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Likepet - For every pet lovers 1.1.0
Show me the cutie power!You can be the world cutest!LikePet-The cutest top 11< Challenge the Cutest Pet 11 >Let the world know your pet is the cutestLikePet awards the Cutest 11 who get the most 'Hearts',every week< Follow the cutest pets in the world! >See what pictures and videos other challengersare posting   Give 'Hearts' when you see the heartmelting petHelp the pet you cheer for win the best 11< Meet the puppies and kitty cats! >Let's meet furbabies from all over the world!.Let's get some happy viruses from pawsome kitty cats andpuppies.Are you ready to fall in love with kitty cats on Likepet?You will fall in love with cuteness overload baby kittens.Meet cat parents from all over the world on Likepet !Are you annoyingly proud of cat parents?Have you ever wanted to text or call your kitty cats at work?Do you have more picture of your kitty cats than yourselfies?Are you obsessed with a laser pointer?Do you think about your kitty cat's fur color first before buyingnew clothes?You cant help with cuddling with your kitty cats?It's ok, we all do on Likepet.Did you have a long long day?Do you need healing times ?After a long day, you only need a big hug, come to Likepet, ourfurbabies will give you a big hug with their eyes.Everything will be ok when you come to Likepet and enjoy furbabiesstory no matter what you did, no matter how hard your day was, yourfurbabies are waiting for you to love on you on Likepet to give youa big hug.Waiting for me all day long only to give me a hug, the dog;acting like a God but the funniest creature, the cat are onLikepet.No matter how hard your day was, everything will be Ok our kittycats and puppies will give you a big hug and make you laughhard.Share your furbabies story on Likepet.It will make it better this world.Sharing your cutie pie's story on Like pet to make this worldbetter and better.Let's share pet family stories every day!Let us listen to your daily life with your furbabies!Share your daily life with your furbabies on gallay.When it fills with our furbabies's story, it will fill withhappiness in this world .Share your daily life with your furbabies on gallary to make thisworld with full of happiness.Warning :Frequent logging in Likepet can cause cuteness overloadattack.Add to your favorite Come to see us whenever you feel down,whenever you need laugh.
Selfie Cup-Find Teen Friends 1.0.2
Share your selfies among teenagers and become friends with them.Look at other friends' selfies by sliding them up & down.Send heartfelt messages to the ones you are interested in.Upload your best selfie and get more messages from teenagers of allaround the world.The cooler your selfie is, the more messages you'll receive!
LikePet Contest 1.0.3
The World Best Pet Video ContestWelcome to the LikePetPet Video ContestWe hold the Contest everyday.Upload the cutest video of your pet.The video got the most votes on today's contest will be one of thefavourite.The video got the most votes in the month will be selected as thewinner.We will present wonderful gifts for the favourites and thewinner.Promote & SharePlease promote after uploading your video.You will get votes only if you promote the video.Share your video to get more votesIf you like the video, UP! If you don't like the video,Down!Slide UP & DOWN buttonIf you slide UP & DOWN button, you can check how many votes thevideo go