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Pirate Power 1.2.131
Grow your pirate fleet and build your island. Recruit pirates,fightepic battles, explore and earn gold and treasures! Lead yourpiratefleet into battle now! DEFEAT HUGE BOSSES! There’s some hugebadguys in Pirate Power. And to beat them, you will need tobuild,customize and make your boats stronger. With the help of allyourheroes and their powerful powers you will teach a lesson totheevil Doge, the giant King Crab, the Kraken and even moreenormousbad guys. RICH UNIVERSE and ADVENTURE Discover the richandcolorful universe of Pirate Power with its unique andhighdefinition 2d art style, stylish heroes and huge monsters inanEpic pirate adventure. 60+ HEROES AND THEIR SPECTACULARPOWERSTsunamis, Meteorites rain, Tornadoes, Thunder Strikes, Arrowshowerand other impressive powers will help you win battles againstthebad guys. There are more than 60+ heroes and each hero has auniquebadass skill. BUILD and CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOATS Discover andcollect200+ boat parts to create thousands of boat combinations.Level upyour heroes, weapons, sails, hulls, crazy boat gadgets tobecomethe strongest pirate in the whole universe. PVP MULTIPLAYERFightagainst real opponents to win the arena battles
iBlast Moki 2 1.1.6
★ Metacritic score of 90 out of 100 ★ ★ Winner in PuzzleGameCategory - IGN 2009 Awards ★ ★ Best Mobile Game 2010 -MilthonAward ★ -------------------------------------- In thisnewadventure, the Mokis will use the help of new gameplayelementssuch as the paint bombs and more crazy contraptions toreach themagic spiral. -------------------------------------- Pressreviews★ "It stands tall as one of the best –ifnot thebest– puzzle games [for mobile]" ★ - 4.5/5:"iBlastMoki 2 is like Angry Birds with bombs, which is about asawesome asit sounds." ★ - 5/5: "This is a true sequel,where youtake everything that was great about the first game andthenimprove on it in almost every way." ★ - 4.5/5:"Fewgames make me feel like the genius that I am like this one whenIsucceed" -------------------------------------- EXPERIENCE HOURSOFFUN AND DISCOVERY - Explore 90 levels across 6 colorful worldswithmore to come. - Each location is packed with unique levels,usingrealistic physics and lots of different items to manipulatesuch aspaint bombs, ropes, rising balloons, rotating wheels - 6beautifuland unique music tracks SHARE YOUR CREATIONS - Build newlevelswith the advanced physics editor which was used to createtheentire game - Only your imagination is the limit to what youcanbuild, collect the many tools such as joints, motors,decoration,stickers and create some beautiful level with crazycontraptions -Share your levels online and enjoy the puzzlescreated by thousandsof players LEADERBOARD AND ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGHOPENFEINT Unlockachievements, see how you stack up on globalleaderboards, and playwith friends! DO YOU BLAST MOKI? - Visit ourwebsite,, check out existing trailers, followus onTwitter ( and leave comments on ourforums The"discover known accounts" permission is used by OpenFeinttopre-fill the email address field if the user opts to set up anewOpenFeint account.
iBlast Moki 1.0.0
★ 6th best iOS game of all time based on a metacritic of94/100(source: ★ ★IGN2009 Awards - iPhone Best Puzzle Game 2009 ★ ★ Best MobileGameEuropean Milthon Award 2010 ★ --------- The Press ★ -9/10- iPhone Best Puzzle Game 2009 Award ★ - 5/5 stars-Best iPhone game of the year and best puzzle game 2009 -"Iabsolutely love iBlast Moki, and have awarded it my first ever5star review" ★ - 4.5/5 stars - Best physicsgame2009 ★ - Listed in 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2nd weekofOctober ★ - 5/5 stars - "Physics-based puzzle gamesarenumerous on the App Store, ... iBlast Moki stands above themallwith challenging gameplay and almost unlimited replayvalue."--------- iBlast Moki Do you love bombs, creatingcontraptions andsolving physics puzzles? iBlast Moki is an originalphysics puzzlegame where you blast cute little Mokis with the helpof bombs andother crazy items. --------- Features EXPERIENCE HOURSOF FUN ANDDISCOVERY - 85 levels, including several boss levels -Enjoy thevisuals of 7 completely different worlds with their owngameplaymechanics EXPERIMENT WITH THE PHYSICS OF TONS OF DIFFERENTITEMS -Realistic physics when you blow things up - Lots ofdifferent itemsto manipulate like ropes, rising balloons, androtating wheelsSHARE YOUR CREATIONS - Fully featured level editorincluded tocreate more puzzles - Share your levels online, play andratelevels created by other players OPENFEINT ENABLED - Addfriends,race to the top of global leaderboards for high scoresglory - Earnachievements with OpenFeint.
Stardunk 2.3.9
Bastketball in Space with thousands of players from Earth.Stardunkis a Massively Multiplayer Online Basketball where you playagainstall the players from the planet Earth in realtime. Close to3million have downloaded and are enjoying Stardunk on Android and10million on iOS, come and join us for super fun parties ofhundredsof players. -Best app July 16 "That's kinda like Space Jam, andthat should beenough to make you run over to the App Store anddownload this gamestraight away" 148apps - 4/5 stars "StarDunk is avery nice lookinggame that is quite amazing due to its multiplayercapabilities." - 5/5 stars "This game is so addictivethat you’llfind that time will just fly by and before you know itthat onequick two-minute game will have turned into 10 or 20quicktwo-minute games." --------------------------------------StarDunkis combining the best of basketball, massive onlinecompetitionsand retro games. Features - Massive online competitionagainst allthe players from the planet from both Android and iOSworld -Powerful bonuses to increase your score - Earn awards andunlockmore than 20 unique balls, each with its unique capacities -Createand customize amazing new balls with a wide variety ofabilitiesand visuals - Race to the top of global leaderboards forhighscores glory DO YOU LOVE STARDUNK? Check out Godzilab'sofficialwebsite at Check out Playdigious'officialwebsite at Follow us on Twitter@playdigiousLike us on Facebook /playdigious