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Vent Tools 1.2.4
Lindab Vent Tools is a collection of useful tools for theventilation business.Duct CalculatorThe Duct Calculator providesextensive computing functions for dimensioning of round andrectangular ventilation ducts. The input of the desired size(volume flow, air velocity or dimension) can be selected. Byentering text or slider the requirements are defined and determinedthe required size and the pressure loss per meter.Offset Bends /Offset T-Piece - BendUsing the offset calculators you can calculatepipe lengths and center distances of various bend and bend –T-piece combinations. Due to the real Lindab component dimensionsintermediate lengths can be accurately pre-fabricated onsite.Length of insulationCalculation of the length and area ofinsulating material for certain round and rectangular ventilationduct dimensions facilitates the cutting blanks on buildingsite.Roof AngleThe determination of roof angle to order rooftransitions presented itself as frequent obstacle. By entering afew building mass calculates this tool the angle of the roof.
Taksystem. 1.0
Lindab Taksystem innehåller informationLindab RoofsystemInnehåll information
Taksystem 2.0.1
Lindab Taksystem innehållerinformation,inspiration och inköpshjälp för våra takrelateradeprodukter.Lindab RoofSystemprovides information, inspiration and sourcing assistance toourroof-related products.
UltraLink 0.78
This application enables remote and simple access to the Lindabairflow and control meter UltraLink. It enables the user toconfigurethe UltraLink according to the specific needs. This isusefulduring installation to verify that the settings are correctorduring operations to change the communication setting. Theappconnects via Bluetooth to an UltraLink in ventilation ducts.Sincethe UltraLink is usually mounted in or near the ceiling, withtheUltraLink app an installer can remotely change the settings oftheflow meter from a distance, standing on the floor. Examplesofchanges that can be done via the app: • Choose between analogueanddigital communication. • Four different voltage levels foranaloguesignals. • Set the minimum or maximum corresponding flow ofyourUltraLink from 0 to 15 m/s. • Execute recalibration. • ResettheUltraLink to factory settings if needed. • Monitor data anddrawgraphs to demonstrate visually the operation of theventilationsystem. • Links to technical documentation and otherinformationsources regarding the UltraLink and Lindab in general.