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Interactive CT and MRI Anatomy 2.0.3
★ Details ★-New version 2.0 has been released.-Added a paging function. (YouTube)-368 images newly added.-The free Lite version has been released.★SD card★−This App starts downloading all the CT/MRI images and save them tothe SD card only when you first boot it.−This App requires about 150MB. Please make sure that the SD cardhas more than 150MB of free space.★Details★-This application is developed for medical students, interns,residents, doctors, nurses, and radiology technicians to understandthe essential anatomical terms of the whole body.-A total of 626 CT and MRI images are included.★Intended users★-Medical students-Interns and residents-Doctors-Nurses-Radiology technicians-All those who are intrested in CT and MRI anatomy★Major functions★There are 5 major functions.-1) Paging mode (newly added function)Newly added 368 images (below), and browsing of images whilepaging. It can be used as an anatomical atlas. (1) Head & neck (CE-CT) : 35 images (2) Head (MRI, T1WI) : 43 images (3) Chest (CT) : 25 images (4) Abdomen (CE-CT) (male only) : 97 images (5) Upper Limb (CE-CT) : 87 images (6) Lower Limb (CE-CT) : 81 images-2) Anatomical mode258 images (below) are included.Anatomical terms are overlaid on the images.It can be used as an anatomical atlas. (1) Head : 36 images (including CTA and 3D-CT) (2) Neck : 24 images (3) Spine : 19 images (including plain X-ray films) (4) Chest : 61 images (including 3D-CT images) (5) Abdomen : 37 images (6) Pelves (male) : 9 images (7) Pelvis (female) : 11 images (8) Extremities (shoulder, hand, elbow, hip joint, knee, foot) :61 images (including plain X-ray films) (9) Other reference images include coronary artery segmentsdefined by the American Heart Association(AHA), pulmonary segments,and liver segments (according to Couinaud classification).-3) Quiz mode type 1You select the image number corresponding to the anatomicalterm.Questions will basically appear randomly.-4) Quiz mode type 2You select the anatomical term corresponding to the imagenumber.Questions will basically appear randomly.-5) IndexYou can search for the specific images by anatomical terms.★ Intended users ★-Medical students-Interns and residents-Doctrors-Nurses-Radiology technicians-All those who are intrested in CT and MRI anatomy★ Editor/Author★Toshiaki Nitatori, M.D. (Professor of Radiology, Kyorin University,School of Medicine)
Interactive CT & MRI Anat.Lite 1.2
★Lite version★ This is the free Lite version of "Interactive CTandMRI Anatomy". The function is restricted. You can only seethetransverse CT images of the head. Please check the operationbeforepurchasing the full version. ★ Details ★ This applicationisdeveloped for medical students, interns, residents,doctors,nurses, and radiology technicians to understand theessentialanatomical terms of the body. You can learn anatomy byansweringthe terms by step-to-step questions using a total of 241CT and MRIimages. A total of 17 images of 3D-CT, MRA and plainX-rayfilm(particularly the extremities) are included asreferences.Other reference images include coronary artery segmentsdefined bythe American Heart Association(AHA), pulmonary segments,and liversegments(according to Couinaud classification). You canenlarge allthe images by simple manipulation. ★ Major functions ★There are 4major functions. -1) Anatomical mode Anatomical termsare overlaidon the images. It can be used as the anatomical atlas.-2) Quizmode type 1 You select the part of the image by usinganatomicalterm. Questions will basically appear randomly. -3) Quizmode type2 You select the anatomical term by the part of theimage.Questions will basically appear randomly. -4) Index You canfindthe specific images by using anatomical terms. ★ Intended users★-Medical students -Interns and residents -Doctrors-Nurses-Radiology technicians -All those who are intrested in CTand MRIanatomy ★ Images(a total of 258 images) ★ Images basicallyincludehorizontal, coronal, and sagital planes. -Head(36 imagesincludingCTA and 3D-CT) -Neck(24 images) -Spine(19 images includingplainX-ray films) -Chest(61 images including 3D-CT images) -Abdomen(37images) -Pelves: male (9 images) -Pelvis: female (11images)-Extremities (shoulder, hand, elbow, hip joint, knee, foot)(61images including plain X-ray films) Editors Toshiaki Nitori,M.D.(Professor of Radiology, Kyorin University, School ofMedicine)Yasuo Sasaki, M.D. (Manager of diagnostic radiology,IwatePrefectural Central Hospital)