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Life in Control Diabetes Coach
Diabetes can attack your health from all directions. Meet the oneapp carefully designed to provide personalised yet comprehensiveDiabetes Management at your fingertips! Here is a list of featuresavailable in Life in Control: 1) Your Personal Diabetes Coach: Yourcoaches assess your health and create a diet and exercise plan thatadapts with your health condition. They are also constantlyavailable to answer questions and give advice and support. 2) DailyTasks and Health Goals: We create long-term health goals formanaging Diabetes. We then hand-hold you towards these goals bygiving small and manageable daily tasks every day with gentlereminders! 3) Diabetes Lifestyle Management: Find diabetic friendlydiet and exercises, count calories burned and consumed, and get anestimated impact of each meal on your blood sugar level. 4) Log andVisualise Health Data: Monitor Diabetes and track HbA1C and BloodSugar Levels, medicines, insulin and other health vitals. Get acomplete picture of your health using our beautiful visualisations.Variation in Blood Glucose Level: An overall as well ascategory-wise view of your blood sugar levels on your preferredtime scale. For the health nerds, we've also includedpercentile-based graph for your blood glucose ranges. Timeline:Understand how your food, activity and medicine impact your bloodsugar level with an interactive Timeline! 5) Alerts, Warnings, andReminders: Our dynamic system warns of your any possible healthrisks including hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and othercomplications. You can also set reminders for taking insulin andother medicines! 6) Remain Connected to your Doctor: If your doctoris a part of the Life in Control network, he can see your healthdata, monitor your progress and adapt your treatment plan(including insulin and other medicines) using our web application.
Life in Control - Companion
Take control of your loved one's diabetes care with LifeInControl'sintuitive and easily operable Companion App. The app is designed toease the burden of diabetes management in your loved one's life.Using the app, you can help and support your loved ones in theirfight against diabetes. Here's what the Companion App enables youto do: # Use the 'Poke' feature to remind your loved one to takehis/her medicines, meals, and blood glucose readings # Use the'Poke' feature to remind and help your loved one in logging his/hermeals, medication, activity, and blood glucose # You can view yourloved one's daily progress report # You can help your loved one inachieving his/her daily as well as long-term goals Who Can use thisapp: Anyone can use this app to help and support someone in theirfight against diabetes. For example: # For people living far awayfrom their parents, this app enables you to take control of yourparents' diabetes care remotely # For people whose loved ones havea busy schedule, this app helps you in constantly watching andreminding them to follow their Care Plan # For parents whose kidsare young and need guidance and help in managing their diabetes #For people who are generally forgetful about their medication, acompanion can remind them to take their medications at all times