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My Period Tracker / Calendar
Period tracker for women provides a very intuitive interface forgirls / women to track their ovulation, fertility, period logs andmenstrual cycles, create and edit notes, organize and navigatethrough, to preview your historic records and forecasts. Itcalculates fertility days and ovulation days on the basis of thescientific methods and increasing chance of pregnancy. The mainobjective of this ladies periods calendar is to record menstrualcycles and personal period log for teenage girls and women. Thismenstrual cycle tracker offers vital notifications enablinginformed decisions, be it Avoiding Pregnancy, Achieve Pregnancy orRoutine health monitoring. The app is very handy for people withregular and irregular periods acting as a tip on period cycle. ThePractitioner can get input from the app helping in the treatmentfor period issues.********************************************************************FEATURES: TRACKING YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE********************************************************************- High level of Privacy Protection - Enabled for cross platform -Cloud Storage and device migration - Intuitively designed Timeline.- Record your period dates. - Period calendar and calculator -Ovulation and Fertility calendar - View your periods at a glancewith our easy-to-read calendar. - Plan ahead with predictions foryour next 6 months periods, fertility days and ovulation tracker. -Record daily notes, symptoms, moods, medications, vitals - Trackmoods, symptoms, weight, and other menstrual related progress. -Customize your calendar and tracker dates. - Setup discreetreminders / notifications for your next period or when your fertiledays are approaching with secure password - Highly personalized (**PASSCODE, CONFIGURABLE APP NAME and ICON ***)***********************************************************************FEATURES: TRYING TO CONCEIVE BABY / PREGNANCY MODE***********************************************************************- Track ovulation / period / cycles specific symptoms, treatments,and events e.g. intercourse, contraception, sex, etc) - Recordpopular signs of ovulation / women cycles. - Advanced ovulationtracking and prediction based on Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)or OPK. - Capability for women to update ovulation day by physicalmonitoring - Record results of Home Pregnancy Tests********************* What’s New? ******************* a) Option tosend the Period Logs through mail b) SHARE WITH PARTNER featureallows you to share your emotional and physical health state withyour Partner / co c) W'Diary: Introducing blogs for women to sharethoughts. d) Easy to Setup with Startup Wizard tool - * Step byStep takes you through the app configurations, you can configurethis app the way you want. Disclaimer: Please go through the MyPeriod tracker / Calendar app's Terms of use at following link.Fertility calculations, period tracking, pregnancy predictionmethods and suggestions given in the App are no replacement of areal Medical Practitioner.