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Scary Pranks : Scare your friends. 2.8.2
So many ways to scare your friends and family *** You can recordthe person you are about to scare, laugh about it and share onFacebook 1. "Call from hell" - Ask someone to take the call foryou. Watch the victim answer the call and get a scream from hellinstead of an expected "hello". 2. "Guard the phone" - Leave thephone on the table and ask someone to check something for you inyour phone. The moment the victim will touch the phone a scaryghost will jump on him with a terrifying scream. 3. "Hell camera" -Ask someone to take a photo of you and wait for the scream andwatch victims face turn white! 4. "Cute Cat" - Make someone rub thecat for 5 seconds or touch the cat 5 times and the cat will jump onthe victim from the phone with screams! 5. "Fake Game" - Preparethe fake game and give your friend to try and play it. Wait for thesurprise. 6. "Color blind" - A simple color blind test withsurprising ending *** All pranks now are video recorded so you cansee the his/her faces scared during the prank *** I am notkidding... Pranks in this app can be pretty scary for some people.Do not use this app to trick pregnant women, people with heartdisease or people with psychological problems / disorders, youngchildren or other people that may be damaged in any way by thesepranks. This prank app is so scary, it can ruin relationships andcause your victims many sleepless nights. This is my firstapplication so please be gentle and send me a feedback. If you wantmore tricks just send me a feedback and I will add more. IF YOUWILL NOT RATE THIS APP WITH 5 STARS A SCARY GHOST WILL COME TO YOUand........rank the app for you. Do you really want the ghost torank this app for you?! You can make it the best horror, trick& prank application on the Google play so please help me!!!Rate it 5 stars and help me develop more cool apps like this. Muhaha ha ha ha (evil laugh...) !!!!
Salary Tracker - Piggy Bank 1.3
The easiest and funniest way to track your salary at run-time.-Check how much money you are making daily, weekly, monthly orannually- See the rate of cents falling into your piggy bank- Hideyour salary by tapping on a piggy and compare your salary rate withyour friends* Soon more cool features will be added.WANT TO HELPMAKE IT YOUR BEST APP?!1. Rate the app2. Send me feedback with whatyou would like to see in this app that will make your lifeeasier:feedback.muchoapps@gmail.comEnjoy!
Cute Cat 1.0
Not all cats are cute. Don't believe it? Check this app.