -Realistic and physics based controller handling. - Powerful Insane,real drift. - Nitro Booster for super-speed road. - Differentlocations : 3 detailed environments: summer, snowy and desert. YourFeedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Traffic Highway Car Drift Racer 1.0.1
Have you experience of dodging cars and trucks while you speed upto the limit. Are you ready for racing games with third personperspective? This ultimate endless highway racer will givethrilling and insane experience. Overwhelmed your fear of extremedriving and become a legend driver hero in this limitless traffichighway car racer. Drift your super fast sports car in this pacedinfinite racing game. Get an adventure of top speed at highway inracing drift adventures games. Traffic Rider takes the endlessracing genre to a modern next generation.Ride on the highway, burnup the streets & drive your luxury car in the unlimited streetsand the asphalt city track. Perform the crazy and furious stunts byplaying american trucks and velocity bumpy road racing tracks inimpossible driving games. Driving in car in cockpit view throughthe endless traffic and rush. Ultimate racing simulator on thehighway with heavy truck traffic, realistic controller, engine andgameplay sounds and detailed interiors, Its fun to drive in thecockpit view. Enjoy this excellent sports rally racing in car inone of the modern next generation mania. Overtake closely &climb up on new tracks to get bonus scores and control your buswith incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Enjoy theheavy truck driving games. It's your time to play impossibledriving games on impossible tracks. This off-road impossible pathis made with ramps to do stunts and high jumps for endless drivingadventure. It need extreme driving skills.Race in the heavy trafficand complete the challenges. At highways there are many othertraffic racers with their vehicles. Ride at the crazy racing tracksin the mid of city highway traffic rush. Ride in the endless busyroads. Let’s drive your racing car on highway and race as fast asyou can to become the best new rider in truck racing game. The aimof this subway off truck racing game is to overtake buses andtrucks. Be the best among the truckers and truck drivers. In thisdrift game, there is an excellent opportunity of driving. Get moregold coins to unlock new environments and high-performancevehicles. Features of this game : - 12 different vehicles - cars,truck with realistic 3D cockpit view.- Custom colors - Color pickerfor all riders. Modify color of your vehicles.- Top new vehicleswith high speed & drift based drag simulation.- Third personcamera views, first person, realistic internal & externalcamera views.- Rich types of NPC traffic including bus and SUVs.-Powerful Insane, real drift.- Nitro Booster for super-speed road.-3 beautiful environments: summer, snowy and desert.Your Ratings,Feedback & Comments are valuable for us.