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Paradise Bus Racing 2016 1.0
Accelerate up, brake, and get tothedestination as fast as possible to win the game!Paradise Bus Racing 2016 is the latest game with lots ofchallengesand levels to unlock. It is simple and extremely fun toplay!Paradise Bus Racing 2016 is a realistic 3D simulation game thatwilloffer you a chance to become a real professional bus driver!FEATURES:★★★★★ REALISTIC 3D MAPS AND A HUGE OPEN WORLD★★★★★ REALISTIC GAME PHYSICS★★★★★ CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY★★★★★ MASSIVE CONTENT: OVER 50 LEVELS TO CHALLENGE★★★★★ HD SOUNDS FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENTTIPS: Control your speed and stay on the roads!Download Paradise Bus Racing 2016 for FREE today!!!Rate our game 5 ★★★★★ if you liked it!!
Subway Train Nobita Run 1.0
Play through a fun adventure with the heroNobita and collect as much coins as you can for FREE today!In Subway Train Nobita Run!, you control the hero Nobita andadventure through beautiful places and evade obstacles during theadventure such as other rocks, spikes and monsters while collectingcoins to get the top scores!!!Subway Train Nobita Run! is a fast-paced adventure game that willprovide fun and excitement through an adventure! So get SubwayTrain Nobita Run! for FREE now!!!FEATURES:★★★★★ BEAUTIFUL IN-GAME MAPS★★★★★ COOL GAME PHYSICS★★★★★ FUN AND EASY GAMEPLAY★★★★★ OVER 90++ LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY★★★★★ HD SOUNDS FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENTTIPS: Collect all the coins to help NOBITA speed and get topscores!Download Subway Train Nobita Run! for FREE today!Rate the game 5 stars if you like it!!